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Trump at NRA convention: 'Eight-year assault' on gun rights is over

foxnews.com  -  3 hours ago
On the eve of his 100th day in office, President Trump rallied a convention of the National Rifle Association by vowing to never, ever infringe on Second Amendment rights and declaring his predecessor's alleged assault on those freedoms is over.

Females in This Dragonfly Species Play Dead to Shake Off Persistent Suitors

sciencealert.com  -  an hour ago
When harassed by a suitor that just won't quit, female moorland hawker dragonflies aren't able to say they already have a boyfriend or hand over a fake phone number, so they do the next best thing: they pretend to be a corpse.

Ronaldinho Delivers 3 Assists to Lead Barcelona Legends Past Real Madrid Legends

bleacherreport.com  -  14 hours ago
Barcelona won their second Clasico in a week on Friday, as a legends team led by Ronaldinho beat rivals Real Madrid 3-2. The former Brazil international showed he can still work his magic by bagging three assists in the win...

California Is On Its Way To Having An Avocado Crop Year-Round

npr.org  -  17 hours ago
Americans ate 2 billion pounds of avocados last year; many came from Mexico. That's because avocados grow year-round in Mexico's climate, but not California's. Researchers are working to change that.

EPA website removes climate science site from public view after two decades

washingtonpost.com  -  10 hours ago
The Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday evening its website would be “undergoing changes” to better represent the new direction the agency is taking, triggering the removal of several agency websites containing detailed climate data and scientific information.

Twisting Bronze Figural Sculptures by Isabel Miramontes

thisiscolossal.com  -  a day ago
Spanish sculptor Isabel Miramontes creates figural bronze sculptures that bring a visual movement to ordinary silhouettes. Her works provide unusual shapes within the body of her subjects, opening up torsos to reveal elongated spirals and horizontal bars that seem to reveal an inner turmoil. Often…

This Mom's Viral Rant About Homework is So Spot On

parents.com  -  20 hours ago
We all want our children to grow up and succeed in the world, but this mom is so right when she says that homework is getting out of hand.