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'We Don’t Go Until They Do': Cautious Celebration and Skepticism At Standing Rock

jezebel.com  -  13 hours ago
STANDING ROCK—On Sunday, the Army Corps of Engineers announced that they won’t allow a section of the Dakota Access Pipeline to be drilled under the Missouri River, near tribal lands belonging to the Standing Rock Sioux. In one sense, it’s a triumphant end to the standoff that the Standing Rock…

Hundreds of Methane Vents Discovered Off Coast of Pacific Northwest

pbs.org  -  10 hours ago
Methane bubbling up from the ocean floor is a powerful greenhouse gas—but only if it makes it out of the water.

Holidays on the moon will be possible in a DECADE - but a ticket will cost you £8000

mirror.co.uk  -  17 hours ago
Adventurous holidaymakers could soon be packing for a lunar trip, as long as they're prepared to pay the astronomical ticket price

After A Sour Decade, Florida Citrus May Be Near A Comeback

npr.org  -  a day ago
Recent scientific advances have offered some hopes of recovery to Florida's citrus industry, which has been declining over two decades due to a horrible bacterial disease called citrus greening.

Welsh boy shown wiped out after having chemotherapy to help battle his rare form of cancer

dailymail.co.uk  -  15 hours ago
Logan Sellers, from Bangor, Wales, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma after a lump developed behind his eye. But his condition has become so bad that he often turns down food.

5 Reasons Why I Hate The Elf On The Shelf

huffingtonpost.com  -  9 hours ago
Here are the five top reasons why we never have, and never will, have a magical elf in our house at Christmas time: The Big Brother Element