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With Tribal Blessing, Louisiana Activist Buys Land in Path of Proposed Bayou Bridge Pipeline  -  7 hours ago
On December 16 anti-pipeline activists calling themselves water protectors gathered in Rayne, Louisiana, on land located along the proposed route of the Bayou Bridge pipeline. The gathering occurred two days after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Louisiana Department of Environmental…

Newly-Appointed MN Sen. Tina Smith is Strong Ethanol Supporter  -  19 hours ago
The appointed U.S. Senator, taking the place of Democrat Al Franken of Minnesota, will “fiercely defend ethanol.” Democrat Tina Smith will add another big voice of support for corn ethanol in Congress. Smith was appointed this week by Minnesota’s Governor to take the place of Franken, who resigned…

Tesla motor, Shelby Cobra body, Kia battery: watch electric Cobra stun a race crowd  -  a day ago
In 1962, a 39-year-old Carroll Shelby stuffed a Ford V-8 into an AC Ace to create one of the most sought after performance cars ever made, the AC Cobra. Some 50 years later, a group of engineers from British Columbia, Canada has brough Shelby's idea—small two-seat sports car, very big power—into a…

US wind PTC spared in final Republican tax bill  -  2 days ago
The global wind industry breathed a sigh of relief as it went to bed Friday, with the final draft of the Republican tax bill preserving all the key elements of

Honda Clarity, BMW i3 REx driven; battery costs fall; electric car fight; tax credit lives: The Week in Reverse  -  2 days ago
Which country may wipe the floor with the U.S. in the global race among makers of electric cars? What car may pose a significant threat to the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending on Friday, December 15,…

Laying the tracks for a renewably powered rail system  -  2 days ago
Can the oldest form of mechanized mass transportation be the key to unlocking 21st-century challenges?

New Study: Better Education and Data Collection Can Further Water (and Energy) Savings  -  2 days ago
Can strategic pricing programs motivate people to save water and energy? Our new paper, Examining conservation-oriented water pricing and programs through an energy lens, suggests the answer is yes – but there are other factors besides pricing at play in programs’ success. Our findings support the…

Definers Public Affairs, Group Known for Stalking And Harassing Climate Advocates, Hired By EPA To Run Media War Room  -  2 days ago
A Republican-aligned research group with links to a campaign to stalk and intimidate environmental groups, journalists and campaigners has been handed a $120,000 contract to help the EPA shape its media coverage.

The EPA tries to turn a blind eye to carbon emissions. The courts can stop it.  -  3 days ago
Legal hurdles stand in the way of the Trump administration’s controversial effort to repeal President Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

California is preparing for a weekend of wintertime wildfires.  -  3 days ago
That’s weird, because the state is technically in the middle of its rainy season right now.

World's first solar train will begin service soon in Byron Bay, Australia  -  3 days ago
The train, which features restored vintage carriages with flexible solar panels on their roofs, will travel between its solar-charging train station and a resort property in Byron Bay.

The EPA hired a ‘war room’-style media monitoring company.  -  3 days ago
The EPA signed a $120,000 contract with Definers Corp., a hawkish opposition research firm.

Texas High Plains nervously awaits US tax reform outcome  -  3 days ago
If the Republican majority in Congress undermines the US wind industry through an overhaul of federal tax laws, the High Plains in Texas stands to lose as much

Volvo pushes self-driving Drive Me program back by four years  -  3 days ago
The company known for safety opts for a more gradual approach to build consumer confidence.

More than 10,000 Interior employees say they were harassed or intimidated.  -  3 days ago
About 35 percent experienced harassment or intimidation at work in the past year, according to a new survey.

Toyota batteries, Hyundai worries, bigger Nissan, electric-car production plants: Today's Car News  -  3 days ago
Today, we've got two different takes on electric-car batteries, some new oversight for the EU to prevent the next Dieselgate, and a small electric delivery van that got bigger. All this and more on Green Car Reports. A new joint venture between Toyota and Panasonic will develop prismatic cells for…

Voltia conversion expands Nissan e-NV200 electric delivery van for London  -  3 days ago
As the United Kingdom joins other countries in committing to a future ban on fossil-fuel vehicles, commercial fleet operators that rely on diesel vehicles are left in a bit of a pickle. Nissan has an answer in its zero-emission eNV200 electric cargo van, but its small dimensions leave a lot to be…

Could Tennessee top Michigan in U.S. electric-car production (if not California)?  -  3 days ago
Today, battery-electric cars are built in volume at only three locations across the entire United States. Tesla builds its three different electric models in Fremont, California; the new 2018 Nissan Leaf has just gone into production in Smyrna, Tennessee; and the Chevrolet Bolt EV is built at the…

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