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The Department of Defense wants to protect itself from climate change threats it’s helping to spur  -  8 hours ago
The Defense Department is planning for climate change, it’s also the department emitting the most carbon.

US provides funding for 13 tribal clean energy projects  -  8 hours ago
The projects ranging from 100kW to 1MW for solar PV and 900kW to 1.5MW for wind will help remote communities stablise energy costs and boost energy security

The Trump administration said weaker fuel standards would save lives. EPA experts disagree.  -  10 hours ago
An analysis by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, EPA experts said, used faulty assumptions.

Restricting global warming to 1.5C would ‘halve’ risk of marine heatwaves  -  11 hours ago
Marine heatwaves could become 41 times more likely across the globe by 2100 than in pre-industrial times if little is done to stop greenhouse gas emissions, a new study finds.

Colombia government sets January tender to contract renewables  -  12 hours ago
New President Ivan Duque has set a target to contract at least 1.5GW of renewable energy before the end of his four-year term

Chevy Bolt EV road trip, GM patents, charger disruptions, resources report: Today's Car News  -  12 hours ago
GM files patents for three new active aerodynamic aids. A reader's family finds enough charging outlets to make a 2,000-mile road trip in a Chevy Bolt EV. Our readers report they often find electric-car chargers that don't work. And a report draws some surprising conclusions about electric cars'…

Report: Rising electric-car production may strain unexpected resources  -  13 hours ago
Despite electric cars producing no tailpipe emissions, not all of their effects will be environmentally beneficial, according to a recent report by McKinsey & Co. The group, which is often optimistic about electric car adoption, forecasts that by 2030, plug-in cars will make up at least 20 percent…

Trump Tariffs Help Investors See Rooftop Solar's Bright Side  -  13 hours ago
Residential-solar companies have been on a tear this year, thanks in part to renewable-energy critic Donald Trump.

GM files patents for new active aerodynamic aids  -  14 hours ago
General Motors filed patent applications in June for three types of active aerodynamic systems that could make cars more efficient and potentially even give electric cars longer ranges. The three patent applications were all filed as part of Chevrolet's design for the new eighth-generation…

EPA staff disputed claim that freezing fuel economy would save lives  -  15 hours ago
By their calculations, plan would cost more in lives, money, lost jobs.

Twitter poll results: How often do you encounter a public electric-car charger that is out of order?  -  15 hours ago
Earlier this summer, we began investigating our Twitter followers' experiences with public electric-car chargers in our weekly polls. In June, we learned that more electric cars get charged at work than at public chargers. Last month, we learned that the type of public charger that electric-car…

Saudis could play only minor part in Musk's Tesla plan, bankers say  -  15 hours ago
Secretive Public Investment Fund's money is tied up elsewhere.

2018 Chevy Bolt EV makes successful 2,000-mile road trip  -  16 hours ago
Readers like David Edwards periodically send letters about road trips they’ve made in their electric cars. While long road trips are becoming somewhat commonplace with Teslas, he points out that they still aren’t common for other electric cars. Just last year, reader Jay Lucas sold his Chevy Bolt…

3 charts show the dismal state of science under Trump  -  17 hours ago
After censorship, staff departures, and low morale, federal scientists are displeased with the administration’s stance on science.

Germany kicks off new round of wind, PV auction without extra volume  -  18 hours ago
Grid agency BNetzA is auctioning off 670MW in onshore wind and 182.5MW in PV with bids possible until October 1

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