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Volkswagen ID Buzz drive: electric VW bus offers unique EV concept  -  2 days ago
When you see a concept car drive onto the stage at an auto show, don't be fooled into thinking it's what you'll drive out of the dealer a couple of years later. We got to drive the Volkswagen ID Buzz all-electric Microbus concept car Saturday for a couple of miles along the oceanside road…

Volkswagen to build ID Buzz electric Microbus, cargo vans too, on sale in 2022  -  2 days ago
The Volkswagen ID Buzz concept, an all-electric reinterpretation of the iconic VW Microbus, generated huge enthusiasm and public crowds when it debuted in January at the Detroit auto show. Today, the company announced its board had officially approved production of the vehicle, a distinctive…

Is this the country's first Chevrolet Bolt EV police car?  -  2 days ago
Using electric cars as police vehicles has some distinct advantages. Among them are near-silent operation, maximum acceleration from 0 rpm, and a novelty factor that can lead to friendly, beneficial interactions between officers and citizens. Now, the small Maryland city of Hyattsville, a suburb…

Bolt EV vs BMW i3, Karma driven, RIP natural-gas cars, Tesla Model 3 secrets: The Week in Reverse  -  3 days ago
Which very noticeable plug-in car has been resurrected after five years—and what did we think of it on the road? What secrets does the Tesla Model 3 hold, and do those make it "Car 2.0" as some have suggested? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car...

Curbing Climate Change: Why It's so Hard to Act in Time  -  3 days ago
By Timothy H. Dixon, University of South Florida

Companies are turning ocean trash into running shoes and sunglasses  -  3 days ago
“Upcycling” marine plastic into fashion items is gaining traction.

To avoid collapse, humanity needs a new narrative  -  3 days ago
A vision of the shift in which humanity pulls itself from the brink of massive disruption. From here, the future looks bright.

How Los Angeles is Walking the Walk on Climate  -  3 days ago
Cities across the U.S. are taking the reins on climate leadership, and Los Angeles has emerged as a hotbed for new solutions that will improve air quality and move the needle toward reaching local and state climate goals. Strong mayoral commitment across the country Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti…

At least 15 states jockeying for Toyota and Mazda factory jobs  -  3 days ago
There are $1.6 billion and thousands of new jobs on the line.

British Columbia is having its worst wildfire season in recorded history.  -  3 days ago
The smoke is so thick it can “turn day into night.”

Minnesota report: Proposed tar sands oil pipeline would harm tribes.  -  3 days ago
Enbridge’s $7.5 billion project would cut through sacred Native American lands.

How to watch the eclipse without trashing the Earth  -  3 days ago
Tips for making the Great American Eclipse as environmentally friendly as possible.

Supervolcanoes: The secret to a battery-powered future?  -  3 days ago
Researchers found lithium deposits in a Yellowstone supervolcano.

State renewable portfolio standards: Video series brings benefits to life in Washington  -  3 days ago
Into the Wind provides the latest news and expert opinion from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

Dong, Zeeland Seaports to build O&M base for Borssele 1& 2  -  3 days ago
Denmark’s Dong Energy and Zeeland Seaports have inked a letter of intent to build an operations and maintenance (O&M) base in the Dutch port of Vlissingen B

BMW i3 vs Chevy Bolt EV, hydrogen Hyundai concept, Tesla Model 3 secrets: Today's Car News  -  3 days ago
Today, Tesla is hugely expanding its Fremont assembly plant, but its real future may be concealed inside the Model 3 electric car, while Hyundai shows a hydrogen SUV concept and a BMW i3 owner tries out a Chevy Bolt EV. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Our occasional author and BMW i3 REx...

US power generator Calpine accepts $5.6bn buyout offer  -  4 days ago
Renewables and natural gas power generation company Calpine has accepted a $5.6bn buyout offer from private equity firm Energy Capital Partners (ECP) and a grou

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