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Why efforts to make buildings greener fail  -  6 months ago
The Economist looks at the problem and says that “zero energy” buildings do not go far enough.

You can't separate health and wellness from climate change  -  6 months ago
It is not an either/or; studies show that they are intimately connected.

Where Tomorrow Lives: Another look at health and wellness in building  -  6 months ago
KB Homes with Builder Magazine call this a big business opportunity, and it is one that the green building industry ignores at their peril.

How do we get people to care about climate and energy?  -  6 months ago
We can't. We have to paint a bigger picture. And we can learn from what the Well people are doing.

A to Z of Modern Living: future-proof design at furniture manufacturer Vitsœ's headquarters in Leamington Spa  -  6 months ago
We share our visit to Vitsœ's headquarters in Leamington Spa as part of our new series, the A to Z of Modern Living, which explores our new Directory.

What’s Ahead in 2019, According to Taris Real Estate’s Peter Buck  -  6 months ago
2019 is fully underway, just six weeks after you finally stopped putting "2017" on that one check you still have to write each month.  The news channels are full of people predicting things good and bad for the next 364 days, so we asked Peter Buck, managing director of Taris Real Estate what he…

Chicago’s NEMA is Way Better Than San Francisco’s NEMA  -  6 months ago
If you spent New Year's Eve with your eyes pointed at the sky enjoying the neighborhood's totally-illegal-but-the-cops-don't-care fireworks display, you may have noticed a little something special in the South Loop. That special thing is NEMA Chicago (1200 South Indiana Avenue), the skyscraper…

Fresh start: minimalist interior inspiration for the new year  -  6 months ago
Fresh into a new year and straight from our visit to the calming interiors of designer Hollie Bowden’s flat in De Beauvoir, we’re looking through our homes for sale and Journal features for minimalist interior inspiration. For more interior inspiration in 2019, subscribe to our newsletter

My Modern House: interior designer Hollie Bowden on the pared-back interior of her De Beauvoir flat  -  6 months ago
Our 'My Modern House' series takes us to the De Beauvoir home of interior designer Hollie Bowden, who talks to us about her pared-back interior style, sourcing objects and textiles and her collection of miniature designer chairs. Subscribe to our newsletter for more like this delivered to your…

This algae-powered exterior cladding turns polluted air into fresh oxygen  -  7 months ago
This modular curtain could help existing buildings photosynthesize oxygen and get rid of pollution in cities.

This small apartment building in Seattle could be a model for solving our housing and energy crises  -  7 months ago
Passive House multifamily buildings use almost no energy and don't cost much more than conventional buildings. They should be everywhere.

2018 The year wood construction took some steps forward, steps back  -  7 months ago
Some dramatic changes this year will have a big impact on the future of wood construction.

GEMS School in Lakeshore East Will Be Less Colorful  -  7 months ago
Remember when the GEMS Chicago Lower School went up on the edge of Lakeshore East Park, and everyone gave it a big round of applause in part because of its colorful facade that was a tip of the hat to the foliage, buildings, and other elements of the surrounding environment?  That was pretty…

Breathing Room: ideas for space-saving family homes  -  7 months ago
Here, we share our favourite examples of space-saving family homes from our sales roster and Journal. Subscribe to our newsletter for more.

2018: The year in healthy homes  -  7 months ago
Or why you shouldn't barbecue indoors.

What's the healthiest insulation?  -  7 months ago
A new report from the NRDC has some surprises.

Can Cross-Laminated Timber save the world?  -  7 months ago
Anthony Thistleton makes a persuasive case in a new book, 100 Projects UK CLT.

Two-Tower 845 West Madison Project Breaks Ground  -  7 months ago
If you want to put a little "Opa!" in your life, a new mixed-use development is underway that may be just the flaming cheese your Greek alter ego craves.  845 West Madison broke ground recently on the Greektown-adjacent block where the H2O+ personal care products factory once stood, behind the…

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