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The freshest Art news the web has to offer.  -  7 months ago

De riches catalogues de feux d’artifices japonais en haute résolution  -  7 months ago
Cette série de six catalogues superbes a été publiée par l’entreprise C.R. Brock et Compagnie dans le début du 20ème siècle. (L’entreprise s’appelle maintenant Brock Fireworks) Ils représentent des quantités impressionnantes de modèles japonais de feux d’artifices sous forme de diagrammes…

Plein Air Heritage: Artist Fred F. Scherer  -  7 months ago
A moment in art history from Plein Air Magazine > Meet Fred F. Scherer, a master who painted dioramas from plein air sketches.

Steelcase 360 Magazine – Redesign by Hybrid Design  -  7 months ago
Design overhaul by Hybrid Design for Steelcase 360 Magazine. Based in San Francisco, CA, Hybrid Design is a group of creative people with the passion to

At the Whitney, Kevin Beasley Makes History Personal  -  7 months ago
The artist Kevin Beasley engages with the legacy of the American South through a new installation that centers on a cotton gin motor from Maplesville, Alabama.

“EXILE: 50 years of Cuban-American Exile Art from the Permanent Collection” at Polk Museum of Art  -  7 months ago
Polk Museum of Art in Florida is hosting an exhibition titled “EXILE: 50 years of Cuban-American Exile Art from the Permanent Collection.”

Lucinda Parker’s “Force Fields” at Hallie Ford Museum of Art  -  7 months ago
Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University will be hosting an exhibition of the works of artist Lucinda Parker titled “Force Fields.”

“Close Air Support” at Moscow Museum of Modern Art  -  7 months ago
The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in association with Vadim Sidur Museum, showcases a personal project of Kirill Savchenkov Ch(K)ris(tin) titled “Close Air Support.”

Ahmed Mater’s “Stand in the Pathway and See” at Galleria Continua, Les Moulins  -  7 months ago
A solo exhibition by Saudi artist Ahmed Mater titled “Stand in the Pathway and See” is on view at Galleria Continua, Les Moulins.

Arlington Memorial Bridge by Vlad Zabavskiy  -  7 months ago
Arlington Memorial Bridge Painting by Vlad Zabavskiy

Snowfall by Marta Kazmierska  -  7 months ago
Snowfall Photograph by Marta Kazmierska

Red Tailed Hawk Perched by Sam Rino  -  7 months ago
Red Tailed Hawk Perched Photograph by Sam Rino

As The Clouds Float On By by Saija Lehtonen  -  7 months ago
As The Clouds Float On By Photograph by Saija Lehtonen

German Shepherd by Maria Karlosak  -  7 months ago
German Shepherd Drawing by Maria Karlosak

Baby Elephant by Terry Davis  -  7 months ago
Baby Elephant Digital Art by Terry Davis

Golden Buddha by Joshua Van Lare  -  7 months ago
Golden Buddha Photograph by Joshua Van Lare

Old Rusty Truck by Randy Dyer  -  7 months ago
Old Rusty Truck Photograph by Randy Dyer

Praying By Moonlight. by Minnetta Heidbrink  -  7 months ago
Praying By Moonlight. Photograph by Minnetta Heidbrink

Traditional Fishing Boat by Wilko Van de Kamp  -  7 months ago
Traditional Fishing Boat Photograph by Wilko Van de Kamp

Recital by Fania Simon  -  7 months ago
Recital Mixed Media by Fania Simon

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