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Work featured on Holy City Chic  -  3 hours ago
I have been a fan of Megan Stokes blog Holy City Chic since day one.  I think her design is clean and airy and she seems to be cute as a button. I kept getting pinged with lots of sales on my Acrylic Trays, Luggage Tags, and Coasters and checked out my analytics to see that her site was sending me…

Dekotora: Todd Antony's Stylized Documentation of Japan's Pimped-Up Trucks  -  9 hours ago
London-based advertising and fine art photographer Todd Antony has a way of captivating the viewer no matter the subject. From the ethereal beauty of nature and the dream-like desolation of urban landscapes, to the evocative power of intimate portraits and the cinematic charm of cast ensembles,…

“Torre” Marking Fondazione Prada’s Presence in Milan Opens for Public  -  10 hours ago
Torre, the building marking the completion of Fondazione Prada’s Milan venue, will be open to the public from April 20, 2018.

Works by Florentina Pakosta to be Showcased in Albertina's May Exhibition  -  10 hours ago
A comprehensive retrospective exhibition of Florentina Pakosta is soon to open at the Albertina to celebrate the artist’s 85th birthday.

Alphonse Mucha at the ARKEN Museum, Denmark  -  11 hours ago
A new exhibition by Czech- artist Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) will be opening at the ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst under the title "Alphonse Mucha".

10 Amazing Anime Movies of 2018  -  12 hours ago
The early months of 2018 have already seen several landmark anime films achieve worldwide success, and that shows no signs of changing anytime soon. While it is not apparent from looking at the 2018 Oscar nominations for Best Animated Film, last year saw some truly fantastic anime films released.…

A Worldwide Day of Botanical Art  -  12 hours ago
For Earth Day - about the Worldwide Day of Botanical Art - next month on the 18th May 2018

Anita Naukkarinen at Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki  -  14 hours ago
Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, is hosting an exhibition of vibrant oil paintings by artist Anita Naukkarinen.

Lionel Estève at Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki  -  14 hours ago
Galerie Forsblom is hosting the works by the French artist Lionel Estève who is known for his unique combinations of objects and techniques.

‘Vis à Vis. Asia Meets Europe’ at the Museum of Decorative Arts, Berlin  -  14 hours ago
A fusion of European and Asian art has been created in a one-0f-a-kind exhibition in Berlin titled “Vis à Vis. Asia Meets Europe.”

Two-Part Exhibition of Digital Work by Ian Cheng at Serpentine Sackler Gallery  -  14 hours ago
New York-based artist Ian Cheng populates Serpentine Sackler Gallery with two proximate exhibitions “BOB” and “Emissaries.”

Group Exhibition ‘Human Applause’ at Bortolami Gallery, New York  -  14 hours ago
Bortolami Gallery is hsoting “Human Applause,” a group exhibition curated by Nicolás Guagnini and featuring Latin American, American, Italian and French artists in New York.

“Staying Power” at MARS Gallery, Melbourne  -  15 hours ago
MARS Gallery will soon be hosting a group exhibition titled "Staying Power", from May 3, 2018.

Daniel Katz Gallery to Showcase Portraits at London Art Week Exhibit ‘Defining Elegance’  -  15 hours ago
From exuberant portraits of the neoclassical age through to the Edwardian, Daniel Katz Gallery will be showcasing its coveted collections at an exhibition for London Art Week 2018.

HIBERNATION IV – Photography by Øystein Sture Aspelund  -  15 hours ago
HIBERNATION IV, an ongoing photo series by Øystein Sture Aspelund investigating subconsciousness and the sometimes seamless transition between truth and fi

Sculptures by Taree Mackenzie at Neon Parc, Melbourne  -  16 hours ago
Neon Parc is hosting a large-scale exhibition of sculptures created by Taree Mackenzie. The solo exhibition will take over the entire gallery space in Melbourne until June 16, 2018.

Miami's Entourage provides the stage for local artists to shine  -  a day ago
Entourage, a program similar to “The Voice” and “America's Got Talent,” provides Miami finalists with a variety of classes that help transform and develop their talent at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center in Liberty City.

Presidential Fedora by Jim Love  -  2 days ago
Presidential Fedora Photograph by Jim Love

Cow Path 3 by Jim Love  -  2 days ago
Cow Path 3 Photograph by Jim Love

Hummingbird On Orange Aloe Flower 8 by Linda Brody  -  2 days ago
Hummingbird On Orange Aloe Flower 8 Photograph by Linda Brody

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