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Our Golden Pints for 2018  -  8 hours ago
This is always an interesting exercise for us but all the more so as we’ve got better at keeping records throughout the year. Those records, in the form of just-about-weekly Patreon posts on …

The Search for America’s Great Beer Bars Returns for 2019  -  a day ago
Tell us your favorite place to relax and grab a beer.

Sam Adams Utopias  -  2 days ago
Back in the early days of craft beer (we're talking circa 1990 here), small brewers were gaining traction and thus started to test the boundaries of beer. The next couple of decades would lend itself to hops arms races and,...

Creature Comforts to Release Tritonia with Pineapple and Lemon  -  2 days ago
Creature Comforts Brewing Company will release Tritonia with pineapple and lemon this December.

Maxline Brewing Debuts New Canning Line and Barrel-Aging Space  -  2 days ago
FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Maxline Brewing will begin limited distribution into Northern Colorado in January. During this time, beer lovers will be able to enjoy flagship favorite Irish Red, with other favorites such as Peach Mango Pale Ale and IPA beginning distribution in coming months, in 12-oz cans…

Heavy Seas Announces New Releases and Full Portfolio for 2019  -  2 days ago
Heavy Seas Cannon Crew Samplers, available year-round, will include all four Cannon Crew beers: Loose Cannon, TropiCannon, Double Cannon, and AmeriCannon.

Provençal Beer Chicken  -  2 days ago
Provençal Beer Chicken, five minutes prep and perfect for weeknights or dinner parties! This is what happens when I get excited without thinking. I’m just finishing up the back-and-forth-editing phase with my publisher for my next book. The vegetarian book I finished writing this summer (you guys,…

Wilmington Breweries Worry About the Future After Hurricane Florence  -  2 days ago
The loss of business in this mostly tourism-based economy has left Wilmington breweries fearful of what the future could hold if business doesn’t pick up.

Pub Life: The Weegie and the Marbles  -  3 days ago
An old pub in a quiet part of a busy city, and an elderly regular, watery-eyed and pale as paper, is sunk in his usual seat waiting for something to happen. He looks at the TV, then at his newspape…

BA Releases Craft Beer in 2018 Headlines (Infographic)  -  3 days ago
The BA releases a graphic showing craft beer's highlights for 2018.

Bourbon County Brand Fun  -  4 days ago
Every year, beer nerds bemoan the influence of big beer and in particular the never-ending succession of breweries that sell out to the great satan, AB Inbev. And every year, a not insignificant portion of same line up hours in...

Discover the Lighter, Brighter Side of Coffee Beers  -  4 days ago
Porters and stouts have long been the go-to base for coffee beers, but lighter and brighter beer styles are starting to shine.

A Tale of Three Pours  -  4 days ago
Mural at the Poechenellekelder, Brussels. There’s a certain ceremony to the way beer is poured in Belgium, except when there isn’t, and no two waiters have quite the same technique. At …

The first Barleywine is Live glass drops next month: Cease to Desist  -  7 days ago
The first BIL glass drops next month: Cease to Desist A DDB/ @permanenthangover collab. For sale online and at @jwakefieldbeer Wakefest in limited numbers. #barleywine #cnd #bil #praisemaris #otter…

The Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project® Hosts 2nd Annual Gingerbread Invitational  -  7 days ago
The Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project® will host its 2nd Annual Gingerbread Invitational with a series of beer releases and a German-style Christkindlmarkt.

Costa Rica Will Host the Second Annual International Beer Cup Exclusively for Independent Craft Breweries  -  7 days ago
The Costa Rican Craft Brewers Association, is accepting entries from independent commercial breweries to participate in the Pura Vida Indie Beer Cup

A Beer History Lesson from the Smithsonian’s Victory Garden and the Father of Homebrewing  -  7 days ago
What happens when the Father of Homebrewing gets his hands on hops grown by the Smithsonian?

Session #142: Funeral Beer  -  7 days ago
This is our contribution to the final edition of the Session hosted by Stan Hieronymus: “Pick a beer for the end of a life, an end of a meal, an end of a day, an end of a relationship. So happy or …

Batch 26 of Malt Couture is now on draft! The apology episode: sooory not sorry  -  8 days ago
Batch 26 of Malt Couture is now on draft Canada and Sweden and dead babies and missing mounties and Cable Cars and Ricola ginger beer and mean beertenders oh my. We drink a god damn STRAFFE HENDRIK…

DDB and Highland Park collaboration: barrel aged Barleywine Taking Donations, review of the three deviants  -  8 days ago
Being a beer critic is a low-risk low-reward paradigm. You take the vibrant product that someone else created, distill it into actual piss, and then point out faults. It is inherently DEconstructiv…

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