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Ddb podcast, MALT COUTURE, goes live at noon pst!  -  8 hours ago
Subscribe and leave a five star review. Tick the pod.

Two Hearted Ale Repeats as Best Beer in America  -  11 hours ago
The list of best beer commercially available in America was published based on the annual survey of thousands of amateur brewers by the AHA.

Crossover Event: Beavertown & Heineken  -  12 hours ago
Beavertown has sold a substantial stake to Heineken  — they’re not specifying how much but 49 per cent seems a reasonable assumption — and our Twitter mentions have gone a bit mad…

Getting a Reub down. Send reubs.  -  a day ago
Ostensibly not Beer related, but Mort’s deli in tarzana is completely ridiculous.

DDB PRESENTS MALT COUTURE, preview episode available now!  -  a day ago
DDB Presents Malt Couture preview is live now! Full episode goes live tomorrow at noon, the world’s jankiest beer podcast has been racked to iTunes barrels! Please subscribe and give a five star re…

House That Beer Built Event at Woods Boss Brewing Company  -  a day ago
The House that Beer Built has an overall goal to raise $60,000 in 2018 through festival ticket sales and other promotional events.

Smog City saison de miel is deceptively simple and entirely drillable  -  2 days ago
Some of @smogcitybeer wilds can be too acidic for me. This new foeder program has done awesome things for what may have previously been a bit too monoculture forward. The result is just perpetual b…

Heavy Seas’ First NEW “Uncharted Waters” Series in 2018: Grand Crew  -  2 days ago
Grand Crew is an 8.5% ABV, amber colored Belgian-style "Grand Cru," with aromas of toast, biscuit, stone fruit, and spice (clove and white pepper).

Lonerider Brewing to Release New Beer in Desperado Series  -  2 days ago
Lonerider Brewing Company will be releasing a new seasonal beer as part of the Desperado Series.

Thirsty Monk And Baere Brewing Collaborate On Grisette Project  -  2 days ago
A grisette, in essence, is like a saison— at least the saisons that we and Thirsty Monk enjoy drinking: low alcohol, dry finishing.

Wren House Brewing Kingsnake is the second best beer they’ve ever made  -  2 days ago
@wrenhousebrewing crushed it with this bean splitter that seemingly came out of nowhere. The WHJ variants are usually good, but this is something entirely different altogether. First things first: …

Burning Foot Brewing: The 4th Best Brewer in the US Asks For Your Indiegogo Money  -  2 days ago
Burning Foot Brewing -- not open yet but already the nation's 4th best brewery on Untappd -- is asking for a bit of help via an Indiegogo campaign.

Kane Object Permanence  -  3 days ago
Object Permanence is the idea that objects continue to exist even when you are no longer observing them. Unfortunately, beer does cease to exists if you insist on drinking it. Doubly unfortunate when the beer is as good as this...

Heard It Through the Marionberry Vine  -  3 days ago
Rogue Farm 's Marionberry Sour hits shelves in July. Marionberry Sour is a vibrant violet-hued sour ale made with prickless marionberries.

Beers to Your Health: Researchers Link Health Benefits and Beer  -  3 days ago
Researchers have long linked health benefits and beer. Here is a rundown of how beer can be a healthy beverage when enjoyed responsibly and reasonably.

Voodoo Brewing k13 with vanilla is awesome as long as you don’t expect vanilla  -  4 days ago
It is no secret that I appreciate voodoo brewing from soup to nuts. Their initial struggles, to redefining what PA is capable of in the strong ale game, to rocking employee owned structure and pull…

Threes Brewing vliet and sfy are simple and exceedingly complicated, respectively  -  4 days ago
Everyone is rubbing their thighs raw on this pilsner bedpost. On one side you have jaded beer dudes who bolster their knowledge and self esteem by returning full circle to this style as a sort of o…

Modern Times Monster Tones is Perhaps DDB Top 10 Beer of 2018. Immaculate.  -  5 days ago
Modern Times doesn’t exactly embrace DDB. I would say they are probably tangentially aware of my janky wordpress site and blithely tolerant my attention seeking shit. They occupy a strange or…

New Belgium Unpasteurized Caged and Corked La Folie is Back: But Does it Slap?  -  5 days ago
If you bring up La Folie, you’ll usually get one of two responses: 1. old balls: “ah that and Duchess were what showed me my love of sour beers and ushered my palate into the realm of A…

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