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Indian opposition calls for investigation into Adani over financial fraud allegations  -  2 days ago
The Guardian has published pages from a customs intelligence notice alleging the company has shifted huge sums of money into offshore bank accounts

Over 44 million people are affected by student loan debt  -  2 days ago
Now is the time to load up your car for the hours-long drive to take your child to college — with little thought given to the loans taken out back in the spring to put them in class. Nationwide, st…

Southwest Airlines still has the power to lower fares of competitors, study says  -  2 days ago
A university study says that Southwest Airlines' entry into a market can still lower fares for its competitors.

Glen Campbell’s death sparked a huge sales bump  -  2 days ago
The Wichita lineman is even more on our mind. The week following Glen Campbell’s death made the singer’s music more alive than ever. Nielsen Music reports the Arkansas farm boy posted a 4,286 perce…

Westhampton oceanfront club draws a celeb crowd  -  2 days ago
This summer’s sleeper Hamptons hit is Dune Deck Beach Club, the Westhampton oceanfront enclave founded by Mike Meldman — the serial entrepreneur whose Casa Migos tequila (which he launched with Geo…

US companies spent $4T buying back their own stock  -  2 days ago
It’s the “shock” market rally —  cash-rich US companies have plunged nearly $4 trillion of their cash into buying back their stock since 2008, which is why all the stock indexes are hovering near r…

Guess how old the average Amazon customer is  -  2 days ago
So, how old is the average Amazon customer? Well, in many ways it mirrors the American population. A Goldman Sachs analyst report says that as of June, the average Amazon user is 37 years old, base…

Twitter’s stock has fallen since Donald Trump’s election  -  2 days ago
You would think that in this politically charged environment, Twitter would be enjoying a surging stock price as engagement soars. However, since the election of President Trump, Twitter’s stock ha…

This traditional Italian eatery is taking over New York  -  2 days ago
Bakeries wouldn’t seem the obvious place for one-percenters to spend their dough. But Sant Ambroeus is not your average bake shop. Founded in Milan back in 1936, the traditional Italian eatery has …

What your company needs to know about the blockchain movement  -  2 days ago
The blockchain technology market is projected to see a 61.5 percent compound annual growth rate through 2021 according to MarketWatch. And we're seeing companies from across the spectrum -- from finance, logistics, and manufacturing to research, computing, and insurance -- looking to roll out…

More restrictions announced for toxic pesticide  -  2 days ago
California regulators moved a step closer Friday to banning a widely used pesticide linked to birth defects and reproductive harm.

Romano: Fixing a flood before the rains ever come  -  3 days ago
The federal government got into the disaster business when it created the National Flood Insurance Program. And for more than three decades, business was good.

McDonald's could face first UK strikes - BBC News  -  3 days ago
Staff at two UK outlets vote for action over secure working hours and a £10 per hour wage.

Carl Icahn exits as special Trump adviser on regulatory reform  -  3 days ago
Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn said he's leaving to as regulatory adviser to avoid "partisan bickering" over his role

We learned how to make hollandaise sauce from the restaurant that created eggs Benedict  -  3 days ago
The origins of eggs Benedict are highly contested, but Delmonico's claims to be the true creators.

Lawsuit claims Poland Spring is committing ‘colossal fraud’  -  3 days ago
A lawsuit claims that Poland Spring Water is deceiving consumers with evergreen labels that say their bottle contains “100 percent natural spring water” that hails from Maine. The class…

All 17 on White House arts and humanities panel quit, following business CEOs out the door  -  3 days ago
A White House arts panel quit to protest Trump's response to Charlottesville violence

Judge in class-action suit has held one hearing in a year  -  3 days ago
Justice may be slow, but this is ridiculous. The Manhattan federal judge who is overseeing a class-action lawsuit against 26 financial firms for allegedly rigging US Treasury auctions last held a h…

Goldman Sachs says chances of corporate tax reform not good  -  3 days ago
Goldman Sachs is growing bearish on the Trump administration. The chances are dimming for comprehensive corporate tax reform, a campaign promise that has kept the stock market higher since November…

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