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California lists Roundup ingredient as a chemical linked to cancer; Monsanto vows to fight  -  an hour ago
The main ingredient of the pesticide Roundup will be added to a list of chemicals that California believes are linked to cancer, and products that contain the compound will have to carry a warning l

Rising beef prices are eating into steakhouses’ bottom lines  -  3 hours ago
These are lean times for America’s steakhouses. Prime cuts of beef have skyrocketed in price since May, with some meat sellers blaming a new trade deal with China — and that’s eating into the botto…

Scaramucci finally lands gig in Trump administration  -  3 hours ago
Anthony Scaramucci is finally heading to Washington. The Long Island-born financier and loyalist to President Donald Trump was appointed Chief Strategy Officer of the Export-Import bank last week —…

Marissa Mayer defends Travis Kalanick: 'I just don't think he knew' about the toxic Uber culture  -  4 hours ago
Kalanick has at least one other recently unemployed CEO in his corner.

TL;DR on Facebook's hate speech strategy: 'It's hard, guys'  -  6 hours ago
The struggle is real. OK, we get it, but stop whining.

IMF Cuts Its Growth Forecast For U.S. Economy  -  6 hours ago
The organization said the Trump administration was unlikely to achieve its goal of 3 percent annual GDP growth.

Here Are Some Insightful Things That People Said About The Theft Of A Jimmy John’s Meat Slicer  -  8 hours ago
Deli meat slicers are expensive pieces of equipment, and useful ones if you want to run a sandwich shop. Police in Indiana are looking for someone who cut through the ceiling of a Jimmy John’…

Colbert’s 18-week winning streak over Fallon is over  -  9 hours ago
Stephen Colbert’s 18-week run atop the late-night ratings heap has come to an end. “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” edged out “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” by 34,000 viewers for the …

Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen urges soft Brexit  -  9 hours ago
Janet Yellen tells the BBC maintaining "deep ties" between the UK and the EU is important.

Facebook Crosses 2 Billion User Mark, Now Used By 27% Of Entire World  -  9 hours ago
It’s not literally everyone, but it sure feels like it some days: Facebook has announced that as of today, it officially boasts more than 2 billion (yes, with a b) active users per month̷…

Baby Cursed To Ruin His Birthday Flying Spirit For The Rest of His Life  -  10 hours ago
Earlier this month, a baby born on a Jet Airways flight was gifted with free flights for life. Not one to be completely outdone, Spirit Airlines said today that a baby boy born on a recent flight w…

How To Avoid Ticks And What To Do If A Tick Bites You  -  10 hours ago
The bad news (for humans): It’s shaping up to be a great year for disease-bearing ticks. The good news: We can tell you how to defend your body and your yard from these pests.

Madoff sons’ estates to forfeit $23M in ill-gotten gains  -  11 hours ago
The estates of Bernie Madoff’s sons have agreed to fork over $23 million in ill-gotten gains from years of benefiting their dad’s Ponzi scheme, according to a joint announcement Tuesday…

Senate Delays Vote On Obamacare Repeal Bill Until After July 4 Recess  -  11 hours ago
Multiple reports are claiming that Senate Republican leadership has decided to delay the vote on a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care, following a Congressional Budget Office review est…

Target Goes After Prime Pantry, Launches Giant Box Shipments In Minnesota  -  11 hours ago
Target wants to encourage customers to order more everyday basics online, and to order those items all in one single shipment. That’s why the retailer wants you to fill a box that’s rou…

Four Credit Repair Agencies Accused Of Misleading Customers, Charging Illegal Fees  -  11 hours ago
Four different “credit repair” operations have been ordered to pay a total of more than $2 million in penalties for allegedly tricking people into thinking their bad credit could be eas…

The neuroscience of motivation—and how it can change your life  -  11 hours ago
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or manager, there’s no underestimating the power of motivation.

Archaeologists unearthed a massive 1800-year-old mural  -  12 hours ago
Archaeologists in Cyprus have uncovered a floor mosaic that is almost 2,000 years old and virtually intact. The mosaic shows scenes from Roman chariot races.

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