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Green heating system accused of causing 'fuel poverty'  -  3 hours ago
The government says district heating networks should cut bills, but some say they are beset with problems.

Here’s What Comes Next in the Fight to Save Net Neutrality  -  4 hours ago
The FCC this week released the first details of its long-anticipated plan to roll-back Obama-era net neutrality protections. But the fight isn't over.

Ultra-Chill Jimmy John's Employee Takes Sweet Time During Armed Robbery  -  6 hours ago
He said he wasn't scared and the robbery felt like "amateur hour."

ESPN killed something else with its layoffs, its best hope to reach millennials: TrueHoop podcasts  -  6 hours ago
TFW you somehow manage to capture the attention of the internet, twice, and decide it's just not your jam.

United Airlines CEO will testify in front of Congress  -  6 hours ago
unoz will testify in front of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Tuesday

How Facebook plans to make esports and game videos more social  -  7 hours ago
At its recent F8 annual developer event in San Jose, California, Facebook doubled down on its gaming initiatives, announcing the progress it has made with Instant Games, Gameroom, and Gaming Video. That’s all part of its vision to become the place where people play, watch, and share games.

MPs say 'dominance' of big home-building firms must end - BBC News  -  9 hours ago
A 'broken' housing market needs a bigger contribution from smaller building firms, MPs say.

Why did Turkey just block Wikipedia?  -  11 hours ago
Authorities blocked Wikipedia in Turkey.

The timeline of the tweet storm around Oculus founder Palmer Luckey  -  12 hours ago
It's not often that we go back and analyze "tweet storms," those controversies that spin out of control on Twitter and the rest of the Internet after somebody steps their foot in a big pile of crap.

Hard times for Whole Foods: 'People say it's for pretentious people. I can see why'  -  16 hours ago
The upscale grocery chain is valued at almost $12bn, but six straight quarters of declining sales have led to speculation of a takeover bid. What went wrong?

Crowdfunding for medical expenses is rising — when it should be eradicated  -  17 hours ago
In a civilized country, why would a personal appeal for medical care be necessary?

The Fyre Festival: The Fiasco We All Should Have Seen Coming  -  17 hours ago
When the promise of an Instagram hashtag campaign meets real-life disaster, schadenfreude comes easy. But we're all vulnerable to the power of the filter.

The new five pound note contains embarrassing and 'irritating' grammar mistake  -  17 hours ago
But apparently Winston Churchill would not have minded

McDonald’s sued by graffiti artists for using their work in ad  -  a day ago
A group of Brooklyn graffiti artists is threatening to sue McDonald’s after the fast-food giant hamburglarized their work for an ad. McDonald’s commissioned several Bushwick street artists to appea…

Scaramucci advising Jeter and Jeb group on Marlins bid  -  a day ago
Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush are calling in a surprise pinch-hitter in their bid to buy the Miami Marlins. Anthony Scaramucci, an outspoken New York financier who served on President Trump’s transition…

Bloomingdale’s will hold yoga classes to attract customers  -  a day ago
Talk about bending over backward to lure shoppers. The Bloomingdale’s store at East 59th Street will stage a massive, free yoga class on its third floor Saturday afternoon — with customers invited …

Fyre Festival expectations vs. reality — here's what attendees thought they were getting when they bought $12,000 tickets  -  a day ago
This luxury festival, tickets for which cost between $450 and $12,000, was advertised as two weekends in paradise.

Why Waymo’s self-driving car test in Phoenix is such a big milestone  -  a day ago
Artificial intelligence is not the savior of mankind.

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