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Max Verstappen: No Sebastian Vettel apology for Singapore GP crash  -  4 hours ago
Max Verstappen says Sebastian Vettel did not take responsibility and apologise for the crash that put them and Kimi Raikkonen out of Formula 1's Singapore Grand Prix

Meh Car Monday: Try And Stay Awake While We Talk About Early 2000s Hyundais  -  10 hours ago
If you’re a graphic designer, and you have to make one of those generic cars for some ad for an insurance company, you can probably cut your work time in half by starting with a Hyundai sedan made between 2000-2005 or so. I’m actually picking two meh cars for today, because they’re both so equally…

Genesis CEO Predicts High-Performance Sub-Brands Will Be Irrelevant With Electric Cars  -  11 hours ago
Hot off the reveal of the 3 Series-rivaling 2018 Genesis G70, the company’s CEO has boldly announced that Genesis has no interest in developing a high-performance sub-brand for its luxury cars like many of its rivals due to the imminent threat of electric car performance.

Sweet Jesus, Investors Revive Skully Helmet Project  -  11 hours ago
For reasons beyond our imagination and comprehension, the failed business experiment that was the Skully AR-1 helmet has been revived by new investors. Sending out a blast to the “Skully Nation” email list, the brand’s new owners Ivan and Rafael Contreras, have announced their plans to revive this…

French Cars May Make A Comeback In The U.S. After All: Report  -  12 hours ago
When you’re in Europe, you can always pick out the American car nerds because something perfectly ordinary, like a Peugeot 208, can roll by and we’ll absolutely lose our shit over it. Well, maybe we’ll be losing our shit stateside soon!

Overdrive is a car heist film of multi-million dollar proportions  -  13 hours ago
It's like Gone in 60 Seconds meets The Fast and the Furious.

2018 Honda Accord Enters Production  -  13 hours ago
The 2018 Honda Accord entered mass production at the Marysville Auto Plant in Ohio. Expect the revamped midsize sedan to go on sale this fall.

12 tips to tell if you're buying a flood-damaged used car  -  14 hours ago
Why some flood-damaged cars are sold with clean titles.

McLaren builds bespoke 570GTs to match F1 XP GT ‘Longtail'  -  14 hours ago
McLaren may be churning out incredible sports cars today, but when enthusiasts hear the name "McLaren," many of them think of one car: the F1. The iconic supercar that was nearly all Formula One technology remains a marvel to this day, and McLaren has reached back into its the archives to honor the…

How McLaren Engineers Built Armor To Save A Man From Debilitating Injuries  -  15 hours ago
It’s a real-life Iron Man story: a billionaire is terribly injured in a way that doesn’t kill him, but leaves him in constant pain and risk of further health problems, so he turns to technology of the highest order to protect him and save his life. It’s not a comic book though; it’s what the…

Audi sings (revs) along to your favorite TV theme songs  -  15 hours ago
We always thought exhaust notes were music to the ears.

Cars Without Fake Grilles  -  15 hours ago
If you had to pick the automotive equivalent of Spanx, a pretty safe bet would be fake grilles. They serve a purely aesthetic purpose, and they accomplish that purpose via a little bit of harmless subterfuge. They’re fake, and they’re all over nearly every car on the market today. Have you wondered…

Aspark Owl, Japan’s New Electric Supercar: 0-62 mph in Two Seconds  -  15 hours ago
If you are looking for something fast & unique in an electric car, the Owl has landed. Autoblog came across this wild concept at the Frankfurt Auto Sho

DIY: Oil Filter & Transmission Service on Ferrari F430  -  15 hours ago
If the cost of maintenance is a concern for your purchase, Ferrari and other exotic brands are including regular service along with your purchase. Oil chan

duPont REGISTRY October 2017 Issue Uncovered  -  15 hours ago
Featured In This Issue McLaren 720S The man, the myth, the legend, Michael Fux, has ordered and taken delivery of a one-off McLaren 720S that is unlike any

A Chrysler 300 Hellcat might be coming in 2018, refresh for 2019  -  15 hours ago
Hellcats are stalking the hallways at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles nowadays, apparently. While we thought it would strike next in a Ram in the form of a production TRX Concept, it seems the supercharged behemoth will make its way into a Chrysler 300 next. Wait, what? Automotive News (subscription…

Fiat Chrysler Could Stick A Hellcat Engine In A Chrysler 300 Next Year: Report  -  16 hours ago
When I walk around New York City and watch people carelessly fling garbage into her streets, a part of me dies a little bit. But then I am cheered by the fact that Fiat Chrysler is still putting big and dumb motors in cars that have no business with motors that big or dumb. It’s stuck Hellcat…

Porsche Boxster Plows Into Crowd Leaving Cars and Coffee, Injuring 11  -  16 hours ago
When will these Cars and Coffee people learn?

An E46 M3 Wagon Would Have Been The Best BMW  -  16 hours ago
The E46 BMW M3 came in with the new millennium and is already something of a contemporary classic. Perfectly shaped between round and square, joyous to drive before getting dangerous... these are just Damn Good Cars. BMW never sold a station wagon version, so somebody made their own. And it drives…

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