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Screw It, McLaren's 'Blade Silver' Is My New Favorite Car Color  -  7 hours ago
Silver is a universally appreciated car color. As a result, it’s also kind of a lame one because pretty much every other car buyer picks it. I still like silver paint jobs though, except for one in particular: McLaren’s “Blade Silver.” I straight up lose my shit for it.

Polaris Is Now Part of the Fortune 500  -  7 hours ago
The Fortune 500 is a list of America’s largest companies, and is a constant barometer on the state of the American business landscape. In its 64 years of existence, the Fortune 500 has been an exclusive club, and its newest inductee is one from the powersports industry: Polaris Industries. Ranked …

The Tatra 77a Was A Czech 'Secret Weapon' Because It Was So Good At Killing Nazis  -  8 hours ago
About a month ago, I went on vacation in Prague and paid a visit to the very lovely National Technical Museum. It’s awesome and definitely worth a visit. Because if you do go, you’ll see a sleek, silver 1937 Tatra 77a parked on the ground floor, which I later learned was actually shockingly good at…

Pentagon’s microwave weapon stops vehicles in their tracks  -  8 hours ago
It's nonlethal, as long as you're not a car.

Here's The Difference Between Synthetic And Normal Motor Oil, And What The Numbers On The Bottle Mean  -  8 hours ago
I just changed the oil in my Nissan Pao last week, and in doing so I was warned—several times—that my plan to replace the conventional oil in my car with synthetic was a terrible idea. But you know what? It’s not! That got me thinking that maybe a little oil refresher might be of use. Not to you,…

Answering the Question: “Does the Yamaha Niken Wheelie?”  -  9 hours ago
Some loyal A&R readers may already disappointingly know that Yamaha Motor USA has blacklisted Asphalt & Rubber from Yamaha events, which is a dumb decision in its own right, but when it comes to press launches, Yamaha Motor USA proved this week that it truly has its head completely up its …

Bear Rips Car Apart Because That's What Bears Do When People Don't Lock Their Cars  -  10 hours ago
People who live near bears also have a bad habit of not locking cars, somehow managing to forget that bears can open door handles, get stuck inside of cars, then, angry and confused, destroy said cars. Perhaps this is not surprising for people who choose to live near confused bears that can open…

Dealership Makes Woman Sitting Right In Front Of Them Confirm She's Not A Robot  -  11 hours ago
Marci Robin was buying a Fiat 500X from a West Palm Beach, Florida dealership, and was in the final stages of signing all the paperwork, when she was presented with a strange but simple question: was she a robot?

We Are So Mad The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST Has Launch Control  -  11 hours ago
Hey, so, you know how the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST (THAT WE WON’T GET HERE) has launch control? Do you know how freaking awesome that is? Do you know how mad I am?

The 2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 Gets A Huge Torque Boost From A 48-Volt Power System  -  12 hours ago
The 2019 Mercedes-AMG E53, with an inline six-cylinder engine mated to a 48-volt electrical power boost system, is breaking new ground for sport sedans. Mercedes announced the “53” range of mild hybrid AMG cars back in January and today it’s officially unveiled this version of the E Class.

Consumer Reports says it will retest Tesla Model 3 after promised brake fix  -  12 hours ago
Consumer Reports has said it will retest the Tesla Model 3 it purchased to confirm that a promised firmware update to the braking system corrects the poor and inconsistent emergency stopping distances the publication reported.

Here Are Five Wonderful Cars At The Carlisle Import And Performance Nationals  -  12 hours ago
I have a new appreciation for the Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals, a combo show for vintage import cars and modern tuner cars all sharing the same fairground in Pennsylvania. Expect to see a V8-swapped Mazda RX-7 with a rear wing as big as a tea table next to a classic Land Rover and an…

The Ford Mustang-Inspired Mach 1 Electric SUV Will Be Based On The Focus: Report  -  13 hours ago
When Ford first announced a new electric performance SUV at the Detroit Auto Show in January, a teaser video showed the Ford Explorer and Ford Mustang as its inspirations. Ford even nicknamed it the “Mach 1” as an ode to the Mustang. But Autocar reports that the new SUV will be built on the new…

The Answer Is Always 'Send It'  -  13 hours ago
Racing driver Leh Keen has been building amazing Safari 911s for a while now, so he got a whole crew of lifted 911 owners together to do a fun road trip/off-pavement excursion called the Keen Project Appalachian Adventure. Of course, if you have a Safari Porsche 911 built for apocalypse duty, you…

2019 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Spotted in Las Vegas  -  14 hours ago
It appears Chevrolet has taken the refreshed 2019 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 to Las Vegas, Nevada for hot weather testing. Learn more at

How To Become The Ron Burgundy Of Auto Journalism  -  14 hours ago
I won’t lie–car journalists are lucky. And generally pretty spoiled. And sometimes insufferably entitled. So much so that Richard Porter, a Top Gear veteran and current script editor for The Grand Tour, has created a character who is the ultimate car reviewing hack, who is both hilarious and…

Standard Tesla Model 3 is Still a Ways Out  -  14 hours ago
The standard Tesla Model 3 might not come until 2019, according to a recent tweet from CEO Elon Musk. Learn more about it at

Elon Musk Says Tesla Model 3 Updates Coming After Consumer Reports Found 'Big Flaws'  -  14 hours ago
Following a Consumer Reports story yesterday, where the publication said it found “big flaws” with the Tesla Model 3's braking distance, touch screen and ride quality and thus denied it an official recommendation, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded last night via Twitter that the car will get some…

Ousted Ford exec Raj Nair lands at firm that builds Ford GT  -  14 hours ago
Raj Nair, the former president of Ford North America who left the company earlier this year following an internal investigation into "inappropriate behavior," has a new gig as a top executive at the Canadian auto supplier that builds the Ford GT.

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