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Industry bosses say Chinese cars could soon be sold in Europe  -  20 hours ago
This Chinese car market's incredible rate of growth in recent years could soon see these models filtering into our showrooms, say senior representatives at Jaguar Land Rover and Volkswagen.

Hong Kong 'cardboard granny' has case overturned  -  a day ago
A woman was fined in July for temporarily placing a bag of cardboard on the ground.

'Monster Hunter' is removed from sale in China  -  a day ago
Chinese gaming company Tencent was ordered to remove the blockbuster title from its PC gaming platform WeGame following 'a large number of complaints', days after its debut.

China explosion in barbecue restaurant leaves 1 dead and 10 injured  -  a day ago
A huge blast ripped through a restaurant in Shengyang, China, today, leaving one dead and 10 injured. An investigation shows the explosion was caused by a gas cylinder in the restaurant.

Goose called Gugu wins place at Chinese university  -  a day ago
Gugu was accepted by the prestigious university after its owner says she was "reluctant to cook it".

Mosque demolition stokes unease in China  -  2 days ago
China's determination to control religion puts progress at risk in a model city, writes David Stroup.

Panda cub gets weighed during his debut in China  -  2 days ago
A two-week-old male baby panda made his first public appearance at a south China safari park alongside another male panda born two weeks before him.

Monster Hunter World sales yanked by China  -  2 days ago
The Chinese publisher of Monster Hunter World is forced to stop selling the monster-slaying game.

India denies China printing currency claim amid social media row  -  2 days ago
Reports that a Chinese company had been contracted to print Indian notes triggered a backlash online.

Rainbow trout can now be called salmon in China  -  2 days ago
A move to let rainbow trout be labelled as salmon after a food scandal causes a splash in China.

Chinese investors purchase Mexican radio station  -  3 days ago
H&H Group USA is in the process of buying the Tijuana-based XEWW AM 690 which has an outpost in Burbank, California. It is owned by Chinese investor Vivian Huo (pictured).

Chinese defends crackdown on Muslims after UN report  -  3 days ago
Beijing said it was trying to prevent the troubled region of Xinjiang from becoming 'China's Syria' by fighting what it has called Islamic extremism in the area.

China's Xi takes lower profile as criticism mounts over trade war  -  3 days ago
Chinese president Xi Jinping used to dominate state-run newspapers' front pages and the state broadcaster's news bulletins on a daily basis but has recently made fewer public appearances.

Chinese restaurant threatens to charge US guests more  -  3 days ago
Hanshi Chaoshan restaurant in south-east China's Guangzhou city put up a notice at its shopfront, saying that the discriminatory policy would start on the first day of the China-US trade war.

Dog refuses to leave its dead canine friend behind in China  -  3 days ago
The heart-wrenching moment was caught on camera in central China's Shangqiu city after the pooch was hit by a car when the pair attempted to cross the road.

Sinkhole swallows up cars in China  -  3 days ago
The white SUV was left teetering on the edge of the four-metre (13-foot) -deep hole which opened up amid torrential rain in north-west China's Shaanxi province. No one was injured in the incident.

China Uighurs: Beijing denies detaining one million  -  3 days ago
Beijing says reports of mass detentions are untrue, but admits sending some to "re-education centres".

China prints foreign currencies on massive scale as costs are cheaper  -  3 days ago
After launching the 'Belt and Road initiative', China has won contracts for money production projects from countries including Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Brazil and Poland.

China's ire puts global focus on fringe activist  -  3 days ago
A talk by Hong Kong separatist Andy Chan has drawn Beijing's anger - and worldwide attention.

Hippo bite kills Chinese tourist in Kenya  -  4 days ago
The animal turned on the Chinese man after he got too close with his camera at Lake Naivasha.

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