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China congress: The Communist slogans praising Xi Jinping  -  12 hours ago
Ahead of China's party congress, Beijing is plastered with posters praising leader Xi Jinping.

China Communist Party congress set to start in Beijing  -  12 hours ago
The gathering will determine who leads China - and the country's direction for the next five years.

Questions About U.S. Investment Swirl As China’s Communist Party Enters Into Its 19th National Congress  -  12 hours ago
EXCLUSIVE: This is an important week for China, and Hollywood. October 18 kicks off the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party. There will be much fanfare, with an opening ceremony broadcast…

Chinese cat realises its just been neutered in funny video  -  17 hours ago
A cat in China enjoying its daily cleaning routine becomes shocked when it looks down and realises that it has just been neutered. Hilarious video captures the moment as the cat is cleaning itself.

Chinese students show incredible kicks in Kung Fu contest  -  18 hours ago
Web users were stunned by incredible footage showing three Chinese university students competing in a martial arts tournament.

Driver survives as crane flattened car on road in China  -  21 hours ago
This is the incredible moment a driver survives after his car was smashed by a huge construction crane in southeast China. Mr Li, 29, was driving on a busy road when the crane suddenly collapsed.

Clinics offer deal on circumcision based on game levels  -  a day ago
Private clinics in China were said to offer deals on circumcision surgery based on the patient's level in 'King of Glory', a hugely popular video game that's been billed as the 'internet heroin'.

Bizarre 60ft long ‘dragon’ skeleton discovered in China  -  a day ago
The peculiarly long skeleton measures at least 60ft and has two incongruous little 'arms' jutting out in the centre, it was 'found' in Zhangjiakou City, in China's northern Hebei Province.

Scientists invent 'giant rice' that stands over 7ft tall  -  a day ago
A new kind of rice that can grow as tall as 2.2 meters (7ft 2in) has been introduced. Experts from the China said they had spent 10 years cultivating the new grain.

New pictures of Beijing's £9BILLION mega-airport  -  a day ago
Chinese officials unveiled the primary structure of the airport project on Monday, which boasts 1.6million cubic metres of concrete, 52,000 tonnes of steel and spans 18 square miles.

Did Chinese spies silence Radio 4's Today programme?  -  a day ago
The BBC's China editor Carrie Gracie (pictured), 55, was speaking to Radio 4's Today programme ahead of the country's Communist Party conference tomorrow.

China congress: Why Beijing has banned hot air balloons  -  2 days ago
China is on high alert ahead of its Communist Party congress - and all sorts of things are banned.

Mother 'dries' daughter in bag on washing line in China  -  2 days ago
A mother in China has come up with an unusual way to 'dry' her daughter during the rainy season. Video shows the girl sitting in a plastic bag and hanging dangerously on a washing line.

Crew stop woman from jumping off ship for phone in China  -  2 days ago
Workers on a cruise ship in China had to hold back a woman who tried to jump into a deep lake to save her mobile phone this week. The phone was thought to contain 'important documents'.

Father saves his daughter from child snatcher in China  -  2 days ago
This is the shocking moment a father fights off a suspected kidnapper who tries to snatch his daughter from him in public in north China. The man was kicked in the crotch and ran off.

China congress: How authorities censor your thoughts  -  2 days ago
The BBC's Stephen McDonell examines China's clampdown on free speech ahead of the party congress.

Girl gets head wedged between walls in prank in China  -  3 days ago
The pupil, aged 6, was on a lunch beak with friends when she stuck her head between two walls at a primary school in Lingbi county, Suzhou, in east China.

Five charts about the fortunes of the Chinese family  -  3 days ago
China has become richer and more powerful, but what does this mean for the ordinary Chinese family?

China’s Great Wall looking to partner with BMW to sell cars in the West  -  5 days ago
It's something the company has been looking to do for years now.

Museum changes exhibit comparing animals to black people  -  5 days ago
A museum in China has changed an exhibition after complaints that the display was 'racist'. The 'This Is Africa' exhibit at the Hubei Provincial Museum included photos of animals.

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