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Indianapolis Colts Mock Draft 1.2: Rounds 4-5  -  5 hours ago
The Colts addressed some major needs and picked up some draft capital early on in our mock draft. What would they do in rounds four and five? You can find ...

Colts Super Bowl Memories: Super Bowl 5  -  6 hours ago
The Colts won their first Super Bowl in franchise history with a 16-13 victory over the Cowboys in Super Bowl 5. Hall of Fame quarterback Johnny Unitas was...

Will Colts’ Mismanagement make Andrew Luck Want to Leave?  -  12 hours ago
The Colts have been a pinnacle of success for most of the last 10 years. But has Irsay's mismanagement in recent years irked Luck enough to do the unthinka...

Adam Vinatieri: Direction of Colts “definitely weighs in on all decisions”

Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri already has announced he will play a 23rd NFL season. The question is: Where? Vinatieri, 45, is scheduled to become a free agent in March. “I feel like my body is still …

2017 Colts Review: Wide Receivers  -  17 hours ago takes a look back at each position group’s performance from the 2017 season. We continue today with a look at the Indianapolis Colts’ wide receivers.

Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Memories: Super Bowl 44  -  18 hours ago
We took a look back at the fond memories of Super Bowl 41 ahead of this year's Super Bowl in a couple of weeks. Now it's time to take a look back at a more...

Stampede Blue’s 3-Round Colts Mock Off  -  18 hours ago
The Stampede Blue staff run 3-round mocks to see who the Colts may be able to nab in the upcoming NFL draft.

Rebuilding Jim Irsay’s Glory Days Dream Teams; Trimming the Roster  -  20 hours ago
After we’ve gone through our simulated offseason, what would the Colts’ 2018 Week 1 roster look like?

Best Super Bowl Moment for the Indianapolis Colts: Kelvin Hayden Pick Six  -  21 hours ago
Super Bowl XLI was unique. It was the only time in NFL history that the Super Bowl was played in the rain. At that time, the rain was so heavy and so steady that it made it extremely difficult for...

Colts Cast: What Colts Hope to Accomplish in Second Meeting with McDaniels; Latest Film Review  -  a day ago
On today’s Colts Cast I take a gander into the Indianapolis Colts requesting a second interview with head coach hopeful Josh McDaniels. What can they accomplish if they can’t actually hire him...

SBCL: Former Colts heading to Super Bowl with Patriots and Eagles  -  a day ago
KRAVITZ: Colts castoffs are heading to the Super Bowl, adding insult to injury | 13 WTHR IndianapolisINDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — For a franchise that finished several light years short of the...

Indianapolis Colts Biggest Offseason Needs: Offensive Tackle  -  a day ago
The Colts offensive line struggled all year long in 2017, and the front office should address that issue by adding some talent at offensive tackle this off...

Indianapolis Colts 2018 Mock Draft 1.1: Rounds 2-3  -  a day ago
Our first mock draft saw the Colts get plenty of assets from the Washington Redskins in exchange for trading down. What will Chris Ballard do in rounds two...

Indianapolis Colts Mock Draft Monday: Jan. 22  -  2 days ago
The Indianapolis Colts have the No. 3-overall pick in April’s NFL Draft. Here’s your latest compilation taking a look at which players the various experts believe will land in Indianapolis.

2017 Colts Review: Outside Linebackers  -  2 days ago takes a look back at each position group’s performance from the 2017 season. We continue today with a look at the Indianapolis Colts’ outside linebackers.

Colts Request Another Interview with Josh McDaniels  -  2 days ago
Josh McDaniels is expected to become the next Colts head coach, but he will reportedly meet with the Indianapolis front office again before they make it of...

Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Memories: Super Bowl 41  -  2 days ago
With Super Bowl 52 on the horizon, now is a great time to look back at the Colts' experiences in the NFL's biggest game. The Colts moved to Indianapolis in...

Nominate Your City For A Colts Fan Fest Visit  -  2 days ago
Nomination and voting process will determine one Colts Fan Fest location, presented by the Hoosier Lottery

Indianapolis Colts 2018 Mock Draft 1.0  -  2 days ago
This 2018 NFL Draft will be critical for the future of the Colts' organization. How will Chris Ballard and the rest of Indianapolis' front office choose to...

Indianapolis Colts offensive changes under Josh McDaniels  -  2 days ago
The Indianapolis Colts offense became stagnant under Chuck Pagano, but, under Josh McDaniels, they are poised for their best season in years.

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