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Trump says it would be an 'insult' if the FBI had 'spies'  -  18 hours ago
President Donald Trump vented about government 'spies' inside his campaign hours after meeting with top law enforcement officials – and said it would be 'illegal' if there were any.

Intel chiefs will brief only GOP lawmakers on Trump campaign 'spying'  -  18 hours ago
Top intelligence agency officials will brief Republican lawmakers on Thursday on a confidential FBI source who acted as an informant on the Trump presidential campaign.

Homeland Security Secretary says she was unaware Russia election meddling was attempt to help Trump  -  18 hours ago
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said she was unaware of intelligence assessments concluding that Russia favored President Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Trump campaign took just 24 hours to put together foreign policy team  -  19 hours ago
Former campaign co-chair Sam Clovis says he was given just 24 hours to build Donald Trump's team of security advisors, and that he did so at the direction of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

Trump appeals judge's ruling in sex harassment lawsuit  -  20 hours ago
Trump's lawyers are asking New York's Court of Appeals to freeze Summer Zervos' suit while a lower appellate court considers Trump's request to dismiss it or postpone it until after his presidency.

White House: Honest, Trump's iPhones are secure  -  20 hours ago
The White House is confident President Trump's iPhone is secured after a report revealed fears it could be hacked or used for surveillance because of its lack of security features.

Tiffany Trump pokes fun at Donald during night out with mystery man  -  21 hours ago
The 24-year-old first daughter took to Instagram on Monday to share photos and videos of herself posed with the unidentified man at HalfSmoke restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Trump hedges his bets on Kim summit as he meets with Moon  -  a day ago
South Korea's Moon Jae-in and Trump are meeting today at the White House for a round of talks that will determine the position of the U.S. president.

GOP: We need second special counsel to investigate FBI spying on Trump  -  a day ago
Three members of the House Freedom Caucus will introduce a 12-page resolution on Tuesday calling for a new probe to run in parallel with one led by Robert Mueller.

Some of Trump's Twitter typos are inserted on purpose by aides  -  a day ago
President Donald Trump aides have learned to try to reproduce his distinctive voice when they assist in crafting his tweets – by inserting errors and random capitalization of words.

George Bush's ethics czar says more evidence against Trump than Nixon  -  a day ago
Richard Painter, who is running for a Senate seat in Minnesota, said there is 'far more evidence of abuse of power and obstruction of justice' against Trump than there ever was against Nixon.

Michael Cohen 'sent The Onion a cease-and-desist letter in 2013'  -  a day ago
The Onion's editorial board said on Monday that it had recently discovered the email demand sent on January 24, 2013, addressed to then-CEO Steve Hannah but which had gone overlooked.

CNN's Don Lemon hits out at 'racist' Trump on Showtime’s The Circus  -  a day ago
CNN anchor Don Lemon made the remark about President Trump during an interview for Showtime’s The Circus, which aired this past Sunday.

South Korea: '99.9 per cent chance' that Trump-Kim summit will happen  -  a day ago
Chung Eui-yong, a senior national security adviser to President Moon Jae-in, made the remarks to Korean reporters aboard a flight to Washington.

Jared Kushner's Harvard classmates savage Trump's son-in-law  -  a day ago
Ben Wikler, a fellow member of the Class of 2003, shared the brutal excepts from the class report ahead of the 15th Reunion, scheduled for later this week in Cambridge, Mass.

Miami-Dade cops storm Trump golf club and exchange fire with porn star  -  2 days ago
Miami-Dade police are seen in the video entering the lobby of the Trump National Doral hotel and trading gunfire with Jonathan Oddi, 42, a South African national who lives nearby.

Rudy Giuliani facing claims that he 'made up' Mueller pledge  -  2 days ago
A claim by President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani that the special counsel has set a September target date of ending a key part of his probe is 'made up,' according to a source.

Trump meets with FBI director, Rosenstein & DNI after demand for probe  -  2 days ago
The planned sit-down is to discuss a response to congressional requests. Trump is expected to bring up his demand, however, that DOJ examine whether his campaign was 'infiltrated or surveilled'.

Trump: I love NASCAR because they 'stand for playing of national anthem'  -  2 days ago
President Trump jump-started his old battle with the NFL when he congratulated race car drivers for standing for the 'Star Spangled Banner.' He has blasted footballers for kneeling during its play.

White House taunts Democrats with official statement about 'violent animals of MS-13'  -  2 days ago
The Trump administration sent a signal Monday that the president has no intention of ending his practice of referring to vicious drug gangsters as 'animals.'

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