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Anthony Bourdain blasts Trump in last 'Parts Unknown' season  -  21 hours ago
The final season, filmed just months before his tragic suicide in June this year, shows the chef describing how much he enjoys filming as he travels around Kenya tasting food.

Trump slams Kavanaugh's new accuser for 'coming out of the woodwork'  -  a day ago
President Donald Trump is slamming the charges against Brett Kavanaugh as 'totally political,' criticizing the accusers for waiting so long to speak, and says he is with his nominee 'all the way.'

Trump is victim of 'bureaucratic coup' in DoJ says Lindsey Graham  -  2 days ago
There is a 'bureaucratic coup' against President Donald Trump, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham is charging, and he thinks a special counsel should investigate it.

Twitter users speculate Rosenstein leak was planted  -  3 days ago
In the wake of the bombshell New York Times report Friday several Twitter users have said the comments were leaked in an effort to oust Rosenstein from Trump's inner circle.

Rosenstein was joking when he said he would wear a wire around Trump  -  3 days ago
Times journalist Adam Goldman defended his reporting after Rosenstein and Justice Department officials claimed the AG was joking when he made remarks about removing Trump from office.

Republicans may make Ford a deal to talk Wednesday- if she agrees to go first ahead of Kavanaugh  -  4 days ago
Republicans are mulling a deal to push proposed testimony from Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh back to Wednesday - but she would have to testify first, ahead of Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

Trump says it is 'going to be some really bad day' for the country  -  4 days ago
President Trump warned Thursday that voters can expect 'bad things' to happen to the country is Democrats win control of Congress.

Donald Trump's Walk of Fame Star is put behind bars  -  4 days ago
President Donald Trump's Hollywood star was placed behind bars in the latest stunt against the frequently vandalized star by Los Angeles artist Plastic Jesus on Wednesday.

Trump victim-shames Christine Ford as he challenges her to produce report  -  4 days ago
Trump suggested that Christine Ford, who claims Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 36 years ago, should have filed a police report – and challenged her to produce one.

Donald Trump's ex-aide Steve Bannon says 'very impressive' Boris Johnson should be next Tory leader  -  5 days ago
Steve Bannon told a conference that he was 'very impressed' when he met Boris Johnson and backed the ex-Foreign Secretary to be next Tory leader - added that he is 'not a fan of Theresa May'

Trump tells Republicans to 'GET TOUGH' on money for his border wall  -  5 days ago
President Trump is putting new pressure on GOP lawmakers to 'get tough' and fund his border wall in a spending bill that will the federal government humming along until the end of the year.

Trump jokes 'at least you got a boat' to Hurricane Florence victim  -  5 days ago
Donald Trump spent Wednesday visiting disaster-hit areas of North Carolina including one man who had a yacht wash up against a dock in his back yard, joking: 'At least you got a boat.'

Comey believes Muller probe is near completion after Manafort plea deal  -  5 days ago
'There's an argument to be made that the conviction – the plea and cooperation by Paul Manafort – may represent that we're in the fourth quarter,' Comey said in an interview on Wednesday.

Trump: Credible allegation against Kavanaugh could cause shift  -  6 days ago
'If she shows up that would be wonderful,' Trump told reporters awaiting his departure in Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House. 'If she doesn’t show up that would be unfortunate.'

Trump tours storm-ravaged areas in North Carolina after Florence  -  6 days ago
'We've done a real job, and we'll continue to do a real job,' President Trump said at a military base in North Carolina.

Trump hasn't read documents he ordered declassified  -  6 days ago
Trump has demanded the public release of 'all text messages relating to the Russia investigation' from James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, and his former lover Lisa Page.

Eva Longoria leads celebs supporting Brett Kavanaugh's accuser  -  6 days ago
Christine Blasey Ford claims Brett Kavanaugh groped and attacked her when he was 17 in the 1980s. She has been forced into hiding after getting death threats.

Trump says he 'got elected' to pick new Supreme Court judges  -  6 days ago
In a tweet on Tuesday night, Trump accused the Democrats of deliberately obstructing his latest nomination of Brett Kavanaugh who has been accused of sexual assault.

Twitter horrified after finding link between Mario Kart and Trump  -  6 days ago
Mario Kart fans were pleased to find the game trending on Twitter on Tuesday, hoping Nintendo might be releasing another installment of the franchise, before finding out the horrible truth.

Trump regrets not axing James Comey right away  -  6 days ago
President Donald Trump says he should have fired the former FBI director months before he did.

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