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Trump takes part in traditional Saudi sword dance  -  4 days ago
President Donald Trump was spotted swaying and smiling as he stood shoulder to shoulder with Saudis for the ceremonial male-only sword dance on Saturday.

Trump shakes Saudi King's hand and doesn't bow like Obama  -  4 days ago
President Trump greeted Saudi Arabian King with a firm handshake on Saturday, leading people to point out the difference between his mannerisms and those of Obama, who bowed to the then-king.

Tillerson: No idea who FBI's 'person of interest' is  -  4 days ago
Tillerson dodged a question Saturday about whether the White House knows the identity of a 'person of interest' under a FBI's microscope – by saying only that he didn't personally know.

Melania often flags up negative stories to Trump  -  4 days ago
Melania Trump has spent her first few months as First Lady out of the spotlight, but according her friends and aides, keeps a close watch on how her husband is portrayed in the press.

Trump delivers $350bn for U.S. defense companies  -  4 days ago
American military defense companies will immediately sell nearly $110 billion in equipment and services to the Saudi Arabian government, and another $240 billion over the next decade.

Trump's White House aides held a 'Twitter-vention'  -  4 days ago
White House aides reportedly organized a 'Twitter intervention' for Trump in the past weeks to address inaccurate and unfounded claims he has made on the social media site.

White House lawyers are 'consulting impeachment experts'  -  4 days ago
White House lawyers have started consulting experts on impeachment as murmurs of Donald Trump's removal from office have grown louder in recent weeks, it has been reported.

Trump speech: terror war is a battle between good and evil  -  4 days ago
The speech draft, seen by the Associated Press, calls for unity in the fight against radicalism in the Muslim world, urging Arab leaders to 'drive out the terrorists from your places of worship.'

Father of fired FBI Director James Comey defends his son  -  4 days ago
Former FBI Director James Comey's father, J Brien Comey, 86, recently defended his son, saying he was never 'crazy' about President Donald Trump and he's 'convinced that he's nuts'.

Melania and Ivanka Trump join Donald on trip abroad  -  5 days ago
Melania, 47, and Ivanka, 35, are joining President Donald Trump on the first international trip of his presidency.

Rosie O'Donnell details how Trump fans hound her children  -  5 days ago
Rosie O'Donnell has been a constant presence on social media in the months since President Trump took office, but has avoided making many public appearances since last November's election.

Student said that she wanted to decapitate Donald Trump  -  5 days ago
For the 2017 yearbook, Brainerd High School in Brainerd, Minnesota decided to dedicate a page to Donald Trump (inset) so student's could comment what they pleased (main).

White House adviser is person of interest in Russia probe  -  5 days ago
Investigators probing Russian interference in the presidential election have identified a senior White House advisor as a significant person of interest, the Washington Post reported.

Video shows Hillary Clinton practice avoiding Trump hug  -  5 days ago
An aide to Hillary Clinton posted a video on Twitter on Friday showing how the former secretary of state practiced ducking a potential hug from Trump before one of their debates this past fall.

Trump to 'strongly protect American interests' on tour  -  5 days ago
The chaos-courting leader of the free world is meeting his crucial first test abroad while facing a chain-reaction scandal of his own making, which exploded when he fired his FBI director last week.

Trump lawyer didn't want him to sign financial disclosure  -  5 days ago
President Donald Trump's lawyers wanted him to file a financial disclosure report that did not bear his signature vouching for its truthfulness, government documents reveal.

Worldwide effort set to keep Trump happy on trip abroad  -  5 days ago
When President Donald Trump sits down for dinner in Saudi Arabia, caterers have ensured that his favorite meal - steak with a side of ketchup - will be offered alongside the traditional local cuisine.

Sean Spicer tells GOP donors Trump wins every time  -  5 days ago
Spicer did not address the elephant in the room - the diminished role he is expected to have at the White House after the president's trip that will see him hold fewer on camera press briefings.

Democrat Adam Schiff warns against calls to impeach Trump  -  5 days ago
Representative Adam B Schiff, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, warned it could be interpreted as a means of nullifying the election 'by other means'.

Trump complains Russia investigations 'hurts US terribly'  -  5 days ago
Donald Trump has complained about the appointment of ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate potential Russian interference in the election.

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