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Donald and Melania Trump pull out of Kennedy Center honors  -  34 minutes ago
Trump pulls out of the Kennedy Center honors after stars boycott

Picture of Trump's original White House staff goes viral  -  5 hours ago
A picture of Trump's White House staff taken on January 28 has gone viral. Every man in the photo, except VP Mike Pence, has resigned or been fired. Steve Bannon was last to join the foursome.

Fired Steve Bannon: I will crush the opposition  -  15 hours ago
Steve Bannon began his war of revenge on the White House within hours of being fired Friday - taking up his old job at the top of Breitbart then declaring the Trump presidency 'over'.

All but one of Trump's Arts and Humanities council quit  -  15 hours ago
The 16 resigning members of the committee, including actor Kal Penn and artist Chuck Close, were selected by former President Barack Obama before he finished his term.

Patricia Kluge calls Trump a liar with not good wine  -  16 hours ago
In an interview with Town & Country , socialite Patricia Kluge says that President Trump is a 'liar' who produces sub-par wine, two claims that are sure to rile up the Commander-in-Chief.

Steve Bannon leaves White House post  -  a day ago
White House's chief strategist Steve Bannon will soon leave the Trump administration, with the president telling aides on Friday that he would remove him at an unspecified future date.

Mitt Romney demands Charlottesville apology from Trump  -  a day ago
The Republican Party's collective response to Donald Trump's handling of the Charlottesville race riots turned uglier on Friday.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows Trump how to condemn Nazis  -  a day ago
After the US president blamed 'both sides' over the clashes, Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered his own response to the white supremacist march in Charlottesville.

Heather Heyer's mom says she doesn't want to talk to Trump  -  a day ago
Susan Bro, the mother of slain Charlottesville counter-protester Heather Heyer, slammed President Trump in a Friday morning interview with GMA.

Trump drops plan to create infrastructure council  -  a day ago
Trump has abandoned plans to create an infrastructure advisory council, after two other groups were dismantled over the furor caused by Trump's remarks on white supremacists.

Trans soldier told to revert back to woman after Trump ban  -  a day ago
Hayden Brown says that just days after Donald Trump tweeted that he was banning transgender people from the military, he was told he must revert back to female to continue his service.

Donald Trump's White House crisis rocks the markets  -  a day ago
Former Goldman Sachs banker Gary Cohn has been a lynchpin of Trump’s administration and is spearheading the tax reform efforts which have driven US markets to record highs.

Tina Fey blasts Donald Trump over Charlottesville on SNL  -  a day ago
Comedian Tina Fey sounded off on 'Jackass Donny John Trump' during an appearance on the Summer Edition of SNL's Weekend Update. Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers also made an appearance.

Al Gore tells Trump to 'resign' as he promotes documentary  -  a day ago
Former Vice President Al Gore addressed Donald Trump while promoting his new documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, and only gave the one word of advice to the president.

Fox CEO denounces Trump's reaction to Charlottesville  -  a day ago
James Murdoch, slammed Trump's equivocating response to the Charlottesville violence in a letter to staff on Thursday, saying all sides must agree that 'there are no good Nazis'.

Missouri lawmaker calls for Trump's assassination  -  a day ago
The U.S. Secret Service says it is 'looking into the comments' that a Missouri legislator posted on Facebook that said said she hoped President Donald Trump would be assassinated.

Four in 10 Americans now back impeachment  -  2 days ago
A larger percentage of Americans want to see President Trump impeached than approve of him, with his response to Charlottesville, Virginia not winning him any favors.

GOP senator says Trump hasn't shown stability, competence  -  2 days ago
Sen. Bob Corker. R-Tenn., delivered a stinging rebuke of Donald Trump's short time in office, declaring he has not shown the stability or competence required for a president to succeed.

Carmen de Lavallade will skip Kennedy Center Honors  -  2 days ago
The Kennedy Center Honors will be a remarkably low-key affair this year it seems with dancer Carmen de Lavallade announcing she will not attend in a statement on Thursday.

Trump Barcelona message: approval for defiling Muslims  -  2 days ago
The president said his administration condemns Thursday's terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain -  but then told a widely discredited military tall tale to reinvigorate his tough-on-terror image.

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