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World press mocks Donald Trump over his Vladimir Putin summit  -  5 hours ago
Media outlets worldwide are mocking Donald Trump over his fawning summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday.

AUSTIN MITCHELL: A second referendum will leave Remainers shocked  -  12 hours ago
The public just want us to get on with Brexit. They are angry over Europe’s bullying, and bored rigid by a political class that’s not just incompetent, but utterly self-centred.

Trump has 'great confidence' in Intell team after rejecting them  -  13 hours ago
President Donald Trump defended his intelligence team hours after contradicting their assessment and backing Vladimir Putin's claims that he didn't meddle in the presidential election.

Two squirrels scramble for nuts inside Trump feeder  -  13 hours ago
Two squirrels were caught on camera playing with a feeder featuring the president's notorious blond comb-over and obstinate expression on a porch in Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

Sign was plea for question says journo dragged from Trump presser  -  13 hours ago
Sam Husseini told the that Finnish authorities held him for nearly six hours without toilet paper before releasing him after President Donald Trump had left Helsinki.

Activist interrupts Trump Putin summit in Helsinki  -  15 hours ago
The unidentified man stood up holding a sign reading 'nuclear weapon ban treaty' and was bundled out by security moments before Putin and Trump emerged to speak after their Helsinki summit.

Trump throws soccer ball to Melania, says it will be a gift for Barron  -  15 hours ago
First lady Melania Trump was on the ball at her husband's press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, receiving a soccer ball President Trump tossed at her for their son, Barron.

John McCain calls Trump's press conference with Putin 'disgraceful'  -  15 hours ago
John McCain savaged Trump's press conference with Putin in a lengthy statement which labeled it 'one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory'.

American journalist is dragged from Trump-Putin press conference  -  17 hours ago
A man calling himself a journalist was forcibly removed from President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin's press conference.

Defense secretary fails to mention Trump once during foreign tour  -  18 hours ago
Mattis, who was in Norway over the weekend, has repeatedly sounded at odds with the commander-in-chief while discussing NATO, Russia and broader American strategy.

Donald Trump Secret Service agent in hospital after suffering a stroke  -  18 hours ago
The security official is currently recovering in hospital where he is receiving 'much needed critical care' after he fell ill during the president's stay at his Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire.

'Trump paraglider' is freed from police custody  -  18 hours ago
The man, 55, who has not been named, was carrying a 'Trump Well Below Par' banner when he zoomed over the South Ayrshire hotel and golf course where Mr Trump was staying on Friday.

Trump winks at Putin during summit as pair meet in Helsinki  -  18 hours ago
President Trump greeted Vladimir Putin with a wink as the pair met in Helsinki on Monday for their first one-on-one summit, but the Russian strongman did not return the gesture and remained stony-faced.

Trump meets president of Finland, President Sauli Niinistö  -  a day ago
President Donald Trump offered praise U.S. ally Finland in advance of his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin – after going after NATO allies and calling the European Union a 'foe.'

Hillary Clinton trolls Trump before his summit meeting with Putin  -  a day ago
Hillary Clinton is trolling Donald Trump just hours before his scheduled summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Thousands of Finns take to the streets ahead of Trump-Putin summit  -  2 days ago
Campaigners marching in the 'Helsinki Calling' rally today aren't just protesting Donald Trump- they are also targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin as well.

Trump blasts media for not reporting success of his North Korea summit as he heads to Putin meeting  -  2 days ago
President Donald Trump is blasting the 'fake news' for not reporting the success out of his North Korea summit with Kim Jong-Un as he heads to Helsinki to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Theresa May reveals Donald Trump told her to sue the EU on Brexit  -  2 days ago
The Prime Minister revealed the explosive private advise the US President gave her as they held private talks.

Trump flies to Helsinki for Putin 'meeting' after downtime in Scotland  -  2 days ago
Trump said he was preparing fpr the meeting the White House now says is not a summit from his Turnberry property in Scotland. He broke off twice to golf, however.

Trump says Dems should be 'ashamed' for 'allowing' email hack attack  -  2 days ago
President Donald Trump said Democrats should be 'ashamed' for allowing themselves to get hacked during the 2016 campaign in a conspiracy that the government says came from Russia.

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