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Donald Trump Jr. posts bizarre photo of his father  -  4 hours ago
President Donald Trump's oldest son was mercilessly mocked over the Internet Saturday after he posted a image of his father depicted as a superhero to Instagram.

Churchill's grandson calls Donald Trump a 'daft twerp'  -  4 hours ago
Winston Churchill's grandson called Donald Trump a 'daft twerp' on Twitter after the US president made a comment connecting the UK's rise in crime to 'Radical Islamic terror'.

Trump to release secret JFK files  -  6 hours ago
President Donald Trump announced on Saturday that he will unseal tens of thousands never-before-seen documents on the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy.

Alec Baldwin teases presidential run against Trump  -  10 hours ago
The 59-year-old actor - who is recently known for lampooning Donald Trump on Saturday Night live - raise many eyebrows with an interesting tweet on Friday night.

Aunt of Sgt. La David Johnson is overcome by grief at wake  -  15 hours ago
Sharon Wright broke down in tears on Friday at her nephew's public viewing ceremony in Cooper City, Florida, where family members and medics aided the grieving aunt.

Fallen soldier's aunt weeps as she calls Trump an S.O.B.  -  a day ago
Katrina Johnson, the grieving aunt of slain US Special Forces hero Sgt. La David Johnson wept as she told DailyMailTV on Friday: 'Our president is an S.O.B.'

McCain penning tell-all book as he counters Trump  -  a day ago
Arizona Sen. John McCain will continue settling scores in a new tell-all memoir titled 'The Restless Wave' set for release this spring.

Empire State Building sketched by Trump sells for $16,000  -  a day ago
A sketch of the Empire State Building drawn by President Donald Trump sold at auction Thursday for $16,000. It's a 12-inch-by-9-inch black marker depiction of the iconic New York City skyscraper.

PR mayor gives Trump a 1 a for storm response he gave a 10  -  a day ago
San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz said Friday, 'If it is a

Veteran admits he lied about being a Navy Seal  -  a day ago
Fox News was forced to retract a story on Friday over an Army veteran who claimed to be a member of the first U.S. Navy SEAL team after it was revealed he fabricated his military record.

Trump blames 'Radical Islamic terror' for rise in crime  -  a day ago
Donald Trump has sparked outrage after linking the recent rise in crime in England to 'Radical Islamic terror'.

Trump Releases 'Stand for the National Anthem Petition'  -  a day ago
President Donald Trump launched a petition on Thursday asking for people to stand and support the national anthem. The petition does not specify any call to action.

Soaring crime stats are not down to rise in terror  -  a day ago
The number of terror arrests in Britain has increased in the past year, but they are still a tiny proportion of the 5.2million crimes revealed in yesterday's report.

Gold Star widow shares condolence phone call with Trump  -  a day ago
Amid controversy surrounding Trump's interaction with one Gold Star family, another widow shared her uplifting phone call with the President.

Paul Ryan jabs Trump in comedy routine for New York elite  -  a day ago
Ryan poked fun at himself, Senate leadership, and even the Catholic church on Thursday night at the Manhattan charity event that celebrates irreverence, but reserved his top jabs for Trump.

Trump slams 'wacky' Frederica Wilson over condolence call  -  a day ago
President Trump lashed out at Rep. Frederica Wilson calling her 'wacky' and accusing the Congresswoman of lying about what he said during a Gold Star condolence call.

PIERS MORGAN-Trump started it but using widows disgusts me  -  a day ago
Army Specialist Etienne J. Murphy's parents were on CNN in one of the most gut wrenching interviews I've seen. CNN’s chyron was this: ‘GOLD STAR FAMILY SAYS TRUMP NEVER CALLED THEM’.

North Korea sends 'desperate' letter to Australia  -  2 days ago
North Korea has sent a 'desperate' open letter to Australia demanding we abandon our alliance with the United States and its 'heinous and reckless' president.

Kelly says he told Trump not to call heroes’ families  -  2 days ago
'It stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in on that conversation. Absolutely stuns me. I though at least that was sacred,' Kelly said at a White House news conference.

Trump gives his admin a ten in Puerto Rico recovery effort  -  2 days ago
'I'd say it was a ten. I'd say it was probably the most difficult,' Trump said in an Oval Office meeting with Puerto Rico's governor, Ricardo Rossello. 'I think it was worse than Katrina.'

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