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Trump's New Plan Upends Obama Emissions Policy  -  9 hours ago
And the coal industry won't be complaining

Updated electric Isetta microcar ready for sale in Europe  -  15 hours ago
Microlino, the maker of scooters and kickboards is ready to launch an electric microcar in Europe. Run by two Swiss brothers, the company unveiled its recreation of the tiny single-door BMW Isetta at the Geneva auto show two years ago, and has now partnered with with boutique Italian coachmaker…

Wildfires Are Inevitable--Fatalities and Homes Losses Are Not  -  15 hours ago
California needs to be better prepared for fires and change how it develops communities

Financial path sought for one hidden gem in Fayette County  -  a day ago
Mountain Watershed Association trying to raise $125,000 to complete cycling, hiking trail through the steep and sylvan Indian Creek Gorge

California Officials Release Terrifying Video Of Wildfire 'Tornado'  -  a day ago
State firefighters say they have never seen anything like it before.

41% of land in contiguous US is used to feed livestock  -  3 days ago
What else could we do with all those acres?

New Jersey taps Ramboll to coordinate offshore wind programme  -  3 days ago
Developers Orsted, US Wind and EDF are advancing projects off New Jersey's coastline in the mid-Atlantic region

Miami Beach built a sea wall without a permit. Now it may have to tear parts down.  -  3 days ago
The city of Miami Beach will likely have to tear down three pieces of the newly constructed seawall on Indian Creek Drive, a keystone to its sea level rise plan, after it was built without proper permits.

PFAS study to take 300 samples of Richland Township drinking water wells  -  3 days ago
An investigation into PFAS in Richland Township is expanding

Renewables compensate for fossil, nuclear shortfalls in heat wave  -  3 days ago
With record temperatures across Europe this summer, power plants have needed the intervention of renewables to compensate for serious shutdowns and curtailments

Photo: Storm over Mt. Hood is a moody beauty  -  3 days ago
Our photo of the day was taken from Trillium Lake, Oregon.

Hurricane María Has Renewed Puerto Rico's Fight Against Coal Ash  -  3 days ago
The disastrous hurricane spread ash from landfills into the air and groundwater of the island, giving new momentum to groups fighting for a future withou...

There's not enough land for everyone in the world to follow U.S. dietary guidelines  -  3 days ago
We'd need another Canada-sized chunk of fertile land, scientists say, in order to meet those requirements.

For the next big innovation for agriculture, think small  -  3 days ago
Companies large and small, and even the likes of Nicole Kidman, are increasingly finding insects appetizing and sustainable.

Norway set on opening two new areas for offshore wind  -  3 days ago
The areas are earmarked for supplying the oil and gas sector offshore, petroleum and energy minister says

Could ride-hailing improve public transportation instead of undercutting it?  -  3 days ago
There's no question ridesharing is much-needed innovation for the transportation industry, but its impacts are still being understood.

Can talking trash actually make sports more sustainable?  -  3 days ago
Reduction In Motion’s Kelsey Hallowell is efficiently reducing waste with Baltimore athletics and helping fans go green.

Tesla “Leaves The ‘Experts’ Confused And Struggling”  -  3 days ago
As the saga to take Tesla private continues to play out, Elon Musk continues to befuddle so-called 'experts' on Wall Street. Both Musk and his electric car company, Tesla, don't fit neatly into their narratives. Inc.'s Geoffrey James says, "I've been working in business journalism for over 20 years…

Confirmed: 2019 Nissan LEAF To Have More Range, More Power  -  3 days ago
There have been rumors for years that the 2019 Nissan LEAF would be a step up in terms of range and in terms of the entire battery package management system. Now we have our first quote from a Nissan spokesperson indicating this.

EVBox Expands To 60,000 Charging Points With EVTronic Acquisition  -  3 days ago
EVBox recently announced the acquisition of the French ultra-fast and fast EV charger manufacturer EVTronic.

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