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The Camp Fire Is Now The Deadliest Wildfire In California's History  -  18 hours ago
The blaze, raging in the northern part of the state, is also California's most destructive fire ever.

Hundreds Missing In Northern California Wildfire As Blazes Continue Across State  -  18 hours ago
At least 42 people are dead and over 200 missing in the Camp fire, the deadliest in the state’s history.

Axl Rose is Twitter feuding with Trump over California wildfires  -  20 hours ago
On Saturday, as a trio of wildfires whipped through California and terrified people evacuated, President Trump took to Twitter to berate the state.

Global coal use may have peaked in 2014, says latest IEA World Energy Outlook  -  21 hours ago
The world may never again use as much coal as it did during a peak in 2014, according to the latest World Energy Outlook from the International Energy Agency (IEA). But growing oil and gas demand mean CO2 emissions will keep on rising unless the world changes path.

Federal judge blocks the Keystone XL Pipeline  -  a day ago
In a win for the environment, a federal judge has blocked construction of the debated Keystone XL Pipeline. Learn more about what this means for the environment.

Whoo-Hoo! Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Energy Version 12.0 Is Here!  -  a day ago
We have a reason to cheer! Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis – Version 12.0 has been released. There are times that I love numbers. And these are great numbers

Yves Bhar designs compact, prefab homes to tackle the housing crisis  -  a day ago
Take a look at these adorable and completely customizable prefabricated tiny homes that take just one month to build and only one day to install on-site.

Rescuers Work To Evacuate Hundreds Of Animals As California Wildfires Rage  -  a day ago
Horses, pigs, alpacas and at least one rabbit are among the animals receiving care as fires burn at both ends of the state.

“We Breathe The Same Air” — EVs As Morality | #CleanTechnicaExclusive  -  a day ago
With EV exponential growth expected over the next 5 years, we must advocate and lead by example in helping others who are not familiar with the functioning of EVs to fill in their gaps of knowledge, sometimes referred to as the "neighborhood effect." Rabbi Abraham concurs that we must all play our…

Now Is The Time To Act On Climate, Environmentalists Say. Voters Aren’t So Sure.  -  a day ago
Activists say they must convince voters there’s a cost to inaction on climate change.

A London office boasts biophilic design for a healthier, happier workplace  -  a day ago
From an innovative circadian lighting system to lush plant life to natural building materials like bamboo, this office allows workers to feel immersed in nature.

Ford Begins Production Of DHL StreetScooter Work XL Electric Delivery Vans In Germany  -  a day ago
Ford and DHL have formed a partnership to manufacture the Work XL electric delivery van. The chassis will be manufactured in Turkey, then shipped to Germany where it will be fitted with a body designed by DHL.

New report: Renewables saved Texans $5.7 billion  -  a day ago
Into the Wind provides the latest news and expert opinion from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

A Film All About Challenging Yourself  -  a day ago
In Magnetic, director Nuit de la Glisse spans the globe, touching down in Pakistan, New Zealand, Tahiti, and the Alps, all the while trying to discover just what it is that draws adventure athletes to the outer limits of human performance. The full film will be premiering in Paris, France on…

Voters hate gas taxes. Here’s how California beat the odds  -  a day ago
Three big takeaways from California beating the odds on gas taxes.

Zaha Hadid unveils futuristic designs for New Moscow  -  a day ago
Zaha Hadid Architects are part of a larger team working to build a new neighborhood in Moscow. See the futuristic designs, and learn more about the development.

Ithaca is first to declare itself a 'free range kid city'  -  a day ago
Welcome to a place in the U.S. where kids are officially allowed to be kids.

London parents crowd-fund to install living wall at school playground to suck up pollution  -  a day ago
But really, they should be dealing with the source of the problem.

Artist's architectural illusions transforming urban walls (Video)  -  a day ago
Blank city walls are huge canvases for this artist transforming our perception of ordinary buildings.

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