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Tesla Superchargers vs … Ugh  -  3 hours ago
First of all, let me say that if anyone else creates a superfast charging network anything close to Tesla's, I'll be one of the first people to cheer it on and I may cheer it more loudly and broadly than anyone else. My goal is to stimulate the transition to zero-emissions transport as quickly as

House Strips State Dept. of Cross-Border Pipeline Approval (Think: Keystone XL)  -  5 hours ago
Originally published on RedGREENandBlue. Even though Hillary Clinton is no longer in charge of the State Department, some in the GOP continue to hold a grudge. Which is why they voted to removed the State Department from the approvals chain for pipelines that cross an international border. Hey,…

Get a closer look at the Tesla Model 3 as it drives away  -  6 hours ago
In this video, Doug Field, Tesla Senior Vice President of Engineering, does his very best not to answer any questions from the man holding the camera. Still, there are a few things worth noting.

Sedan Swoon May Signal End Of Chevy Volt & Chevy Impala, But …  -  6 hours ago
Originally published on Gas2. The sedan is falling rapidly out of favor in many world markets, but especially so in America, where demand for SUVs is rising to a fever pitch. GM is reporting that sedan sales are down over 30% so far this year. Amid predictions that sedans will be even less popular…

Koch Front Group, Fueling US Forward, Bashes Electric Car Tax Credits in Latest Misleading Video  -  12 hours ago
Hot on the heels of its deceptive “Dirty Secrets of Electric Cars” video (which we debunked thoroughly, and others did too), the Koch-funded front group Fueling U.S. Forward has released a new video criticizing electric vehicle (EV) tax credits as a “massive wealth transfer from poor to rich.” It's

Bolt EV shutdown, 2018 Leaf, dire diesel news, why electric-car racing matters: The Week in Reverse  -  14 hours ago
What grim breaking news could make the expanding diesel emission scandal more painful for all German makers? And why did GM really extend the shutdown of the assembly plant where the Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car is made? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car...

Women carry more than their fair share of the world’s water  -  15 hours ago
The task of providing water for households falls disproportionately to women and girls.

100% Clean, Renewable Energy Is Possible — Setting The Record Straight  -  16 hours ago
Since 2009, Mark Jacobson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment and Precourt Institute for Energy, and more than 85 coauthors have written a series of peer-reviewed journal articles evaluating the…

An improbable ocean voyage to end plastic waste  -  18 hours ago
In 2008, two sailors drifted across the North Pacific to Hawaii on a raft made from 15,000 plastic bottles. Their journey inspired a movement to save the seas.

New Answers To Common Electric Car Questions  -  19 hours ago
Now that I've been driving an electric car (a Tesla Model S) around on a regular basis for a few weeks, I'm getting bored with the most common questions. Over and over again...

How to Pack More Power Into NYC’s Energy-Efficiency Bill Package  -  20 hours ago
Climate of Hope, United States Climate Alliance… These are a couple of initiatives and organizations formed by individual citizens, cities, and states to fight climate change since the President withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreements. And, I’m proud to say New York City is in on it.…

Partnership eyes better improvements for low-income homes in Allegheny County  -  a day ago
Pittsburgh is the 19th city to join with the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative, angling to strengthen rehabilitation of low-income homes.

Residents say chupacabra stalks mountains of Riverside County  -  a day ago
On a foggy morning more than a week ago, Cary Shuker’s cat raced inside his Riverside home, terrified of something outside.“This thing was standing out there, looking at me” said Shuker, a private contractor who lives at th

The 10 Types of People You Meet on the Trail  -  a day ago
We embrace the stereotype to salute the characters who add a little personality to every all the backpacking trips we’ve ever taken

These 21 kids taking on Trump could be our best hope for climate action  -  a day ago
Their lawsuit has helped open a new front in the battle against climate change.

Trump to tap longtime coal lobbyist for EPA’s No. 2 spot  -  a day ago
President Trump will nominate a prominent coal lobbyist and former Senate aide, Andrew Wheeler, to serve as the Environmental Protection Agency’s deputy administrator.

Photo: Beautiful Isle of Skye offers news of birds  -  a day ago
We are officially in love with Loch Pooltiel.

Interior Dept. nominee, set for confirmation vote Monday, is accused of conflict of interest  -  a day ago
President Trump's deputy Interior secretary nominee, David Bernhardt, is either “an excellent choice” for the job or a “walking conflict of interest.”

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