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28–40% of EV Drivers Have Solar Panels (CleanTechnica EV Report)  -  an hour ago
Previous surveys — including our initial EV driver survey — have found a strong link between driving electric cars and having home solar panels. Yet again, in our 2017 EV driver report, a very large portion of our respondents had home solar panels, which means that they are essentially “fueling”…

The Kiwano K01 Electric Unicycle Shrinks The Last Mile To One Wheel  -  an hour ago
I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for all things quirky and out of the ordinary. Although we brushed upon electric unicycles in the past, and cover them from time to time, the Kiwano K01 electric unicycle certainly fits the bill when it comes to one-wheel efficiency. The Kiwano K01, a Self-Balancing…

21 Experts Debunk a Radical Claim about Renewable Energy

Energy experts are at war over a radical assertion that by mid-century the United States will be able to meet all its energy needs with wind...

When Will Your Tesla Model 3 Be Delivered? Ben Sullins May Know.  -  3 hours ago
The hottest unanswered question in the automotive universe is, when will my Tesla Model 3 be delivered? The answer involves a complex combination of factors. When did you reserve yours? What options do you want? Do you work for Tesla or SpaceX? Do you already own a Tesla? Where do you live? Do you…

2020 Tokyo Olympics Plan For Self-Driving Cars  -  4 hours ago
The 2020 Olympics are around the corner and the Tokyo Olympics organizers plan to service the crowds and athletes with driverless cab service — full robot, no driver at all.

America Rising Squared Report Bashes EVs for Using Same Rare Earth Metals as Gas-Powered Cars  -  4 hours ago
A GOP-tied group devoted to promoting alleged hypocrisy among climate action advocates just released a new report that “exposes the horrible human and environmental costs” of solar panels and electric vehicles. The group, America Rising Squared (AR2), as DeSmog has previously reported, launched…

Trump Administration May Remove Rule Forcing Electric Vehicles To Emit Noise At Low Speeds, + Rear-View Mirror Requirements  -  5 hours ago
The Trump Administration's ongoing push to review and possibly undo various regulations may lead to the undoing of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rule that requires electrified vehicles to emit a warning sound when driving at low speed, going by recent reports. If…

Electric Big Phat Scooter Offers Versatility & Oomph  -  5 hours ago
Riding fat wheels on electric bicycles and scooters can be a thrill if the electric motor is up to the job. We've covered two dual-motor electric bikes (e-bikes) so far that were silly fun to maneuver in corners — the EVO Big Bud PRO from Emotion and the MOAR foldable fat tire e-bike. It certainly…

Tesla extends free Supercharger use to all current owners (updated)  -  9 hours ago
Tesla has bestowed upon its current owners a sought-after perk previously reserved for early adopters: free Supercharging. Last year, Tesla announced it would begin charging for Supercharger station use for buyers of its electric cars after a certain date—but now it appears to have walked...

The Beam Interview Series, Edition 38: Martin Baart Of Ecoligo  -  10 hours ago
CleanTechnica keeps on publishing some of The Beam interviews and opinion pieces twice a week. The Beam magazine takes a modern perspective on the energy transition, interviewing inspirational people from around the world that shape our sustainable energy future. This week, Anne-Sophie Garrigou,…

The Southwest is burning  -  11 hours ago
Fifty-five fires have burned in Arizona and New Mexico alone.

Growing Octane Needs Widen the Price Difference Between Premium and Regular Gasoline  -  14 hours ago
The difference between U.S. average retail prices for premium and regular gasoline reached 50 cents per gallon in late 2016, and it has remained near that level so far in 2017. This price difference, or spread, has been generally increasing since 2000. Many factors on both the supply and demand…

How biologists are working to keep the Great Sand Dunes Tiger Beetle off the endangered species list  -  14 hours ago
If you protect an ecosystem, you protect everything inside it, including a hairy, green-headed beetle with a violin-shaped mark on its back, National Park Service biologist Fred Bunch says.

In cattle country, rare wind gusts upend the Texas energy market  -  15 hours ago
As attractive a renewable-energy concept as wind power is, it’s plagued by a fundamental flaw. It blows the most in the dead of night, precisely when there’s the least demand for electr…

Holy S**t!' Leaping Whale Nearly Capsizes Jersey Fishing Boat  -  15 hours ago
"Moby Dick" encounter was "definitely one of the craziest experiences in my life," says Paul Ziolkowski.

Conference: U.S. mayors may shape national climate policy  -  16 hours ago
With the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accords, national policy on climate change will emerge from U.S. cities working to reduce emissions and become more resilient…

Water contamination advisories issued for 5 areas in Sleeping Bear Dunes  -  18 hours ago
Elevated bacteria levels led to the contamination advisory.

'Rewilding' Australia: not only do we need the outback, the outback needs us  -  a day ago
Even in vast natural ecosystems, the fate and condition of nature lies in the hands of the people who live on, know, respect and manage that land

Optimus Ride Approved To Begin “Highly Automated” Self-Driving Vehicle Testing  -  a day ago
The MIT self-driving vehicle tech spinoff Optimus Ride has been granted approval to begin testing

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