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Favianna Rodriguez says climate change imagery lacks a human touch  -  7 hours ago
The Oakland-based artist and activist is putting people and solutions at the center of her work.

City Furniture Pre-Orders 5 Tesla Semis  -  9 hours ago
City Furniture, one of the nation’s top-selling furniture brands, became the first furniture retailer in the U.S. to announce the pre-order of five all-electric Tesla Semi trucks, marking the next step in the company’s innovative “green” approach to all facets of its business

Xing Mobility Selects Induction Electric Drive System From Clean Wave Technologies For Next Generation Electric Super Car  -  9 hours ago
AIPEI, Taiwan — XING Mobility, a Taipei-based electric powertrain system supplier, has selected Clean Wave Technologies to provide electric motors and drive control units to a rally-inspired supercar. “Miss R,” the world’s first electric supercar with on-and off-road capabilities, will deliver 1MW…

Tesla Lawsuit Settled Over “Essentially Unusable” Features  -  9 hours ago
A class action lawsuit surrounding Tesla's Autopilot was recently settled.

Dodge promotes electric cars–in ad for Demon  -  10 hours ago
Electric cars are not only the cleanest cars in the world, they're some of the fastest, as quite a few Tesla Model S owners have demonstrated racing against various gas cars on drag strips. Even manufacturers of internal-combustion cars apparently know this. In a recent Twitter ad for the…

Auto Pollution Grows In Europe As Tesla Shows The Way Forward  -  10 hours ago
With European emissions standards getting steadily stricter, you’d think automakers would be steadily making their cars cleaner. Alas, you’d be mistaken — according to a recent report from JATO Dynamics (via Automotive News Europe), European emissions increased by a wee bit in 2017, reversing a…

NYTimes Coverage Of Elon Musk Twitter Outburst Regurgitates What Pissed Him Off In The First Place — #Pravduh  -  11 hours ago
I just published a long piece on why I think Tesla CEO Elon Musk was so wrong in his reactionary, broad-brushed response to certain media coverage. But as a great reminder of what has been raising his blood pressure for months or years, the NYTimes coverage regurgitated the narratives that have…

Taiwan Emerges As Offshore Wind’s Next Power Base With 3.8 Gigawatt Tender  -  12 hours ago
As Taiwan emerges as the next power base for the offshore wind industry, we look at what makes the country so appealing and what the future really looks like

Tesla says its factory is safer. But it left injuries off the books  -  13 hours ago
Undercounting injuries is a symptom of a larger problem: Tesla has put electric car manufacturing above safety concerns, former safety experts say.

On “The Media” — Why Elon’s Right, Why He’s Right Again, Why He’s Wrong, & Why He’s Super Wrong & Being Boneheaded  -  13 hours ago
Look, believe it or not, Elon Musk has more followers than I do. He has more expertise in electric drivetrains, batteries, big-ass rockets, and building multi-billion-dollar companies. In a "who's more credible when it comes to cleantech" poll, there's a solid chance the cleantech king would win —…

This piece shows yet again that people are not persuaded that climate change poses any immediate threat.  Andrew Montford: Did The Churc...

Schools go increasingly digital, but there's still a need for paper  -  20 hours ago
School districts often boast about their latest digital initiatives. Sleek devices and flashy technology in classrooms abound, depending on the school. ...

BYD & The Oompa Loompas Shine (China Electric Car Sales Report)  -  a day ago
After the usual off-season (January and February), the Chinese plug-in vehicle (PEV) market is back at full charge, with 71,000 units registered in April, up 129% year over year (YoY). Overall, 2018 sales have more than doubled compared to the same period last year

Electric Buses A Crucial Portion Of Our Mobility Needs  -  a day ago
In the race to electrify vehicles, electric buses (e-buses) and other utility platforms have been kept in the specialized news media. Despite the low profile, this market segment has the industrial and financial might to catapult EVs into mainstream use earlier than predicted

Transit Life Is Livelier & Safer  -  a day ago
Life in dense cities and larger urban areas is often space condensed. Every square foot counts. One realizes quickly that transit can be highly efficient in such places — you can much more quickly walk to a tram, subway, or electric bus; jump on; and get where you want to go than if you and…

Tesla Model 3 braking problems, new electric SUVs, 2-cylinder pickup: The Week in Reverse  -  a day ago
Which new car won't Consumer Reports recommend? What new company is getting ready to build electric SUVs in Illinois? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending May 25, 2018. Friday, we shared a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance that…

10 Families Bring First Ever 'People’s Climate Case' Against the EU  -  a day ago
By Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch. Reposted with permission from EcoWatch.

Tesla Airlifts Robots To Save Money, Jumping Last Hurdle To 6,000 Model 3’s A Week #Pravduh  -  a day ago
Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter last night that 6 planeloads of equipment that Tesla just flew from Germany to California are indeed robots from Grohmann. Don't envision Westworld-like robots occupying all the seats in a jumbo jet, enjoying the latest movie. These are automated assembly systems for…

FCA Recalls 4.8 Million Cars For Cruise Control Fault  -  a day ago
Fiat Chrysler is recalling 4.8 million vehicles because of a possible short circuit that could preventing cruise control from shutting off when required. How good a job is the press doing at getting the word out? How would the press have responded if Tesla was in these shoes

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