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What's best weapon for battling species invading California waters? Data  -  2 days ago
There’s an invasion plaguing the coastal waters of Southern California.Waves of tiny interlopers spark havoc at fisheries, clog municipal water pipes and frustrate boaters who must dislodge buckets of sea crud. They’ve alte

Top Electric Car Countries (Charts)  -  2 days ago
Originally published on EV Annex. Countries worldwide are taking an aggressive stance in order to expedite the transition to electric vehicles. Yet automakers are moving slowly — the Big Three in Detroit are taking a wait-and-see approach with vehicle electrification. And Germany's finest are also…

Volkswagen ID Buzz drive: electric VW bus offers unique EV concept  -  2 days ago
When you see a concept car drive onto the stage at an auto show, don't be fooled into thinking it's what you'll drive out of the dealer a couple of years later. We got to drive the Volkswagen ID Buzz all-electric Microbus concept car Saturday for a couple of miles along the oceanside road…

Volkswagen to build ID Buzz electric Microbus, cargo vans too, on sale in 2022  -  2 days ago
The Volkswagen ID Buzz concept, an all-electric reinterpretation of the iconic VW Microbus, generated huge enthusiasm and public crowds when it debuted in January at the Detroit auto show. Today, the company announced its board had officially approved production of the vehicle, a distinctive…

Electric Cars vs Gasmobiles, Technically Speaking (VIDEO)  -  2 days ago
Originally published on EV Annex. By Charles Morris Considering the far-reaching cascade of change that is about to be unleashed on human society by the transition from the internal combustion engine to the electric motor, there’s a good case to be made that everyone should have at least a…

Move by California climate regulators could net big bucks for polluters  -  2 days ago
Against the sparkling backdrop of sailboats bobbing on San Francisco Bay, Gov. Jerry Brown last month signed a bill extending California’s cap-and-trade program, assuring that the most high-profile piece of the state’s fight against clim

People Now Getting Ivory Fix From Woolly Mammoths  -  2 days ago
But the hunt in Siberia is taking a toll

Is this the country's first Chevrolet Bolt EV police car?  -  2 days ago
Using electric cars as police vehicles has some distinct advantages. Among them are near-silent operation, maximum acceleration from 0 rpm, and a novelty factor that can lead to friendly, beneficial interactions between officers and citizens. Now, the small Maryland city of Hyattsville, a suburb…

Bolt EV vs BMW i3, Karma driven, RIP natural-gas cars, Tesla Model 3 secrets: The Week in Reverse  -  2 days ago
Which very noticeable plug-in car has been resurrected after five years—and what did we think of it on the road? What secrets does the Tesla Model 3 hold, and do those make it "Car 2.0" as some have suggested? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car...

Curbing Climate Change: Why It's so Hard to Act in Time  -  2 days ago
By Timothy H. Dixon, University of South Florida

Solar Plants Are Cropping Up On Farms  -  2 days ago
Originally published on Nexus Media. By Jeremy Deaton If the United States wants to kick its coal habit, it will need to install a lot more solar power. That raises an important question: Where should all those panels reside? They could always go live on a farm upstate. Increasingly, solar…

The Economist Announces The Death Of The ICE (Finally)  -  2 days ago
Originally published on EV Annex. The most recent cover story in The Economist* announces,

Tesla Model S 75 & Model X 75 Get Upgrades, & “1 Second Quicker” To 60 MPH  -  2 days ago
This story about Tesla's latest over-the-air upgrade was first published on Gas2. Recipients of the Tesla newsletter, such as Zachary Shahan, editor of CleanTechnica, were surprised today when Tesla announced a new over-the-air update that lowers the 0–60 mph time for both the Tesla Model S 75 and…

Consumers Buy Performance, Convenience, & Status, Not Environmentalism  -  2 days ago
Originally published on Nexus Media. By Jeremy Deaton Walmart founder Sam Walton once said businesses should focus on what customers want and then deliver it. It may sound obvious, but when it comes to eco-friendly consumer goods, it’s taken marketers a while to figure it out. Go back a few…

West Antarctic Ice Sheet May Hide World’s Largest Volcanic Range  -  2 days ago
The ice sheets of Antarctica may be hiding the world's largest volcanic range, according to a new study from the University of Edinburgh. The new work discovered around 100

The Climate Crisis Is Already Affecting The Mid-Atlantic  -  2 days ago
Originally published on The Climate Reality Project. When President Trump announced his intention to pull the US out of the landmark Paris Agreement, one thing he said stuck out to us: “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.” This is true – which is why his dangerous…

Orangutan mama fashions a rain hat of leaves for baby and herself  -  2 days ago
On International Orangutan Day, we celebrate one of humankind’s closest relatives.

Australian Wind Energy Continues To Deliver Record Low Prices  -  2 days ago
Originally published on RenewEconomy. By Sophie Vorrath Just three months after Origin Energy stunned the renewables industry with a record low power off-take deal for the 530MW Stockyard Hill Wind Farm in Victoria, AGL Energy has delivered more of the same, securing an off-take price of below…

Companies are turning ocean trash into running shoes and sunglasses  -  2 days ago
“Upcycling” marine plastic into fashion items is gaining traction.

President Trump Has An Oil Problem  -  2 days ago
Originally published on Nexus Media. By Jeremy Deaton The president promised a surge of jobs and tax revenue from oil. His policies won’t deliver either one. Since the beginning, President Donald Trump promised that stripping regulations on oil companies would drive employment. “We’re bringing…

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