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New Way To Capture Methane At The Well Head Proposed  -  an hour ago
Methane is the primary component of natural gas, yet one fifth of the methane produced in the United States each year goes straight into the atmosphere. Why? Because it is too expensive to capture it and turn it into fuel. Instead, fossil fuel companies burn it as it comes out of the ground in a

Even luxury launches can go all-electric; Hinckley shows how  -  3 hours ago
Electrification is starting to surge through the automotive industry as countries implement emission regulations and the cost of batteries and associated technology drops. While the automotive sector will clearly affect a larger group of people, numerous companies have shown that boats too can go…

Climate change could spell disaster for coffee, but science may offer a solution.  -  12 hours ago
Centroamericano, a new variety of coffee plant, hasn’t sparked the buzz of, say, Starbucks’s latest novelty latte. But it may be the coolest thing in brewing: a tree that can withstand …

GreenWay’s EV Charging Leadership & Vision In Poland (CleanTechnica Exclusive)  -  19 hours ago
Getting ready for our big EV charging conference November 6–8 (in Warsaw, Poland) — part of our Cleantech Revolution Tour conference series — I've been interviewing some of our presenters and panelists. Below is an interview with Rafał Czyżewski, CEO of GreenWay Infrastructure Poland, which is a…

Jeff Bezos smashing that champagne bottle: the story behind the story  -  19 hours ago
Into the Wind provides the latest news and expert opinion from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

Ridecell Acquires Auro, Launches Ridecell Autonomous Operations Platform  -  21 hours ago
The car-sharing, ride-hailing, and ride-sharing software platform provider Ridecell has acquired the California-based self-driving vehicle tech developer Auro, according to a new press release from the firm. As a part of the deal, the Auro development team will now be known as the Ridecell…

Waymo/Alphabet Working With Law Enforcement Agencies On Collision Protocols For Self-Driving Vehicle Crashes  -  21 hours ago
Following the extensive deployment of its self-driving vehicle test fleet in pilot testing programs around the US, Waymo/Alphabet (Google, more or less, for those who don't follow the tech industry) has now begun working with various local law enforcement agencies on the creation of new protocols…

Is Congress about to wreck the Grand Canyon and other national park treasures?  -  21 hours ago
The Antiquities Act has been used to preserve some of the most beloved US lands and landmarks but it is facing assault from Trump and Congress

Bosch Introduces 48-Volt Battery For Hybrids  -  a day ago
The prominent auto parts supplier Bosch has now introduced a new 48-volt battery product intended for use in hybrids, and designed to be easily integrated into new vehicle models. The new 48-volt hybrid battery packs were designed with carbon dioxide emissions reductions in mind, as a way of…

Motiv Power Systems Deploying 2 All-Electric Garbage Trucks In Los Angeles  -  a day ago
As part of an ongoing demonstration project being funded by the California Energy Commission, Motiv Power Systems will be deploying a further 2 all-electric, zero-emissions garbage trucks in the City of Los Angeles. This news follows the earlier deployment of California's first all-electric…

Alphabet Pokes Uber In The Eye With $1 Billion Investment In Lyft  -  a day ago
This story about Alphabet making a major investment in Lyft was first published by Gas2 It has been a turbulent year for Uber. Faced with multiple allegations of a company-wide culture that condones sexual harassment, founder Travis Kalanick was forced to relinquish his position as CEO. London has…

12 acres of Wolverine tannery sludge buried under golf course  -  a day ago
Neighbors on well water worry about PFAS contamination.

China Bans Foreign Waste – But What Will Happen to the World's Recycling?  -  a day ago
The impact of this will be far-reaching because China is the dominant market for recycled plastic

2018 Camry Hybrid, Mercedes electric plans, rotary range extender, Best Car To Buy: The Week in Reverse  -  a day ago
What company teased us with the possibility of 6-minute electric-car recharging? Which vehicles made it into the finalists for our Best Car To Buy 2018 award, and which didn't? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending on Friday, October 20,…

London Electric Taxis Now Performing Testing On London’s Streets  -  a day ago
The final phase of the testing of LEVC's electric black cab taxis has now begun in London — with 6 test vehicles now being put through the paces in real-world conditions in England's capital — according to a new press release from the iconic taxi company. This test fleet deployment follows on…

ENGIE Acquires Fenix To Drive Off-Grid Expansion In Africa  -  a day ago
French multinational ENGIE has this week finalised an acquisition of pioneering African solar home systems company Fenix, in an effort to accelerate its off-grid energy market efforts. ENGIE and Fenix announced on Thursday the agreement of a transaction in which ENGIE will acquire 100% of Fenix…

Tesla Blasts Consumer Reports Over Model 3 Reliability Rating  -  a day ago
This story about Tesla Model 3 reliability was first published by Gas2. The latest Consumer Reports (CR) reliability ratings are out and they have ignited a fire storm of criticism from Tesla. CR still rates the Model X as one of the worst cars in its class for reliability and predicts reliability…

Victorian Government Passes 40% By 2025 Renewable Energy Target  -  a day ago
The Andrews Labor Government in Victoria, Australia, has successfully passed through the State's Legislative Council its ambitious renewable energy target of 25% renewable energy by 2020 and 40% by 2025. The southern Australian state of Victoria announced its plans to introduce the country's most…

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