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Tesla Superchargers vs … Ugh

cleantechnica.com  -  3 hours ago
First of all, let me say that if anyone else creates a superfast charging network anything close to Tesla's, I'll be one of the first people to cheer it on and I may cheer it more loudly and broadly than anyone else. My goal is to stimulate the transition to zero-emissions transport as quickly as

House Strips State Dept. of Cross-Border Pipeline Approval (Think: Keystone XL)

cleantechnica.com  -  5 hours ago
Originally published on RedGREENandBlue. Even though Hillary Clinton is no longer in charge of the State Department, some in the GOP continue to hold a grudge. Which is why they voted to removed the State Department from the approvals chain for pipelines that cross an international border. Hey,…

Sedan Swoon May Signal End Of Chevy Volt & Chevy Impala, But …

cleantechnica.com  -  6 hours ago
Originally published on Gas2. The sedan is falling rapidly out of favor in many world markets, but especially so in America, where demand for SUVs is rising to a fever pitch. GM is reporting that sedan sales are down over 30% so far this year. Amid predictions that sedans will be even less popular…

100% Clean, Renewable Energy Is Possible — Setting The Record Straight

cleantechnica.com  -  16 hours ago
Since 2009, Mark Jacobson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment and Precourt Institute for Energy, and more than 85 coauthors have written a series of peer-reviewed journal articles evaluating the…

New Answers To Common Electric Car Questions

cleantechnica.com  -  19 hours ago
Now that I've been driving an electric car (a Tesla Model S) around on a regular basis for a few weeks, I'm getting bored with the most common questions. Over and over again...

Partnership eyes better improvements for low-income homes in Allegheny County

post-gazette.com  -  a day ago
Pittsburgh is the 19th city to join with the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative, angling to strengthen rehabilitation of low-income homes.

Residents say chupacabra stalks mountains of Riverside County

dailynews.com  -  a day ago
On a foggy morning more than a week ago, Cary Shuker’s cat raced inside his Riverside home, terrified of something outside.“This thing was standing out there, looking at me” said Shuker, a private contractor who lives at th

Injured golden eagle recovering at Colorado raptor center

denverpost.com  -  a day ago
A female golden eagle is recovering from a leg injury at a Colorado raptor center, and the center director hopes the bird can be returned to the wild soon.

Photo: Beautiful Isle of Skye offers news of birds

treehugger.com  -  a day ago
We are officially in love with Loch Pooltiel.

Is This The Coolest Electric Bicycle You Have Ever Seen?

cleantechnica.com  -  a day ago
Originally published on Gas2. In the emerging electric bicycle world, there are all sorts of vehicles that blend pedal power with the convenience of an electric motor. Some are bland, some are lovely. Some are designed to carry cargo in crowded urban areas. Some resemble laid back cruisers and…

Chevy Bolt Production — An Insider’s Viewpoint

cleantechnica.com  -  a day ago
A few days ago, we did a story about how General Motors is shutting down its Orion Township production facility for longer than usual this summer. That's where the Chevy Bolt and Chevy Sonic are manufactured. Sales of the Sonic are off 37% for the year so far and there are lots of stories on

Hyundai’s Semi-Autonomous “Highway Driving Assist 2” Features To Hit Market “Soon”

cleantechnica.com  -  a day ago
Hyundai's semi-autonomous “Highway Driving Assist 2” (HDA2) features will be making it to the market sooner than was previously thought, as the company has reportedly sped up its plans owing to the recent actions of various auto industry competitors. The auto industry competitors in question…

Musk & His Hyperloop Announcement, Take Two

cleantechnica.com  -  a day ago
Judging from the latest news cycle, Elon Musk is the most powerful person on earth right now. With just a few tweets, he pushed everything else in the overnight news cycle into the background. His claim that he has

Blushing pink lizard with only two limbs is too wonderfully weird (video)

treehugger.com  -  a day ago
The snake-meets-worm legless lizard in hushed shades of rose surprised the scientists who found it.

Over 8.3 Billion Metric Tons Of Plastics Made By Humans To Date, Most Of Which Now Litter

cleantechnica.com  -  a day ago
More than 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics have been produced by humans since large-scale production began back in the 1950s, according to a new study published in the journal Science Advances. Almost all of this plastic now resides as litter or micro-plastics pollution in the natural…

More flooding on the way for Miami-Dade

miamiherald.com  -  a day ago
The National Weather Service issued a flood advisory Friday afternoon for portions of Miami-Dade County, including Hialeah, Miramar, Miami Gardens, Doral, and Miami Lakes.

It's the week in TreeHugger

treehugger.com  -  a day ago
Can't keep up? Here's the best of the week in TreeHugger in digestible little bits.

We've made enough plastic trash to bury Manhattan under 2-miles of the stuff

inhabitat.com  -  a day ago
According to the first global analysis of the production of plastics, humans now produce more plastic than anything else and, as a result, have created 8.3 billion tonnes (9.bn tons) of the stuff since the 1950’s.

Grand Rapids Whitewater hires CEO with river restoration experience

mlive.com  -  a day ago
Richard Bishop, who recently retired as president of Uptown Columbus and Uptown Whitewater Management LLC, was hired as president and CEO of Grand Rapids Whitewater.

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