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Fungi could help concrete heal its own cracks

treehugger.com  -  7 hours ago
Researchers are looking to fungi to help provide a fix for crumbling infrastructure, with promising results.

Multifunctional wall adds two bedrooms to this tiny studio apartment

treehugger.com  -  8 hours ago
Inspired by boat design, this all-in-one wall hides two extra rooms in this small apartment in Italy.

Trump’s death wish for sharks leads to deluge of donations for shark charities

treehugger.com  -  9 hours ago
After the revelation that the "terrified" president reportedly hopes “all the sharks die,” donations started pouring in for shark conservation non-profits.

Organic spa was renovated with all-natural materials to capture the essence of the nearby Alps

inhabitat.com  -  9 hours ago
Local Enota Architects have recently renovated a beautiful wellness center for the boutique Hotel Plesnik.

Tea is actually magical creativity juice

treehugger.com  -  9 hours ago
More than just a comfortable habit, science has shown that sipping tea throughout the day improves and prolongs creative performance.

The capsule hotel gets a remake

treehugger.com  -  9 hours ago
Schemata Architects gives it a new image and a nice sauna.

Trump's 30% solar tariffs could kill thousands of jobs and harm industry growth

inhabitat.com  -  9 hours ago
Solar has been booming. In some states, solar threatens to upend fossil fuel profits, giant corporations are investing heavily and even oil giants are getting into solar.

'Sweetness & Desire: A Short History of Sugar' explores the food we love to hate

treehugger.com  -  11 hours ago
A new 5-part radio series hosted by food writer Bee Wilson delves into sugar's powerful effect on politics, culture, and health.

How will self-driving cars affect our cities? Two views

treehugger.com  -  11 hours ago
Phil Levin thinks it will change real estate completely; Christian Wolmar thinks it is ludicrous tech nerd fantasy.

Shrinking Mountain Glaciers Are Affecting People Downstream

scientificamerican.com  -  12 hours ago
Many glaciers seem to have already reached a tipping point, after which freshwater runoff will begin to decline

Trump Imposes 30% Imported Solar Tariff, Threatens 23,000 Jobs In 2018

cleantechnica.com  -  12 hours ago
After 8 months of uncertainty and vitriol, US President Donald Trump has decided this week to impose a 30% tariff on imported solar cells and modules in response to a Section 201 trade case filed by Suniva and SolarWorld back in April of 2017, a move which will likely cost 23,000 American jobs this…

10 wonderful crust ideas for inspired pies

treehugger.com  -  12 hours ago
All pies are beautiful, but these twists on the crust bring some fresh fun to the classic.

Current State Of Brexit Likely To Leave UK Environment Worse Off

cleantechnica.com  -  12 hours ago
The latest Brexit Risk Tracker published by Greener UK has highlighted the inherent environmental risk in the current state of Brexit plans for the UK, with all main areas of environmental policy rated at medium risk or high risk of being less protected after the UK leaves the European Union.

Companies Committed To RE100 Reshaping Global Energy Market & Accelerating Zero-Emissions Economy

cleantechnica.com  -  12 hours ago
Companies that have committed to the RE100 renewable energy campaign now number 122, and together are reshaping the global energy market through their investment decisions and helping to accelerate a zero-emissions economy.

Corporations Purchased Record 5.4 Gigawatts Of Clean Power In 2017

cleantechnica.com  -  12 hours ago
Corporations around the world signed a record volume of Power Purchase Agreements in 2017, amounting to 5.4 gigawatts of clean energy by 43 companies across 10 different countries, which is an impressive 25% increase over 2016.

IEA Highlights Chile’s Potential As Renewable Energy Behemoth

cleantechnica.com  -  12 hours ago
The International Energy Agency has this week published a new report highlighting the emergence of Chile as one of the world's growing renewable energy destinations, thanks to second-to-none resources and increasingly forward-looking policies.

With New Solar Tariff, Trump Gets The Last Laugh On Renewables — Or Not

cleantechnica.com  -  12 hours ago
Trump's new solar tariff is bad news for thousands of PV workers in the US, but great news for workers in solar thermal, concentrating solar, building integrated solar, thin film solar, wind energy, geothermal and more

Adventuring Naya becomes first wolf sighted in Belgium in a century

inhabitat.com  -  12 hours ago
Naya, a female wolf originally from East Germany, has traveled across Europe to arrive in Belgium as the first wolf sighted in the country in at least a century.

In Brazil's Most Polluted City, A Tough Choice Between Health And Money

huffingtonpost.com  -  13 hours ago
"When it comes to the air, there’s nothing you can do. You cannot stop breathing."

Peru passes legislation to let roads slice through remote Amazon area

inhabitat.com  -  13 hours ago
Peru recently passed a law that would led roads be constructed in a remote region of the Amazon rainforest.

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