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Marble Distilling Co. founders deploy hotel rooms above Carbondale distillery to bridge revenue gap

denverpost.com  -  a day ago
Startup distilleries have to be creative to compete. Marble Distilling Co. is bridging the long period between barreling liquor for several years of aging and finally selling bottles, with a high-e…

Arctic Doomsday Seed Vault Gets Doused By Climate Change

huffingtonpost.com  -  2 days ago
The entrance of the "last-chance" food source was flooded recently.

California Electric Car Sales Up 91% (1st Quarter)

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
Originally published on Gas2. The data is in. It has been sliced and diced six ways to Sunday and now it can be told. EV sales in California during the first quarter of 2017 were up 91% compared to the same quarter a year ago. Industry observers give much of the credit to the Chevy Bolt,

UBS: Chevy Bolt Powertrain $4,600 Cheaper Than Thought, Tesla Model 3 Likely To Be Profitable

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
Originally published on Gas2. Analysts for UBS have torn apart a perfectly good Chevy Bolt to see how it is put together. What they found led them to make this rather startling announcement:  the “total cost of consumer ownership [of electric cars] can reach parity with combustion engines from…

BMW Now Charging Electric Cars Via Light Poles

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
Originally published on Gas2. A year ago, BMW's carsharing program known as ReachNow folded up shop in San Francisco and moved to Seattle. The service began with 370 cars, including electric BMW i3 sedans and conventional 3 Series and MINI offerings. A year later, the ReachNow fleet has grown to…

California Electric Car Subsidies May Shift To Point Of Sale Subsidies

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
Originally published on Gas2. California is about to begin testing a new

Selling Electric Cars Sort Of Important To … Selling Electric Cars

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
Originally published on Gas2. Is it true that people aren't interested in buying electric cars, as Ford CEO Mark Fields claims? EV sales are hovering around 1% of the market in the US despite all that has been written about them and significant increases in the number of electric car charging…

Why Electric Truck From Ground Up > Electric Conversions (Workhorse Story)

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
Originally published on Gas2. When the Workhorse W-15 plug-in hybrid electric truck was unveiled to the public at the ACT Expo in Long Beach, the folks from InsideEVs (like our own Kyle Field) had an opportunity to sit down with Workhorse CEO Steve Burns for an extended interview. The specs for…

Hyundai Ioniq PHEV vs. Hyundai Ioniq Electric — Road Trip Comparison (Video)

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
One of the main reasons that many car buyers have been reluctant to buy all-electric vehicles is quite simple — traveling long distances in one is generally quite time consuming and inconvenient. This is mostly owing to the dearth of electric vehicle superfast-charging stations and the low range of…

Mercedes-Benz Energy & Vivint Solar Partnering In US

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
As a means of boosting the market adoption rates of the companies' tech, Mercedes-Benz Energy and Vivint Solar will be partnering in the US to introduce a joint offering to consumers there, according to a new press release. In other words, customers in the US will be able to purchase all-inclusive…

Study: Diesel Exhaust Tied To 38,000 Early Deaths A Year

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
Roughly 38,000 people die prematurely every year worldwide as a result of exposure to diesel exhaust, according to new research from the Environmental Health Analytics. Importantly, this figure will continue climbing over the coming years if decisive action isn't taken, according to the researchers…

Tesla CEO Elon Musk: “I Do Believe This Market Cap Is Higher Than We Have Any Right To Deserve”

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
In a recent phone interview with The Guardian that was focused mostly on working conditions at Tesla's Fremont facility, CEO Elon Musk made some interesting comments about the firm's current $50 billion plus market cap. Image via Tesla The comments read: “I do believe this market cap is higher…

Karma Revero Deliveries To Showrooms Have Now Begun

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
Karma Automotive has officially begun delivering the first Karma Revero plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) to its dealerships in the US, according to recent reports. As you may recall (or not), the Karma Revero PHEV is an updated, rebadged version of the earlier Fisker Karma PHEV — which is the result of…

Elextra EV Slated To Launch In 2019 — 670 HP Combined

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
Electric supercars seem to be coming into fashion, going by the auto industry news cycle as of late. The newest bit of information supporting that assertion is the news that an all-electric supercar named the

After a decade, FPL closes in on license to expand Turkey Point but future still murky

miamiherald.com  -  2 days ago
A shake-up in the nuclear industry and new technology focusing on smaller reactors has raised questions over the future of FPL’s proposed megawatt reactors.

Volvo Cars CEO: Newest Generation Of Diesel Engines Likely Our Last

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
Before then backtracking a bit for whatever reason, the CEO of Volvo Cars was quoted by Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as saying that the company's current generation of diesel engines was likely its last. The quote from the CEO, Hakan Samuelsson, read:

Canadian Pollution Caps & Fuel Taxes For Provinces In The Works

cleantechnica.com  -  2 days ago
The government of Canada is now planning the imposition of pollution caps on the provinces that haven't yet agreed to support a national carbon price, according to recent reports. Image via Saskatchewan Cancer Center The two provinces in question, which have yet to agree to a national carbon…

Bear kills six chickens in Durango, spurring debate over electric fence ban

denverpost.com  -  2 days ago
The debate over whether electric fences should be allowed in Durango have escalated after a bear broke into a heavy-duty chicken coop and killed six chickens.

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