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Facebook brings out a new ‘Order Food’ option

thenextweb.com  -  5 days ago
Facebook is rolling out a new food ordering option on its app and desktop site. If you go to the desktop “Explore” section, or the app menu, and click on the hamburger icon, you’ll be redirected to a page full of nearby restaurants that deliver through Facebook. From the restaurant list, you can…

Oxford student, 24, spared jail for stabbing Tinder lover

dailymail.co.uk  -  5 days ago
Lavinia Woodward (pictured) spends a lot of her time at her mother's stunning Italian villa near Lake Como. Her father, who also went to Oxford, is a senior oil company executive.

Eventbrite: Events on Facebook result in 2x the ticket sales

venturebeat.com  -  5 days ago
For more than a decade, Eventbrite has sought to position itself away from being a service to sell you tickets, but about the overall experience. To achieve this, the company has been working on developing the Event Graph, designed to make it easier to discover relevant events and have you focus…

How White House Chaos Could Impact Silicon Valley

finance.yahoo.com  -  5 days ago
May.19 -- Roger McNamee, Elevation Partners co-founder, discusses President Trump's impact on Silicon Valley with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology."

Why Mark Zuckerberg panicked when he found out the date of Facebook’s IPO

finance.yahoo.com  -  5 days ago
Facebook is one of the most successful companies in the world now, but five years ago it was...

Facebook may bring Messenger and Instagram into main app

dailymail.co.uk  -  5 days ago
San Diego-based social media analyst Mari Smith spotted the new feature that could increase engagement across the three apps as users would be able to switch between them with one click.

Ex girlfriend of 'cancer conman' says he stole $22,000

dailymail.co.uk  -  5 days ago
Barbara Jones, 63, of Sebastian, FL, told Dailymail.com her ex-partner and alleged conman Ken Boyer, 60, tricked her out of $22,000 and faked chemo appointments to cheat.

7 Cash-Rich, Debt-Free Stocks to Buy to Clobber the Market

investorplace.com  -  5 days ago
These seven stocks to buy boast piles of cash and no debt to pay off, putting them in elite position to reward shareholders.

Why Facebook Inc (FB) Stock Will Always Be King

investorplace.com  -  5 days ago
Facebook stock remains a buy after earnings from it and rival Snap show FB's dominance won't be challenged.

Facebook rolls out food ordering option; GrubHub slides 3.5%

seekingalpha.com  -  5 days ago
Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) "Order Food" option on both the web and mobile is now being offered to select users.It's an expansion of a deal from late last year with Delivery.com and Slice in which

The Sky Is Falling... Again?

seekingalpha.com  -  5 days ago
The investment world is bouncing from one “crisis” to the next. Fundamentals are turning up for much of the developed world. Concerns that we have passed the pe

Search for Cornell student Aalaap Narasipura continues

dailymail.co.uk  -  5 days ago
Authorities are still searching for missing 20-year-old Cornell University student, Aalaap Narasipura, of Utah, who was last seen on campus during the early morning hours on Wednesday.

I Told You So!

seekingalpha.com  -  5 days ago
The stock market is unlike any other market. Investors should view stock risk in a similar way that they manage risk across the rest of their lives. How to achi

Apple And Adobe: A Perfect Combination

seekingalpha.com  -  5 days ago
Apple has almost $250 billion in cash. Recently, analysts have speculated on the best company for Apple to acquire. I explain why Adobe is a better acquisition

Priceline: Is The Price Right?

seekingalpha.com  -  5 days ago
Incredible growth story over the past decade: will it continue? A strong competitive advantage should only get stronger. However, the price is likely too bullis

Don’t Let the Recent Dip in Facebook Inc (FB) Stock Scare You

investorplace.com  -  5 days ago
Taking bullish risk on quality companies like Facebook is easy especially with a 25% room for error in this FB stock play.

Facebook 'dark ads' will win this election for the Tories – unless you do something about it

independent.co.uk  -  5 days ago
On the surface British general elections are quaint affairs: from opening your front door to a group of people wanting to speak to you about politics while your dinner burns in the oven, to leaflets through your letterbox that go straight into the recycling bin, not much seems to have changed since…

John Kalis' daughter Lila speeds off in toy Ferrari

dailymail.co.uk  -  5 days ago
Lila Kalis, 6, the daughter of professional street skateboarder John, has caused a storm on social media with her driving skills around her home in Carlsbad, California.

Ringling Brothers Final Show: Iconic Circus Ends This Sunday

investorplace.com  -  5 days ago
The Ringling Brothers final show will be taking place this Sunday, May 21, 2017, as the iconic circus ends a 146-year run.

Facebook is now financing eSports content

finance.yahoo.com  -  5 days ago
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