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Facebook: Hey, Nice Media You Got There, Shame if Some Kind of News Feed Change Happened to It

gizmodo.com  -  6 hours ago
Facebook tests of a major change to the way its News Feed works in at least six countries have once again raised fears the social media giant—a powerful gatekeeper between publishers and audiences—could be preparing to doom parts of the media, the Guardian reported.

Facebook tests splitting its News Feed into two

finance.yahoo.com  -  10 hours ago
Facebook Inc (FB.O) said on Monday it was testing the idea of dividing its News Feed in two, separating commercial posts from personal news in a move that could lead some businesses to increase advertising. The Facebook News Feed, the centerpiece of the world's largest social network service, is

Palestinian Man Arrested After Facebook Auto-Translates 'Good Morning' as 'Attack Them'

gizmodo.com  -  11 hours ago
A Palestinian construction worker was arrested by Israeli police after Facebook incorrectly translated the text of one of his posts. Haaretz reports that the man uploaded a picture from his job at a construction site with the text “good morning” in Arabic. When officers used Facebook’s automatic…

Facebook tests feature to remove publishers from News Feed

dailymail.co.uk  -  12 hours ago
In some countries, including Slovakia, Facebook is testing a new model which takes business and publisher content out of a user's News Feed and places it into the new Explore Feed.

Rena Effendi posts injury selfie for #MeToo campaign

dailymail.co.uk  -  14 hours ago
Rena Effendi, who is based in Istanbul, shared the photo on Facebook last week showing a deep gash above her eyebrow and her blood-streaked face.

Israeli police arrest Palestinian over Facebook post

dailymail.co.uk  -  15 hours ago
Israeli police have mistakenly arrested then released a Palestinian who posted

Facebook tests Live Video Producer Tool with multi-camera support and GFX features

thenextweb.com  -  16 hours ago
Facebook is apparently getting ready to give video producers much more flexibility with their live broadcasts. The company appears to be testing a web-based ‘Live Video Producer’ tool that would allow you to control footage from multiple cameras in one stream. Previously, enterprising developers…

Earnings Season Takes Center Stage: Global Week Ahead

finance.yahoo.com  -  16 hours ago
In the Global Week Ahead, earnings risks and opportunities multiply as 180 firms inside the S&P500 large-cap index release their latest third quarter results.

Speculative Fervor Favors Snap Inc Stock Now… but Not Tomorrow

finance.yahoo.com  -  17 hours ago
InvestorPlace readers who follow my work likely know that I’m not the biggest fan of Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP). While its Snapchat app is resoundingly popular with the younger Gen-Y and Gen-Z demographic, Snap stock is a different animal. Year-to-date, the Snap Inc stock price has fallen nearly 38%.

Facebook’s reach-killing test in Slovakia is a big warning to all media

thenextweb.com  -  17 hours ago
Media outlets in Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala and Cambodia are going through a rough week – and they have nobody but Facebook blame for the headache.

Big tech backlash: Tech giants face criticism over potent...

finance.yahoo.com  -  18 hours ago
Barry Lynn, Open Markets Institute executive director, discusses whether tech giants such as Amazon and Google have monopolies in markets such as books and online video.

Israel police mistakenly arrest Palestinian man for writing 'good morning' on Facebook

independent.co.uk  -  18 hours ago
A Palestinian man who posted “good morning” in Arabic on Facebook was arrested after Israeli police mistakenly translated his message as “attack them”. The man, who has not been named, posted a picture of himself working on a construction site in the West Bank settlement of Beitar Ilit near…

Why the Future of Apple Inc. Does Not Depend on the iPhone

finance.yahoo.com  -  18 hours ago
There was a time when Apple’s new product releases were shrouded in secrecy, and the big reveal events featuring the late Steve Jobs provided a 10% to 15% boost for Apple stock in the weeks that followed. If you already own the shares, that may be enough for you.

Kara Swisher: Twitter still has a 'host' of problems

finance.yahoo.com  -  19 hours ago
Kara Swisher, executive editor of Recode, speaks with CNBC’s ‘Squawk Alley’, discusses her outlook on Twitter and its competition with Snapchat.

TD Ameritrade Clients Can Now Trade Stocks on Facebook Messenger

finance.yahoo.com  -  20 hours ago
You can use Facebook for all sorts of things -- wishing your friends a happy birthday, sharing photos from your latest trip or arguing about politics. Add to that stock trading.

Australian soldiers on Facebook group promoting rape

dailymail.co.uk  -  21 hours ago
Serving members of the Australian Defence Force are allegedly part of a Facebook group which shares material promoting domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse of children.

Bill Shorten adviser resigns after blackface photo emerges

dailymail.co.uk  -  a day ago
Steven Michelson, a long-time adviser for Australian Labor Party leader Bill Shorten, resigned from his position on Sunday after a picture of the staffer in 'blackface' was released.

Why Facebook Inc Is So Easy to Like

finance.yahoo.com  -  a day ago
Social media giant Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has seen its share price rise more than 50% so far this year, but the ride isn’t over yet. With two months left before the close of the year, I think shareholders can expect to see big things from FB stock. On Nov. 1, Facebook is due to report its…

Why Facebook (FB) Stock Is so Easy to Like

investorplace.com  -  a day ago
FB stock will likely climb higher after its third quarter results, but the firm is also likely to continue performing through the next year.

Constance Hall is pregnant with her seventh child

dailymail.co.uk  -  a day ago
Perth-based mummy blogger Constance Hall shared the news with her 1.1 million Facebook followers on Monday evening alongside a picture of her husband-to-be.

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