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Wargaming will stream 1,000 hours of World of Tanks gameplay on Facebook Live

venturebeat.com  -  7 hours ago
World of Tanks is rolling out on your newsfeed. Wargaming is partnering with Facebook to stream over 1,000 hours of video centered on its popular take on online shooters. In addition to livestreams of gameplay, this deal includes historical content, interviews with players, and coverage of esports…

Facebook slammed for censoring 19th century classical art

dailymail.co.uk  -  7 hours ago
Tim Goodman of Australian auction house Fine Art Bourse has now written a scathing open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about them censoring art

picture of All Black Aaron Smith's airport disabled sex

dailymail.co.uk  -  13 hours ago
Photos of the woman at the centre of the Aaron Smith sex scandal can finally be revealed (pictured), putting a face to the mystery lawyer who claims Smith offered her money to keep quiet.

How Do You Celebrate Birthdays on Facebook?

finance.yahoo.com  -  19 hours ago
MENLO PARK, Calif., Aug. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Come on, you know you do it...rely on Facebook to remind you when your friends have a birthday coming up? Well, don't worry, you're not the only one! Did you know that every day more than 45 million people give birthday wishes on Facebook? …

Tech Roundup: FB Watch, INTC In AAPL Watch, MSFT Makes Peace

finance.yahoo.com  -  20 hours ago
The top stories from last week included Facebook's (FB) Watch tab, the possibility of an Intel (INTC) modem in Apple's (AAPL) new Watch and Microsoft (MSFT) reaching a settlement with Kaspersky.

Semiconductor Industry Outlook - August 2017

finance.yahoo.com  -  21 hours ago
Semiconductor Industry Outlook - August 2017

Here's how Silicon Valley is responding to the Charlottesville rally, and Trump's comments on it

finance.yahoo.com  -  21 hours ago
The discord in Washington came amid a growing divide between the administration and Silicon Valley.

Facebook tests adding news stories customized to users' interests

finance.yahoo.com  -  a day ago
Facebook Inc is testing a feature in the Facebook News Feed that provides customized links to news on topics of interest to individual users, as the company continues to search for ways to increase the amount of time that people spend using the world's largest social media network. The offering,

My Chemical Romance

seekingalpha.com  -  a day ago
Organic, Natural, and Non-GMO foods were strong moneymakers, but now Big Organic is abusing the participants that helped create it. More consumers are catching

Netflix: The Ugly Duckling Of FANG

seekingalpha.com  -  a day ago
Netflix is the only FANG without a real moat. Netflix's revenue is actually not growing fast enough compared to its size versus the other FANG stocks. The opera

Facebook will now bury clickbait video and fake ‘play’ buttons

thenextweb.com  -  a day ago
Facebook has been doubling down on fighting clickbait articles in the past year, but now the company is addressing video clickbait too.

Fashion blogger shares her first ever swimsuit picture

dailymail.co.uk  -  a day ago
Gemma-Louise Bond, 25, from Belfast, shared the snap because she wanted to be a 'different sort of role model' for young women and girls. She encouraged others to 'rock what you got'.

Florida bar owner claims Scientology church spied on him

dailymail.co.uk  -  a day ago
In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, Clay Irwin, 54, reveals a construction worker showed him Tom Cruise's unfinished penthouse in Clearwater, Florida.

News Feed FYI: Taking Action Against Video Clickbait

newsroom.fb.com  -  a day ago
We are announcing two updates that will limit the spread of clickbait videos.

Zuckerberg on hate speech: 'With potential for more rallies, we're watching the situation closely'

finance.yahoo.com  -  a day ago
“We'll keep working to make Facebook a place where everyone can feel safe,” the billionaire tech entrepreneur says.

Bitcoin hits record and its market value now tops big tech companies like Netflix, Paypal

finance.yahoo.com  -  a day ago
Bitcoin climbed above $4,500 to a record high Thursday, giving it a market valuation larger than that of Netflix.

Self-Driving Electric Trucks, Cryptomining, Ecommerce, And Image Recognition

seekingalpha.com  -  a day ago
1. Tesla Is Developing Self-Driving Electric Trucks This past week Reuters covered leaked emails between Tesla and the Nevada DMV that discussed self-driving a

Listen to these 4 podcasts to think like a billionaire

finance.yahoo.com  -  a day ago
Get smarter with just a pair of headphones and the internet.

Tech Companies Race to Finally Enforce Policies After Charlottesville Violence

gizmodo.com  -  a day ago
Nearly all the major technology services we’ve come to rely on have been negligent in enforcing their own user protection guidelines. Repeated calls to act on the Terms of Service these companies outlined for themselves without any meaningful response has arguably emboldened the worst elements…

The Great Online Innovation Pile On Of 2017

seekingalpha.com  -  a day ago
There seems to be an awful lot of piling on these days on the big online platforms. Startups are piling onto Facebook, claiming that they steal their good idea

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