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This New Starbucks Roastery Is Basically the Disney World of Coffee — On Trend  -  4 hours ago
Starbucks has plans to go from "grande" to "trenta" for their new upscale location on Chicago's Magnificent Mile.

The 5 Vegetarian Blogs I Read Every Day — Everyday Vegetarian  -  5 hours ago
Five vegetarian blogs I turn to for endless inspiration and ideas.

Now You Can Reserve A Table At Taco Bell’s Test Kitchen  -  5 hours ago
Eat at the place where Doritos Locos tacos were born.

Colorado breweries look to expand footprint under proposed bill  -  6 hours ago
Look for more Colorado breweries to open taprooms under a bill moving toward the governor’s desk.The state Senate approved a measure to allow breweries to open two satellite tasting rooms to pour t…

Why we need to stop throwing out food and start thinking of it as a resource  -  7 hours ago
Before you toss that leftover food, consider composting. L.A. Compost shares tips and information

What does it mean to be a chef in Los Angeles in 2017? We asked a few of them  -  7 hours ago
Chefs talk about what it means to cook in Los Angeles

10 Ways to Make a Fast and Fancy 3-Ingredient Mocktail — 10 Tiny Recipes  -  8 hours ago
Take note — these are the drinks your spring celebration needs.

10 Salad Dressings to Know by Heart — Essential Recipes from The Kitchn  -  8 hours ago
Do you have a salad dressing that delights you on a weeknight? Let's get on that. Memorize just one or two of these, and you're set for spring.

6 Healthy Recipes For When You Barely Have Time to Cook  -  8 hours ago
When all I have in my fridge is a wilted head of radicchio and other odds and ends, I can make these chickpeas in about 10 minutes and suddenly have a sa...

7 Foods That Are Lower in Protein than You Think — Protein 101  -  8 hours ago
Although they are packed with the protein, they're still pretty darn delicious and a good part of a wholesome diet.

The 8 Tools You Definitely Don't Need for Your Home Bar — The Minimalist Kitchen  -  8 hours ago
You don't need all that much to make a perfect Negroni or Manhattan.

8 Line Cooks Share Hacks To Cut Your Prep Time In Half  -  8 hours ago
Next time you’re staring down at a few pounds of shrimp that need to be deveined for scampi or wondering how to perfect deviled eggs for a crowd, these t...

The 10 Best Vegan Things to Buy at Trader Joe's — Shopping  -  9 hours ago
Narrowing it down to just 10 was tough — but someone had to do it.

This Mainstream Supermarket Wants to Buy Whole Foods — Grocery News  -  9 hours ago
If grocery chain Albertsons has its way, it'll be adding a fancier supermarket to its roster: Whole Foods.

20 recipes for delicious quick pickles  -  9 hours ago
A list for any occasion. We've curated some of our best recipes to get you ready for everything from your next Thanksgiving to your next oceanside cookout.

These 5 Exercises Are the Best Ways to Fill Spare Time in the Kitchen — Fit Kitchen  -  9 hours ago
When we're all scrounging for time for other important stuff like self-care, those little wasted minutes in the kitchen add up.

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