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The Pioneer Woman's Surprising Secret for Making Sliders — Pop Culture  -  4 hours ago
Ree said that because sliders are so tiny and they're only a few bites each, she can make them extra-rich and indulgent.

Jacques Pépin Has a Neat Trick for How to Tell If an Egg Is Cooked — Tips & Techniques  -  5 hours ago
If Ramona Quimby had only known Jacques Pépin's trick for how to identify a hard-boiled egg, she could have been spared all that drama!

Fighting 370 pounds and diabetes at 19, a monumental Children’s Hospital Colorado surgery gave Tray Shinault a new life to follow his passion  -  5 hours ago
After struggling with weight and depression, 19-year-old Travion Shinault had one of the first teen bariatric surgeries at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Now, he’s looking to pursue a ca…

12-Year-Old Calls 911 Over Bad Salad. Twice. — Food News  -  5 hours ago
The boy's parents apparently did not know their son had been calling 911 until the officers arrived at their door.

McDonald's to REDUCE the size of a regular McFlurry  -  5 hours ago
McDonald's has announced that the Mini McFlurry is set to hit stores in the UK on June 27, following a successful trial. The size of a regular McFlurry will also be permanently reduced.

Ddb podcast, MALT COUTURE, goes live at noon pst!  -  6 hours ago
Subscribe and leave a five star review. Tick the pod.

Texas Live! makes opening date official, plans four-day party  -  7 hours ago
The Toadies, Eleven Hundred Springs, Bleachers (the band, not the stands), Kip Moore, big restaurant openings and Texas Rangers away-game watch parties will all be a part of the big celebration at the big Arlington entertainment venue.

This Is When You Can Find the Cheapest Grapes — And How to Pick 'Em — Shopping  -  7 hours ago
Here's when grapes are the cheapest, how much you should pay per pound, and how to pick 'em.

This Grocery Store Is Like Disney World + Epcot for Food-Lovers — Shopping  -  7 hours ago
This place is … over the top. And I mean that in the best possible way.

‘Mad Genius’ Dave Arnold Explains His New Cocktail Bar  -  8 hours ago
Plus, non-alcoholic cocktails are on the rise — just don’t call them "mocktails"

The Joy of Cooking With Elon Musk’s Flamethrower  -  8 hours ago
When you have fire, you cook.

Reddit user puts curry in a Yorkshire pudding  -  8 hours ago
A UK-based Reddit user proudly posted a snap of his dinner on the internet forum; consisting of a giant Yorkshire pudding filled with tinned chicken curry - and a can of Strongbow to wash it down.

The $3 Trader Joe's Find That Tricks My Boyfriend into Eating Better — Shopping  -  8 hours ago
Even my meat-and-potatoes-loving boyfriend approves!

11 sangria recipes to celebrate the official start of summer  -  8 hours ago
A list for any occasion. We've curated some of our best recipes to get you ready for everything from your next Thanksgiving to your next oceanside cookout.

As a Chef and a Woman, I Regret Joining the Boys’ Club  -  8 hours ago
I was too busy emulating and living through the toxic kitchen bro culture to see it for what it was. In the wake of #MeToo, we can’t pretend it’s okay any longer.

What’s So Texan About Texas Toast?  -  9 hours ago
Love for this thick-cut, buttery toasted bread extends well beyond the Lone Star State

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