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50 Tweets You're Gonna Love If You Are A Woman Or Know A Woman  -  6 hours ago
"If you think women are the weaker sex, try pulling the blankets back to your side."

50 Hilarious Parenting Tweets From 2018 That Won't Be Topped  -  3 days ago
"The average child uses 16,000 feet of Scotch Tape in a day."

28 A+ Pixar Jokes And Memes That Will Never Get Old  -  4 days ago
"The most amazing thing about Finding Dory is how they managed to put a receding hairline on a fish."

Nicole Byer Thinks "Dicks Are Treats"  -  4 days ago
The first thing Nicole does when she meets a man is check out his "dick print" — then she looks for a ring.

Andy Samberg: The Dalai Lama Tweeted His Support For "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"  -  4 days ago
After B99's cancelation on Fox, celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Dalai Lama, and Paul Manafort took to Twitter to voice their support.

Nicole Byer Was Gifted A 2-Foot Dildo  -  4 days ago
If you’re wondering what to get Nicole Byer — any penis-related products will do.

Andy Samberg's Bucket List  -  4 days ago
Reenacting his favorite scene from the CG "Beowulf" movie is very high on Andy’s bucket list.

Dawes "Mistakes We Should Have Made" 07/12/18  -  4 days ago
Dawes returns to CONAN for the sixth time to perform a track off their sixth studio album Passwords.

Nicole Byer Has A Message For Chadwick Boseman  -  4 days ago
Nicole gets straight to the point and tells Chadwick that her "p**** is open."

Conan: British People Want Trump Immediately Deported  -  4 days ago
Conan jokes about Trump’s U.K. visit, Papa John's, and robots who are taking jobs away from anti-Semites.

Andy Samberg Releases First Photos Of His One-Year-Old Daughter  -  4 days ago
The resemblance between Andy and his daughter is uncanny.

14 People Who Managed To Get The Last Laugh With Their Exes  -  4 days ago
"The vagina you are trying to reach is no longer in service."

19 Jokes You'll Relate To If You're Just A Tad Sexually Frustrated  -  4 days ago
"Day 69 Without Sex: Nice. But also, not nice."

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