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This Girl Thought We Lived 'Inside' Earth, And 2018 Is Now Canceled  -  a day ago
She was today-years-old when she found out the truth.

Here's 11 Stupid Ways to Describe What a Car Is  -  9 days ago
It’s the end of the week, which likely means that you’ve used up all your brain-juices, and you’re running on fumes now. That’s good, because what I’ve come up with here is deeply, richly stupid: ten genuinely idiotic ways to describe a car.

The American People Now Own That Mail Bomber's Nutty Van  -  9 days ago
Perhaps you recall a few weeks back when the suspect alleged to have sent all those bombs to Trump-detractors in the mail was captured, and if you remember that, then you likely remember what he drove: exactly as you suspect, it was a white van plastered with crazy conspiracy shit. Well, guess…

How Many Millennial Stereotypes Can You Claim?  -  13 days ago
You live inside an avocado because you can't buy a house.

Can We Accurately Guess Your Romantic Type?  -  19 days ago
You might be surprised to learn something you already know!

19 Sickos Who Belong In Jail  -  21 days ago
These people are extremely dangerous.

50 Facts That Will Freak You Out If You Think About Them For Too Long  -  a month ago
"The only part of your reflection you can lick is your tongue."

Conan Doesn’t Want Any Characters In The Audience Tonight  -  a month ago
This is a really big show, so there’s no time for fake characters in the audience to drag Conan into an insane comedy sketch.

Deon Cole Racked Up An Insane Bar Tab  -  a month ago
Deon forgot his credit card at the bar on Thursday night. And Friday night. And Saturday night. And Sunday night.

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