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Daily Deals: Switch Bundles Back in Stock at Gamestop  -  2 hours ago
$6 Bob's Burgers T-Shirt, Polarized Sunglasses for $13, Officially Licensed Gran Turistmo Racing Wheel, 1TB Portable Hard Drive for $44

Pokémon Go Players Are Making Themed Gyms With The New Update  -  2 hours ago
In the main Pokémon games, every gym had a shtick, or at least a type affinity. In real-life Pokémon Go gyms, players often had to face the same handful of monsters over and over again. While that’s still true to some degree now, the big gym overhaul also makes it possible for players to set up way…

Good News For Pokemon Go Players Who Want To Join Raids  -  5 hours ago
Niantic Labs is still tweaking and making advancements when it comes to the new Raid Battles that it implemented to Pokemon Go for Android and Apple devices. Originally it had some pretty stiff restrictions on who could join, but now Raid Battles have opened up to more players and this is good news…

Five Free Mega Stones Are Currently Available In Pokemon Sun And Moon  -  5 hours ago
Nintendo is handing out free Mega Stones in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. These particular stones aren't available in the actual game and you can't grind for them, but you can get them by putting in a specific code.

Sonic Mania Vinyl Album Announced  -  6 hours ago
Data Discs' special Sonic Mania vinyl album will be available for pre-order starting in mid-July.

Epic Xbox One S bundle gets you 4 games and Now TV for £219  -  6 hours ago
Game is selling a great Xbox One S bundle that nets you a bunch of free goodies at a seriously bargain price.

This Is What A Pacifist Run Looks Like In A Pro Dota 2 Match  -  21 hours ago
Just because you aren’t good enough to beat the very best doesn’t mean you can’t troll your way into the history books. And whether they know it or not, that’s what Czech player JohnnyCryptoN and his team are on the verge of doing as they battle their way through the Open Qualifiers for this year’s…

How To Get Echo Arena VR For Free This Weekend  -  a day ago
Ready At Dawn departed from focusing on Sony exclusives to working on a new VR title called Echo Arena. The new game currently has a free trial taking place this weekend, enabling gamers to get in game time with the physical, VR sports multiplayer game.

Someone Modded Mario's New Hat Abilities Into Super Mario 64, And It's Awesome  -  a day ago
In Nintendo's upcoming Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintnedo Switch, due out this fall, Mario is accompanied by a friendly hat known as Cappy. The hat grants Mario some super cool abilities, and someone managed to mod those abilities into the classic N64 title, Super Mario 64.

When Sub-Zero Is Coming To Injustice 2  -  a day ago
Sub-Zero is the next DLC character set to pummel the competition in Injustice 2 and, thanks to a recent tweet from Director Ed Boon, we now know exactly when the Mortal Kombat mainstay will be venturing to a brand new realm.

Kotaku 'Shop Contest: A Little Mario In All Of Us, Winners!  -  a day ago
The ‘Shop Contest is back, and the first one in a few months is now complete. Unfortunately, the results have shattered my confidence in Super Mario Odyssey unless it gets some standalone DLC devoted to just how weird Mario and Cappy can get.

Watch Conan O'Brien Flail Around Playing ARMS In New Clueless Gamer  -  a day ago
Conan O'Brien, better known in the game-o-sphere as the Clueless Gamer, recently decided to take the Nintendo Switch fighting game, ARMS, for a test spin. The results are as perfectly terrible as you might expect.

Daily Deals: 30% off Loot Crates Extended One Day  -  a day ago
July Loot Crate with Rick and Morty for $15, Switch Bundles in Stock, Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker for $70, $39 DualShock 4

The One Thing That Needs To Happen To Bring Final Fantasy 14 To Xbox One And Switch  -  a day ago
For the millions of gamers on Xbox One and the couple of million who have picked up a Nintendo Switch, you might be wondering where Final Fantasy XIV is? It's on PlayStation consoles, it's on PC... so why not the other two? Well, there's one thing that needs to happen before Square Enix brings the…

Check Out Beyond Good And Evil 2's In-Engine Demo  -  a day ago
Michel Ancel, the creative director at Ubisoft working on the upcoming Beyond Good and Evil 2, demonstrated 14 minutes worth of in-engine gameplay footage of the upcoming open-space game that takes place from the dusty surface of a planet all the way up into the very outer rims of space.

7 Things You Need to Know About Dragon Ball FighterZ  -  a day ago
There's a lot to unpack about this gorgeous fighting game.

Fan Transforms Old Game Boy Advance SP Into A Nintendo Switch Dock  -  a day ago
This used to be an ordinary Game Boy SP until DIY-er Alexander Blake decided to make it into a retro-accessory for his Switch. It’s a lot more work and less sturdy than the one that comes packaged with the console, but you have to admit it looks way cooler.

Modern Warfare Remastered standalone confirmed, PS4 users get first shot  -  a day ago
Activision has confirmed the rumored standalone edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remastered will be available exclusively on PS4 from next week.

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