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The 25 Best Mega Man Games  -  3 hours ago
To celebrate Mega Man's 30th anniversary, we're counting down the Blue Bomber's 25 best adventures!

Frame Rate Should Trump Fidelity on Xbox One X / PS4 Pro  -  10 hours ago
The battle for console dominance should be measured in frames-per-second and not 4K eye candy.

Ninja Turtles Interrupt European Soccer Game  -  11 hours ago
Two men dressed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes crashed the PSG vs Rennes game in Frances Ligue 1 yesterday, interrupting play and getting some cuddles in the process.

5 Fun Facts About Far Cry 5  -  12 hours ago
Spectacular stunts, bull ball hunts and backwater battlefronts.

Deus Ex Dev Eidos Montreal to Increase Online Focus  -  12 hours ago
Eidos Montreal, known for its single-player games, will put an emphasis on online play in its future projects.

Here's Some Real Good Star Wars: The Last Jedi Cosplay  -  12 hours ago
Cosplayer Leo Camacho and some friends decided to recreate Vanity Fair’s classy Last Jedi photoshoot, and they’ve done an incredible job with it.

Obsidian's New RPG Won't Have Any Microtransactions  -  12 hours ago
The studio spoke very highly of Private Division, Take-Two's new label that will publish the game.

What Will The Future of Zelda Look Like? - NVC Ep. 386 Teaser  -  15 hours ago
The NVC crew speculate on the future of Zelda, whether or not if it will get more DLC and when we'll get a follow up to Breath of the Wild.

Call Of Duty WWII Sold Ridiculously Well In November  -  16 hours ago
It turns out Sledghammer Games' decision to take the Call of Duty series back to the trenches of the Second Great War was a good one. Based on reports from its first month on the market, Call of Duty WWII is selling really well.

Mario Kart Drivers In Japan Will Have To Wear Seat Belts  -  16 hours ago
Highway safety regulations are in for an overhaul in Japan, and it's all because a bunch of people keep dressing up like Nintendo characters and driving go-karts in the street. Come next year, the popular Mario Kart-themed activity will require seat belts, helmets and several other new safety…

NASA Uses Google AI to Prepare for a Star Trek Future - IGN Daily Fix  -  18 hours ago
NASA uses Google's AI algorithm to make new discoveries, Crytek sues over Star Citizen, and more in your Top 5 Stories of the week.

Daily Deals: PS Plus for $40, Nvidia Shield TV with Controller for $169  -  18 hours ago
Plus anime Blu-ray sale, great PS4 Pro 1TB deal, and more.

Overwatch Is Available For Very Cheap Right Now  -  19 hours ago
Blizzard has currently discounted Overwatch on PC for gamers looking to get their hands on the team-based shooter at a discounted rate. The game is also discounted slightly for Xbox One and PS4 gamers as well throughout the holiday season.

Pokemon Go's First Gen 3 Legendary Is Here  -  19 hours ago
Niantic Labs has been criticized often for not introducing more Pokemon to the line-up of catchable pocket monsters in Pokemon Go, but despite being slow to add the newer generation Pokemon the developers have still managed to get around to the task. In fact, just recently Niantic added the very…

IGN's Best Video Game Story of 2017 Nominees Are...  -  19 hours ago
Best Story - Best of 2017 Awards: Best Story Be sure to check back on December 20 to see IGN's Best Video Game Story of 2017 winner. And of course our opinion isn't the only one th...

Steam Drops Support For Bitcoin  -  20 hours ago
There are a variety of payment methods in Steam made available for people around the world to oftentimes use what's most convenient for them to make purchases from the digital storefront. Well, whether you found Bitcoin to be convenient or not doesn't matter, because Valve has dropped using the…

Seth Rollins Responds to IGN Comments  -  a day ago
IGN has one of the most active comments sections on the Internet. We showed some of our favourites to WWE wrestling man Seth Rollins.

One Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Biggest Problems Comes Straight From Video Games  -  a day ago
As of writing this there’s currently an almost 40% disparity between the critics and audience’s response to the latest Star Wars on Rotten Tomatoes. For all of the high moments, satisfying pay-offs, and generally cool Star Wars stuff, a movie that runs two hours and 33 minutes is bound to fall flat…

Somebody Beat Super Mario Odyssey Without Jumping  -  2 days ago
Telling someone that it's possible to beat a Super Mario game without jumping is like telling someone it's possible to eat pancakes without syrup. Yes, some people attempt to do it, but it's like committing a cardinal sin. Well, believe it or not, someone actually did manage to beat Super Mario…

What's Next For The Legend Of Zelda Series, According To Breath Of The Wild Director  -  2 days ago
With the second promised DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild finally available, Nintendo fans have already started wondering what comes next for the series. And apparently the developer is wondering the same thing.

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