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Dark Souls Remastered Review  -  3 hours ago
The power of current-generation consoles gives Dark Souls the smooth framerate it always needed.

The Best Mobile Phone Deals of May 2018: Contracts and SIM-Free Deals  -  4 hours ago
Here are the best, market-leading mobile phone contract deals and SIM-free deals for May 2018.

New Japanese Switch Bundle Released Without A Dock And Other Stuff  -  6 hours ago
Nintendo is releasing a new Switch bundle in Japan. A My Nintendo Store exclusive, it’s cheaper and has less stuff.

State of Decay 2: How to Sleep and Cure Trauma  -  12 hours ago
How to Sleep and Remove Trauma - State of Decay 2: State of Decay 2 inflicts ailments on player characters like fatigue and trauma. Fatigue happens if your character is out and about too long. The lon...

Double Fine is publishing the next game from Playables, the makers of the wonderfully weird Plug &am  -  16 hours ago
Double Fine is publishing the next game from Playables, the makers of the wonderfully weird Plug & Play. It’s called KIDS, and it’s described as a project about “the psychology of the group” in which you move against crowds. The game will be out this year on PC/mobile alongside a film and a…

God of War Was the Best Selling Game for April 2018  -  18 hours ago
God of War and the PS4 dominated sales figures, with the PS4 breaking NPD records.

Civilization VI Madman Builds 34 Wonders In One City  -  18 hours ago
Last month, dadabouin went and did something I’ve never seen accomplished in Civilization VI before: he built 34 wonders in the one city, arranged in a way that has me thankful Civ VI doesn’t have Independence Day’s landmark-destroying aliens in its faction lineup.

Sony says the PS4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle  -  19 hours ago
As we approach the five year anniversary of the PS4, it’s difficult not to think about the future of the brand. After all, the PS4 arrived nearly seven years to the day after the PS3, so it s…

MMO Players Feel Conflicted About Online Sugar Daddies  -  19 hours ago
Kristin Carnage was making her way through a city in World of Warcraft when a stranger stopped her female avatar. The stranger, a male avatar, opened a trade window with Carnage and moved, in her words, “a ton of gold” in his section of the trade box. For a while afterward, he offered to help run…

PS4 Getting Answer to Xbox Elite Controller - IGN Daily Fix  -  19 hours ago
Called the SCUF Vantage, the pad is set to release this summer.

An N64 Star Wars Game Had One Level That Was Ahead Of Its Time  -  20 hours ago
My friend and game development colleague Brent Porter and I throw around the term “Honest Geometry” when we talk about 3D video game levels we like. Gall Spaceport, from 1996 Nintendo 64 game Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, is the flagbearer of this term. “Honest Geometry” means the interior of a…

We FINALLY Played Kingdom Hearts 3 - Beyond 544  -  20 hours ago
After years of anticipation, Jonathon Dornbush finally played the new Kingdom Hearts. Hear what he thought.

The ‘Overwatch’ anniversary event just went live: Here’s everything you need to know  -  20 hours ago
Believe it or not, Overwatch has been live and playable for two years now. Blizzard is celebrating the milestone in a truly appropriate fashion, rolling out a new event with a bunch of new skins, d…

9 Craziest E3 Press Conference Moments in History  -  20 hours ago
From the awesome to the downright awful, E3 has a long history of ridiculous on-stage moments. These are the craziest.

Wizard Of Legend Lets You Play As A Magical Jedi  -  21 hours ago
Wizard of Legend is straightforward: go in a room, unleash your awesome spells to kill everything in it, and then collect the spoils before moving onto the next. There’s no armor to upgrade or stats to manage, just a ton of magic-fueled carnage. It’s all very repetitive, but the game’s action feels…

Fortnite Outlines E3 2018 Plans Featuring Pros, Celebrities, and More - IGN News  -  21 hours ago
Epic Games announces $3 million celebrity tournament at E3 2018.

Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Wireless Mouse and MM1000 Mousepad Review  -  21 hours ago
Corsair's wireless mouse and mat combo are formidable weapons indeed, and are less expensive than comparable systems from Logitech and Razer. There are some drawbacks of course, but it's a good way to finally break the chains of wired mousing, and charging.

Fortnite Outlines E3 2018 Plans Featuring Pros, Celebrities, and More  -  21 hours ago
Epic Games announces $3 million celebrity tournament at E3 2018.

PlayStation 4 Coming to an End, According to Sony  -  21 hours ago
Sony is preparing its investors (and gamers everywhere) for the end of the PlayStation 4

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