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Baidu: The Value Of Being The Gatekeeper  -  3 hours ago
Baidu is getting rid of non-core assets and focusing on the future. Progress in AI and autonomous vehicles is ramping up while the core mobile business continue

Snap Sees Its Reliance on Google and Amazon As an Advantage  -  5 hours ago
CEO Evan Spiegel says it allows them to do things "really really quickly."

Google Lunar XPrize Is a Bust -- But This Company Could Still Go to the Moon  -  11 hours ago
Could Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin succeed where so many others have just failed?

Can Walmart Or Alphabet Take On Amazon In India?  -  11 hours ago
Are Walmart and Google investors ready for additional cash burn? Compared to Google, Walmart seems like a better fit operationally. These deals could pose a thr

YouTube Could Be a $15 Billion Business This Year  -  21 hours ago
One analyst has asserted that Alphabet's popular video-streaming platform will generate that much in revenues in 2018. That might prove a conservative estimate.

Silicon Valley backlash won’t necessarily cause an exodus to Middle America  -  a day ago
Peter Thiel is fleeing liberal Silicon Valley for … Los Angeles.

Bring Back Google's Missing 'View Image' Button With Startpage  -  a day ago
If you’re a frequent user of Google’s Image search, then you probably noticed that the company recently removed the ‘View Image” button from search results.

The Best Healthcare AI Stock on the Market Right Now  -  a day ago
This stock covers healthcare AI from A to Z.

Should NVIDIA Be Concerned About Amazon's Custom AI Chip?  -  2 days ago
The e-commerce giant is the latest technology company looking to create a custom chip to foster its AI ambitions.

Keeping a Closer Eye on Content Is Going to Cost Alphabet  -  2 days ago
For Alphabet, being big has its costs.

3 Stocks I'm Buying After the Market Sell-Off  -  2 days ago
Thanks to the recent market drop, I'm adding to my positions in Alphabet, Pattern Energy, and Starbucks.

Google Is Acquiring Xively's Internet of Things Platform  -  3 days ago
The search giant continues to expand its Internet of Thing offerings.

AI Weekly: Get ready for AI chips everywhere  -  3 days ago
Google, ARM, and Amazon were all in the news this week for their work on custom chips for AI applications. Here's why we're only going to see more of them in the future.

Google removes 'view image' tool  -  3 days ago
The button used to appear when users clicked on a picture and let them view just the image, instead of having to visit the website. The move came after Google settled a lawsuit with Getty Images.

Ecommerce Outlook: Strong Holiday Season Launches a Great 2018  -  3 days ago
Ecommerce Outlook: Strong Holiday Season Launches a Great 2018

NVIDIA Management Talks Cloud Computing, Deep Learning, and Self-Driving Cars  -  3 days ago
NVIDIA's fourth-quarter conference call reveals what's behind its skyrocketing growth, and what management sees driving future profitability.

Mark Cuban on Russian Hacking, Social Media, Blockchain  -  3 days ago
Feb.16 -- Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, discusses Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election, social media, blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. He speaks on "What'd You Miss?" from the NBA All-Star Technology Summit in Beverly Hills, California.

Labor Board Found Google Was Within Its Rights to Fire James Damore  -  3 days ago
Google did not violate labor law by firing James Damore, the author of a memo that argued women were biologically less capable to work in software engineering than men, according to an attorney for the National Labor Relations Board.

Mark Cuban Says Election Meddling Won't Stop  -  3 days ago
Feb.16 -- Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, discusses Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election and the role of tech companies in combatting such interference. He speaks on "What'd You Miss?' from the NBA All-Star Technology Summit in Beverly Hills, California.

Google Images just made downloading photos more annoying  -  3 days ago
Google Images is pretty much the default way of finding photos around the internet, but the company just made a small but signficant change to how you access images. Google removed the ‘View Image’ button that allowed you to easily see a photo at its full size. Basically, it means you now need to…

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