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Dow Transports Pace Stock Market Higher; Will Alphabet, Caterpillar, Deere, Workday Break Out?  -  2 hours ago
Deere was one among a bunch of stocks in the transport, construction and machinery industries that helped lead Monday's stock market higher.

These 5 Top Stocks Get A Handle On Buy Points; This One Is Breaking Out  -  2 hours ago
Facebook, Twitter, Akamai, Google-parent Alphabet and Alibaba all have new handles, following last week's stock market drift. All rallied Monday, with Twitter attempting a breakout.

Larry Page has been completely silent as Alphabet faces one ethical crisis after another  -  3 hours ago
Google perfected the business model of making money off its users' data. But as that model comes under fire, Alphabet CEO Larry Page has been completely silent and absent from sight.

Government needs to throughly investigate big tech, says ...  -  3 hours ago
Gary Reback, antitrust lawyer at Carr & Ferrell, and James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute analyst, discuss the potential for antitrust regulation against Google and other tech giants.

Google 'secretly collected data from 4.4million iPhone users'  -  4 hours ago
The tech giant is facing a mass legal action in London over claims that it bypassed privacy settings on Apple iPhone handsets between August 2011 and February 2012.

Pressure builds for regulating Google  -  4 hours ago
CNBC’s Josh Lipton reports on an investigation by CBS’ “60 Minutes” over the tech giant’s allegedly monopolizing activities.

Does Google need regulating? Experts weigh in  -  4 hours ago
James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institue analyst, and Jonathan Taplin, Univerity of Southern California Annenberg School communications professor, discuss Google's position as a potential monopoly and whether the tech giant needs to be regulated...

Google Tips Its Hand On Its Autonomous Vehicle Strategy, And It Will Be Big  -  5 hours ago
Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet, announced its plans to purchase 20,000 vehicles from Jaguar, which shows its autonomous vehicle strategy. It is entering the ne

Google deprioritizes its 'Don't be evil' clause in code of conduct  -  5 hours ago
For the last 18 years, the Google has put the phrase 'Don't be evil' front and center in its code of conduct. Now, the Silicon Valley giant appears to be backing away from the phrase.

Google sued for £3.2bn by 4.4m iPhone users over browsing data collection  -  5 hours ago
Google sued for £3.2bn by 4.4m iPhone users over browsing data collection

This Baidu Inc (ADR) Dip Is Another Long Trade Opportunity for Easy Profits  -  6 hours ago
Dips in quality stocks like Baidu are opportunities for long trades. BIDU stock is a quality name falling on temporary headline. One analyst's opinion is another trader's opportunity.

Microsoft acquired an AI startup that helps it take on Google Duplex  -  7 hours ago
We’re going to talk to our technology, and everyone else’s too. Google proved that earlier this month with a demonstration of artificial intelligence that can hop on the phone to book a restaurant reservation or appointment at the hair salon. Now it’s just a matter of who can build that technology…

CNBC Tech Check Morning Edition: May 21, 2018  -  7 hours ago
CNBC Tech Check Morning Edition: May 21, 2018||7000020699.

Alphabet Inc Prepares to Launch YouTube Music  -  7 hours ago
Google’s new YouTube Music streaming music service launches May 22, with significant implications for GOOGL stock.

Won't see material impact for Facebook or Google with GDP...  -  7 hours ago
Mark Mahaney, RBC Capital Markets lead internet analyst, discusses the risks for tech stocks from increased regulation in the EU and calls for regulatory oversight of these companies in the U.S.

Google accused of 'illegal' search practices  -  7 hours ago
Kara Swisher, Recode executive editor, and Walter Isaacson, Aspen Institute CEO, discuss Google's alleged monopolizing behavior and whether big tech needs regulation.

The Android P beta might be hiding Google’s Pixel 3 design  -  8 hours ago
A few days ago, a design detail in Android P public beta suggested the Pixel 3 will copy the iPhone X, just like most of this year’s Android handsets. That wouldn’t be surprising considering that w…

How YouTube's New Music Streaming Service Stands Up to the Competition  -  8 hours ago
Google is back with yet another music streaming service. This time the company is rebranding YouTube Red and splitting it into two new options named YouTube Music and YouTube Premium.

Don’t Bet Against, inc. – It Can Rally 27%  -  8 hours ago
Stocks do get exhausted, but that’s a poor thesis to bet on a stock’s demise — particularly when it comes to a name like, inc. (NYSE:CRM). Salesforce stock has been a beast this year, up 23%. Admittedly, CRM stock is not cheap.

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