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5 Power Plugins Your WooCommerce Store Can’t Miss  -  4 hours ago
If you are a Wordpress fan, WooCommerce needs no special introduction. Statistics reveal that around 28% of today’s online shops are built using WooCommerce! Brief Intro: For those who are new to WooCommerce, a brief intro. WooCommerce, is a free (Open Source) Ecommerce plugin from Wordpress…

Designing from Scratch vs Pre-built Websites: Is One Better Than the Other? Sponsored  -  4 hours ago
Some designers take great pride in starting every project from scratch. They are successfully seeing it through to the end. Others have no problem using whatever tool or aid they...

Why More Web Designers Should Give Pre-built Websites a Try  -  20 hours ago
There's a heated and seemingly never-ending debate in the web design industry about whether web designers should always start their design work from scratch or not.

Espelma by Commission  -  a day ago
Logotype, visual identity, packaging, still life and website for clean-burning natural wax candle company Espelma. Opinion by Richard Baird.

The 9 Main Causes Of Network Downtime  -  a day ago
Network downtime is one of the greatest issues that organizations have to deal with as our digital age advances. Technological outages and failures lead to a bad user experience, and costs companies billions of dollars in damages. You might assume that a broken server is the single biggest reason…

Reinventing a Classic with Award-Winning Results  -  a day ago
Design Army had the covetable chance to refresh and rebrand Neenah Paper’s CLASSIC Collection, resulting in a contemporary twist on a classic favorite.

10 Fantastic Examples of Dynamic Centerpieces in Web Design  -  2 days ago
All is fair in love and the fight for clients, especially in the digital world. Unlike the real one, where you can use various psychological tricks to foist the goods...

In Praise of Independent Holiday Card Design  -  2 days ago
Here, we feature a few designers who are keeping the art of holiday card design alive. Who says the time for giving holiday cards is over?

10 Chrome Extensions you need as a web developer  -  2 days ago
These Top 10 Chrome Extensions are handpicked for website developers to make their work easier

Hackney Forest School by Spy  -  2 days ago
Logo, visual identity, posters and brand book designed by Spy for Hackney Forest School. Opinion by Richard Baird.

How you know it’s time to go freelance and things you should consider  -  2 days ago
You’ve probably heard this already; freelancers are predicted to prevail the U.S. workforce by 2027. That’s a bold claim. But it’s also very realistic, considering the fact that more people are entering the freelancing industry by the day. The freelance …

How To Create Custom Blocks for Gutenberg with Block Lab  -  2 days ago
Of all the amazing things the new block editor (aka Gutenberg) for WordPress can do, the ability to create custom blocks is right at the top of the list. This...

60 Inspiring Designs in the Style of Art Deco Travel Posters  -  2 days ago
Originally used to promote cabaret and tourist resorts by train, steamship and airline companies, travel posters from the 1920s have become iconic designs. The artwork depicted luxurious travel with strong and powerful imagery, which was influenced by the geometric shapes and bold colours of the…

Best Examples Of Read More Buttons For Web Designers And Bloggers  -  2 days ago
We’ve ranked these examples based on their incorporation of read more buttons, design of the links or buttons, and visitor response to the links.

65 Best Illustrator tutorials from 2018  -  3 days ago
This week's roundup emphasis is focused all around the latest and best illustrator tutorials, which where all created in 2018. There's a broad range of illustrator tutorials featured in the post. This a is a great resource to strengthen your design skills, whether you want to get better at text…

Weekly News for Designers № 466  -  3 days ago
This week’s Designer News (№ 466) includes An 8-bit Introduction to UX Design, Securing Your Site Like It’s 1999, 9 Trends and Ideas You'll See, Hear and be a Part of in 2019, The Ultimate Guide to Kerning, The State of UX in 2019, In Defense of Beautiful Design, Advent of Code and much more.

5 Tips to Learning Online  -  4 days ago
If you are looking for a convenient study method, try online learning. You do not have to turn up to class in person. You can study wherever and whenever you want. Success in online education depends on how you create a structure around your study efforts. You have mentally engaged yourself by…

Air Filter Designs  -  4 days ago
Though your air filter is a small part of your home, it can play a huge role in your finances as well as overall health. There are many types of air filters on the market. Some will be ideal for certain people and not so great for others. Factors that a filter are judged by include indoor air…

Choosing The Best Smartphone For Professional Photography  -  4 days ago
Regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or photography is your hobby, a good camera is inevitable for your work. Over the course of the last few years, we have witnessed the rise of the smartphone cameras to the level where they have become just as good, or even better than the…

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