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How much of this roadway info did you already know?  -  7 months ago
11 factoids about traffic laws and other roadway stuff.

A study tracked cancer patients using crowd funding to pay for homeopathy. The results are troubling  -  7 months ago
A survey published in The Lancet journal finds 220 cancer patients who turned to GoFundMe to pay for homeopathic treatment which is not based on modern science. At least 28 per cent of those patients died after their fundraising campaigns started.

Plastic in the Ocean: How We Can All Reduce Single-Use Plastics  -  7 months ago
We can reduce single-use plastic use with these steps to help stop the growing problem of plastic in the ocean that is harming wildlife and the environment.

Why 'fitness dating' should be your goal in 2019  -  7 months ago
He's trained J-Lo and Lakers greats. But Gunnar Peterson says you don’t need to hire a sought-after celebrity trainer to get in shape, and drop bad habits. Here, he offers some tips on how to reverse that downward spiral — and sustain a new health and fitness regimen in 2019,

Saturday Stories: Lesbian Cable Guy's America, The Fat Shaming Spider-Verse, And Alice Walker's Personal Racism  -  7 months ago
Lauren Hough, in Huff Post, on the reflections of America as seen through the her lens as a lesbian cable guy. Jack Black reviews Spider-M...

Ducks’ spirited effort wasted in loss to Vegas as skid reaches 7 games  -  7 months ago
The Ducks’ special teams play is excellent, especially while killing off a 5-on-3 at a pivotal moment in the third period, and they even manage to put a poor officiating decision behind them …

Hospital patients who smoke or drink to be helped to quit  -  7 months ago
They will be given targeted advice in order to reduce ill health as well as demands on the NHS.

New Governor Janet Mills Makes Fighting Opioid Deaths A Priority In Maine — Finally  -  7 months ago
In her first days in office, the state's first female governor expanded Medicaid and announced plans for an opioid czar.

How high is too high to drive? The challenges facing legal marijuana limits  -  7 months ago
As marijuana legalization sweeps the nation, states are struggling to find a way to determine which drivers are too high to safely operate vehicles. Two experts explain why doing it right is such a challenge.

Cod fish is mild tasting, high in protein and low in fat  -  7 months ago
Even though Portuguese cod fishing ended in the 1970s, the taste for cod lives on.

Family meals help build better relationships  -  7 months ago
How many times a week do you sit down for a family meal? If you have to think about it, that’s a problem.

His 5:2 diet was a revolution. Now DR MOSLEY'S new Fast 800 plan is even easier and quicker  -  7 months ago
Dr Michael Mosley piled on the pounds to test out an 'improved version' of the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet which is 'easier' called The Fast 800. The Fast Diet became a bestseller in 2012.

Man thought nearly brain-dead recovers and leaves hospital  -  7 months ago
T Scott Marr of Nebraska was diagnosed with a stroke on December 12, the day after his 61st birthday, after he was found unconscious. He woke up a day after he was pulled of a ventilator.

B.C. removes prescription drug deductibles for low-income residents  -  7 months ago
Health Minister Adrian Dix says British Columbia has taken a "long overdue step forward" to help lower-income households handle the cost of prescription drugs.

Why does it feel good to see someone fail?  -  7 months ago
Shensheng Wang, a PhD candidate in psychology at Emory University, explains the latest research on schadenfreude and why it appears to be so closely linked to empathy.

Are food additives causing celiac disease? Study suggests 'meat glue' drives gluten reactions  -  7 months ago
Both celiac disease and the use of food additives have risen steadily in the last several decades. New German research suggests that a common additive, 'meat glue' may cause the disease.

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