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'Gig Economy' Workers Push For Employee-Style Benefits : Shots  -  3 hours ago
The vast majority of the estimated 54 million to 68 million contingent or independent workers in the U.S. don't receive employee benefits, though some firms and lawmakers are trying to change that.

Blind woman, 65, will be able to see - thanks to her TEETH  -  6 hours ago
Honor Davis, 65, from Northern Ireland, lost her sight when she was just 26 due to a rare skin and eye disorder. But surgery which involves placing a tooth into her eyes will restore her vision.

HPV vaccine doesn't cause chronic fatigue syndrome  -  6 hours ago
Health officials across the world have deny there is a link. But thousands of girls, including 13-year-old Zara Beattie, who now relies on a wheelchair, have experienced adverse effects.

DR MAX: Better than any pill, a hospital visit from a pet  -  6 hours ago
Recently published research found that each year thousands of dogs are destroyed because their owners go into care homes. More than 100,000 have to be rehomed.

NHS approve cancer drug avoids the pain of chemotherapy?  -  6 hours ago
Patients treated with immunotherapy enjoyed a vastly improved quality of life, suffering fewer side effects such as pain and loss of appetite, but the drugs were rejected for NHS funding (file photo).

Running may help guard against Alzheimer's disease  -  8 hours ago
Exercise, brain training and controlling one's blood pressure may help stave off mental decline and Alzheimer's disease in aging people, a new US report suggests.

Conjoined twins from Kenya separated by 50 surgeons  -  8 hours ago
The Kenyan twins, who were conjoined at the lower back and shared a spinal cord, rectum, anus, some muscles, tissues and skin, were successfully separated in a surgery that involved splitting the spine.

Legalized medical marijuana signed into law by Rick Scott  -  8 hours ago
TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott on Friday signed into law a broader medical marijuana system for the state, following through on a promise he made earlier this month.

Legalized marijuana increases crashes but not fatal ones  -  9 hours ago
In states where recreational marijuana is legalized, there is a three percent increase in the number of car accidents but the number of crash fatalities are similar to other states, studies claim,

What a Healthy Summer BBQ Plate Looks Like [Infographic]  -  10 hours ago
Navigating summer barbecues may seem like a daunting task when you’re trying not to undo all the healthy eating you’ve been doing all winter long.

Mammogram decision hinges on patient, doctor talk, ob-gyn group says  -  10 hours ago
In updated guidelines on breast cancer screening for average-risk women, a doctor's group emphasized shared decision-making between a woman and her doctor.

U.S. military leaders are seeking a six-month delay before letting transgender people enlist  -  10 hours ago
Military chiefs will seek a six-month delay before letting transgender people enlist in their services.

Couple adopts infants with special needs -- 88 of them  -  11 hours ago
The labor of love started in Florida even before Camille Geraldi, a nurse, met her husband Mike, a pediatrician. And it's been going on for the last four decades.

Guided exercise may help chronic fatigue patients, study says  -  11 hours ago
An expert-guided, self-help exercise program may help people with chronic fatigue syndrome, a new study suggests.

What The Man Who Ran Obamacare Thinks About the Republican Health Plan  -  11 hours ago
Andy Slavitt was acting administrator of the the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services until January. He calls the new Senate health care bill "the ugly step-sibling" of the House bill.

Man accused in Riverside slaying of Orange County Hells Angels member in court Friday  -  11 hours ago
In addition to first-degree murder, the suspect is charged with attempted murder, a special circumstance allegation of killing for the benefit of a gang and sentence-enhancing gun and great bodily …

There is no safe way to take marijuana  -  11 hours ago
Canada is moving towards marijuana legalization but experts are concerned about the drug's health risks. Experts said there is no safe way to take the drug and it is best to abstain.

The rise of 'dad guilt': Nearly two-thirds of working  -  11 hours ago
Although fathers are more involved in the lives of their children than ever before, a quarter of men still feel a bit of guilt over the time they spend with their kids, a new US survey revealed.

Cabbage causes your brain to speed up bowel movements  -  12 hours ago
Researchers from the University of California found that the chemical that gives cabbage its pungent taste, known as allyl isothiocyanate, causes the brain to speed up bowel movements.

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