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Mothers of kids with fetal alcohol syndrome speak out  -  2 hours ago
Many believe having a child with fetal alcohol syndrome means you were an alcoholic. Six mothers prove (three of them pictured) that is just the opposite as they struggle to raise their children.

Sir David Attenborough Struggles With Memory Loss And Boomers Start To Worry  -  3 hours ago
But he's still amazing, and a little forgetfulness is a normal part of aging.

Woman finds a parasitic WORM buried under her skin  -  3 hours ago
The 45-year-old woman developed a rash from a parasitic infection known as cutaneous larva migrans. But the source of it was extremely rare: it came from a worm that normally only infects dogs or cats.

Will Zika return to Florida this summer? Yes, and it could be worse  -  4 hours ago
Wondering what's ahead for Zika?This coming summer will likely look like last summer, when 1,100 travel-related cases were reported statewide, and the virus spread in small pockets of South Florida.But there's a chance it could be worse.

Drug-resistant bacteria greatly affects nursing home residents  -  4 hours ago
Researchers at Columbia University School of Nursing found that a significant portion of nursing home residents are colonized with drug-resistant bacteria.

5 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Your Immune System  -  5 hours ago
Hint: There’s more to your body’s defense system than meets the eye.

America's other drug problem: Wasted medicine  -  5 hours ago
Nursing homes nationwide flush, burn or throw out tons of prescription drugs. Iowa collects them and gives them to needy patients. Most other states don't.

9 Ways Cats Make Our Lives Better (Kind Of)  -  6 hours ago
Dogs might be man's best friend, but cats are our purr-fect companions.

New study shows a positive side to worrying  -  6 hours ago
A new study by the University of California at Riverside shows there are many positive effects that can result from a person's worry.

Baby girl goes home after surgery to remove parasitic twin  -  6 hours ago
Baby girl Dominique, 11 months, has returned home to the Ivory Coast after undergoing surgery in the US on March 8 to remove a parasitic twin that would have left her paralyzed.

Heath Department Says Measles Cases Spread To Stearns County  -  6 hours ago
Officials with the Minnesota Department of Health say measles cases have spread to Stearns County.

Vitamin D, exercise combine for better heart health  -  6 hours ago
A new study by Johns Hopkins Medicine has found the combination of exercise and vitamin D can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Drug Costs $3, Is OTC, and Could Save 30K Lives a Year  -  7 hours ago
The lives of 30,000 moms per year, scientists say.

Playing snooker improves your mental health  -  8 hours ago
Popularised by the likes of Ronnie O'Sullivan, potting balls allows adults to escape the pressures of real life, scientists from Anglia Ruskin University believe.

A 58-year-old woman has had twins  -  8 hours ago
An older women has had a twin boy and girl by C-section in Culiacan, Mexico after a round of IVF. They were born prematurely and will require monitoring to ensure they are progressing well.

'Exciting' blood test spots cancer a year early - BBC News  -  9 hours ago
The discovery allows doctors to detect returning tumours earlier and increases chances of a cure.

Italian-style coffee cuts risk of common cancer by 53%: study  -  9 hours ago
The way coffee is brewed is key, say researchers.

Cheese could be fueling antibiotic resistance  -  9 hours ago
Swiss researchers have identified a new antibiotic resistant gene in dairy cows that could exacerbate the problem. If transferred to humans, it could turn into deadly superbug MRSA.

How exercise addiction nearly killed one woman  -  9 hours ago
Katherine Schreiber, 28, from New York City, was addicted to working out. Her addiction stopped her period for two years, caused herniated discs in her spine, and nearly killed her.

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