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As fentanyl use spreads, states step up responses  -  a day ago
The presence of fentanyl in the illicit drug supply has put law enforcement officials and the medical community on high alert

Progress reducing U.S. uninsured rate comes to a halt  -  2 days ago
The uninsured rate for 2016 was 9 percent, an insignificant difference from 9.1 percent the previous year.

Scientists May Someday Fight Infertility With 3-D Printed Ovaries : Shots  -  2 days ago
Researchers printed gelatin scaffolds into which they placed ovarian tissue, and then implanted the new organs in mice. Three out of seven female mice produced healthy offspring using the technology.

Can churches help supply the foster homes LA County needs?  -  2 days ago
At Holman United Methodist Church in South Los Angeles, the Rev. Kelvin Sauls and the church’s congregants have for years positioned themselves to help young people in foster care.The help has come in many forms, including serving Thanks

Segregated living linked to higher blood pressure among blacks study finds  -  2 days ago
For African-Americans, the isolation of living in a racially segregated neighborhood may lead to an important health issue: higher blood pressure.A study published last week in JAMA Internal Medicine suggested blacks living in such areas experi

10 Ways Smart People Stay Calm  -  2 days ago
You can preempt much of your stress with these vital practices.

Health care bill faces challenges from senators, budget analysts  -  2 days ago
WASHINGTON >> Remember the Republican health care bill?Washington is fixated on President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI chief James Comey and burgeoning investigations into possible connections between Trump’s presidential ca

Tips to get a good night's sleep with allergic rhinitis  -  2 days ago
EXCLUSIVE: Insomnia is a big problem among hay fever sufferers, which can impact how they function the next day and cause complications, according to an Allergy UK spokesperson.

Causes and Treatment of Lower Back Pain  -  2 days ago
What do you do when you have back pain? In part 2 of our low back pain series, learn the more common causes and treatment of low back pain.

Health minister sees 'clean heroin' as potential saviour for some opioid addicts  -  2 days ago
Giving people with severe addictions prescription heroin could save lives as Canada continues to struggle with a opioid overdose epidemic, says Health Minister Jane Philpott.

Saturday Stories: Slavery, Young Physicians, and Sexism  -  2 days ago
Alex Tizon in The Atlantic with an article on modern day slavery that I can't imagine you haven't read, but on the off chance, find some tim...

SECOND OPINION | Are animals born with the ability to count?  -  2 days ago
In this week's roundup of interesting and eclectic news in health and medical science, we look at Canadian drug prices, Ontarians on opioids and how to slow down sperm.

Pool parasite: Swimmers urged to take simple steps to avoid Cryptosporidium  -  2 days ago
Before dipping into a swimming pool or lake this long weekend, take precautions against stomach-turning parasites that may lurk in the water, public health officials say.

How do I stop motherhood ruining my sleep forever?  -  2 days ago
When I had my first baby in 2010, I remember asking my mother when it would get easier.

Child temporarily paralyzed after undetected tick bite  -  2 days ago
A mother in Oregon shared an alarming video of her young daughter struggling to stand after she was unknowingly bit by a tick, and the footage has since gone viral on Facebook.

Five Bloodcurdling Medical Procedures That Are No Longer Performed… Thankfully  -  2 days ago
Surgeries and treatments come and go. A new BMJ guideline, for example, makes “strong recommendations” against the use of arthroscopic surgery for certain

Hawthorne man gets 34 years in woman’s 2004 murder after DNA from Orange County hit-run links him to case  -  3 days ago
Jaqwun Laerin Turner, 36, was immediately sentenced to 34 years to life in state prison following his plea to first-degree murder, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.

Shannon Levin leaves Newport Beach to manage Dana Point Harbor  -  3 days ago
DANA POINT Shannon Levin, Newport’s harbor supervisor, will be Dana Point Harbor’s new manager, county officials announced Friday. Levin, who starts July 9, will be responsible for the …

Without Albert Pujols, Angels offense goes silent in loss to Mets  -  3 days ago
NEW YORK — Just when it seemed the Angels offense was beginning to bust out, this happened. Some of it was Jacob deGrom. Some of it was playing without Albert Pujols, who has a tight hamstring. Som…

NHS is to show parents how fat their children will get  -  3 days ago
Newcastle University experts developed software - which is backed by the Department of Health - that shows what will happen if youngsters continue to pile on the pounds.

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