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Open window will help you sleep by stopping CO2 build up  -  7 hours ago
If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, think about opening your bedroom window or door. It helps the air circulate at night, leading to better quality sleep, a study found.

Heart failure kills more Brits than top four cancers  -  8 hours ago
More of us are now developing the deadly condition than getting the four commonest forms of cancer, a major study from Oxford University shows.

Choice of tipple 'determines different moods'  -  9 hours ago
Spirits may make you angry or tearful, while red wine or beer may make you relax, research says.

TSA-Approved Travel Snack Inspiration  -  9 hours ago
We all know airport and airline food just isn’t good. At all. But many of us get stuck behind security without a solid snacking strategy — and that ...

Adobo spices recalled after FDA warns of Salmonella fears  -  10 hours ago
Two varieties of adobo spices distributed in Puerto Rico have been recalled by popular American food producer Goya after the FDA warned they may be contaminated with salmonella.

Boy whose wish for Christmas cards went viral dies  -  10 hours ago
The 9-year-old boy whose wish for Christmas cards went viral died on Sunday, one week after he was able to enjoy a special celebration of his favorite holiday.

How to avoid salmonella poisoning during the holiday season  -  10 hours ago
This holiday season, enjoy your turkey and trimmings -- without a side of food poisoning.

Big Tobacco's court-ordered ads make their debut  -  10 hours ago
Tobacco companies are expected to launch court-ordered ads, detailing the harms of smoking, in newspapers and on prime-time TV this weekend.

Diabetes drug could heart transplant organ rejection  -  10 hours ago
Researchers at Queen Mary University of London successfully repurposed a diabetes drug to prevent rejection without the side effects of current immunosuppressive drugs.

Once-conjoined twins are going home for Thanksgiving  -  11 hours ago
Just five months after their 11-hour operation at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, once-conjoined twin girls Erin and Abby Delaney are heading home to North Carolina for Thanksgiving.

Jump Ropes, Bands and More Travel-Ready Gear  -  11 hours ago
When it comes to staying on track with workouts, any trainer will tell you that having a plan is key. That’s probably why traveling throws a wrench in ...

Researcher deliberately injected Americans with herpes  -  13 hours ago
A researcher illegally injected people eight Americans in Illinois with a live herpes virus in an unregulated experiment for a vaccine that is now backed by billionaire Peter Thiel.

The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse On Mental Health  -  13 hours ago
For some victims, it leads to lifelong health issues and hardship.

'You should go kill yourself': People living with facial differences remember bullying as they watch Wonder  -  13 hours ago
As they watched the movie Wonder, starring Jacob Tremblay as a boy with a facial difference, former craniofacial patients saw their own experiences as children. Eight of them had shared their stories with the actor prior to filming.

Sugar industry blocked research linking sucrose to cancer  -  13 hours ago
The researchers at the University of California at San Francisco say that, had this paper been published in 1968, it would have led to scrutiny and even regulation of sugar by the FDA.

Girl Scouts: Don't make your daughter hug relatives this holiday  -  14 hours ago
At a time when issues of sexual harassment and consent are in the news, and with the holidays just around the corner, the Girl Scouts have released a recommendation about how parents can help young girls handle affection.

Controversial sugar industry study on cancer uncovered  -  14 hours ago
Researchers have uncovered a 1960s sugar industry-funded study that they say links a high-sugar diet to high blood cholesterol levels and cancer in rats.

Man who lost nose, mouth describes bear attack  -  14 hours ago
A Pennsylvania man's nose and mouth were ripped off in an attack by a grizzly bear. His nose was reconstructed, in part, from skin grafts his right leg.

Vitamin D could prevent rheumatoid arthritis  -  14 hours ago
Researchers from the University of Birmingham build on past studies that show vitamin D strengthens the immune system, however, already-affected joints are 'committed' to swelling.

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