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Erik Spoelstra: Hassan Whiteside ‘starting to get the whole deal.’ Now will it stick?  -  6 months ago
Hassan Whiteside’s fourth-quarter minutes have been inconsistent this season and his frustrations have been apparent at times, but the center is buying into the Miami Heat’s balance this year.

Wizards 109 - HEAT 115 Game Recap  -  6 months ago
The Miami HEAT defeated the Washington Wizards 115-109 Friday night at AmericanAirlines Arena. Hassan Whiteside led the way for the HEAT with 21 points. 1. Winslow Records A Career High Although Justise Winslow showed excellent court vision as usual and led Miami with a career-high 10 assists, his…

奇才109-热火115比赛回顾  -  6 months ago
迈阿密热火在周五晚上115-109击败华盛顿奇才。哈桑·怀特塞德得到了热火最高的21分。 1. 温斯洛刷新职业生涯最高记录 虽然温斯洛本场比赛得到了职业生涯最高的10次助攻,但是他最佳的表现并不是来自于助攻。 这真是大心脏的进球! 从防守端,温斯洛在比赛中防守了多名球员,其中包括了阿里扎,萨托兰斯基和比尔。 除了10个助攻,这名22岁的球员9投5中得到了13分,3个篮板。

Miami Heat’s Hassan Whiteside after Washington Wizards game  -  6 months ago
Miami Heat's Hassan Whiteside speaks to the media after the Miami Heat defeat the Washington Wizards at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami on Friday, January 4, 2019.

Beal reveals reason for No. 3 to 'legend' Wade  -  6 months ago
Bradley Beal finally told Dwyane Wade on Friday night that he wears No. 3 as a tribute to the Heat star. After the pair swapped jerseys, Beal said, "I'm trying not to be a fan, but I am a fan, and I am a huge fan of his game."

Photo gallery: Wizards at Heat | Friday, Jan. 4, 2019  -  6 months ago
View photos from the Washington Wizards at Miami Heat game Friday, Jan. 4, 2019, at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami.

Five takeaways: With the Heat now above .500, what’s the plan? ‘Let’s just take off’  -  6 months ago
Five takeaways from the Miami Heat’s 115-109 win over the Washington Wizards on Friday at AmericanAirlines Arena.

3 winning takeaways against the Washington Wizards  -  6 months ago
The Miami Heat are 19-18 and are now tightly locked into the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference after beating the Washington Wizards, 115-109. The Miami He...

Miami Heat uses well-rounded effort to knock off Washington Wizards and climb above .500  -  6 months ago
The Miami Heat used a well-rounded effort to beat the Washington Wizards on Friday at AmericanAirlines Arena. Center Hassan Whiteside led the way with 21 points and 18 rebounds in Miami.

Heat hold on to beat Wizards 115-109  -  6 months ago
The Wizards and Heat would go back and forth in a battle of attrition, but it was the Heat who would hold on for the win.

GAMETHREAD: Washington Wizards (15-23) @ Miami Heat (18-18)  -  6 months ago
This is our GAMETHREAD: Chat live about the game here! The Miami Heat host the Washington Wizards tonight in another bid to raise their record above .500. Tipoff: 8:00 p.m. TV: SunSports Radio: 790...

The heart tells you what’s right. Heat’s Wade should go out an all-star and here’s why  -  6 months ago
There are occasions in sports, not many, when sentimental decisions feel right. When heart should outweigh cold logic. A player who doesn’t start for his own team starting in the NBA All-Star Game? That should be the Heat’s Dwyane Wade this season.

Heat’s Dwyane Wade appreciative of fans voting to see ‘my old self in All-Star Game’  -  6 months ago
When learning how high he stood in the first fan returns of All-Star balloting results, Heat guard Dwyane Wade was caught off guard.

Dwyane Wade on fans wanting to his ‘old self’ in All-Star Game  -  6 months ago
Heat guard Dwyane Wade speaks his place in the first fan returns of All-Star balloting results.

Will the return of Dion Waiters spark another mid-season run for the Heat?  -  6 months ago
Waiters’ skill set could resolve a lot of the Heat’s weaknesses.

Mailbag: Has the zone become a long-term weapon for the Heat?  -  6 months ago
Is zone defense a sustainable part of the Miami Heat’s winning formula? We discuss in the latest Miami Herald Heat mailbag.

Miami Heat: What led Justise Winslow to the promise land?  -  6 months ago
Slotting in for the Miami Heat as starting point guard has done wonders for Justise Winslow’s confidence, and all signs point to his success being here ...

Game Preview: Heat take on shorthanded Wizards at home  -  6 months ago
The Heat look to take advantage of a Wizards team ravaged by injuries Friday night

Miami Heat: Dion Waiters returns in the perfect storm  -  6 months ago
Philly Cheese was the flavor of the night as Dion Waiters returned to the Miami Heat after a year-long absence. The last time Dion Waiters played in an NBA...

Could appearance in NBA All-Star Game be part of Dwyane Wade’s final season?  -  6 months ago
Heat guard Dwyane Wade stands second among Eastern Conference guards in the first fan returns of All-Star balloting results released Thursday by the NBA.

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