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Mycoplasma Genitalium: The STD No One Knows About

scarymommy.com  -  3 days ago
I don’t know about you, but this is the exact stuff that gives me nightmares.

Mega Star Wars Toy Giveaway – Holiday Jumbo Toy Bundle Valued OVER $600

ladyandtheblog.com  -  3 days ago
Star Wars toys and collectibles never go out of style because The Force is strong with…

Sweet Ideas For The Holidays

ladyandtheblog.com  -  3 days ago
I love to host gatherings during the holidays. In fact, it’s one of my favorite things…

Why I’m Declining Your Request To Volunteer

scarymommy.com  -  3 days ago
Accepting my limits came the hard way.

20 Girl Names That Were Originally More Popular For Boys

scarymommy.com  -  3 days ago
There are some unbelievable girl names that were once boy names.

Stop Judging My Routine-Based Lifestyle

scarymommy.com  -  3 days ago
Having a schedule is the most amazing thing you can do for your child.

Why I Ditched Punishment And Starting Doing This Instead

scarymommy.com  -  3 days ago
Punishment is not a deterrent; it’s an incentive to get better at not getting caught.

South Australia’s First Milk Bank Opens For Vulnerable Newborns

mothering.com  -  3 days ago
South Australia's first breast milk bank has opened in New South Wales, giving mothers of vulnerable newborns options other than formula for their babies.

Research Suggests Baby Kicks Are Brain Builders

mothering.com  -  3 days ago
New research from London suggests that baby kicks in utero are the way a baby's brain grows and develops and baby maps her body internally.

CEO Encourages Employees To Seek Out Harmonious Work-Life Balance

mothering.com  -  3 days ago
A CEO determined to build a community of empowered women shared with her employees that she hoped they sought out the proper work-life balance.

Kids Gift Guide

kellehampton.com  -  3 days ago
Happy Friday! We are getting ready for our annual North Pole Party this weekend which we look forward to all year. Nothing feels more festive than a house full of kids in Christmas pajamas with Bing Crosby crooning over their giggles. I love this special night so much. In the meantime, here’s a…

‘Lotus Births’ Are On The Rise

scarymommy.com  -  3 days ago
A lotus birth is just about the least appealing idea imaginable.

The Real Reason I Told My Toddler I Hated Being Her Mom

scarymommy.com  -  3 days ago
I’m not talking about your regular old, run-of-the-mill anger.

Holiday Beauty Guide – Top Picks For 2018

ladyandtheblog.com  -  3 days ago
I spent some time on the phone today with my business partner and best friend, Audrey…

A Year In The Life Of A Parent And Her Teen With OCD

scarymommy.com  -  4 days ago
Until this year, I was blissfully unaware about OCD.

Crazy For Holiday Plaid – Seasonal Dresses For Under $50

ladyandtheblog.com  -  4 days ago
I love to wear loose fitted clothing. Have you noticed that yet about me? It’s all…

Polk Signature Series Speakers #PolkSignatureSeries #ExpectGreatSound #PolkAudio

ladyandtheblog.com  -  4 days ago
Whether you are looking for a 2-channel starter system, want to upgrade your TV sound or…

Cranberry Pecan Pull Apart Brie Bread Recipe

ladyandtheblog.com  -  4 days ago
It’s all about the appetizers when you throw a party. Am I right? Personally, I can…

Teaching the Kids that the Holidays are More about Giving than Getting

mommyshorts.com  -  4 days ago
When Kid Made Modern reached out to collaborate for the holidays, I was relieved to hear that the purpose was to give toys away to a charity of our choosing instead of more to my kids!

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