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Don’t Think Your Child Is Constipated? Read This!

realmomnutrition.com  -  7 hours ago
I'm so pleased to have another guest post from Dr. Steve Hodges, a pediatric urologist and co-author of a book for parents called It's No Accident and a new book for kids called Jane and the Giant Poop. Dr. Hodges is passionate about helping kids who suffer with constipation, which is a hidden…

The Best Of The Best: These Are The Sex Toys You Need In Your Life

scarymommy.com  -  11 hours ago
We all know knowledge is power, so why wouldn’t I do my “research” and study up before I purchase my next handheld pleasure stick?

This Powerful Post-Birth Photo Shows The Important Work Of Nurses

huffingtonpost.com  -  15 hours ago
It's easy to see why more than 65,000 people have shared it online.

See the Heartwarming Way a Grandfather Honored His Late Grandson's Memory

parents.com  -  15 hours ago
Sometimes it's nice to know there is still good in the world, as this story proves.

How Do You Feel About This School's Homecoming Dress Code?

parents.com  -  16 hours ago
A Wisconsin high school implemented a dress code requiring students to obtain approval on their homecoming dresses before the dance....and people aren

Could Getting Your Kid a Cell Phone Early Make Them More Likely to Get Bullied?

parents.com  -  16 hours ago
If your eight- or nine-year-old has a cell phone, he may be more vulnerable to cyberbullying

John Legend Speaks Out About Why 'Dad Shaming' Isn't Really A Thing

huffingtonpost.com  -  17 hours ago
The singer exposed the sexist double standard of mom shaming.

Teaching Passion, Confidence And Asking Yourself To “Imagine If” With JIF® (Plus Contest Info)

ladyandtheblog.com  -  17 hours ago
This post is sponsored by JIF®. Parents have many jobs. It is our job to love and to teach. It is also our job to guide and to listen. We wear so many hats – and thank goodness for that! Our children see the world through our lens for the very first few years. These years have truly been some of my…

I’m Keynoting At ‘Boost Your Influence’ Summit With Audrey McClelland @byisummit #ByiSummit

ladyandtheblog.com  -  18 hours ago
I have great news to share with you today, friends. Audrey McClelland and I are officially the keynote speakers for this year’s ‘Boost Your Influence’ summit. The event will take place in Hershey, PA on October 21st and I cannot wait to attend. Boost Your Influence is a small group,…

VLOG 10: Mazzy’s Peter Pan Recital and Harlow’s Descendants 2 Recap

mommyshorts.com  -  19 hours ago
Vlog 10 wraps up the summer with Mazzy's ballet recital, Harlow's very accurate recap of Descendants 2 and a little known model named Chloe Pop!

LEGO Worlds For The Nintendo Switch: Game Review

ladyandtheblog.com  -  19 hours ago
Hey, gamers of the universe! Do you have the Nintendo Switch? If so, I have a new game for you to check out –  LEGO Worlds. With LEGO Worlds, you can explore, create and discover from literally anywhere. This brick-building adventure launched earlier this month and is a great addition to any…

Our Favorite Quotes About Parenthood from Last Night's Emmy Awards

parents.com  -  19 hours ago
These amazing parents shared their love for their families both out on the red carpet and up on stage.

DIY for Kids: How to Make a Flower/Leaf Press

mothering.com  -  19 hours ago
Summer is transitioning to Autumn. Now is the opportune time to appreciate the Fall colors gifted to us by flower blossoms and colorful leaves.

19 Clever Ways to Fight Family Food Waste

parents.com  -  20 hours ago
Does the amount of food you throw away make you cringe? Here are simple ways to toss less and save money to boot.

One-Shot Vaccine for Kids May Be On Its Way

mothering.com  -  21 hours ago
Researchers at MIT have developed technology that could allow childhood vaccines to be combined and administered in one single injection.

To The Woman Who Called Me A ‘Fat B*tch’ Today

scarymommy.com  -  21 hours ago
I wish you’d smiled. I wish you’d said anything about my thoughtlessness and nothing about the way I look.

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