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If Everyone Ate the U.S. Recommended Diet, the World Would Need One More Canada

mothering.com  -  4 hours ago
A new study shows that if everyone in the world were to follow American dietary guidelines, there would not be enough land on the planet.

Do You Have a Rude Coworker? It May Affect Your Kids.

mothering.com  -  4 hours ago
A new study shows that being rude in the workplace sends ripples of disrespect through our daily interactions...all the home to our parenting.

Boxers or Briefs? The Sperm Says It All.

mothering.com  -  8 hours ago
What's better, boxers or briefs? The proof is in the sperm count, and boxer shorts win the debate for best underwear for men trying to conceive.

Help! My Kids Can’t Go to Sleep without Me Lying Down Next to Them!

mommyshorts.com  -  9 hours ago
I thought my worst sleep problems would live and die with the newborn years, but I was mistaken. I now have a five and eight-year-old and I am knee deep in sleep problems.

Do You Have a Hard Time Accepting Your Child’s Personality? Mindfulness Can Help.

mothering.com  -  10 hours ago
You love your child fiercely, but sometimes, you need mindfulness to help you accept who your child is and who they are becoming.

Get Ready This Back To School Season With Staples #BackToSchoolSpecialists

ladyandtheblog.com  -  10 hours ago
It’s back-to-school season and parents everywhere are scrambling to figure out what they need to get their children ready for a new season of classwork and after-school activities. I am…

How to Promote Bonding With Your Newborn

mothering.com  -  11 hours ago
Many decisions are made during the immediate and longterm postpartum period that can either promote bonding or interrupt bonding.

How I Overcame My Anxiety About Sending My Child to School

fitbottomedgirls.com  -  14 hours ago
Sending your child off to school can cause some serious anxiety. Here are three things one mama did to feel more confident about that decision.

I Gave My Child A Unique Baby Name, But Now It’s Common AF

scarymommy.com  -  14 hours ago
I gave my child a unique baby name, and now it's common AF.

15 Truths Of Secondary Infertility

scarymommy.com  -  14 hours ago
Secondary infertility sucks. So, let's get real about it.

My Son Ice Skated In His Wheelchair, And This Is Why That’s Such A Big Deal

scarymommy.com  -  a day ago
It was the best moment of inclusion I could have hoped for. It was a miracle on the ice.

Entertaining Children on a Budget

kidsaintcheap.com  -  a day ago
Entertaining children on a budget takes little more than your time and things around the house. Your children will turn out happier, healthier and quite possibly smarter for it!

Music Lovers Need The Sonos Beam Soundbar From @BestBuy

ladyandtheblog.com  -  a day ago
My family loves to listen to music. I have a daughter who is a performer and two sons who can’t get enough of Wierd Al. Yeah, I said it. We…

Omaha Steaks Review 2018: Amazing Deals For August

ladyandtheblog.com  -  a day ago
I’ve teamed up with Omaha Steaks to help showcase some of the incredible deals they are featuring this August.  You won’t want to miss out because the savings are substantial.…

10 Books to Help Kids Cope With the Death of a Pet

mothering.com  -  a day ago
The death of a pet is the death of a family member, and for children, it's often the first time their tender hearts have to deal with such complex emotions.

How Household Chores Help Children Build Character

mothering.com  -  a day ago
Research shows household chores are good for children, even when they are young. Here's how household chores can help build character.

Mamaverse: The Secret Life of Moms

mothering.com  -  a day ago
In the Mamaverse women share fears, triumphs, words of advice, and of course, various opinions on the best way to raise children.

How to Add Vaginal Steaming to Your Self Care Routine

mothering.com  -  a day ago
Yoni steaming (or vaginal steaming) is an ancient practice used all over the world for self care, postpartum healing, and to address gynecological concerns.

Back-to-School Special Needs Introductions

kellehampton.com  -  a day ago
Happy Monday! With school beginning for so many of us (we start this week), I thought it would be a good opportunity to share a little bit about sending kids with special needs to school and what we’ve learned these past few years through supporting Nella in school and advocating for her education.…

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