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Vogue sparks controversy for styling Kendall Jenner in an Afro

pagesix.com  -  an hour ago
“Why didn’t you get someone with an actual afro and freckles to model for you instead?” one Instagram user asked.

Kanye West Responds to Snoop Dogg’s Kim K Slander

celebuzz.com  -  5 hours ago
After Snoop Dogg made very unflattering statements about Kim Kardashian, the star's hubby Kanye West snapped back.

Kim Kardashian recalls catching Bruce Jenner wearing women's clothes

dailymail.co.uk  -  5 hours ago
Kim Kardashian has opened up about the time she walked in on stepfather Bruce Jenner dressed in women's clothes before his transition to a woman.

Kylie Jenner Sued For Stealing 'Born to Sparkle' Makeup Line

tmz.com  -  6 hours ago
Kylie Jenner is getting sued for stealing her 'Born to Sparkle' makeup line.

Quavo Says Migos Will Be On Kanye West's 'Yandhi' Album

billboard.com  -  7 hours ago
Quavo has shared that the Migos recorded a song with Kanye West, to appear on his delayed Yandhi album.

Kourtney Kardashian is shocked Scott Disick is still with Sofia

kardashiandish.com  -  20 hours ago
Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick dated for a really, really long time. They even had three kids together. Since their split Scott has been dating Sofia...

Kim Kardashian’s year in sexy selfies

pagesix.com  -  a day ago
It's been a full year since the world celebrated Kim Kardashian's birth. Since last year, there's even more to celebrate, including a seemingly endless supply

Kim Kardashian Says She’s Benefited From Her Husband Kanye West Being A Trump Supporter

dlisted.com  -  a day ago
The benefits are being outweighed by the reality here, Kimmy. Vulture has bits of an interview Kim Kardashian did with Richardson magazine. In it, Kim claims that her husband Kanye West hugging up on our squatting orange toad of a president and spitting bars of ridiculousness in the Oval Office…

Kim Kardashian displays angelic pose with hunky male models as she promotes her eye cosmetics brand

dailymail.co.uk  -  2 days ago
Kim Kardashian released another promotional photo for her eye cosmetics line Flashing Lights on Saturday. The 37-year-old reality star channeled her best angelic pose.

Kanye West’s big 38th birthday surprise for Kim Kardashian

kardashiandish.com  -  2 days ago
It turns out that Kanye West had a big surprise for Kim Kardashian for her 38th birthday. He actually surprised her one day early since her birthday is on ...

Kanye West Surprises Kim Kardashian With Elaborate Floral Display for Her Birthday

billboard.com  -  2 days ago
Kim Kardashian woke up to a romantic gesture from husband Kanye West on her birthday weekend.

Kim Kardashian thought she was 'never going to have sex again'

dailymail.co.uk  -  2 days ago
She's not shy when it comes to flaunting her famous figure. So perhaps it's no surprise that Kim Kardashian recently opened up about her sex life when talking to Richardson Magazine.

Kim Kardashian topless in KKW Beauty promo photo for Flashing Lights

dailymail.co.uk  -  2 days ago
Kim Kardashian, who posted a topless snapshot to Instagram during the day on Friday, continued doing so into the evening. She was crying 'Turquoise Tears' in the sizzling snapshot.

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