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Nick Cannon Responded To Kanye West Telling Him To Shut Up About Kim Kardashian  -  an hour ago
The other day Kanye West took to Instagram to post multiple videos where he called out several people, including Canadian condom-hater, Drake, and accused-homosexual Tyson Beckford. Also on his hit-list was former Mariah Carey sugar-baby, Nick Cannon. Nick finally saw the videos Kanye posted and he

Nick Cannon responds to Kanye West rant and invites him to come on Wild 'n Out's 200th episode  -  14 hours ago
Kanye West ripped into Nick Cannon on Instagram on Thursday for issues that had to deal with his wife. Cannon wasted no time replying to the rapper, and posted a response to his own Instagram.

Kanye West Told Nick Cannon And Drake To Stop Talking About Boning Kim  -  19 hours ago
While saying slavery was a choice and expressing the desire to bone your wife’s sisters might be A-OK in Kanye West’s book, other dudes talking about boning his wife ain’t Kosher at all! In what appears to be an audition to be America’s Next Top Vlogger, Kanye goes off on the guys who talk about…

Kim Kardashian covers her face with a $100K Birkin bag... after Kanye West's rant against Drake  -  21 hours ago
Kim Kardashian pulled a move that was extremely out of character and was seen trying to avoid photographers when she was spotted picking up clothes in Los Angeles.

Kanye West defends Kim Kardashian as he SLAMS Drake and Nick Cannon  -  a day ago
The 41-year-old rapper took to Instagram on Thursday to share videos addressing Drake, Nick Cannon, and Tyson Beckford over issues which 'were not sitting right with my spirit.'

Kanye West slams Nick Cannon, Drake and Tyson Beckford for talking about Kim  -  a day ago
In a series of Instagram videos, the rapper criticized Nick Cannon, Drake and Tyson Beckford for talking about his wife, Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West Lashes Out at Nick Cannon and Drake for Kim Kardashian Sex References  -  a day ago
Kanye West is unloading on Drake and Nick Cannon for publicly talking, rapping or even suggesting anything about Kim.

Kim Kardashian shares throwback pic  -  a day ago
Kim Kardashian shared an epic throwback photo on social media Thursday and doesn't seem worried about her husband's recent proclamation that the West's would be moving east to Chicago.

Pamela Anderson says she made Kim Kardashian and Melania Trump give up fur  -  2 days ago
Anderson also said she never thought she’d be a style icon, since “early on in my career I wasn’t really a fan of clothes.”

Kanye West Claims He’s Moving Back To Chicago For Good  -  2 days ago
Chance The Rapper is really putting his neck out for his friend and fellow Chicagoan Kanye West. At a recent function they announced that they are working on a new album together and, according to TMZ, Kanye followed that news up by announcing he was moving back to Chicago. Permanently. His exact…

Kanye West is Moving to Chicago  -  3 days ago
Kanye West is moving to Chicago, but that doesn't mean he's abandoning L.A.

Kim Kardashian West Shares Photo of All Three Family Babies Together  -  7 days ago
Get ready for your "awwwwww" jaw to drop ... because Kim Kardashian's latest Instagram pic is pretty dang cute.

Jho Low reportedly gave Kim K. and Kris Humphries a $325K Ferrari  -  9 days ago
“Kim has kept sole ownership of the gift and has used it extensively.”

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