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Sobbing Roseanne Barr Tries Again to Defend Herself Over Racist Tweet: ‘I Didn’t Know’ Valerie Jarrett Is Black  -  2 hours ago
The comedian cried while discussing the May 2018 controversy that resulted in her show's cancellation. Comedian Roseanne Barr tried to defend herself—again—after a series of racist tweets prompted the cancellation of her highly-rated ABC sitcom, insisting she “didn’t know” former Barack Obama…

Protesters Meet Trump At His Golf Course And Call On Him To Be Caged  -  2 hours ago
After a week of locking children in cages, Trump tried to leave his Virginia golf course only to be met by protesters demanding that he be caged.

Watch A Republican With Integrity Destroy The Fake Outrage Over Sarah Sanders Getting Kicked Out Of A Restaurant  -  3 hours ago
Former Bush Commerce Sec. Carlos Gutierrez destroys the fake outrage over Sarah Sanders getting kicked out of a restaurant.

Evangelical Historian Explains How Christians Came to Put Trump Ahead of Jesus  -  3 hours ago
“How do we reconcile the white evangelical politics of fear with the scriptural command to ‘fear not’?” John Fea is an evangelical Christian and a historian. When Donald Trump was elected with 81 percent of the self-described white evangelical vote, Fea was both stunned and surprised. “As a…

Top Intel Dem offers up Mueller’s ‘secrets’ at swanky dinner: ‘Buckle up — it’s going to be a wild couple of months’  -  4 hours ago
Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, reportedly offered to spill secrets that were known only to himself and special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. According to Politico Playbook, Warner made the remarks on Friday at an annual…

Trump Demands That All Democrats Stop Resisting Him  -  4 hours ago
As Democratic resistance grows, Donald Trump is getting desperate and demanding that Democrats stop resisting him and support his policies.

Detained Migrants Are Being Told They Can Reunite With Their Kids If They Sign Voluntary Deportation Orders  -  5 hours ago
A private attorney cautions it's highly unlikely these migrant children will meet their parents at the airport. Migrants held in a detention facility in Houston separate from their children are being told they can reunite with their kids if they agree to sign a voluntary deportation order, the…

Trump Just Launched an Ugly And Racist Attack On The Constitution And Immigrants  -  5 hours ago
Trump is demanding the power to deport immigrants without judges or courts, which would be a violation of due process rights.

Rep. Ted Lieu takes shot at Trump’s ancestors after president calls for only admitting immigrants based on ‘merit’  -  5 hours ago
Replying to a tweet by President Donald Trump, who slurred amnesty-seeking immigrants as “these people” before saying he wanted a merit-based system of admitting possible new U.S. citizens, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) reminded the president of his own ancestors’ humble beginnings. On Twitter Trump wrote,…

Glenn Beck Storms Off CNN After Brian Stelter Asks 'Ridiculous Question' About His Media Company 'Imploding'  -  5 hours ago
"You want to play those games?" Glenn Beck asked. "Have a nice day.” “The Blaze” founder Glenn Beck on Sunday blew up at CNN’s Brian Stelter over a question about his company “imploding,” accusing the “Reliable Sources” host of “dividing” America and only caring about “ratings.”Beck accused Stelter…

Sen. Jeff Flake Threatens To Block Trump’s Judicial Nominees  -  6 hours ago
Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said that a few Republican Senators are ready to not approve any more Trump's judicial nominees until they get a vote on tariffs.

Epic meltdown: Glenn Beck walks out on CNN interview after host asks why his company is ‘imploding’  -  6 hours ago
Conservative radio host Glenn Beck walked out on a CNN interview on Sunday after host Brian Stelter asked him to respond to a report that his company, The Blaze, is “imploding.” During an interview about President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, Beck accused CNN of covering the issue for…

Poor People Are Mad As Hell, And They're Not Going to Take It Anymore.  -  6 hours ago
The Poor People's Campaign marched on Washington, and we were there!

George Takei says Trump camps are worse than Japanese internment: ‘This is a new low in American history’  -  6 hours ago
Actor and former internment camp prisoner George Takei asserted on Sunday that the U.S. has reached a new low in the way it treat immigrants due to President Donald Trump’s “no tolerance” policy on illegal border crossings. Takei, who was placed in an internment camp for Japanese-Americans during…

2,053 Children are Still in Custody Who Were Separated from Their Parents Under Trump’s Policy  -  7 hours ago
The U.S. government said it still had 2,053 children in its custody who were separated from their parents under President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy, and set out its most detailed plans yet on how it would reunite families.

Trump’s gang may be incompetent at a spectacular level — but they’re also cruel and nasty to the bone  -  7 hours ago
Our “I alone can fix it” president has gotten us in another fix, all right. Of course, whenever he screws up big time, Mister I Alone starts blaming everyone but Mister I Alone. He had admitted as much the other day when he was in Singapore for his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and…

Trump stokes fears of immigrants with attack on ‘these people invading our Country’ in nasty series of tweets  -  7 hours ago
President Donald Trump lashed out at critics of his immigration policies on Sunday, slurring amnesty-seeking immigrants as “these people” intent on “invading our Country.” In a series of tweets, Trump claimed, “We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we…

Trump calls for deporting illegal immigrants with ‘no judges or court cases’  -  7 hours ago
President Donald Trump sharpened his call to deport people who enter the United States illegally on Sunday, saying they should immediately be sent back to where they came from without any judicial process.

Obamacare Is About To Destroy Trump As 66% Of Voters Oppose Eliminating Pre-existing Conditions Protections  -  7 hours ago
A new poll of voters found that they are opposed to the Trump administration's lawsuit to eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions by a 2 to 1 margin.

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