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Trump’s Response To Workers Feeling The Pain Of His Shutdown: ‘I Don’t Care’  -  7 months ago
To Trump, this is fun political theater. To hundreds of thousands of workers, it could mean not having enough money to feed their families.

Former RNC Chairman Tells Trump To Wake Up Because His GOP Wall Of Protection Is Crumbling  -  7 months ago
Trump has been protected by Republicans for the past two years, giving him the false sense that he can get away with murder. Those days are over.

Trump Had To Apologize To Nancy Pelosi For Cursing So Much During Shutdown Meeting  -  7 months ago
As Trump whines about Rep. Rashida Tlaib's remarks, he reportedly had to apologize for using so much profanity during a meeting with top Democrats.

One in Five Women Want to Leave the U.S. Because of Trump  -  7 months ago
A new Gallup Poll shows that 16% of all Americans, including 20% of U.S. women, would like to leave the United States, primarily because of the policies of President Donald Trump. As Trump and his racist

Rep. Steve Cohen Introduces Bill To Eliminate Electoral College, Limit Presidential Powers  -  7 months ago
Not a shot of being signed into law, but the congressman from Tennessee is signaling where the Dems need to move towards.

Deadline White House: Mueller Must Be Asking Why Trump Echoes Kremlin  -  7 months ago
Why is Trump making truly stupid comments about Russian history that we know are not true? Because they reflect the Kremlin line. And it's obvious Bob Mueller is watching.

House Budget Chair Willing to Give In to Trump For Dreamer Protections  -  7 months ago
New House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) said on Friday that some amount of money for border security in exchange for legal protections for Dreamers, or young immigrants brought to the country illegally as

CNN host brutally drops mic on ex-Trump adviser insisting president never lied about his wall  -  7 months ago
A former adviser to Donald Trump snapped back at a CNN host Saturday morning when he was confronted with archived video of the president lying about his wall multiple times — then the host called him out. Appearing with New Day host Victor Blackwell, Steve Rogers — who served on Trump’s Campaign…

House Will Begin Money Laundering Inquiry Into Trump  -  7 months ago
A top Democrat said on Friday that the House Intelligence Committee will soon open an in-depth investigation into the finances of President Donald Trump. This committee probe will involve a detailed look into the long

White supremacist podcast celebrates Tucker Carlson for taking its message mainstream  -  7 months ago
Carlson's only the latest torch-bearer for Fox News' lonstanding race-resentment business model, but he might be the most flagrant.

Dems Summon DHS Secretary Nielsen to Testify About Her ‘Outright Lies’  -  7 months ago
The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee is calling DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to appear before the panel — having only done so once since she took the office. Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Johnson

Trump Twitter rants at press for exposing lack of support for his wall  -  7 months ago
President Donald Trump got an early start on Twitter on Saturday morning, saying he has ‘great support” for his border wall and government shutdown, while at the same time lashing out at the press for publishing reports that show otherwise. On Twitter, Trump wrote: “Great support coming from all…

At least three dead in bowling alley shooting outside Los Angeles  -  7 months ago
"Multiple" victims hit by gunfire, police said.

FBI will investigate where Trump got made-up Russian history of Afghanistan invasion: Former intel chief  -  7 months ago
During the televised portion of his cabinet meeting on Wednesday, President Donald Trump delivered a bizarre rant about how the war in Afghanistan led to the collapse of the Society Union which has been widely mocked by American journalists and historians, including even the conservative Wall…

Nancy Pelosi defends Dem who called Trump profane name: ‘If she were a man, would they be making a fuss out of it?’  -  7 months ago
On Friday, new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi appeared on MSNBC in a town hall-style special with Joy Reid. One of the biggest applause in the hourlong program came back when Pelosi pushed back against right-wingers who claimed to be offended when newly elected Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) referred…

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reveals why Trump’s ‘personal fantasy’ is a years-long government shutdown  -  7 months ago
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Friday revealed that there may be more than meets the eye on President Donald Trump’s extensive government shutdown battle. Though the fight with Congressional Democrats is ostensibly about funding for his border wall with Mexico, Maddow noted that a US federal court…

CNN panel explodes after Steve Cortes flips out about Rick Wilson calling him a ‘toothless rube’  -  7 months ago
On Thursday, former Republican operative Rick Wilson unleashed an epic rant about supporters of President Donald Trump who support his proposed border wall. “The wall has always been a con for Donald Trump’s credulous rube 10-tooth base,” said Wilson on Thursday. “The wall has always been a scam.…

Three dead as Donald Trump leaves national parks open during shutdown without staffing  -  7 months ago
On Friday, The Washington Post reported that three people have died visiting national parks over the course President Donald Trump’s shutdown, that has entered its second week. Most of the federal workforce for the parks were furloughed when the shutdown started. Out of the three deaths, one…

Tomi Lahren Claims 'The Left Wants To Regulate Cow Farts'  -  7 months ago
Tomi Lahren is one of those Fox News "personalities" whose budding career should have been strangled at birth. Instead, we are now stuck with a blonde millennial idiot polluting the airwaves with false accusations about cow farts.

New Dem committee chair summons Kirstjen Nielsen to testify about ‘outright lies’ with scathing letter  -  7 months ago
The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee is calling DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to appear before the panel — having only done so once since she took the office. Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Johnson (D-MS)  said Nielsen’s latest presentation on the president’s proposed…

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