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Trump Administration Attacks Women and Immigrants In a Single Case  -  an hour ago
There’s a case in which we’re seeing the Trump administration’s efforts to weaken the rights of women and immigrants at the same time.

Republicans Are Broke And Terrified That A Democratic Wave Is Coming To Take Over The House  -  3 hours ago
Things are looking dire for House Republicans as a slew of incumbent retirements, poor fundraising, and a wave of strong Democratic challengers are all combining to point to a Democratic 2018 tidal wave that could take over the House.

Yemeni journalist invited to receive free press award denied U.S. visa  -  4 hours ago
"I have to speak out for my family, friends & people in Yemen & outside."

Czech President holds up machine gun marked ‘for journalists’ during press conference  -  4 hours ago
It comes as a billionaire right-wing populist becomes the country's prime minister.

Rep. Wilson Speaks Out: 'Gen. Kelly Was A Puppet Of The President'  -  5 hours ago
Rep. Frederica Wilson explains the circumstances of how she came to be listening to that phone call with Donald Trump last week.

What's Apple Up To?  -  6 hours ago
Apple is in the process of introducing a series of features (or perhaps better to say, restrictions) to its Safari...

Trump Golfs While Five Ex-Presidents Attend Hurricane Relief Concert  -  6 hours ago
All five living ex-United States' presidents made an appearance at a benefit concert in Texas to raise money for hurricane relief while you-know-who had other priorities.

David Petraeus Schools The White House On Why Citizens Can Criticize Generals  -  6 hours ago
Retired Gen. David Petraeus explained to the White House why it is important and appropriate in a democracy for citizens to criticize generals.

'You Have A Moral Duty': Reporter Goes On Fox And Rips Them For Signing O'Reilly After $32 Million Lawsuit  -  6 hours ago
In an appearance on Fox News, Hollywood Reporter editor Matthew Belloni called out the network for renewing a contract with disgraced host Bill O'Reilly even though executives were aware he settled a sexual harassment lawsuit that was reportedly worth $32 million.

Sundays With The Christianists: Give Jesus-Comics This Halloween To Be The Worst House On The Block  -  6 hours ago
As long as there's candy included, nutso evangelist comics are OK with us.

White House Reporter Rips Trump: 'Put On Your Big Boy Pants, For Heaven's Sake!'  -  7 hours ago
Brian Karem reminded Sarah Sanders that she signed up for this, and she should be doing her duty.

Virginia Tech is letting a neo-Nazi teach English composition  -  7 hours ago
His views were discovered in September but he remains a teaching instructor.

NYPD cops are smearing a victim accusing them of rape to avoid indictment  -  7 hours ago
"Without commenting on this ongoing investigation, defense counsel’s characterization of how a rape victim should behave is inaccurate, inappropriate and demeaning."

EXCLUSIVE: Unaired Script For Dana Loesch’s NRA Scare Videos!  -  7 hours ago
Hopefully we stay one step ahead of Poe's Law on this one.

Tom Hanks Trashes Trump Over Offensive Call to Soldier’s Widow: ‘One of the Biggest Cock-Ups on the Planet’  -  7 hours ago
Speaking at the National Archives Foundation on Saturday night, the popular actor had some advice for Americans. In an interview with CNN, actor and director Tom Hanks lamented the state of the nation under President Donald Trump and lambasted the commander in chief for his phone call to the widow…

In Testimony, Sessions Admitted He Is Doing Nothing To Protect Our Elections From Russia  -  7 hours ago
If anything, the biggest take away from Sessions’ testimony is that while Sessions is taking action on Russian interference in commercial matters, he’s satisfied with doing a “review” of interference in our elections.

Trump Still Won't Say Sgt. Johnson's Name After Niger Killing: 'I Spoke The Name Of The Young Man'  -  7 hours ago
President Donald Trump insisted to Fox Business News host Maria Bartiromo that he knew the name of a soldier who died in Niger even though he referred to him as "the young man" during the interview.

A Dishonorable Man Posing As America's Most Honorable Man  -  8 hours ago
Kelly has a lot of people fooled, and not just on the right.

Brainwashed Cult Leader Mitch McConnell Claims Tax Cuts For The Rich Pay For Themselves  -  8 hours ago
One of the high priests of the Republican false God trickle down economics claimed on CNN's State Of The Union that tax cuts for the rich would be offset by economic growth, even though the facts have proven this wish to be untrue.

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