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At CNN Town Hall, Sen. Marco Rubio Declines To Say He Won't Take NRA Money  -  5 hours ago
One week after 17 people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., a CNN town hall brought together political leaders and community members for a discussion.

Watch Stoneman Douglas students sing powerful song they wrote in wake of shooting: ‘We’re tired of hearing we’re too young to make a change’  -  8 hours ago
The Stoneman Douglas Drama Club wrote an empowering song demanding change. Titling the song “Shine,” the students stood surrounded by their parents, classmates, teachers, elected officials and community members desperately searching for answers. “You’re not gonna knock us down. We’ll get back up…

Broward county sheriff hammers NRA’s Dana Loesch: ‘You’re not standing up’ for Parkland students  -  9 hours ago
Broward county sheriff Scott Israel went off on the National Riffle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch during the CNN town hall Wednesday. “I understand that you’re standing up for the NRA,” he began. “And I understand that’s what you’re supposed to do. But you just told this group of people that…

The Incredible Teenagers From Stoneman Douglas High School Are Giving America the Conversation About Guns It Desperately Needs to have  -  9 hours ago
I'll update this post with more clips as it happens but in reality you should just watch the whole thing.

Marco Rubio tells survivor of Parkland massacre he will continue to accept NRA money  -  9 hours ago
"So right now in the name of 17 people, you cannot ask the NRA to keep their money out of your campaign?"

Disney is using 'tax cut bonus' to try to force union workers to accept low pay  -  9 hours ago
Disney got some positive press for saying it would give its workers a $1,000 tax cut bonus—but it’s using the bonus to try to force some of its lower-paid workers to accept a bad deal at the bargaining table. The entertainment giant carefully specified...

Spineless Marco Rubio Looks At Shooting Survivors And Refuses To Stop Taking NRA Money  -  9 hours ago
Sen. Marco Rubio (RFL) was asked by a Stoneman Douglas shooting survivor if he would stop taking NRA money and he said no.

Parkland, Florida student rails against NRA’s Dana Loesch at town hall: ‘How does she look in the mirror’  -  10 hours ago
Parkland, Florida student Cameron Kasky railed against the National Rifle Association and the spokeswoman Dana Loesch during CNN’s town hall Wednesday. He was there to ask a question of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and hold his feet to the fire on guns. However, at one point Kasky said that he wished…

Father of slain student confronts Marco Rubio — and an epic exchange ensues  -  10 hours ago
"Your comments this week and those of our president have been pathetically weak."

The NRA Trembles Marco Rubio Gets Booed And Called Pathetic At Gun Violence Town Hall  -  10 hours ago
NRA best boy Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was called pathetic, weak, and nearly booed out of the building when he refused to support an assault weapons ban at the gun violence town hall.

WATCH: Marco Rubio booed by Parkland crowd after angry father rips him for ‘pathetically weak’ inaction on guns  -  10 hours ago
An angry Parkland, Florida father whose daughter was killed in last week’s mass shooting ripped into Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) Wednesday during a town hall debate on gun control in South Florida. “Your comments this week and those of our president have been pathetically weak,” Fred Guttenberg told…

Parkland gives standing ovation to superintendent who refused Trump ‘solution’ to arm teachers  -  11 hours ago
During a packed stadium of Parkland, Florida students, teachers, parents, police and politicians, the school superintendent refused to allow one of the solutions that came from President Donald Trump. During the “listening session” at the White House Wednesday, Trump suggested to survivors and…

Trump Just Endorsed Arming Teachers at a Meeting With Survivors  -  11 hours ago
"If you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, it could very well end the attack very quickly."

Trump Backs Arming Teachers During Emotional White House Listening Session  -  11 hours ago
A week after 17 people were killed at a Parkland, Fla., high school, President Trump hosted survivors, parents and teachers from that and other recent school shooting tragedies.

Sandy Hook Parent Looks Trump In The Eye And Wrecks His Proposal To Arm Teachers  -  12 hours ago
"Schoolteachers have more than enough responsibilities right now than to have to have the awesome responsibility of lethal force to take a life."

‘He brought Cliff’s Notes’: Internet unloads on Trump for reminding himself to show empathy for mass shooting survivors  -  13 hours ago
Amid the White House’s listening session for people directly impacted by mass shootings in schools, an Associated Press photo circulated of President Donald Trump holding a response cue card that included the phrase “I hear you.” Actual AP photo of the President's notes during the listening session…

He ‘didn’t hear a damn thing they said’: Angry Americans crush Trump demand to arm teachers  -  13 hours ago
President Donald Trump sat with his arms crossed at one point and proposed his ideas for how to stop school shootings. Many parents and survivors found problems with his words and some corrected him. Some pointed out it was obvious these parents were all pre-screened so that they wouldn’t be…

Trump Proposes Arming School Staff: 'It Could Very Well Solve Your Problem'  -  14 hours ago
President Donald Trump said Wednesday that having more people armed at schools could prevent future mass shootings. “I think it...

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