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Trump speechwriter fired after he was outed for appearance at conference beside white nationalist  -  14 hours ago
President Donald Trump’s speechwriter was fired last week after news broke that he had spoken at a news conference attended by well-known white nationalists. According to The Washington Post, Darren Beattie was ousted Friday after it became public that he appeared at the 2016 H.L. Mencken Club…

Emails to Trump legal team proves they have no idea what Don McGahn said to Robert Mueller  -  15 hours ago
President Donald Trump had a meltdown in wake of reports that White House Counsel Don McGahn was turning into a “rat” against the president. While Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani claimed McGahn testified with approval and support of Trump, The New York Times reported Sunday the legal team has no idea…

Here's How Professional Sports Have Come to Sell a Militarized form of Patriotism  -  15 hours ago
The melding of sports and the military should be seen as inappropriate, if not insidious. I can remember lying on my bed with a crumpled up piece of paper in my hand and throwing it at the wall while, in my mind, the announcer’s voice carried on: “It’s a long drive to right field... Furillo is…

Female Candidates May Have an Edge in Battleground Elections  -  15 hours ago
CBS poll finds women are a critical demographic—especially this year.

WATCH: Ted Cruz challenger Beto O’Rourke skateboards through Texas Whataburger parking lot  -  16 hours ago
Texas Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke posted a video on Facebook talking to supporters. One thing was a bit different than typical political candidates, however. The challenger of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) did it after skateboarding through the parking lot. The Generation X candidate explained…

Mitt Romney Covers Breaking News!  -  17 hours ago
The Senate candidate took a break from the campaign trail to take some photos.

‘Pray for our country’: Former Reagan adviser warns increasingly ‘erratic and unstable’ Trump is about to ‘blow apart’  -  17 hours ago
Late Saturday a former adviser to President Ronald Reagan and both Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush warned that he has observed Donald Trump becoming more erratic and unstable since entering the Oval Office — he then urged Americans to “pray for our country.” Taking to Twitter after a…

57 House And Senate And House Republicans Were Asked To Talk About Trump And Race, But Only 3 Agreed  -  18 hours ago
The Washington Post asked 57 Senate and House Republicans for an interview to discuss Trump and race, and only three agreed to speak to them.

C-SPAN caller shocks Washington Post columnist with racist rant: ‘Death to that n*gg*r Obama’  -  18 hours ago
Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman revealed on Sunday that a C-SPAN caller had threatened the life of former President Barack Obama during a racist tirade. Waldman said that he was appearing on the Sunday edition C-SPAN’s Washington Journal when a caller used the N-word to refer to Obama and…

Is a senior Air Force general using his power to spread far-right Christian nationalism?  -  19 hours ago
On July 18, Air Force Brig. Gen. John Teichert assumed command of the 412th Test Wing at Edwards Air Force Base. Less than one month later, on Aug. 12, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation filed a 22-page complaint against him for violating military rules and regulations about religious…

Chuck Todd Laughs At Rudy Giuliani As He Claims Truth Is Not Truth  -  19 hours ago
Meet The Press' Chuck Todd put his hand on his head and laughed as Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani tried to claim that truth is not truth.

Donald Trump wants ‘to start a race war,’ Omarosa says  -  19 hours ago
The latest salvo in a war of words between the president and his former protege.

Trump lawyer Giuliani lies about Trump Tower meeting, insists 'Truth isn't truth.' Sigh, really.  -  19 hours ago
Past presidential candidate and current Trump "lawyer" Rudy Giuliani went on the Sunday shows today to do what Rudy Giuliani does best: Make a fool of himself. RUDY GIULIANI: [...] And when you tell me that, you know, [Trump] should testify because...

Protesters clash at pro-gun and anti-gun rallies in Seattle  -  19 hours ago
Police in riot gear separated the dueling rallies.

President Trump Attacks Report On White House Counsel's Cooperation With Mueller  -  19 hours ago
The New York Times reports that White House counsel Don McGahn met with Robert Mueller's team for dozens of hours as part of his investigation.

Fox's Fake Judge Spins Insane New Conspiracy Lies About Mueller  -  19 hours ago
Projection, thy name is "Judge" Jeanine Pirro.

White House insiders think Trump made ‘epic’ error in allowing McGahn to cooperate with Mueller: report  -  19 hours ago
According to a source who spoke with Axios, White House counsel Doug McGahn had serious reservations about how much cooperation should be extended to special counsel Robert Mueller but gave in when Trump gave the go-ahead. The Axios report calling the decision an “epic” mistake, states that within…

John Brennan Threatens Lawsuit To Prevent Trump Revoking More Security Clearances  -  20 hours ago
Former CIA Director John Brennan said that he is willing to get his name dragged through the mud and go to court if it means preventing Trump from revoking more security clearances.

Blake Farenthold blames media ‘f tards’ for his downfall  -  20 hours ago
The Texan could soon be out of a job again, after being drummed out of Congress over a sex harassment scandal.

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