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Ex-CIA analyst shreds Tomi Lahren for peddling bogus right-wing talking point about DNC servers  -  4 hours ago
Former CIA analyst Marie Harf on Friday took on Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren after the conservative firebrand rattled off a familiar talking point about the Democratic National Committee’s so-called refusal to hand over its server to intelligence agencies following the 2016 email leak. The…

Conservative Pages Are Still Making Racist Russian Propaganda Posts Go Viral on Facebook  -  5 hours ago
The images include content from banned accounts. Conservative and pro-Trump Facebook pages, most affiliated with fake news websites, are recycling memes created by the Russian troll companies like the Internet Research Agency (IRA), which the social network has banned from its platform. Media…

Confederates Revolted at Michigan School After Black Student Snatched a White Kid's Racist Flag  -  5 hours ago
The school had to cancel classes following a threat. An ongoing demonstration of Confederate symbols outside a Michigan high school was apparently set off when a black girl snatched a flag from a white classmate’s pickup truck.Classes were canceled Thursday at Bay City Western High School over a…

Here's How the GOP Farm Bill Is an Unapologetic Assault on Public Health  -  5 hours ago
The boring-sounding bill is actually a massive testament to conservative corruption. The words "farm bill" are unsexy on the best of days. That's especially true in an era when every time you turn on the news there's another political scandal involving Russians, sex workers or both. But the farm…

Trump lost his battle with Comey in the one of the most humiliating ways possible  -  5 hours ago
In the midst of the longest run of self-inflicted wounds known to man, Donald Trump caught a huge break. And then, of course, he tossed it away. Trump’s nemesis, Jim Comey, has a book out — “A Higher Loyalty” — currently being supported by Comey’s impossible-to-miss TV extravaganza, from which the…

Chuck Todd Blasts Hannity And 'Lackey' Jeffrey Lord For Trying To Smear Him And His Wife  -  5 hours ago
Chuck Todd suggested Sean Hannity be disciplined by his employers at Fox for hiding his relationship with Michael Cohen. So of course Hannity tried to unleash on Todd, which backfired.

NRA TV host: Obama should apologize to Parkland kids who got shot over a year after he left office  -  5 hours ago
NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield said that former President Barack Obama should apologize for teenagers in Parkland, Florida who were shot more than a year after the end of his presidency. In a Friday afternoon rant, Stinchfield angrily reacted to Obama’s essay in Time in which he singled out the…

Trump’s NASA Administrator Brings Fresh New ‘No Science’ Agenda To Space Agency  -  6 hours ago
Appointees to scientific posts used to know some science, but now we're Great Again, so no need.

Wake Up, 'Morning Joe': It's Not 'Trumpism,' It's Republicans  -  6 hours ago
The Morning Joe panel asks "what happened to the Republican Party?"

WATCH: TV reporter breaks Ohio racist’s brain by asking who won the Civil War  -  6 hours ago
An Ohio man apparently decided his collection of lawn jockey ornaments wasn’t racist enough, so he placed afro wigs on them and set them among his Confederate flag displays. Louie Jones Jr. lives in the Lindale home with his father, and he said the display has been up for years without complaint,…

The View’s Joy Behar tells Anthony Scaramucci why he’ll flip on Trump  -  6 hours ago
Onetime White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci joined the cast of “The View” on Friday to discuss Donald Trump, former FBI director James Comey and the ongoing investigation into his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. Discussing Thursday’s release of the infamous Comey memos,…

'Win for Science and Democracy' as Court Rules California Can List Glyphosate as Probable Carcinogen  -  6 hours ago
"Monsanto doesn't get to tell California how to protect its people from dangerous chemicals or how to run the Prop 65 list."

WATCH: Fox host accuses Comey of trying to blackmail Trump with the Russian hooker pee tape  -  6 hours ago
Appearing on Fox & Friends on Friday morning, Fox News host Mark Levin launched into a full-scale attack on James Comey, saying he thinks the former FBI director attempted to blackmail Donald Trump by threatening to release the famed golden showers tape of the president with Russian hookers. “Comey…

Is It Time to Admit the 'Grotesque Caricature' of White Evangelicals Is the Reality?  -  7 hours ago
There’s no doubt that evangelicalism seems to have an image problem, especially since its overwhelming alliance with Trump. This week dozens of prominent evangelical leaders gathered at conservative Wheaton College, in Wheaton, IL, to address the “grotesque caricature” of their faith in the Trump…

DNC hits Trump campaign with multimillion-dollar lawsuit for conspiring with the Russian government  -  7 hours ago
The Democratic National Committee on Friday filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit accusing the Trump campaign of colluding with WikiLeaks and the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. The Washington Post reports that the lawsuit, which was filed in a federal district…

Liz Crokin: Giuliani Joining Trump’s Legal Team Will Finally Prove The Existence Of The Clinton Torture Video  -  7 hours ago
Last night, fringe right-wing conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin posted a video on YouTube celebrating the news that Rudy Giuliani has joined President Trump's legal team, insisting that the development is

It’s time to admit the ‘grotesque caricature’ of white evangelicals is the reality  -  7 hours ago
This week dozens of prominent evangelical leaders gathered at conservative Wheaton College, in Wheaton, IL, to address the “grotesque caricature” of their faith in the Trump era. The organizer of the gathering, Doug Birdsall, told the Washington Post that under Trump’s leadership, the term…

Rural Trump Voters Have Second Thoughts About Opposing Immigration After Recent ICE Raids Violate Their Christian Beliefs  -  7 hours ago
'You cannot be a true Christian if you ignore your neighbor in need.' Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) recently conducted a large-scale workplace raid in Bean Station, Tennessee, a rural community that overwhelmingly voted for President Donald Trump in 2016.However, many community members…

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