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Rachel Maddow Explains How The GOP Health Care Failure Is A Massive Embarrassment For Trump  -  10 hours ago
"It has now been more than 150 days of this new administration ... and they have yet to pass a single substantive piece of legislation of any kind."

Chris Murphy Slams Trumpcare As A ‘Rotting Fish’ That Will Become More And More Unpopular  -  11 hours ago
"The longer that it's out there the more it's going to stink. People are going to figure out what they're trying to do to the country."

Trump Has Fake (News) Magazine Covers Hanging In His Properties!  -  12 hours ago
Intrepid Wash Post writer, David Fahrenthold, uncovered a dirty secret: Donnie "snowflake" Trump has fake Time issues hanging in his properties with his face on the cover.

Trump Makes One Of His Most Incoherent Statements Yet After GOP Health Bill Stalls  -  12 hours ago
First, Trump said how important it is to pass the health care bill, and then he immediately said it's "okay" if it fails.

Hillary Clinton and EMILY's List announce 15,000 women interested in running for office  -  13 hours ago
In the wake of the 2016 elections, EMILY’s List renewed its efforts to recruit women to run for office, and apparently a lot of women are interested: @HillaryClinton: For more than 30 years, @emilyslist has paved the way for women to run &...

Ten Commandments Installed At Arkansas State Capitol; ACLU Plans Lawsuit  -  13 hours ago
The monument's key backer, state Sen. Jason Rapert, says it honors the "historical moral foundation of law." But the ACLU says it violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

CNN Kneecaps A Trump Lie With A Brutally Blunt Fact Check  -  13 hours ago
Donald Trump got hit hard by the CNN PR department after he falsely claimed that the network's ratings were down.

Brace for food price hikes thanks to Donald Trump's deportation force  -  13 hours ago
File this one under “This is what you voted for, Donald Trump supporters”: Research by the Farm Bureau suggests that the federal immigration policy Trump is promoting could result in a massive farm labor shortage across the country, causing...

A Desperate Fox News Makes The Worst Argument Ever For The GOP Healthcare Bill  -  14 hours ago
The Fox News argument for the Republican health care bill is that we're all going to die anyway, so who needs healthcare?

Scientist felt 'bullied' when EPA chief of staff told her to mangle her congressional testimony  -  14 hours ago
As noted here and here, the Trump regime is intent on wrecking the Environmental Protection Agency. And it is clear from the comments of the head of EPA’s Board of Scientific Counselors that the wrecking will include making propaganda and other lies...

Mitch McConnell’s Health-Care Setback Is a Big F*cking Deal  -  14 hours ago
Progressives have to continue to agitate, but they dealt the right a blow this week.

Time Calls Out Trump’s Fake News And Asks Him To Remove Bogus Covers From Golf Clubs  -  15 hours ago
Time Magazine has asked Trump to remove fake Time covers that feature Trump on the cover from the walls of his golf clubs. The Washington Post reported on a fake 2009 Time cover that hangs in four of Trump's golf clubs: "I can confirm that this is not a real TIME cover,” Kerri Chyka, a…

Ethics Group Says U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley's Retweet Violated A Federal Law  -  15 hours ago
Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, retweeted President Trump's support for a political candidate. CREW says that violated a law that bans federal employees from political activity.

Making U.S. Elections More Secure Wouldn't Cost Much But No One Wants To Pay  -  15 hours ago
Security experts estimate it would cost roughly $400 million to replace voting machines and add paper audits. It's about the same amount the Pentagon spent on military bands last year.

Trump Says He Is Going To Show The American People Love By Taking Away Their Healthcare  -  15 hours ago
Trump proclaimed his love for the American people which is why he and Republicans are going to pass a bill that provides less coverage for more money and takes away health care from 22 million people.

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