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'Put Them In Jail': Jason Chaffetz Says He's More Concerned About Leakers Than Russian Collusion  -  5 days ago
House Oversight Committee Chairmain Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) responded to questions about President Donald Trump's relationship with Russia on Sunday by asserting that people who leak information about the president should be investigated and jailed.

Fox's Howard Kurtz Questions 'Motivations' Of FBI Director Comey  -  5 days ago
Fox would like to help Trump make this entire Russiagate story go away altogether, but they can't. In the mean time they're going to run as much interference for Trump as humanly possible.

Why Is Reince Priebus Coming Home Early?  -  5 days ago
Trump's Chief of Staff only lasted a day on the Magical Mystery Middle East Tour before it was announced he was coming home. What does that mean?

Fox's Judge Jeanine Cuts Video Of Trump Bowing To Saudi King During Interview With Kellyanne Conway  -  5 days ago
The Fox News program "Justice with Judge Jeanine" on Saturday abruptly cut video of President Donald Trump bowing his head to King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

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