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Republicans alarmed and ‘taken aback’ at White House’s flaccid response to Bannon threats: report  -  2 days ago
In a Washington Post story about the departure of White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon and his return to the “alt-right” web platform on Saturday, political repo…

WATCH: This is how outnumbered right-wing protesters were in Boston on Saturday  -  2 days ago
This video, taken Saturday of the crowds on Boston Common shows the disparity in size between the right-wing “Free Speech” demonstrators assembled versus the tens of thousands of counte…

In Pictures: Boston Rejects Racism and Hate  -  2 days ago
In Pictures: Boston Rejects Racism and Hate

Activists protest in Germany against neo-Nazi vigil for Hitler ally  -  2 days ago
Far-right activists held up banners reading "I regret nothing" and hoisted the red, white and black flag of Hitler's Third Reich as about 1,000 police looked on.

‘Is he in kindergarten?’: CNN guest rips Republican for giving Trump’s Boston response a ‘gold star’  -  2 days ago
Trump booster Ben Ferguson — no relation to this reporter — got called out on CNN for his ridiculously “low bar” for President Donald Trump and his response to the march in …

The Dictionary Humiliates Trump With The Ultimate Troll Job After He Misspells Heals As Heels  -  2 days ago
The twitter account Merriam-Webster took down Trump after he, or someone in his White House, tried to sound presidential, but ended up embarrassing themselves by ironically misspelling heals and heels.

Counterprotesters Block Neo-Nazi March To Berlin Prison  -  2 days ago
BERLIN (AP) — Left-wing groups and Berlin residents prevented more than 500 far-right extremists from marching Saturday to the place...

Trump Praises Boston Protesters Against 'Bigotry And Hate'  -  2 days ago
In a series of tweets Saturday afternoon, President Donald Trump said that there were “anti-police agitators” in Boston but also...

Trump fans looks like chumps after promoting old RNC photo as Boston march pic  -  2 days ago
A popular meme making the rounds of conservative Twitter was instantly debunked on Saturday after pro-Trump tweeters forgot to crop out a sign in the background. Trump supporters went all in on thi…

'Blatant Smear': Trump Attacks Boston Anti-Racism Demonstrators as 'Anti-Police Agitators'  -  2 days ago
"Again, this man attacks anti-Nazi protesters. He's determined to create a culture war in America to distract from his unethical failures."

GOP in despair after Trump’s ‘f*cking disaster’ week: ‘I have no idea where we go from here’  -  2 days ago
Republicans in Washington are exhausted and in despair after President Donald Trump’s gross mishandling of the administration’s response to white supremacist violence in Charlottesville…

Kentucky Tea Party governor blames Charlottesville violence on lack of Bibles in schools  -  2 days ago
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin raised eyebrows when he told a conservative talk radio personalty that a lack of Bibles in schools is responsible for the white nationalist violence in Charlottesville.…

Trump Attacks Peaceful Anti-Racism Boston Protesters As ‘Anti-Police Agitators’  -  2 days ago
If there was a moment for Trump to reverse the narrative that he is a white supremacist sympathizer, today would have been it. Instead, he attacked the protesters in Boston and praised Steve Bannon.

White supremacist rally fizzles, overtaken by massive anti-racism march  -  2 days ago
Thousands of counter-protestors descended on Boston Commons.

Trump accuses peaceful protesters at Boston rally of being ‘anti-police agitators’ while commending cops  -  2 days ago
Despite massive media coverage showing the right-wing Boston “Free Speech” rally being a mostly passive march by counter-protesters, President Donald Trump called out the participants a…

Boston ‘Free Speech’ Rally Ends Early, Drowned Out By Those Who Actually Understand The Concept  -  2 days ago
Free speech is not the right to have no one think you are a jerk or yell louder than you.

Watch Protesters Tell Trump Supported Nazis To Get The F**k Out Of Boston  -  2 days ago
The white supremacists and neo-Nazis that Trump endorsed as good people had to cut their rally short as counter protesters in Boston chanted, "Get the f**k out of our city."

Boston 'Free Speech' Rally Ends Early As Thousands Of Counterprotesters March  -  2 days ago
A “free speech” rally in Boston ended early on Saturday afternoon without any of the planned speakers making remarks as...

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