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After Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment By A Conservative, Hannity Blames ‘Liberal Fascists’  -  2 hours ago
Memo to Sean Hannity: The Fox News employees pushed out of Fox News were sexually-assaulting conservatives, accused by conservatives and eventually ousted by conservative Rupert Murdoch.

Republicans Attack The Resistance With Bill To Punish College Students Who Protest  -  3 hours ago
As college students around the country protest against their universities who book conservative speakers that traffic in hate speech, Republican state legislatures around the country are taking up bills that would punish students for resisting and exercising their free speech rights.

Let's all get drunk and go nayyyyy-kid, and dance by the light of the moon!

America Could Look Like North Carolina by 2020. Yikes.  -  3 hours ago
What happens when Republicans have enough power to do virtually anything they want? On the federal level, that’s still an open question: We’ll find out ...

French National Front Member On What's Attracting People To Her Party  -  4 hours ago
NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Patricia Chagnon, a member of Marine Le Penn's party Front National.

FBI Investigates Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort's Ties To Russia  -  4 hours ago
As the Trump administration settles in, questions continue to pop up about a figure from last year's campaign: Paul Manafort. Why do his business dealings continue to stir such interest? Who is he, really?

After Ann Coulter Backs Out Of Visit, UC Berkeley Braces For Free Speech Rallies  -  4 hours ago
UC Berkeley expects more unrest on Thursday. Conservative groups charge the campus with censorship after it cancelled speeches by provocative speakers over safety concerns.

Senators and Movement Leaders Introduce 100 Percent Clean Energy Bill  -  4 hours ago
The legislation comes ahead of the People's Climate March on April 29th. Washington, D.C. -- On Thursday, ahead of the People's Climate March on Saturday, Senator Jeff Merkley, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Senator Ed Markey stood beside movement leaders to introduce legislation that will completely…

FCC Can’t Wait To Do For Internet What Trumpcare Will Do For Healthcare  -  5 hours ago
One easy thing about this next fight over Net Neutrality: whatever Trump's position is, you can rest assured it's dead wrong.

Democrats Are Fighting for a Free Internet Against Trump’s Former Verizon Counsel FCC Chair  -  6 hours ago
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) defended a free and open internet Thursday in a speech on the House floor, as she spoke out against former Verizon counsel FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's plans to reverse net neutrality rules and end open and free Internet.

Sean Spicer Blames Michael Flynn's Hiring On Obama  -  6 hours ago
During today's daily briefing, Spicer got hot under the collar at Jim Acosta and Major Garrett, so he did what he does best -- blame someone else.

Sean Spicer Just Blamed Obama For Trump Hiring Mike Flynn  -  6 hours ago
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer tried to blame President Obama for Trump hiring Mike Flynn because Trump never did another background check of Flynn but used the same one that Obama administration did years before.

A Top Democrat Just Made A Major Move To Take Away Trump’s War Powers  -  7 hours ago
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) that has introduced a bill that would all but take away Trump's unilateral war-making powers by giving Congress the power to repeal or modify his use of military force against ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban.

A Powerful Republican Chairman Is Asking For A Final Determination If Mike Flynn Broke the Law  -  7 hours ago
Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) asked the Acting Sec of the Army for a final determination as to whether former Trump National Security Adviser retired General Mike Flynn broke the law by accepting payments from foreign government-controlled entities.

Trump Could Have Broken the Democratic Party  -  7 hours ago
In the days and weeks after the shock election result of Nov. 8, a slew of high-profile Democrats indicated they’d be willing to work with then Preside ...

Trump's Tweet-And-Switch On Shutdown And Flynn  -  7 hours ago
The president went on a tweetstorm Thursday blaming Democrats for a possible shutdown, even though one's unlikely. Why? Democrats happened to be plastered on cable news talking about Michael Flynn.

Why Trump Gets a Populist Pass  -  7 hours ago
At first glance, it’s an odd populism that takes from the many to give to the few.

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