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Mini Is Finally Making The 300+ Horsepower Hot Hatch We Demanded  -  8 hours ago
Mini is apparently finally out testing the long-rumored hot-hatch with over 300 horsepower on the Nürburgring, and it sounds great. It seems we’ll be getting Mini’s answer to the Focus RS soon enough.

Bumblebee Returns In His Original Volkswagen Beetle Form In The Next Transformers Movie  -  9 hours ago
Let’s be honest: the Transformers series of movies are pretty awful. Even if we accept that a movie about space-robots that turn into cars and trucks isn’t the sort of framework that’s going to beget Citizen Kane, they’ve still been idiotic. But at least one good thing is happening: in the upcoming…

Historical Evidence Suggests That Honda Once Sold A Rear-Wheel Drive Two-Seater Sports Car  -  11 hours ago
Honda, a company best known for producing oddly-styled crossovers and front-wheel drive economy cars, may have once also sold an exciting rear-wheel-drive two-seater sports car, according to some historical documents and contemporary research.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan First Drive: The Tig Goes Big  -  12 hours ago
The new, significantly bigger Volkswagen Tiguan prioritizes space over pace. Read more and see photos at Car and Driver.

5 Things You Should Never, Ever Say To An Introvert  -  12 hours ago
"You'll come out of your shell someday."

No, Car Talk Is Not Going Away Forever  -  13 hours ago
The popular radio talk show Car Talk came to an end in 2012 when the two hosts retired to “smell the cappuccino.” But that didn’t mean we couldn’t still get our fix, because NPR continued making episodes out of old recordings. Those edited and enhanced recordings will continue to be available for…

Second cliff collapses onto the East Sussex shore  -  13 hours ago
People have been seen peering over the edge of the Birling gap near the iconic Seven Sisters today just 24 hours after a second cliff collapsed at Seaford Head in East Sussex.

Spied! Hyundai Veloster N Put Through Its Paces on the Nurburgring  -  13 hours ago
The Hyundai Veloster N has been spotted being put through its paces at the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife as part of its development.

Watch America's Top Drivers Try Out For The 2004 USA Versus Japan Drifting Competition  -  13 hours ago
Today’s top American professional drifters compete in thousand-horsepower Formula Drift competition machines, the most powerful stock chassis racing cars on any circuit in the world. In 2004, things were a little different.

A tech worker wants to put up San Francisco's homeless population on a cruise ship  -  14 hours ago
Greg Gopman has plans to put a homeless shelter in the San Francisco Bay aboard a 13-deck cruise ship.

Carlos Sainz annoyed by 'ungentlemanly' call for ban from F1 rivals  -  14 hours ago
Carlos Sainz believes it is disrespectful for Formula 1 rivals to suggest he should be banned for his role in the first-lap crash that ended his Canadian Grand Prix

Azerbaijan GP: Perez calls for Turn 8 kerb change after crash  -  14 hours ago
Sergio Perez says he wants the Baku Formula 1 street circuit's Turn 8 kerb to be modified ahead of Saturday's Azerbaijan Grand Prix running after his crash in first practice

Honda tries 'spec 3' Formula 1 engine in Baku practice with Alonso  -  14 hours ago
Honda tested an upgraded 'spec 3' Formula 1 engine on Fernando Alonso's car in practice for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix as part of its efforts to lift performance

Hamilton, Vettel and Bottas believe Red Bull's Baku F1 pace is real  -  15 hours ago
Mercedes duo Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel feel Formula 1 rival Red Bull's impressive pace in Azerbaijan Grand Prix practice is genuine.

Turning A Salvage Corvette Z06 Into A Racecar Is The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done  -  15 hours ago
I have spent most of my career helping to develop racecars. I have helped develop racecars for several manufacturers and top race teams. This, by far, has been the hardest, most stressful project I have ever done. The first challenge is the insanely short timeline to complete the build before the…

Baku F1 tyres make no sense, says Lewis Hamilton  -  15 hours ago
Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was left bewildered by the tyre situation at Formula 1's Azerbaijan Grand Prix, insisting the compounds brought to Baku by Pirelli are too hard

We tried Amazon's new clothing line with amazing work staples for men  -  15 hours ago
Amazon has a slew of men's brands. We found out which items are worth buying.

You’ll Have to Sign a Deal with the Devil to Own a Dodge Demon  -  15 hours ago
Dodge is making sure customers know what they're getting themselves into when purchasing the Challenger SRT Demon. Learn more about it here.

This Video Of A Running Engine Cutaway Shows You Exactly What Happens When Your Motor Blows Up  -  15 hours ago
Few terms spell death for an engine quite like “seized” and “threw a rod.” Now, thanks to the magical technology known as an angle grinder, we can see what those two terms truly mean. Watch through a hole in the side of the engine as the thing seizes up and then throws a rod.

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