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I visited Trump's childhood neighborhood on the outskirts of NYC, and it didn't take long to see why he's called it an 'oasis'  -  6 months ago
President Donald Trump grew up in the neighborhood of Jamaica Estate, Queens, in New York City. I walked through the neighborhood to see what it was like.

San Francisco prices are so out of control that one hotel is charging the equivalent of $21.25 for a cup of coffee during a JPMorgan conference  -  6 months ago
San Francisco's Parc 55 hotel is charging every company holding an event on its property during the annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference $170 for a gallon of coffee.

The Cadogan Hotel, Once Home to Oscar Wilde, Opens a New Chapter in London  -  6 months ago
Set to debut early this year, the historic property has been a chic given a top-to-bottom makeover by the experts at Belmond.

4 High-Altitude Exhibitions to Christen the Alpine Art Season  -  6 months ago
Hauser & Wirth is the latest blue-chip gallery to stake out a space in St. Moritz.

Jewellery Sales for Christie’s and Sotheby’s Totalled $906.3 Million in 2018  -  6 months ago
Jewellery sales across Christie's and Sotheby's have decreased to the tune of $906.3 million, a 17.6 per cent drop from $1.1 billion from the year before.

The Best Drones For Under $100  -  6 months ago
You don't have to spend a fortune to get your hands on a drone or cool flying quadcopter. When you know where to shop and what to look for, you'll find the best drones for under $100. If you're new to the world of drones, there are a few things you…

Brunch in Vegas Just Got a Major Upgrade  -  6 months ago
Sadelle’s has brought its luxurious New York City brunch to Vegas.

Rolls-Royce Is Building the Fastest Electric Plane Ever  -  6 months ago
The company is building the 300 mph ACCEL airplane to break the all-electric aircraft speed record.

Benetti Delivers the 160-Foot Elaldrea+ Superyacht  -  6 months ago
Two swimming pools, a beach club, a game room, and two wine cellars offer plenty of entertaining possibilities.

We compared Chick-fil-A with Raising Cane's to find the best chicken chain — and the winner is clear  -  6 months ago
Chick-fil-A and Raising Cane's are quickly-growing fast-food chicken chains in the US. See how their chicken fingers and chicken sandwiches compare.

Carlex Mercedes-Benz X-Class 6×6 Truck  -  6 months ago
Carlex Design wasted no time in creating a 6x6 version of Mercedes' new X-Class pickup. Mere months after the truck hit the dealers, Carlex showed off its extra-axle version. Now Carlex has dreamed up something even wilder, reworking its EXY...

Rebag sells authentic second-hand designer bags for half the price of retail — and you can make money selling bags you already own  -  6 months ago
Buying a designer bag is a big expense, but Rebag makes it a little more affordable with second-hand bags that look new, at prices lower than retail.

The shutdown over Trump's border wall has also shut down a major program employers use to check immigrants are in the US legally  -  6 months ago
E-Verify is meant to check whether the candidates employers want to hire are in the country legally. But the service is "currently unavailable."

These Bath & Body Works Retired Scents Are Back During The 2018 Semi-Annual Sale, & Some Are Just $4  -  6 months ago
When I was in high school, my backpack was filled with some very key (and very early 2000s) items. On any given day, you could find the following things packed in the outside pocket of my Jansport backpack: oversized black sunglasses, my pink…

Luxury Travel Ideas for a Trip to Mexico  -  6 months ago
Read our top three places to visit in Mexico where you'll be able to enjoy luxury with fine dining, fabulous spas and more!

Analog: Gray Area  -  6 months ago
R.E.M. /New Adventures in Hi-Fi ($169) Godspeed You! Black Emperor /Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress ($21) Manchester Orchestra / A Black Mile To The Surface ($33) The Civil Wars / S/T ($33) Sun Kil Moon / Admiral Fell Promises ($109)...

Four Seasons Seattle Review – Inside Seattle, Washington’s 5-Star Luxury Urban Oasis  -  6 months ago
Four Seasons Seattle Hotel review. Take an exclusive look inside Seattle, Washington’s 5-star luxury urban oasis -- an exceptional Four Seasons property in the heart of Seattle.

These Are The 4 Most Protective Crystals & They'll Keep You Safe From Negative Energy  -  6 months ago
Let's be honest: Who can resist crystals? They're some of Mother Nature's most gorgeous creations, and even if you don't connect to them spiritually, I bet you still feel captivated by their beauty. The way that crystals can benefit your life are…

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