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This 15-Year-Old Just Free-Climbed the Nose  -  19 hours ago
Connor Herson makes sixth all-free ascent of the world's most famous big wall

Blind Veterans Run the Grand Canyon  -  20 hours ago
This video from Google Maps follows a group of five blind kayakers through the Grand Canyon.

‘Children of the Columbia’  -  21 hours ago
In this year’s heart-thumping feature from Sherpas Cinema, Children of the Columbia, big mountain skiers Christina Lustenberger and Dane Tudor hunt for fresh stashes of powder along the banks of the mighty Columbia River while taking a look at its heavily developed infrastructure.

This Montana Snowbowl Ad Is So Bad  -  21 hours ago
In a time when so many brands are marketing to women in smart ways, the body-shaming fliers that sparked major blowback in Missoula felt especially tasteless

Why You Can’t Rake America Great Again  -  a day ago
Debunking various theories currently floating around the Internet

Heather Anderson Completed a Calendar-Year Triple Crown  -  a day ago
Only five others—all men—have completed the thru-hiker’s Holy Grail in fewer than 365 days

Why Even Dirtbags Need High-Yield Savings Accounts  -  a day ago
It's a simple equation, really. More savings equals more travel.

Whatever Happened to Singlespeed Mountain Bikes?  -  a day ago
They may not be for everybody, but they were always awesome—and even more so now that they’re totally uncool

Official Trailer: 'Can’t Steal Our Vibe'  -  a day ago
Just because there’s good surf doesn't mean there’s good surfing. While the break at Monwabisi Beach, near Cape Town, South Africa, is excellent, the beach has long been the site of horrific gang violence. But, thanks to nonprofit Waves for Change , which provides surf therapy to local kids, that's…

Polar Bear Mom Creates Avalanche to Save Family  -  a day ago
After being pursued up an icy mountain by an aggressive male, this mother polar bear creates a mini avalanche to save her cubs.

‘The Dawn Wall’ Explained  -  2 days ago
In The Dawn Wall, from Red Bull Media House and Sender Films, climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson free climbed one of El Capitan’s most infamous routes. It’s difficult to fathom just how challenging the feat truly was, but this clip attempts to explain just that.

Missing American Hiker Found Dead in Mexico  -  2 days ago
The 34-year-old teacher reportedly died at the hands of a drug cartel

How a 6-Year-Old Survived Being Lost in the Woods  -  2 days ago
As a child, Cody Sheehy made headlines when he vanished into the freezing wilderness of Northeast Oregon, making it out safely after 18 hours of determined slogging. Retracing his steps 32 years later, Sheehy says that getting lost was one of the best life lessons he ever had.

Eat Like the Fittest Man on Earth  -  2 days ago
For a mouthwatering "fitcation," head to Cookeville, Tennessee, where CrossFit star Rich Froning will show you how to eat and play like a local

The Documentaries We're Most Excited About This Winter  -  2 days ago
Prepare for lots of screaming (most of it from Adam Ondra)

It's OK to Be the Picky Eater on a Group Expedition  -  2 days ago
Here's how to gently tell your friends that you're good with ramen all week, thanks

Six North Face Climbers in Antarctica  -  2 days ago
Last year, the North Face sent climbers Jimmy Chin, Conrad Anker, Alex Honnold, Anna Pfaff, Cedar Wright, and Savannah Cummins to the Wolf’s Jaw massif in Queen Maud Land territory. Antarctica chronicles their attempt to establish five new lines within their seventeen-day window.

Review: Ultimate Direction FK Trekking Poles  -  3 days ago
These are an absolute joy to use, despite some inherent limitations

Yearling Wild Dogs Take their Siblings Hostage  -  3 days ago
The yearling wild dogs decide it's time for their baby siblings to see the world. They take them outside of the den, and Puzzles is forced to bring them back one by one until she finally relents to the yearlings' antics.

Carp Fishing on the Snake River  -  4 days ago
Carpoon, from Sage and filmmakers Idarado Media, follows woodworker Wes Walsworth as he pursues carp on the Snake River. The Snake is renowned for its trout, but for Walsworth the thrill of hooking into a carp in skinny water is better than a crowded trout stream.

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