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How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the Car  -  2 days ago
Pedaling toward the truth of the “bikes-vs-cars” debate

Ben Saunders on His Hardest Mission Yet  -  2 days ago
We caught up with the British explorer ahead of his attempt to cross a 1,000-mile swath of Antarctica hauling 300 pounds of gear—completely unassisted

A Final Interview With Junko Tabei  -  2 days ago
A few months before Junko Tabei died, she looked back on her summit of Everest, and what drove her to keep climbing

Stop Babying Your Dog  -  2 days ago
Putting your dog in risky situations might actually be the best thing you can do for him

What Should We Do About Wild Horses?  -  3 days ago
With his new book, David Philipps is the latest journalist to ride into town on a mustang. And he's come with some new material.

The New American Dream Home Is a Parking Lot  -  3 days ago
The housing crisis in the Mountain West has gotten so bad that some folks are happy to rent a clean piece of pavement

Author Helen McDonald on “H is for Hawk: A New Chapter”  -  3 days ago
Author Helen Macdonald talks about her role in the upcoming NATURE episode “H is for Hawk: A New Chapter”.

Your Stunning Photos of ANWR  -  3 days ago
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge—one of our most threatened landscapes—may be opened up to drilling, and opponents are taking to Instagram to protest

Ten Basic Rules for Adventure  -  4 days ago
Because it’s good to stay safe and happy out there

11 certified dark sky reserves, where the nighttime heavens are the star  -  4 days ago
Idaho is working hard to create an official dark sky reserve, which would make it the first in the US and the 12th in the world.

The Future of Scouting in America  -  4 days ago
Allowing girls is great—but the country's two scouting organizations need more serious change to serve the next generation of outdoor lovers.

Inside the Mind of Thru-Hiking's Most Devious Con Man  -  5 days ago
On a Thursday in late April, Melissa Trent, a single mother in Colorado Springs, Colorado, logged into her account on the dating website Plenty of Fish and had a new message from a user called “lovetohike1972.”

North Korean Nuclear Tests Are Affecting China's Skiing  -  5 days ago
One Chinese resort has closed amid earthquake and volcano concerns after underground detonations.

The Sexual Harassment Report Is the Tip of the Iceberg  -  5 days ago
The findings, released last week, are troubling. The reality is even worse.

This 9-Year-Old Completed Thru-Hiking's Triple Crown  -  6 days ago
Christian Thomas, aka Buddy Backpacker, finished the Continental Divide Trail on September 18, 2017, becoming the youngest person to complete all three of the nation's top hiking trails.

These 20-Somethings Are Out to Save Conservation's Soul  -  9 days ago
Last October, the biggest draw to Jackson Hole's SHIFT festival—an annual conference aimed at combating the public-lands transfer movement—was a reading by Terry Tempest Williams.

Joel Clement on Why He Quit the Dept. of the Interior  -  9 days ago
Joel Clement on why he quit his job at the Department of the Interior and what’d he say to Secretary Ryan Zinke given the chance

40 Percent of NPS Employees Experience Harassment  -  9 days ago
A newly-released survey finds a culture that discourages victims from speaking out.

Bicycle Suspension Is Evil  -  9 days ago
Why it will destroy cycling, society, and the planet if we let it

The Faces of Climbing's Golden Age, as They Aged  -  10 days ago
Jim Herrington's book 'The Climbers' is a masterful tribute to the formidable characters who shaped the sport.

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