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Dan Binde Claims an FKT on the AT. Can He Prove It?  -  3 days ago
Just after 11:00 a.m. on July 19, Dan "Knotts" Binde summited Maine's Mount Kathadin, the northernmost terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Binde, who is 25, wore red compression shorts and a bright green windbreaker and had a scruffy beard and dreadlocks down to his waist.

The Death of Road Riding  -  3 days ago
Shrinking USA Cycling membership numbers... Rapidly expanding tire widths... "Adventure" bikes and gravel everything...Sometimes it can seem like good old-fashioned road riding is like totally over.

What Life’s Really Like 1,400 Feet Up a Big Wall  -  3 days ago
My last climbing project was a 2,400-foot 5.14b climb named Mora Mora. Located in Tsaranoro, Madagascar, the climb was bolted by Toti Vales and Francisco Vales in 1999, and free climbed by Adam Ondra in 2010. It had gone unrepeated since.

How to Choose Your Solar Eclipse Song (Plus 10 Ideas)  -  4 days ago
It's only going to happen once in our lifetimes—better make sure you don't screw up your soundtrack.

Less Serious Accidents in North American Mountaineering  -  4 days ago
Every year, the American Alpine Club publishes Accidents in North American Mountaineering, a compilation of notable climbing accident reports from the previous year. Flipping through the book helps climbers recognize how climbing accidents happen, common mistakes that can turn serious, and to be…

Dispatches from My Failed Attempt to Everest on a Bike  -  4 days ago
When my friend asked me if I wanted to attempt to Everest on my bike—climb the equivalent height of the 29,029-foot mountain in a single ride—I gave my answer little thought. “I’m in,” read my little blue text message. That was it.

13 stellar things to know about the sun  -  4 days ago
While eclipse mania is reaching a fever pitch, here’s what to know about the star of the show.

Can My Kids Handle a 50-Mile Bikepacking Trip?  -  5 days ago
"We're not going to ride up there, are we?" My eight-year-old daughter, Pippa, pointed to a red-dirt road winding menacingly up the side of a mesa. You could see it snaking a long way, from a long way away, grinding and switchbacking until it disappeared out of sight. Far above the road, two nearly…

Colorado’s Coolest Bike Race Is Also a Music Festival  -  5 days ago
Colorado's inaugural Velorama was a colorful combination of bike racing, music, and fan-friendly spectacle aimed at giving road racing in the US a shot in the arm.

Hunters, the Surprising Saviors of Our Public Lands  -  6 days ago
The GOP's war on public lands threatens to alienate a key part of its voting base—sport hunters.

Trees are aware of their neighbors and give them room  -  6 days ago
In 'crown shyness,' some tree species respect those nearby and keep their leaves to themselves.

The Politics of Passing  -  10 days ago
There is a fundamental truth in cycling, and it is this: When riding on a trail, it's virtually impossible to pass a walker, runner, or hiker from behind without scaring the living shit out of them.

Aidan Haley on How to Become an Adventure Filmmaker  -  10 days ago
Aidan Haley went from knocking on doors in Paris to editing a feature film.

The 50-Year Legacy of Glacier's Night of the Grizzlies  -  10 days ago
How one tragic evening revolutionized bear management in our national parks.

Gear of the Year: The Wheel  -  10 days ago
In “the outdoor industry,” people have thrown around the term “game-changing” for several years, using it to describe a new piece of gear that they think will turn a sport on its head. Like cams, which enabled climbers to efficiently protect and climb cracks, or hydration reservoir backpacks, which…

The Edge of the World: A New Book from Outside  -  11 days ago
To commemorate our 40th anniversary, we've packaged more than 140 of the best adventure photos we've ever featured

XX Factor: Vanessa Garrison Walks the Walk  -  13 days ago
The co-founder of GirlTrek explains how an organization encouraging women to head out the door became a powerhouse national movement.

How to Make Your Own Gear  -  13 days ago
Our savvy, Norwegian-folk-school-trained writer shows you how to craft your own skijoring belts and mid layers

Women Hunters and Anglers May Be the Planet's Best Hope  -  14 days ago
A new group of movers and shakers, aptly named Artemis, could be just what we need to get more politicians to care about conservation.

Mount Marathon Is the Toughest 5K on the Planet  -  17 days ago
The lights in the Seward High School gymnasium were dimmed so the dozens of people scattered across the bleachers and the shining hardwood floor could clearly see the images being projected on a large screen. There was a short video clip of a man clinging to a steep wall of earth and tree…

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