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Someone Died in a National Park During the Shutdown  -  8 months ago
A man fell from Yosemite's Nevada Fall on Christmas Day

The Wild Horses That Beat Extinction  -  8 months ago
The Przewalski horse went extinct in the wild but was reintroduced at the Seer Horse Reserve in Gobi Desert, Mongolia. These horses have managed to make an impressive comeback and their success is due in large part to the social structure of their herd.

Alaska's No Good, Very Dry Winter  -  8 months ago
Our northernmost state is also the most vulnerable to climate change

Pickathon Old Growth: Andrew Alli  -  8 months ago
We’ve partnered with Portland, Oregon’s Pickathon Music Festival to showcase some of the year’s best new music. We’re bringing you the Old Growth Series, an ongoing series that showcases musical acts live from the 2018 festival. This week, we’ve got Andrew Alli and Josh Small performing Hard…

This Couple Created a New Thru-Hike in the Northwest  -  8 months ago
Two hikers just set the only known times on the country's newest state-spanning trail system

21 Things Nobody Ever Says While Skiing  -  8 months ago
This one is not for the weekend warriors

Hot Chocolate Is Better with Coffee  -  8 months ago
We'll never speak ill of hot cocoa, but sometimes it needs an adult upgrade, especially after heading back to work post-holiday

What the Government Shutdown Looks Like in Yosemite  -  8 months ago
A longtime local's perspective on the mayhem

‘The Kora’  -  8 months ago
In southwest China, high in the Sichuan province, three peaks stand higher than the rest. For Tibetans, circling the base of these three peaks is a sacred pilgrimage called the Yading Kora. This inspired filmmaker Joey Schusler and cyclists Brice Minnigh and Sam Seward to pedal the same trail and…

Resolutions Are Meant to Be Broken  -  8 months ago
I committed to riding only one bike for all of 2018. Here’s how I did.

Jimmy and Maverick  -  8 months ago
Jimmy Anderson has developed a gentle and effective way for training horses that no longer reflects traditional "colt-breaking." Preview his remarkable relationship with his horse Maverick.

Tragedy in the Alps  -  8 months ago
Ski racers Bryce Astle and Ronnie Berlack were training for the U.S. Olympic team in Sölden, Austria, when they ventured out of bounds for a little recreational skiing. Unfortunately, the fragile snowpack gave way, and they were caught in an avalanche. Neither survived. Off Piste, a film from the…

Discovering a New Ichthyosaur  -  8 months ago
Witness the discovery of a new ichthyosaur fossil, complete with fossilized skin, but strangely missing a head.

Episode 2: Chasing the Wind | Preview  -  8 months ago
Equus "Story of the Horse" - Episode 2: Chasing the Wind | Preview

The Man Behind Most of the Ski Maps in America  -  8 months ago
The ski trail map at your local mountain was probably painted by James Niehues. Now you can see his life's work in one beautiful book.

The 8 Dumbest Things to Happen in the Outdoors in 2018  -  8 months ago
From peeing in geysers to stealing linens

Stop Tossing Your Banana Peel on the Trail  -  8 months ago
That "organic litter" you just threw? It'll still be around in a year.

Building (and Breaking) Trust in the Backcountry  -  8 months ago
Close friendships can and should develop in intense situations—but you don’t need to stick around if they get toxic

Shocking Stories of Survival  -  8 months ago
How much until you break?

How One Couple Survived the Tubbs Fire  -  8 months ago
John Pascoe and his wife, Jan, had lived in their beautiful Napa home for 38 years when the Tubbs Fire arrived suddenly at their door in October 2017

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