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Biking the North Shore's Triple Crown  -  3 days ago
From Anthill Films and Pearl Izumi, Don’t Not Go follows mountain bikers Aaron Bradford, Andrew Shandro, and Joe Schwartz as they attempt Vancouver’s Triple Crown Challenge—pedaling 8,500 vertical feet over 36 miles across three of the island’s most iconic bike trails.

10 Animal Twitter Accounts That Will Improve Your Life  -  4 days ago
You just have to unfollow all those downers first

We're Overprotecting Birds at the Expense of Climbers  -  4 days ago
Frustrated by overly cautious restrictions at cliffs, some climbers are leading efforts to create flexible, evidence-based management

The Newest Adventure Movies You Can Watch Right Now  -  4 days ago
Five brand-new films, two that are new to streaming, and one that's so secretive we aren't quite sure when it'll drop (but it should be soon!)

The Editor of the First Women's Fly-Fishing Magazine  -  4 days ago
When Jen Ripple learned the rich history of female anglers, she thought it was about time they had their own publication

Setting a Speed Record on the Nose  -  4 days ago
From 3 Strings Productions and Adidas Outdoor, The Nose Speed Ascent follows climbers Mayan Smith-Gobat and Libby Sauter as they set the women’s speed record on El Cap back in 2014.

Eric Porter Backflips From His Living Room  -  4 days ago
Our PlayNow series highlights an epic POV clip so you can get in on the action even when you’re stuck behind a desk. In this installment, mountain biker Eric Porter built a bike-in, bike-out park in his backyard so he can throw down backflips right outside of his living room.

How to Raise a Kid and a Business  -  4 days ago
Brewer, entrepreneur, and ultrarunner Caitlin Landesberg on balancing being an entrepreneur with parenthood

Are Kilian Jornet's Speed Records Too Good to Be True?  -  4 days ago
The Spanish ultra-athlete has spent the past decade crushing a generation of elite rivals and redefining the limits of human endurance. But when he notched back-to-back speed ascents of Everest in 2017, critics pounced on the claims. Nick Heil heads to Norway to find out if Jornet is truly…

Pete McBride Shot These Wildfire Photos from His Porch  -  5 days ago
Photographer Pete McBride got front-row seats to the massive Lake Christine blaze that nearly destroyed his home.

The Moments That Changed Us  -  5 days ago
Our writers talk about the incomparable thrill of experiencing something new—whether it was big or small, and regardless of how it turned out.

Ian Frazier on the Freedom of His First #Vanlife Summer  -  5 days ago
There are many noble qualities about living simple. But if you want to impress someone, for God's sake, don't tell them you live in your van.

Hillary Jordan on Her First Bear Encounter  -  5 days ago
When all else fails, run around like a raving lunatic while you swing a burning log

Pam Houston on (Finally) Finding True Love  -  5 days ago
At 55, writer Pam Houston finally let herself fall.

Susan Casey on Seeing Her First Great White Shark  -  5 days ago
Writer Susan Casey will never forget the moment she came face to face with the most feared animal in the ocean

Wells Tower on His First Kiss  -  5 days ago
After 13 agonizing years of waiting, it finally happened for writer Wells Tower—and then the moment disappeared

Nick Paumgarten on the Thrill of His First Daffy  -  5 days ago
Quite possibly the most storied, most coveted, most majestic of all tricks—held for three glorious seconds

Caroline Paul on Her First Emergency Landing  -  5 days ago
When the engine light flicks off, do you listen to the voice that says it's time to panic or the one urging you to calmly set the plane down?

Jeff Johnson on the First Time He Saved a Life  -  5 days ago
It was 1994 and writer, director, and photographer Jeff Johnson was a lifeguard on Oahu when 30-foot waves started detonating on the reef.

Struck by Lightning Redux  -  5 days ago
Most of the time, when lightning makes the news, it’s because of an outlandish happening, seemingly too strange to be true. Like the park ranger who was struck seven times. Or the survivor who also won the lottery (the chances of which are about one in 2.6 trillion). Or the guy who claimed…

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