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Thru-Hiking Goes International with These New Long-Distance Trails  -  14 hours ago
Inspired by iconic American long trails, a new generation of pioneers are creating paths for hikers and bikers the world over.

Racing a Dying Brain  -  21 hours ago
When Bob Sturtz had a stroke in the Boundary Waters, his friend Scott Pirsig had only one choice: get out and get help as fast as possible.

The 10 Best New Backpacking Meals  -  2 days ago
Heat, veggies, and new flavors abound in the 2017 class of dehydrated meals.

The Summer's Best Mystery Novels  -  2 days ago
The season’s best headlamp reads? Take your pick from several mystery series set in the wild.

The People Who Call Yellowstone Home  -  2 days ago
A new photo book documents the diverse community behind the original national park

Chickens may help solve the mysteries of the human eye  -  2 days ago
A new study on chicken embryos may help researchers understand how humans developed their sensitive daylight vision.

10 Things You Missed This Week: June 19-23  -  5 days ago
This is the best of what we wrote and read.

The Three Books That Taught Me How to Survive  -  5 days ago
Here’s three books that will hopefully upend your idea of what effective survival skills really look like, while genuinely empowering you to better enjoy nature.

A 10-Day Paddle Through Pakistan’s Gnarliest Gorge  -  5 days ago
This winter, paddlers Mike Dawson, Aniol Serrasolses, and Ciarán Heurteau set off for a ten-day trip to add their names to the history books of Pakistan’s largest river.

The Crew Building the Next Great American Thru-Hike  -  6 days ago
The Great Eastern Trail spans nine states and 1,600 miles just west of the Appalachian Trail—but private landowners, meager funding, and sluggish construction are holding up the completion of America's next big wilderness trail.

The Navy SEAL Who Snagged One of Skiing’s Most Legendary Records  -  6 days ago
Josh Jespersen took down Colorado’s 53 14ers in record time

Katie Bono Just Set the Speed Record Up Denali  -  6 days ago
On June 14 at 3 a.m., Katie Bono crawled into basecamp on Alaska’s Mount Denali, frostbitten and exhausted. Bono, 29, had left the same camp, located at 7,200 feet, at 6 a.m. the previous morning, summited the 20,310-foot peak (North America’s highest) in minus 40 degree temperatures at 8:46 p.m.,…

The palm's mortal enemy is devouring California's fronded icons  -  7 days ago
With a taste for palm hearts and up for battle, the invasive weevil has invaded So Cal and appears eager to spread.

The Hayduke Option  -  8 days ago
Mountain bikes were made for this: 450 miles of empty, achingly scenic backcountry in southern Utah, on little-known trails pieced together in the spirit of Edward Abbey. Christopher Solomon saddles up to get lost.

Magical new eclipse stamp reveals a secret moon when you touch it  -  8 days ago
In honor of the upcoming eclipse, the new USPS Forever stamp uses thermochromic ink to offer two stamps in one.

How to Introduce a Puppy to the Outdoors  -  8 days ago
From about three weeks old to three months, a dog learns its place in the world. That place should be adventure.

Natural Phenomenon Creates Awesome Waterslide at Great Sand Dunes National Park  -  8 days ago
Each spring and early summer, melting snow creates waves in Colorado

The summer solstice is coming! Here's what to know  -  9 days ago
The 2017 solstice falls on June 20 or June 21 depending on where you are ... celebrate with a crash course in curiosities about the longest day of the year.

The Cookbook to Elevate Your Campfire Dining Game  -  12 days ago
Prepare your Instagram account. Your stream is about to be filled with insane photos of glorious campfire food.

No Disc-Respect  -  12 days ago
After decades of being thought of as a pseudo-sport for longhairs, ultimate Frisbee is attracting elite athletes who are landing professional contracts. The hero of this new breed is Beau Kittredge, who looks like an NFL wide receiver, sprints like an Olympian, and jumps like Jordan.

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