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Apple Sweet Potato Hash Recipe  -  10 hours ago
Fall camping season has arrived, and this apple sweet potato hash recipe from Fresh Off the Grid is the perfect way to fuel up. Watch to learn how to make our new go-to meal for those crisp fall mornings. Pin this recipe for later here.

Patagonia Wants You to Vote  -  18 hours ago
The Time to Vote campaign, which includes almost 150 companies, gives employees time off to vote in the midterm elections

This Is the Tastiest Fly Fishing Trip  -  4 days ago
In this installment of the Hungry Life series from Yeti, chef Eduardo Garcia travels to Mexico with fellow anglers Oliver White and Hilary Hutcheson. The trio pursue saltwater’s four key sport fishing species—bonefish, permit, tarpon, and snook—and prepare a small feast for themselves and their…

NASA wants to build a civilization out of moon dust  -  4 days ago
These scientists know how to turn moon dirt into furniture.

‘Silence of the Dolomites’  -  5 days ago
Silence of the Dolomites is part of filmmaker Casper Rolsted’s timelapse series ‘Silence’, which combines original soundscapes with his imagery.

Wild Kitty Playtime  -  5 days ago
Playtime with siblings is essential for all young cats.

‘Far Out’ Trailer  -  6 days ago
From the filmmakers at Teton Gravity Research, Far Out will feature epic footage from its extensive list of creditworthy skiers like Angel Colinson, Hadley Hammer, Dane Tudor, and many more. Stay tuned for the release later this fall.

"Help! I Hate My Girlfriend's Armpit Hair"  -  6 days ago
In a world of sexist social norms, how to be respectful of what you're into while being respectful of other people's choices

Scientists just uncovered ancient signs of child labor  -  6 days ago
Kids have been digging in salt mines for thousands of years.

The Misery of Company  -  6 days ago
How I learned to do group travel—without hating everybody else

The Best New Family Camping Tents  -  6 days ago
As your family grows, so will your family's tent needs

How Guides Ski in the Backcountry  -  7 days ago
Skiing apparel company Norrona sent three of its ambassadors—Merrick Mordal, Nikolai Schirmer, and Asbjørn Eggebø Næss—to ski in the Lyngen Alps of Norway. With variable conditions, the team encountered a few close calls in which the skiers showcased their commitment to safety, open dialogue, and…

Episode 1 Preview – Extreme Lives  -  7 days ago
Meet the planet’s ultimate cats and discover their remarkable abilities.

What 'The Dawn Wall' Left Out  -  7 days ago
The long-awaited documentary showcases the world's hardest rock climb and the life of visionary Tommy Caldwell, but it goes only so far into the human element

12 things to know about the September equinox  -  7 days ago
Here's everything you need to know about the fall equinox (aka the spring equinox for those in the southern hemisphere).

Adventure Town Bookstores Worth Traveling For  -  7 days ago
Stop by and find the book or local hiking guide that will change your whole perception of a new place

The Real Solution to Cycling's "White Bro" Problem  -  8 days ago
Want to de-bro cycling? Build more and better bike lanes.

Why Hunting a Single Grizzly Bear Is Such a Big Deal  -  8 days ago
Idaho issued only a single bear tag, but conservationists are still concerned about the consequences of picking off just one bear in a state that has played an outsize role in grizzly management

The Ocean Cleanup Launches System 001  -  8 days ago
Boyan Slat, the 24-year-old founder and CEO of the Ocean Cleanup, has finally launched a system he says will rid the Great Pacific Garbage Patch of half its plastic trash in five years.

Hilaree Nelson's Bold Attempt to Ski the Lhotse Couloir  -  11 days ago
If successful, Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison would become the first people to ski the fourth-highest mountain in the world on a route that's eluded mountaineers for decades

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