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A New Vision for BLM: Oil  -  2 days ago
New "vision cards" issued by the department charged with overseeing public lands for recreation and extraction are heavy on the latter

5 Reasons We're Stoked for the Women's Climbing Fest  -  2 days ago
Get ready for three days of sending in Bishop, California

The Best Poles for Trail and Ultrarunning  -  2 days ago
Sometimes they're the difference between a PR and a DNF

Where in the Hell Is Our Cat?  -  3 days ago
A wintertime search-and-rescue drama that began with a predawn disappearance and a single terrifying clue: blood. No big deal, though. All we needed was a miracle.

Sasha Digiulian on Michigan's World-Class Ice Climbing  -  3 days ago
Every year, the Upper Peninsula town of Munising hosts the Michigan Ice Fest. This year, a certain celebrity rock climber attended and worked with professional ice climber Angela VanWiemeersch to learn to climb a different type of face.

Hurricane Irma Destroyed My Childhood Paradise  -  3 days ago
Devon O’Neil watched from a distance as Irma—one of the strongest storms to ever hit land—battered the Caribbean island of St. John with 200-mile-per-hour winds. Two months later, he returned to the place where he grew up to help clear the wreckage and process the destruction of his former home.

This Spring's Best New Running Books  -  3 days ago
A record-holding marathoner and a journalist explore how your mindset can improve your running, and your running can improve your mind

Free Love and Bioterrorism in 'Wild Wild Country'  -  3 days ago
The new Netflix docuseries tells a strange-but-true story that's set in 1980s Oregon but feels especially relevant today

'Limits of the Known' Explores a Life of Adventure  -  4 days ago
The latest book by David Roberts is a personal narrative on mortality and relationships and a polemic on the history and future of adventure

7 quirky facts about the vernal equinox  -  4 days ago
From dancing tree fairies to the reality of spring fever, there’s more to the March equinox than almost-equal night and day.

There’s Human Poop in Glacial Water  -  4 days ago
And global warming could bring more of it to the surface

Alpinists Leclerc and Johnson Died in Climb  -  5 days ago
Alaska State Troopers called off a six-day search after finding the climbers' ropes on the Mendenhall Tower

Do Drillers Want What Uncle Sam Is Selling?  -  5 days ago
On March 21, the Department of Interior will hold the largest auction of offshore leases in U.S. history, including all unleased areas on the Gulf of Mexico’s outer continental shelf. But do energy extractors actually want such land and waters?

How to Train the Next Generation of Olympians  -  6 days ago
It's not about training regimens or dietary dogma—it's about community

Krystle Wright Captures the Magic of the Ocean  -  7 days ago
Capturing life above, below, and on the ocean

Can This Group of Farmers Finally Defeat Keystone XL?  -  7 days ago
After nine years and two presidents, it's not big environmental groups with the best shot at defeating the pipeline—it's a bunch of well-organized locals.

Are the Leaders of the NPS, FWS, and BLM Illegitimate?  -  7 days ago
A legal complaint says the three leaders are in violation of a 20-year-old law and casts doubt on whether they have any authority at all

Do You Really Know What Put the Sour in Your Sour Beer?  -  9 days ago
If you've ever wondered why one sour costs $4 and another costs $12, read on. (Spoiler: One may be an impostor.)

How a One-Armed Surfer Plans to Fix Wildfires  -  9 days ago
With an environmentally friendly firefighting gel called Strong Water

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