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Seeking the Lost Art of Growing Old with Intention  -  3 days ago
In a world where our time and attention are fractured into smaller and smaller bits, legendary biologist and runner Bernd Heinrich is a throwback, a man who has carved a deep groove in his patch of Maine woods

2017 Was the Year of Women's Climbing  -  3 days ago
So why was every single one of their major accomplishments also accompanied by a swarm of questions about the routes' legitimacy?

A Realistic Defense of Skiing the East  -  3 days ago
Why one would want to ski the Ice Coast, from a diehard defender

9 Useful Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life  -  4 days ago
Give your friends something they can really sink their teeth into this holiday

The Daytona 500 of Ice Fishing  -  4 days ago
At the planet's biggest ice-fishing tournament, held every January in Brainerd, Minnesota, 10,000 contestants battle 20-below temperatures for a $150,000 purse. Ian Frazier slips and slides among wily fish, cheese curds, and some of the greatest nearly frozen anglers he's ever seen.

A Guide for Politicians Who Want to Look Outdoorsy  -  4 days ago
The do’s and don'ts of securing the outdoor-rec vote

Report: Harassment and Discrimination Rampant at DOI  -  4 days ago
A new survey across the Department of the Interior shows that it’s not just the National Park Service plagued by these issues

The Shortcut Is: There Is No Shortcut  -  4 days ago
The trick to making it look easy is a heck of a lot of hard work

'I Have Snorted Again. Will I Handstand Again?'  -  4 days ago
Big-wall climber Quinn Brett fell 100 feet while climbing El Capitan. Now paralyzed, she thinks back to her accident and reimagines her future.

The Stories You Loved Most in 2017  -  5 days ago
Revisit our best of the year—picked by you

Want to Help Save Public Land? Donate to These Groups.  -  5 days ago
The charities suing the Trump administration to save Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments—and how you can help

Learn how to work with fungi for food, medicine, & remediation  -  6 days ago
Mycologos, the world's first online mycological institute, aims to make the study and application of fungi accessible and approachable for more people.

What Sweden Teaches Us About Parenting and the Outdoors  -  6 days ago
Nine tips gleaned from the Swedish parenting playbook

Red Dawn in Lapland  -  6 days ago
Finland shares an 833-mile border with an aggressive and unpredictable neighbor. That proximity led to a major conflict during World War II—the horrific Winter War—and even now it keeps Finns nervous about Russia’s intentions. David Wolman suited up to train with the elite soldiers who will be on…

What You Think About Gear Makers Getting Political  -  9 days ago
When Patagonia, REI, and the North Face stood up to Trump’s national-monument shrinkage, did they earn more goodwill than they lost? We reviewed social comments to hear what you had to say.

Patagonia and the Federal Government Go Head to Head  -  10 days ago
Did Donald Trump "steal" public land when he shrunk two Utah national monuments on Monday? Depends on who you ask.

Op-Ed: Zinke Betrayed the Tribal Nations  -  10 days ago
By slashing the Utah monuments without listening to the sovereign indigenous voices, the secretary of the interior regressed to a time when the feds oppressed and disrespected the tribes

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