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The 40-Year-Old Scientist Who Dropped Everything to Hike the Appalachian Trail  -  7 days ago
Facing a failed marriage and an underwhelming job, Tonya Holt decided to sell her belongings, cancel her apartment lease, and set out on a six-month wilderness backpacking trip. Who she’ll be when she finishes, she isn’t sure.

This Satellite Will Be the Future of Storm Tracking  -  7 days ago
NOAA’s new satellite will make forecasting devastating storms (and epic powder days) more accurate than ever

Pilot's cockpit photos show sky's drama like you've never seen it  -  7 days ago
When off-duty in the cockpit, Ecuador Airlines pilot Santiago Borja takes photos that would make Zeus proud.

This Badass Photographer Wants to Change How We See Climbers  -  8 days ago
Irene Yee, also known as @ladylockoff on Instagram, explains how she shoots climbers of all types with an eye for authenticity

The Best New Survival Books  -  8 days ago
Outside staffers' favorite survival books of all time, plus three new (and true) stories.

The Vegetarian (and Vegan) Cookbook Smackdown  -  8 days ago
A pair of recovering carnivores, faced with too many recipe options, put five plant-based cookbooks to the test.

These Wildlife Conservationists Haven’t Given Up Hope  -  9 days ago
A new book profiles people who have devoted their lives to protecting the world’s at-risk animals

When Did Pop Culture and Nature Part Ways?  -  9 days ago
Ever since the 1950s, our books, movies, and songs have contained fewer and fewer references to flowers, birds, trees, and the outdoors. What does it all mean?

Injured plants warn neighbors of danger  -  9 days ago
Another study adds to the growing body of research on how plants can communicate with each other.

This Power Couple Runs the Only Helicopter-Rescue Team on Maui  -  9 days ago
Don and Donna Shearer’s helicopters get dispatched to rescues, James Bond sets, Jaws swells, and forest fires on the Hawaiian island.

XX Factor: Diana Nyad Goes the Distance  -  10 days ago
What does it take to swim 111 miles from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage? Passion bordering on obsession.

The Logging Company That Wants to Take Down Greenpeace  -  10 days ago
A logging company is suing Greenpeace for $220 million—and it might have a case

Will the New 'Baywatch' Movie Be Any Good?  -  10 days ago
Can Baywatch the movie succeed in carrying the sad torch of the generation-defining nineties flesh fest?

What's that tree? This app puts an arborist in your pocket  -  10 days ago
Know your trees! The Arbor Day Foundation’s tree ID guide offers a mobile version of their award winning field guide.

A Field Guide to the Common Wildflowers of the Mojave Desert  -  11 days ago
Ignore the countless images of the super bloom in your Instagram feed—the real miracle of the desert is just how much life it contains.

How Mountain Biking Is Saving Small-Town, USA  -  11 days ago
From Nevada to Minnesota, hollowed-out mining towns are seeing economic revitalization on trails and tracks that attract mountain bikers from far and wide

My Day Fighting for Public Lands on Capitol Hill  -  11 days ago
A group of the country's top rock climbers traveled to Washington last week to remind Congress that public lands are valuable assets worth protecting. Here's what I had to say.

Lhakpa Sherpa Breaks Female Everest Record with 8 Summits  -  11 days ago
The 44-year-old Nepali woman broke her own record on the world’s highest peak

How the Government Carves Up the Outdoors, By the Numbers  -  18 days ago
A tech giant helps us visualize the government’s outdoor data

A Brief History of Donald J. Trump's State Park  -  18 days ago
Long before he moved into the White House, the country’s most ruthless businessman-cum-reality-TV- personality bought a chunk of upstate New York, toyed with turning it into a golf course, and then donated it—for the tax write-off, of course.

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