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Our Editors Produced 32,508 Pounds of Carbon Emissions While Skiing This Winter  -  5 hours ago
We added up the miles we drove and flew to ski this year—and discovered just how terrible our obsession is for the planet.

Your Photos Are Getting in the Way of Your Adventure  -  5 hours ago
Want to make the strongest memories? Don’t touch the camera.

Meet the Appalachian Trail's Most Generous Trail Angel  -  9 hours ago
Jim Tabor began stashing hand-carved spoons along the Appalachian Trail in southern Pennsylvania six years ago for through-hikers to find and take with them as souvenirs. His creations have come to symbolize the generosity of the tight-knit trail community, providing people keepsakes they’ll never…

Baby Dolphin Meets ‘Spy Nautilus’  -  a day ago
Spy Nautilus, an animatronic spy camera, meets a pod of bottlenose dolphins. Among their numbers is a baby dolphin, only five days old.

How to Reason with the Climate Change Denier in Your Life  -  a day ago
A new book by two philosophy scholars imagines those very conversations. Here's what we learned from it.

Winning Isn't Everything—Just Ask the Dogs  -  2 days ago
It's the race that makes dogsledding fun—just ask the dogs.

It’s Time to Let Certain Animals Go Extinct  -  2 days ago
Conservationists don’t have enough money to save all the endangered species. How do we decide which ones live, and which ones die? A controversial new system for choosing may be coming to America soon.

How to Turn a Vacation with Kids into an Adventure  -  2 days ago
The travel tactics and tools you need to make it happen.

There's No Such Thing as a Good Dog  -  2 days ago
People love to tell me how lucky I am to have a good dog like Wiley. But they're dead wrong—there was no luck involved. Wiley's good behavior and good temperament are products of four years of hard work, nothing else. When more people understand this, more people will have "good" dogs, too.

The Outdoor Industry's Estimated GDP Contribution Gets a Big Bump  -  2 days ago
This morning in Washington D.C., the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) revealed outdoor recreation now annually contributes $887 billion in direct consumer spending to the U.S. economy—adding $200 billion to the industry’s initial estimate.

The mystery of Blood Falls finally solved  -  2 days ago
The source of Antarctica's eerie blood red falls has baffled scientists for more than a century; now new secrets have been revealed.

10 Adventurers on the Books That Changed Their Lives  -  4 days ago
We asked people who inspire us with their athletic, artistic, and environmental feats if they credit any books with setting them on their path. Turns out they do. They weren't always what we expected.

These 6 Activists Are Risking It All in the Name of Environmental Justice  -  4 days ago
The 2017 Goldman Environmental Prize winners fight mining, poaching, and deforestation—sometimes at great personal risk.

So You Want to Be a Hunter  -  7 days ago
Hunting lets you harvest your own healthy, sustainable, humane meat. Here's why you should get started with birds.

These Swimmers Are Challenging Trump’s Immigration Platform  -  7 days ago
On Cinco de Mayo, a group of swimmers will set out from a beach in San Diego and swim south, landing in Tijuana, in defiance of President Trump’s restrictions and rhetoric on immigration

Seven Brews to Celebrate the Anniversary of the Seven Summits  -  7 days ago
If you cant climb them yourself, you might as well drink like you did.

The 10 Commandments of Letting Adventurous Kids Play Team Sports  -  7 days ago
Just because they have lacrosse practice doesn't mean your outdoor adventures have to take one for the team.

Southern California is facing a serious tree catastrophe  -  7 days ago
Stricken sycamores, waning willows, ailing oaks – thanks to years of drought and invasive pests, tens of millions of trees are at imminent risk of a massive die-off.

5 Kickass Athletes Who Take Activism Seriously  -  8 days ago
Seems like everyone has a cause these days. These women are actually making good on their promises.

Rebecca Rusch’s 1,200-Mile Journey to Find Her Father’s Crash Site  -  8 days ago
In 1972, the father of four-time world champion mountain biker Rebecca Rusch died when his plane was shot down over Laos during the Vietnam War. She was three years old at the time. More than 40 years later, Rusch decided to set out on the 1,200-mile Ho Chi Minh Trail in search of her father’s…

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