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Jared Goff’s appreciation of Derek Carr’s contract is premature, at best

Many people have said many things about the contract signed last week by Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. On person who has said things about the deal perhaps shouldn’t, at least not yet. “Awesome to see that happen to a guy like him in this league,” Rams quarterback Jared Goff said Tuesday during a…

Drew Brees: Terron Armstead injury big blow for Saints  -  6 hours ago
The Saints lost left tackle Terron Armstead to shoulder surgery last week, and Drew Brees wasn't shy in telling reporters what the loss means for the team. He called Armstead's injury a 'big blow.'

Brandon Marshall says goal is Super Bowl, not statistics

Brandon Marshall accepts his role with the Giants. In fact, the veteran is more than OK with not being the feature receiver for the first time since 2006 when he was a rookie with the Broncos. “They were clear with me we have a No. 1 receiver that’s not even in his prime yet, and…

Drew Brees admits Saints are dealing with “some tough circumstances”

The Saints have Super Bowl aspirations. To get there, someone will have to step up at a couple of key positions. “We’ve got some tough circumstances we’re dealing with right now,” Brees told Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Starting left tackle Terron Armstead will miss several…

Vince Young expresses lingering bitterness toward Jeff Fisher

The Titans made Vince Young the third overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft, and he played five seasons in Tennessee, all for coach Jeff Fisher. Young doesn’t think Fisher did much to help him develop as a franchise quarterback. Young detailed for Sports Illustrated all the ways he felt mistreated by…

All bets are off: Supreme Court to review sports betting ban  -  8 hours ago
The state of sports gambling could undergo a major shift now that the federal governement has officially been involved.

It’s still too early to come to any conclusions on Kirk Cousins

The never ending news cycle abhors a vacuum. So when nothing is going on generally, specific situations in which nothing is going on get dusted off from time to time. Enter the Kirk Cousins situation, which periodically will become the focal point of #breakingnews as the true pay-or-get-off-the-pot…

Richard Sherman: 'Made up' Russell Wilson story could easily apply to Tom Brady  -  9 hours ago
Sherman thinks that all quarterbacks on all NFL teams get treated better than anybody else

Carson Palmer: You never know when your last year is going to be

Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer said recently that he doesn’t think his age is a reason to bet against him and the team this season and pointed to other quarterbacks who have won the Super Bowl with more experience than Palmer’s 14 NFL seasons. Tom Brady was one example cited by Palmer and he…

Cam Newton: I don't always need to be the playmaker  -  9 hours ago
The Carolina Panthers added RB Christian McCaffrey and WR Curtis Samuel in the 2017 NFL Draft. Cam Newton says the revamped offense is alleviating pressure off of his shoulders.

Wife buys husband a Miami Dolphins helmet to wear during their wedding  -  10 hours ago
He can thank his wife for already embracing his love of "everything Miami."

Bueno deal: Restaurant signs Taco Charlton  -  11 hours ago
Cowboys rookie Taco Charlton has gotten and endorsement deal with Mexican restaurant chain Taco Bueno.

Twitter reacts to Bill Belichick's 'romantic' photo with girlfriend  -  11 hours ago
Twitter reacts to funny picture of Bill Belichick and girlfriend, Linda Holliday.

Taco Charlton finally gets his taco endorsement deal

The day after the Cowboys drafted defensive end Taco Charlton in the first round, the Dallas Morning News‘ headline read “Taco Bueno.” Given how well his name would work for purposes other than headlines, it was only a matter of time before Charlton landed an endorsement deal related to his first…

Taco Charlton fulfills his destiny by signing an endorsement deal with Taco Bueno  -  12 hours ago
Taco Bueno has been angling for a deal with Charlton ever since he was drafted

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