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Lemony Massaged Kale Salad  -  2 days ago
Lemony Massaged Kale Salad is easy to make & packed with vibrant, nutritious ingredients. If you're looking for a twist on your everyday salad, this is it!

How to Make Cauliflower Toast  -  2 days ago
Want to pack more veggies into your day? Learn how to make Cauliflower Toast! It's low carb, gluten-free, high protein, and easy to meal prep too.

Good for Your Gut Health: Sweet Curry Coleslaw  -  2 days ago
This month’s Recipe Redux theme is Gut Health. So I’ve used a commonly known Probiotic food — Yogurt! But I wanted something a little different (nope, not a smoothie, nor a smoothie bowl, nor parfait or a yogurt-based spread). I decided to use it with Trader Joe’s Kolrabi & Kale Greens blend for a…

October, National Apple Month: Health Benefits and Recipes

Health Benefits Apple is a fruit rich in antioxidants and a good source of fiber. Quercetin is an antioxidant found in apples and ma...

Friday Favorites: Boston & Boss Ladies  -  3 days ago
Friday Favorites: Recent Trip to Boston Loved getting to meet (in person) the Boss Ladies from Designed to Fit Nutrition! Happy Friday favorite people on the internet! This week’s edition of Friday Favorites is going to be all about a city that I live 3 hours from and seem to frequent every few…

Business Travel without the Weight Gain  -  4 days ago
Yes, business travel without weight gain! Here's what experienced business travelers suggest to prevent overeating in restaurants, what snacks to pack...

Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken Burrito Bowls  -  4 days ago
Salsa Verde Chicken Burrito Bowls If you have been short on time in the last oh, I don’t know, DECADE, you have probably found yourself standing in line at someplace like Chipotle. I’ve been there, no shame, and it has been the food I needed to get me through the day. However, sometimes I…

easy trader joe’s recipe: chicken & vegetable curry  -  4 days ago
Easy Trader Joe’s recipe for a quick dinner at home: chicken, sweet potatoes, and green beans all cooked together in a flavorful thai curry sauce.

2 New Ways to Fix Potatoes  -  4 days ago
Asheville Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Denise Barratt shares some of her favorite recipes to make tomatoes. Check out a them out and give them a try!

Tips to Streamline Your Morning Routine  -  4 days ago
Thank you to The Quaker Oats Company for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. As life has gotten busier, having a streamlined morning routine has always been something that was important to me. I certainly didn’t want to skip out on breakfast just to get some extra sleep, but I…

Podcast Episode #318: Fasting & Crippling Stomach Aches  -  4 days ago
In this week's Balanced Bites podcast, Diane & Liz discuss fasting, digestive issues and warm foods, and safer skincare & retinoids.

Instant Pot Turkey & Quinoa Mexican Protein Power Bowl  -  4 days ago
So, a few weeks ago I got an instant pot. Best. Decision. Ever.  Opening our new Instant Pot from Sally Twellman on Vimeo. And I made this recipe in it that every night.  It is a mix between this Stove Top Mexican Black Bean Skillet and this Protein Power Bowl. It’s really a simple, healthy recipe,…

3 Healthy Halloween Snacks  -  4 days ago
These three healthy Halloween snacks are quick and easy to make, fun for class parties, and feature fresh apples and pears.

Spiced Apple Bundt Cake with Apple Almond Butter Frosting (Paleo, Gluten Free)  -  5 days ago
A paleo, gluten-free Spiced Apple Bundt Cake with a delicious Apple Almond Butter Frosting is the perfect dessert for fall.

Foodtrainers’ Favorites from the Bulletproof Conference  -  5 days ago
We’ve been busy. Yesterday, we launched our pretty, newonline shop . Unexpectedly, our curated products have become popular and so we ne...

Harvest of the Week: Passion & Pasta Fagioli Soup  -  5 days ago
If you are feeling stuck or indecisive, this post shares what you can learn from a garden to grow more of your passion, & a recipe for Pasta Fagioli Soup!

How to Get your Husband and Kids to Love Salads – 5 fail-proof tips + 6 recipes!

How to get your husband and kids to LOVE salads - 5 fail-proof tips + 6 amazing salad recipes to win over even the pickiest eaters!

The “If It Works for Me, It Will Work for You” Mentality  -  6 days ago
Cu If It Works for Me, It Will Work for You (or will it….) Hi friends, I’m feeling a bit ranty today, so I’ll do my best to get to the point, no promises 🙂 I usually post on Mondays, but I am a day late, what are you going to do about it! Currently,...Read More »

Health Benefits of Glucomannan  -  6 days ago
You may have seen glucomannan listed in the ingredient list of some products and thought gluco … what? Another preservative? Friend or foe? You’ll probably be seeing a lot more if it. I first saw it as the main ingredient...

steak quesadillas  -  6 days ago
Steak Quesadillas are an easy dinner recipe, perfect for busy weeknights and family-friendly.

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