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Weekend in Albany: Fort Orange Brewing, The Shop, Poke Bar & Indian Ladder Farms  -  a day ago
Weekend in Albany, NY This past weekend I spent my time enjoying a lot of what Albany has to offer. Ever since getting back from Austin, I’ve been craving getting out and about. While I love cooking and eating at home, I also love going out. What can I say, I’m incredibly extroverted and…

Double Pepper Mango Salsa  -  2 days ago
A tasty mango salsa recipe that includes two different peppers! Serve this Double Pepper Mango Salsa as a snack or on top of fish or meat.

Pecan Butter and Peach Jam Crumble Bars  -  2 days ago
These Pecan Butter and Peach Jam Crumble Bars are my go-to cookie recipe right now for summer picnics and snacks. They are easy to make and freeze well!

Strawberry Mocha Milkshake  -  2 days ago
This strawberry mocha milkshake is just what the doctor ordered this summer. Drink this post workout or as a mid day pick me up!

Trail Mix Date Energy Balls  -  3 days ago
Jump to Recipe Print RecipeTrail Mix Date Energy Balls are the perfect bite-size no bake snack that’s nutrient dense and healthy. Ever since my friend Jule introduced me to date energy balls, my life has changed. A few months ago I made strawberry almond energy balls with dates, and it’s my most…

Six  -  3 days ago
Six years ago, I rolled into Seattle in a Porsche with Texas plates. I was wearing flip flops. And I now realize that was a poor choice. When I stopped to pump gas, the look on the gas station attendant’s face said it all: I was indeed a moron. There I was, standing in an inch of …

Easy Guacamole Recipe  -  3 days ago
Guacamole is one of the easiest (and I'll argue healthiest) snacks to make this summer, and year round.

Grilled Turkey Kebabs  -  3 days ago
A quick marinade makes these Grilled Turkey Kebabs flavorful and juicy. This is a quick, family-friendly weeknight meal your kids will enjoy!

What You Should Look For When Buying Supplements  -  3 days ago
USP is an independent, not-for-profit organization that sets federally recognized public standards of quality for medicines, dietary supplements, and food ingredients. It's important to find supplements with the USP Verified label because they ensure that what you read on the label is what you're…

Nutritious Anytime Muffins  -  3 days ago
Once upon a time, in (what feels like) a galaxy far, far away, I had two wee babes and one tasty muffin recipe. Those babes are …

Coffee, Fried Chicken, And Ice Cream  -  3 days ago
So many things have been happening since I last posted, which is funny because life is going to be a a billion times busier the next few weeks. My last day of work was wonderful.  I did end up doin…

My Current Mood: The Media’s Warped Foodscape  -  4 days ago
I have been having a rough time sitting down to focus on my writing lately. I’ve been writing a regular nutrition column of some sort since 1995 when I penned my first column for the local Me…

4 Lesser-Known Ways You Can Reduce Fat  -  4 days ago
The concept of losing weight has become an obsession in us all. We are bombarded with images in the media which portray beautiful female and male models. The promotion of these body images creates social pressure that makes us feel insecure about ourselves. So, what is body image? According to…

Want to Build Muscle? It Takes More Than Just Protein  -  4 days ago
Protein is important for building muscle, but other nutrients are important, too. To build muscle mass, ensure that you have the right balance of nutrients.

I’m writing a(nother) book!  -  4 days ago
Big news over here... I'm writing another book! (spoiler alert - it's on keto!)

In-N-Out Style Turkey Burger  -  4 days ago
You'll love this In-N-Out Style Turkey Burger recipe! It's easy to make and FULL of flavor. The turkey burger is topped with caramelized onions and an irresistible special sauce!

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry (plus one delicious recipe!)

An article on the obesity epidemic once ran in our local paper with the headline “Eat, drink, and be sorry.” Eat, drink, and be SORRY? The actual quote reads, “Eat, drink, and be merry, so th…

Smoking and Fertility: What You Need to Know  -  7 days ago
You know smoking is not a healthy habit--but find out how other's habits can affect you and your partner's fertility. It's even worse if you are trying IVF.

Should You Try the Keto Diet for PCOS?  -  7 days ago
Melissa Groves, RDN | Functional medicine nutrition | Women's health (fertility, PMS, PCOS), thyroid, adrenals, weight, and food allergies | NH Seacoast | Portsmouth 03801

Balsamic Strawberry Tofu Salad  -  8 days ago
Looking for a new food to move you out of your comfort zone? Try Toss'ables - ready to eat tofu that is pre-seasoned in this recipe for Balsamic Strawberry Tofu Salad.

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