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Chicken and Spinach Enchilada Casserole

In this healthy updated version of a chicken enchilada casserole, I made a homemade cream sauce and added spinach which boosted the nutrition while still keeping the comforting taste of the origina…

Book Review: Food Sanity

In his book , Dr. David Friedman, holistic practitioner and syndicated radio health expert, explores research behind controversial nutriti...

Spicy Sweet Potato Dip

Move over classic chickpea hummus. Sweet potatoes are the new “it” food. Not only are they packed with nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorus and fiber; sweet potatoes are a low glycemic index food. Serve this creamy, spicy sweet potato dip warm and with crunchy celery and jicama sticks.

Hazelnut-Almond Milk  -  4 days ago
This hazelnut-almond milk is perfect for pouring over cereal or hot oatmeal, adding to coffee or tea, making chia pudding, or drinking on its own! One sip and you will be longing for more! I know, you are probably wondering why you should make homemade nut milk when it’s so easy to buy. It’s…

Homeopathic Pseudoscience?

Homeopathic medicines have the unique quality of claiming they are formulated by the “idea that “like cures like.” That is, if a substance causes a symptom in a healthy per…

Don’t Ask Your Picky Eater To Eat New Foods. Do This Instead!  -  5 days ago
Frustrated by your picky eater? Here's the secret to helping kids become more familiar and comfortable around new foods.

Curried Lentil Soup {Vegan + Gluten Free}  -  5 days ago
The Easiest Curried Lentil soup is vegan, protein packed and naturally gluten free. Perfect for a simple meatless meal.

Cheers to my Fellow Dietitians!  -  6 days ago
Happy Registered Dietitian Day! Yes, we get a day all to ourselves. Ummmmm, wait, I mean almost to ourselves. We share the day with Pi Day and Potato Chip Day, so you could say it’s all about balance, right?! Sure, we’ll go with that. That being said I wanted to give a shout out to...Read More »

Happy National Registered Dietitian Day!  -  6 days ago
It's crazy to think I've been a registered dietitian for almost 4 years now!  I am so lucky to be in this career that I really love.  I get to talk and think about food

Blueberry Banana Protein Smoothie Bowl  -  7 days ago
A refreshing smoothie bowl packed with nourishing plant proteins and bursting with banana and berry flavor.

easy cauliflower fried rice  -  7 days ago
Easy 15 minute recipe for cauliflower fried rice. It's a filling meal full of veggies!

Beet Tahini Sauce  -  7 days ago
Melissa Groves, RDN | Functional medicine nutrition | Women's health (fertility, PMS, PCOS), weight loss, and food allergies | NH Seacoast | Portsmouth 03801

Postpartum Body, Fitness + Running Update  -  7 days ago
Hi guys! Exciting news… over the weekend I jogged about 3/4 of a mile (with some walking breaks in there) – the first time I’ve been able to do that since last summer! I was heading out to take Freyja for a quick walk solo and decided last minute to swap out my nursing tankContinue Reading …

Super Soft Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

The best gluten free peanut butter cookies - super soft with the perfect combo of salty and sweet! (Dairy free, refined sugar free)

All About Buying Fish and Seafood at ALDI  -  7 days ago
New to buying fish at ALDI? Here's what they have to offer--plus some good news about their commitment to sustainability.

Bean Bytes 270  -  7 days ago
Hi friends! Time for another round of Bean Bytes! Here are some good reads and recipes from the past couple of weeks. Good Reads: Detailed Truths About the Ketogenic Diet via The Real Life RD International Women’s Day 2018: #IAMENOUGH via Flooring Inc. How to Help Someone With Cancer via A Healthy…

Are You A Short-Order Cook? The Truth About Making Separate Meals For Your Kids  -  8 days ago
HERE'S WHY BEING A SHORT-ORDER COOK MIGHT PERPETUATE PICKY EATING HABITS Getting dinner on the table every night can be a struggle, and it’s compounded when you make separate meals to please picky palates. Now instead of spending 30 minutes on a family meal, you may be spending 60 minutes…

Healthier Shamrock Shake  -  8 days ago
A twist on the traditional shake, this Healthier Shamrock Shake is creamy and dairy free. Garnish with dark chocolate for an amazing St. Patrick's Day treat.

Revenge Body is a Toxic Idea  -  9 days ago
Revenge Body is a great example of diet culture disguised as “wellness”, a sneaky method too many people fall for.

Unlock the potential of food & teach your kids how to meal prep!  -  9 days ago
March is Nutrition Month and we are unlocking the potential of food. This month Unlock the potential of food & teach your kids how to meal prep!

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