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Cam Newton rated least consistent passing QB in NFL  -  21 hours ago
This gives you an idea of the task before new Panthers OC Norv Turner

Panthers 2018 season opener countdown: 56 days to go  -  a day ago
As we count down the days until our beloved Carolina Panthers officially kickoff the 2018 season, we take a look at the players on the roster with the corresponding jersey numbers.

4 key players who may be entering their last year with the Panthers  -  2 days ago
The Carolina Panthers have several key players who are set to retire at the end of this season, and if not then soon after. That transition will be a tremendous challenge for general manager Marty …

Cam Newton charity hosting Hometown Gala in Atlanta tonight  -  2 days ago
Whenever Panthers quarterback Cam Newton throws an interception or snubs a reporter’s question, it’s almost bound to become a news story. Every mistake he makes seems to bring up old na…

Panthers: Can Spartanburg make their push to save training camp?  -  2 days ago
The city wants to keep the Carolina Panthers where they're at.... Let me start by saying this: I have total respect for anyone who wants to keep Carolina P...

Watch: Panthers kicker Graham Gano gets in early morning practice  -  2 days ago
It’s a common misconception that NFL players have an offseason. In order to stay competitive, they have little choice but to train and practice throughout the calendar year. Even kickers on S…

Questions about Cam Newton's future in Carolina if things don't turn around  -  2 days ago
Just three years ago, Cam Newton was the league’s MVP who led the Panthers to a 15-1 record and a Super Bowl appearance. The past two years haven’t gone nearly as well for him, and now Newton is on the “hot seat” according to David Newton of He n

Panthers: Statistically Finding Andrew Norwell’s Replacement  -  2 days ago
Offensive line stalwart Andrew Norwell's exit this offseason left a gaping hole at left guard for the Carolina Panthers. Let's use some rough st...

Panthers 2018 season opener countdown: 57 days to go  -  2 days ago
As we count down the days until our beloved Carolina Panthers officially kickoff the 2018 season, we take a look at the players on the roster with the corresponding jersey numbers.

David Tepper: 'Whatever that was, was. This is now.'  -  2 days ago
David Tepper promises a safe and family-friendly working environment for the Panthers upon his arrival.

Panthers: Team should wait until 2019 for accurate offensive assessment  -  2 days ago
The Carolina Panthers should wait to determine "peaks and valleys".... It is certainly a good goal for the Carolina Panthers to have. Whether or ...

David Tepper plans to bring Steelers' philosophy with him  -  2 days ago
David Tepper doesn't plan to make many changes to Panthers' football side upon his arrival.

David Tepper explains what he wants in a new team president  -  2 days ago
David Tepper wants to bring in a team president who sees eye-to-eye with his philosophies.

Report: Statue was made non-negotiable by Jerry Richardson  -  3 days ago
Jerry Richardson reportedly wanted to do whatever it took to keep his statue up outside Bank of America Stadium.

Panthers: A new practice facility is a must for the team  -  3 days ago
The Carolina Panthers would be wise to build a new practice facility and that may be coming soon.... Listen up Carolina Panthers fans. It appears a new pra...

Panthers fall flat in Madden simulation  -  3 days ago
The Panthers nation would be less than pleased after a season like this.

The Panthers' Top 20 Most Important Players for 2018: No. 16  -  3 days ago
The Panthers' veteran defensive end has turned into a vital piece of the team's defense.

Ryan Kalil on Cam Newton: 'His mind goes 100 miles an hour'  -  3 days ago
It takes a sharp and creative mind to make it in the NFL as a starting quarterback. Despite what you may have heard from certain low-information football fans on Facebook, Panthers QB Cam Newton ac…

Carolina Panthers: Why D.J. Moore is a potential candidate for the 2018 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year  -  3 days ago
The NFL has become a passing league for quite some time now. Quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Bree’s, and Tom Brady have all thrived in the new league as they’ve thrown for over 4,500 passing yards multiple times in the past few years. Now, with the n

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