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On Being The Stubborn Parent Of A Stubborn Child  -  2 days ago
A huge aspect of the general ethos of parenting is finding teachable moments. But stubborn kids don’t want to learn from teachable moments.

Offer Support, Not Judgment: Autism Meltdowns Are NOT From Lack Of Discipline  -  2 days ago
Autism mothers have been blamed for their kids’ behavior since the refrigerator mother theory, and probably long before. This couldn’t be more wrong.

Pink Shares a Super-Cute Video of Her Daughter Willow Talking About the Tooth Fairy  -  2 days ago
The singer, who is currently across the pond with her family, interviewed her daughter on-camera about her latest loose tooth.

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Dish About Baby Names & Playdates With Other 'Hills' Stars' Kids  -  2 days ago
The former reality stars couldn't sound more nervous and excited to welcome their son!

Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott & Husband Chris Tyrell Are Expecting Twins  -  2 days ago
Hillary Scott and her husband Chris Tyrell announced that they are expecting not one but two rainbow babies!

Today. Tomorrow. Forever.  -  2 days ago
I am an only child. So, having three kids is a bit of a test for me. I’m being honest! My childhood was… quiet. It was simple. It was just me and my mom. We would watch TV on the sofa together. We would knit blankets. We would read or try to do the crossword puzzle. Ok, she would do the crossword…

New Research Shows Long-Term Efficacy In Peanut Allergy Treatment  -  2 days ago
New research shows long-term efficacy for peanut allergy treatment in children, showing no reactions even four years after initial treatment.

Mazzy and Harlow’s Magical House Tour  -  2 days ago
Mazzy and Harlow are giving a tour of our summer house, but this is not your regular room tour— there are several secret passageways involved! This video was 100% conceived and directed by Mazzy.

Why I Decided To Take My 5-Year-Old To Counseling  -  3 days ago
If you feel like parenting advice just isn’t cutting it, I urge you to turn to a counselor. With a little professional guidance, it can be easier.

Dad Mends Daughter's Broken Heart, Wins the Internet  -  3 days ago
Aw! You'll love what this sweet dad did for his daughter when she going through a tough breakup—and the daughter's touching tribute to him.

Derek & Hannah Jeter Welcome a Baby Girl With an Absolutely Beautiful Name  -  3 days ago
Congratulations are in order for the MLB legend and his wife Hannah Davis Jeter!

Pregnant Meteorologist Addresses Body Shamers With Impassioned Speech  -  3 days ago
Kelsey McEwen spoke out after a viewer called her maternity wear "disgusting."

This Mom is Creating Adorable Party Supplies That Showcase Diversity  -  3 days ago
When event planner and mom Lynnette Abbott realized there weren't many party supplies out there that represented her own children, she

What Adopting My Daughter With Cerebral Palsy Taught Me About Being Strong  -  3 days ago
One mommy blogger shares her struggles with fertility, the painful loss of family, and what it means to be a mother to a child with special needs.

The Silver Lining of My Parenting Mistakes  -  3 days ago
I could do lots of things differently with my kids, but I’m so glad I don’t.

Future ER Doc? Brave 10-Year-Old Helps Deliver His Brother—and Saves His Mom's Life  -  3 days ago
A 10-year-old is credited with staying calm and saving the lives of his mom and new baby brother.

This Windex Commercial Will Give You All the Feels  -  3 days ago
Warning: Grab the tissues. Beyond-emotional commercial ahead.

Childcare and Working Parents: The Juggle Is Real  -  3 days ago
You can’t afford spiraling child-care costs, but you can’t afford not to work. Either way, you have no financial safety net.

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