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My Last Child Has Kindergarten Orientation Today And I’m Not OK  -  3 hours ago
Today, I cried a bit this morning. And if I am being really honest with you… I can’t stop. I wrote a post on Instagram (that I cannot read without sobbing…

What To Do (And Not Do) When A Friend Has A Child With Special Needs  -  16 hours ago
These pet peeves are situations that I have personally gone through, but I’m sure my other special needs parent comrades can relate.

31 Things I Want My Middle-School Son To Know  -  16 hours ago
To my middle-school son: You will make mistakes. Do and say dumb things. Have some regrets. But, you will also overcome.

How Today’s Kindergarten Is so Different Than It Used to Be  -  19 hours ago
The kindergarten of today is very different than that of kindergarten only a few decades ago. Parents and researchers ask: What is the cost to our children?

This Mom Might Make Parents Rethink Their Screen Time Guilt  -  19 hours ago
What the creator of your kids' favorite shows has to say about media consumption.

10 Travel Destinations to Take the Kids Before They Grow Up  -  20 hours ago
If your kids want to see fairytale magic, hold off on that trip to Disney Land and consider one of these real-life fairytale destinations.

10 Gifts for a New Mom That Will Make Life Easier  -  21 hours ago
Mother's Day for a new mom is magical and full of feelings that she'll remember for a lifetime. And, if she's lucky, full of some excellent gifts too.

What Newborns Being Allowed on the Senate Floor Means for the Rest of Us Moms  -  a day ago
Could this new rule be the start of more family-friendly policies everywhere?

Chrissy Teigen is Proud to Raise Her Children in a Generation Where Kids Create the Change  -  a day ago
“Now seeing these kids stand up and pave the way makes me feel so much better about the way my kids are going to grow up and frustrated about the fact

How Kelly Clarkson Is Raising Her 'Ballsy' 3-Year-Old Daughter to Be 'Kind' and 'Brave'  -  a day ago
Kelly Clarkson‘s two children (and two stepchildren) all have their own unique personalities, but at 3½, one of them is already showing future CEO pot

8 Places to Take Your Unicorn Obsessed Kid in NYC  -  a day ago
After seeing photos of unicorn ice cream flood my Instagram feed, I decided to take the girls to Taiyaki, the makers of these Insta-famous treats. That was just the beginning of my unicorn journey.

How Khloé Kardashian Has 'Already Learned So Much' About Being a Mom from Her Sisters  -  a day ago
As a new mom, lucky Khloé Kardashian has a huge perk: three sisters who have done the whole parenthood thing before her.

How to be a Unicorn, According to Harlow  -  a day ago
If anybody wants to know what it takes to be a unicorn, please give Harlow your FULL ATTENTION.

23 Things Your Unicorn-Obsessed Kid Needs  -  a day ago
Mazzy wants all things unicorn. Unicorn clothes, unicorn stuffies and pretty much any unicorn related item she can get her hands on. And there are QUITE a few, it turns out.

World’s Largest Lego Titanic Replica, Built by Young Autistic Boy, On Display in Tennessee  -  a day ago
The staggering model took 56,000 Lego bricks and 700 hours to complete.

Charlize Theron Gets Real About Motherhood: 'Sometimes I Lose My Mind'  -  a day ago
Charlize Theron knows motherhood can be really, really challenging.  “Raising kids is not through rose-colored lenses. There is real grit to i...

Mom Illustrates The Chaos, Confusion And Joy Of Parenting  -  a day ago
Anna Lewis created Sketchy Muma to document her daughter's early years.

New Zealand Prime Minister Will Make History By Taking Maternity Leave  -  a day ago
The Prime Minister of New Zealand is leading the way for working mamas everywhere as she plans to take a six-week maternity leave when her child is born.

Summer Style: Moms, Girls & Boys  -  a day ago
Pop Quiz: Summer’s coming, adventure calls, but you only get to pack ONE suitcase for you and your kids. What to put in it? I got you covered. I scoured the Internet for the cutest summer styles for boys, girls and moms and packed all my favorites into one post. We have exactly six weeks... {Read…

How to Survive a Sleepover  -  a day ago
Sleepovers for parents can be --- ahem --- a bit challenging or, at the least, exhausting. Which is why we love this infographic from MattressOnline with tips on how to host one --- and still make sure you all get some good zzzs.

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