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This International Day of Peace, Start a Kindness Challenge!  -  2 hours ago
This International Day of Peace, get your family on any of these 5 Kindness Challenges and help inspire a local movement toward world peace.

The Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week (Sept. 15-21)  -  3 hours ago
"*Starts a GoFundMe to replace all the patience my kids have taken*"

Overscheduled Kids: How Many Activities is Too Many?  -  6 hours ago
Nutrition, independence, bullying, academics….and now overscheduling.  Parents struggle to balance an enormous amount of issues when it comes to their children.  Everyone has an opinion, but how many activities are too many when it comes to our kids? Over the past two decades, a raging debate…

5 Questions You Never Thought to Ask Your Midwife or OB  -  6 hours ago
Choosing a midwife or an OB can be a daunting task, but the right questions during the interview can help you find the support you want during pregnancy.

Fall Into A Fresher Face With Mad Hippie’s Skincare Line  -  6 hours ago
Fall brings changes to a mama's skin, but we've got some pretty great products by the amazing Mad Hippie Company for you to bring into your beauty routine!

Calm Down, Folks — Prom And Homecoming Are Just Dances  -  6 hours ago
Calm the eff down, youngsters. It’s just a dance.

Please Stop Asking When We’re Having Another Baby  -  6 hours ago
Just because a woman has one child doesn't mean she wants to or can have another.

Why I’m Still Pumping Milk For My Toddler  -  6 hours ago
While I'm pumping for my daughter, a part of me is also pumping for me.

Why I Let My Kids Dress Themselves For School  -  7 hours ago
Though they sometimes come downstairs looking like the before version of a participant on "Queer Eye," I am glad my kids dress themselves.

Keep Your Sick Kids Home Before You (Literally) Kill Somebody  -  7 hours ago
I don’t know how to say this any clearer: If you are sick, stay the f*ck home.

The Coolest Twinkle Lights on the Block  -  10 hours ago
This post is sponsored by BeatSync lights, coolest twinkle lights around. Keep reading, but you know how I feel about twinkle lights and in case you missed that first sentence, THE COOL CLUB TWINKLE LIGHTS ARE SPONSORING THIS POST, AND MY PROFESSIONAL GOALS FOR LIFE HAVE BEEN MET. Carry on. So, you…

When Your Tween Or Teen No Longer Wants You Around  -  21 hours ago
This sudden push out of the parenting nest feels hurtful.

How to Fix Mazzy and Harlow’s Sleep Problems According to an Expert  -  a day ago
My kids share a room which is not a problem except when it comes to bedtime. I talked to a professional sleep consultant to see what she suggests.

My Experience With Prodromal Labor: Why Its Hard and How To Survive  -  a day ago
I never expected to go almost two weeks past my third baby’s due date. The hardest part was the prodromal labor that I experienced every day for a month.

German Boy Protests Parents’ Screen Time Overuse  -  a day ago
A young German boy organized a campaign to encourage parents to put their phones down and play with their children more in this digital world.

Milk Banks Open For Australian Premature Babies  -  a day ago
Two Milk Banks opened in Australian hospitals in order to meet the needs of vulnerable premature babies in Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Washington D.C. in Three Days  -  a day ago
It isn’t the most ideal situation to wake up and begin the morning hustle after three days away, but we did it. We slid back into our sobering routine of slipping lunch boxes into backpacks and herding kids with half-brushed hair out the door to make it to school on time this morning when the...…

Let’s Be Clear, My Preschooler’s Outfit Isn’t The Problem  -  a day ago
What are we as a society teaching our daughters with school dress codes?

Why Kids Of All Ages Should Use Their Fingers During Math Class  -  a day ago
Turns out, counting on your fingers is actually a positive thing.

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