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Someone Is Getting Tired Of Celebrating  -  2 hours ago
We had such an eventful day yesterday. I will get more into that later on today. Right now, I want to focus on my little boy and all the expectations we are placing on him. After a full day in the city, a visit with grandma, and then impromptu shopping for last minute school clothing for Liam, we…

These Century-Old Letters To Santa Will Melt Your Cold And Cynical Heart  -  7 hours ago
Here's what children once hoped to get for Christmas.

When Your Kid Is A Lying Liar-Pants  -  11 hours ago
Lying is just a part of kids learning to solve problems, but going about it in a really crappy way.

I Realized My Daughter Was Becoming A ‘Mean Girl,’ And This Is What I Did  -  15 hours ago
It’s simply not enough to instruct your children to “be nice!” You’ve got to be more specific than that.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Nursing To Sleep  -  15 hours ago
We do it because nursing our kids to sleep is like heaven. The softest, sweetest embrace. And why deprive them of that?

Study: Teen Girls Say Pressure to “Sext” Outweighs Consequences  -  a day ago
A new study illustrates that teenage girls are feeling pressure to “sext,” but feel confused and reluctant to seek guidance from adults.

This Is What Parenting A Child With Special Needs Is Really Like  -  a day ago
This journey is hard. It’s the hardest thing I have ever done.

Dear Kids, This Is What I Mean When I Say ‘I Don’t Care If You Are Mad At Me’  -  a day ago
We do care when our kids are mad at us. Just not enough to open every door, sacrifice our kids safety, or let our kids act like a**holes.

The ‘Spoon Theory’ Helps Explain What It’s Like To Struggle With Chronic Illness  -  a day ago
Because people living with chronic illness can appear “fine,” it can be hard for others to understand what they are going through.

Easy Recipe: Best Gingerbread Cookies Ever  -  2 days ago
They're adorable, fun to decorate, and great with a cup of milk — gingerbread people are my favorite Christmas cookies, and this is my favorite recipe.

Before You Buy A Sex Toy, Read This  -  2 days ago
Sex toys can be a fun way to add some extra spice to your sex life, but there are a few things you need to know first.

The Reality Of A Rainbow Pregnancy  -  3 days ago
Being pregnant again after stillbirth isn’t about baby showers and gender reveals; it’s more 2 a.m. hospital visits and crying on the shower floor.

Dear Daughter…  -  3 days ago
My 5am alarm clock jolts me to consciousness with a sharp noise  I sprint with a bottle sloshing around and then I grab some toys  When you scream so loud others run away and flee But I’m here listening trying to appear as calm as can be  You need my arms for hours a day to make …

Despicable Me 3 Christmas Crafts: Clay Minions  -  3 days ago
The post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Remember all those times I told you how much we love the Minions and the Despicable Me movies? Well, if not, here’s a reminder, LOL!! But, seriously, the nights I treasure the most are the quite ones where everyone is home with…

10 Holiday Stories From Around The World  -  3 days ago
The holiday season varies in different parts of the world, with many traditions probably similar to your own, and others very different.

10 Ways TV Series “This Is Us” Really Gets Parenting  -  3 days ago
I’ve been hooked on This Is Us from the very first episode, and there are many ways that This Is Us understands what raising children is really like.

We Aren't Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Frappuccino from Starbucks  -  3 days ago
There is one major flavor that's preventing this creation from being a hit.

'Olaf's Frozen Adventure' Will No Longer Screen Ahead of 'Coco'  -  3 days ago
If you missed the featurette, you can catch it on ABC next Thursday.

Amber Portwood Just Revealed the Sex of Baby #2 Primary tabs  -  3 days ago
The Teen Mom OG star is expecting her second child and first with cinematographer boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

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