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Stop Making Married Women Feel Bad About Not Having Sex  -  20 hours ago
No one, I repeat, no one should think it’s okay for a woman to have sex against her will. Not even with a spouse.

This Gym Owner Is The Body-Positive Fitness Guru We All Want And Need (No, Really)  -  20 hours ago
Fitness should be about one thing: Having the strength and stamina to do the things that bring you joy.

Yes, Ladies, You Can Get A Varicose Vein On Your Vag  -  20 hours ago
I had started to feel a weird aching “down there,” so I decided to get a mirror and check it out. And what I saw was nothing short of horrifying.

Stop Talking To Me — A Plea From A Pregnant Waitress  -  20 hours ago
The following is just a dip of the toe into the toxic waters of crap that people like to throw at pregnant women. Are you guilty of one of them?

Stunning Birth Photos Honor Breast Cancer Survivor's Journey  -  a day ago
These birth photos aren't just beautiful, they're also a powerful reminder of all this mother endured to bring her baby into the world.

15 Gifts For New Moms That Aren't For The Baby  -  a day ago
Because she probably has enough onesies and bibs.

This Mom Wants To Break Down The Stigma Around Sharing Pregnancy News Early  -  a day ago
This campaign questions why we tell women to wait until their second trimester.

'This Is Us' Tackles Pregnancy In a Totally Relatable Way  -  a day ago
We're all cheering on this exciting new storyline on This Is Us.

Did Your Kids Wreck You? See These Awesome Before and After Shots from Got Toddlered  -  a day ago
"It's like watching a caterpillar transform into a butterfly, only in reverse."

Anna Faris Opens Up About Preemie Son's Health Battle  -  a day ago
“I was in complete shock," the actress wrote in her upcoming memoir.

Mom Teases Model Brother By Having Her Toddler Recreate His Pics  -  a day ago
The siblings have always enjoyed "poking fun" at each other.

Jimmy Kimmel Talks About Showing Tearful Monologue To His Son One Day  -  a day ago
"Knowing that he's my son, there’s a good chance he’ll make fun of me for it."

Was This Cub Scout Kicked Out of His Den for Asking Tough Questions About Gun Control?  -  a day ago
This bright kid prepared a thorough list of questions about gun control when his Cub Scout den met with a state senator...

Boy Kicked Out of Cub Scout Den for Asking About Gun Control  -  a day ago
This bright kid prepared a thorough list of questions about gun control when his Cub Scout den met with a state senator...and it got him booted from t

Could Your Mom's Precious Moments Collection Be Worth Some Dough?  -  a day ago
If you've got one of the original 21 pieces, you may be in luck!

College Student Photoshops His Adult Self Into Childhood Photos  -  a day ago
In case you ever wondered what it would be like if you could time travel, check this out.

The Greenlight Debit Card For Kids Helps Teens Learn About Money Management  -  a day ago
Using a debit card is an important part of money management teens need to learn. Greenlight Debit Card for teens makes that possible with parental controls.

A Day Inside a Mom’s Brain  -  a day ago
We all start each day with the best intentions. We're going to be present. Mindful. Patient. And...then the kids wake up.

6 Tips to Winterize Your Home When You’re on a Budget  -  a day ago
November is right around the corner, and before the snow starts flying, this is the perfect time to get your home ready to keep out the cold this winter.

Hallmark is Releasing 33 New Christmas Movies and We Can't Contain Our Excitement  -  a day ago
We're already planning our Christmas movie marathons with these new holiday flicks.

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