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Animalia Week: Of Blood and Bone by Emily Vallee  -  4 hours ago
This week Lenscratch we featured artists whose work deals with animals and our relationship with them. Our final artist this week is Emily Vallee. Her poetic imagery expresses the experiences of growing up in New England surrounded by wilderness. Emily Vallee is a visual artist and educator. She…

This Pokemon Camera will Make Your Inner 90s Kid Swoon  -  10 hours ago
Heads up, Pokémon fans and 90s kids! Here's a cool and cute Pokémon toy camera that could make you the very best, like no one ever was.

Organic Structures, Shiodome (汐留)  -  13 hours ago
Organic Structures, Shiodome (汐留)

Roundup: The Best Video Camera and Gear Releases of 2017  -  17 hours ago
With 2017 coming to a close, we take an in-depth look at the top-performing video production gear released in the past year.

Google Announces Three New Photography Apps  -  17 hours ago
Have you ever wished that your phone would do more with the photos and videos you take? Google has announced the first installment of "appsperiments:" Storyboard (Android only), Selfissimo! (iOS and Android), and Scrubbies (iOS only). These experimental apps are based on the idea behind Motion…

I Tested 10+ Photoshop Alternatives to See How They Stack Up  -  18 hours ago
To Adobe or not to Adobe. That is the question many photographers are asking with the spate of new image processing programs vying to “kill Photoshop.” I t

'Photographing The World 3' Behind the Scenes Episodes 5 and 6  -  18 hours ago
Our behind-the-scenes series on the creation our photography tutorial "Photographing The World 3" continues today with Episodes 5 and 6. In these episodes, we continue to struggle to film a usable lesson in Pietrapertosa, Italy.

Meet the Photographer Who Hiked the Entire Colorado River  -  19 hours ago
Photographer Pete McBride has traveled around the world with his camera for over 20 years, but one of his most incredible achievements has been hiking the

The More Productive I Am, The Happier I Am  -  19 hours ago
Why productivity brings me happiness and joy in life.

5 Composition Photography Lessons From Johannes Vermeer  -  19 hours ago
I’m super inspired by Johannes Vermeer — his compositions, and photographic vision.

Neutral Density Filter Drop Test: Can Breakthrough Filters Survive?  -  19 hours ago
On the surface, this may seem crazy, performing a drop test on a glass ND filter, but, hear me out. I've been speaking with Breakthrough Photography about their filters and one of the things that came up was the fact that their filters are made of tempered glass. They seemed really confident about…

My (Un)Typical Review Of The Platypod Max  -  20 hours ago
I have loved Platypod from the very beginning. In fact, up until recently, it was my only tripod of sorts. I couldn’t even afford a tripod so I used my Platypod everywhere. I honestly didn’t need a…

Is 'Shot in the Dark' Netflix’s Most Tasteless Show of 2017?  -  20 hours ago
Netflix’s new eight-part documentary “Shot in the Dark” casts focus on three rival Los Angeles-based video journalists as they chase down the “story of the night,” all with the aim to sell their footage to the news outlets for the morning news. But as the city consumes itself through the night,…

How to Run Nik Collection Standalone Without Photoshop or Lightroom  -  20 hours ago
DxO recently announced that it has acquired the Nik Collection suite of popular photo tools after Google abandoned development in May. The Collection is st

Disney to Buy National Geographic in $52 Billion Deal for Fox  -  20 hours ago
National Geographic photographers will likely soon find themselves under the same parent company as Disneyland photographers. Disney is set to take ownersh

Tether Tools Offers Apology for Using Image Without Permission  -  21 hours ago
If you've been in the photo industry long, you've certainly at least seen the bright orange USB cables marketed by Tether Tools. Along with their high-visibility cables and other tools for tethering your camera to a computer and otherwise having a secure workstation while shooting, they are,…

Hasselblad X1D and Zeiss Otus 85mm: The Ultimate in Image Quality?  -  a day ago
What camera and lens combination on the market delivers the "ultimate in image quality"? Photographer Matt Granger has been trying out the $8,000 Hasselbla

13 Street Photography Gift Ideas  -  a day ago
If you’re thinking of a gift for the street photographer in your life, or buying yourself a gift this holiday season, HAPTIC INDUSTRIES x ERIC KIM have you covered:

Skip Cohen Invites You to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet  -  a day ago
This is a guest post from Skip Cohen (co-host of our business podcast). Image by lassedesignen INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION Think back over the years about the workshops and seminars you’ve a…

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