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“Atomic Ed” Photo Book Tells About an Anti-Nuclear Activist and His “Black Hole” Shop  -  9 hours ago
This interesting "Atomic Ed" photobook about anti-nuclear activist Ed Grothus deserves your support -- and a space on your bookshelf, of course.

Cafeteria, Shinjuku 新宿  -  9 hours ago
Cafeteria, Shinjuku 新宿

TIME Magazine's Latest Cover Blends Trump and Putin's Faces to Reflect Recent Solidarity  -  10 hours ago
No stranger to controversy, Time Magazine is sparking debate again with their most recent cover, an eerie combination of Trump's and Putin’s faces, the magazine’s response to the former’s desire for a summit with the Russian president.

How to Use Photoshop to Remove Lens Flare From an Image  -  14 hours ago
A lot of us like a bit of lens flare in our photos as a stylistic choice, but once it reaches J.J. Abrams levels, it can be a bit distracting. This helpful tutorial will show you how to remove it from a photo, particularly when it lands on your subject's face.

Voiceover Tips That Can Make or Break Your Video  -  15 hours ago
These voiceover tips are not just for those who record audio, but also for those of you who direct interviews and commercial videos where your talent has to talk with confidence and the right intonation.

Two Quick Changes in Lightroom That You'll Wish You Made Years Ago  -  16 hours ago
Every computer program has its quirks that may annoy you and slow your workflow down. Here are two fixes that will make your Lightroom experience just a little easier.

Quick Tip: Reset Lightroom Classic Sliders  -  17 hours ago
Sure, there’s a big “Reset” button in Lightroom Classic, putting your edited photo back to its original state. But what if you need to reset just some of the adjustments you’…

Stunning Orca Whale Video Reveals Unusual Predatory Behavior  -  17 hours ago
Few people have had the chance to look a wild orca in the eye underwater, and even fewer have had the opportunity to document an orca hunting on video. While there is not much that can prepare someone for a face-to-face encounter with an orca below the surface, no one is better suited for such an…

Why You Should Try Teaching Photography to Kids  -  18 hours ago
You don't need to become a certified teacher to help a child cultivate passion for photography, because there is so much you already know that could transform a young person's life for the better!

How to Easily Switch a Portrait-Cropped Minimalist Photo to Landscape  -  19 hours ago
It is always hard to gauge what photos in your portfolio might interest people. What do you do if someone likes a shot but wants the crop rotated?

Guy Proposes to His Photographer Girlfriend with a Camera Tattoo  -  19 hours ago
Charlene Trickey is a professional photographer based in Florida and the owner of Trickey Photography. When her boyfriend Travis Durham proposed to

Review of Reviews: Should You Trust Consumer Ratings?  -  20 hours ago
If you’re a photographer, then you’ve purchased equipment and more likely than not, it was from an online vendor. Today, we see something we want, perhaps read some customer reviews, and then purchase that shiny piece of photography equipment. But have you ever thought about those reviews? Who…

Metabones Degrades the Edge Image Quality of Wide-Angle Lenses  -  20 hours ago
With the popularity of mirrorless cameras from Sony, Fuji, Panasonic among others, more and more Canon users are either changing systems or wanting to try

Post Box, Ginza 銀座  -  20 hours ago
Post Box, Ginza 銀座

The 'Big Whites' Are Coming: Canon’s New Super-Telephoto Lenses [Rumor]  -  21 hours ago
The basis for many photographers choosing Canon has always been their lens lineup, and that line up should be growing even larger very soon. The drool-worthy, professional red ring "L" series super-telephoto lenses from Canon are getting some upgrades.

Fujifilm 33mm f/1.0 Set to Be the First Mirrorless f/1.0 Autofocus Lens  -  21 hours ago
In addition to its two new lenses announced yesterday, the 200mm f/2 and the 8-16mm f/2.8, Fujifilm has also revealed three upcoming lenses that are now

Shooting and Editing Multiple Night Exposures: Moonrise Over Car Trails  -  21 hours ago
My name is Connar L’Ecuyer, and I’m a landscape photographer based in Southern California. A little while ago, I was driving on the highway at night and

How to Create Beautiful Photos in Boring Locations  -  a day ago
Having a perfect background is one of the most overrated factors in photography. Here are several tips for getting amazing shots when your session restricts you to shooting in a boring area.

Tour Announcement! The Lofoten Islands in Winter (and Summer)  -  a day ago
The Lofoten Islands have been a place I've been wanting to run a photography workshop for the past 2 or 3 years. But, I never did set anything up because I was unsure of whether I wanted to do a summer trip or something in winter. I mean, both have their benefits. In the summer, you get the...

How to Create a Solid Background in Photoshop  -  a day ago
Have you ever had a session where the backdrop didn’t end up looking the way you intended? This video teaches how to use the select and mask workspace to create a perfect background in Photoshop.

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