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Rangefinder Cameras and the Power of Imagination  -  4 months ago
One of the most overlooked aspects of the rangefinder method of photography, when comparing it to other systems, is the role of imagination when it comes

Go Players, Shinbashi 新橋  -  4 months ago
Go Players, Shinbashi 新橋

Why do you take photos?  -  4 months ago
The subject of why we take photos comes up every so often and I’d like to share parts of a conversation I had with a fellow photographer the other day. The conversation got me thinking about the why of our photography. We all have a different why, but many of us have a difficult time…

4 Robust Weather Sealed Lenses for Fujifilm’s GFX Cameras  -  4 months ago
Fujiflms GF Mount weather sealed lenses make the pefect partners for their Medium Format cameras. Here's a look at 4 of the best lenses on the GFX platform.

Tiananmen Square: Monument to the People’s Heroes  -  4 months ago
One of the advantages of visiting Beijing in December to take pictures is the lack of pollution in the air. We bundled up for a tour of Tiananmen Square

Prograde Digital Launches New USB 3.1 Dual SD Memory Card Reader  -  4 months ago
Prograde Digital's new speedy, second gen workflow dual memory card reader will help you become more efficient when it comes to transfering digital files.

Why You Must Become Self-Employed  -  4 months ago
Life isn’t fair — but how can we profit from our modern capitalist system? The secret: become self-employed.

7 Tips How to Make Better Photos  -  4 months ago
Simple and practical tips on making better photos:

Photographer of the Day: Nelson Pereira  -  4 months ago
Category: Celebrations Photographer: Nelson Pereira Photo: “Fire works display welcomes 2013 in London” There’s no better way to bring in the New Year than a giant fireworks display. While Times Square is known for its ball drop, confetti, auto-tuned entertainment and fireworks, other cities across…

How to Export Sharp Photos for Instagram  -  4 months ago
Instagram has become the primary avenue for photographers to share their work, but if not appropriately handled, Instagram can ruin the look of your images. Here is the best way to export your photos from Lightroom if you want your pictures to stay as sharp as possible.

The Best Digital Camera  -  4 months ago
The best camera is the simplest “stand alone” camera.

Cheap Photo: Save $703 on the Nikon D750, Sony A6000 Kit $498 + Much More  -  4 months ago
These new year photography deals are red hot! If you have been wanting a new camera, or some new accessories you won't want to miss these deals.

Thomas Heaton Responds to Critics in the Best Way Possible  -  4 months ago
British landscape photographer and YouTube personality Thomas Heaton came in for a bit of heat recently after he botched a video a few weeks ago that features Fujifilm's latest medium format camera, the GFX 50R. However, he didn't just get stick for that, so he decides to wipe the slate clean for…

The 10 Commandments of Photography  -  4 months ago
My personal commandments for myself in photography (you don’t need to follow these):

How to Motivate Yourself  -  4 months ago
You have 100% control over yourself and your own willpower:

A Very Quick Introduction to Studio Lighting for Beginners  -  4 months ago
When you're new to artificial lighting, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. This helpful video will give you a very quick introduction and some helpful tips.

Struggling With Posing? Here Are Five Go-to Poses for Men  -  4 months ago
Posing can be a particularly hard thing for many photographers to master and is often one of the last skills they acquire. This helpful video will give you five go-to poses you can use when working with men as well as some helpful tips.

ViewBug launches Android app  -  4 months ago
ViewBug, the platform that connects millions of visual creators to help explore and grow their craft, has launched its much-anticipated Android app. Alongside the ability to share photos, enthusiast photographers can join contests, discover galleries, follow their favorite photographers and watch…

My Daily Exercise to Improve My Photography Skills  -  4 months ago
I have mentioned before that I am always seeking new ways to improve. Today, I want to share one of my daily initiatives that I religiously employ, and that’s my daily color exploration.

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