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368: Bryan – How Film Can Help You Rediscover Your Passion for Photography  -  8 hours ago
Episode #368 of the podcast features a conversation about how Bryan's exploration of film photography is helping him rediscover his passion for photography

Instant Savings on iPads, Google Pixel Phones, and Zeiss Lens  -  8 hours ago
With the anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals rapidly approaching, saving on new gear purchases is something we have grown accustomed to associating with this time of year. Fortunately for you, there are savings that can can be taken advantage of right this minute!

Photographer of the Day: Jeff Clouet  -  8 hours ago
Category: Street Photographer: Jeff Clouet Photo: “Going to the top of the Arc de Triomphe” I was recently in New York for PhotoPlus Expo and I keep thinking to myself I wish I would have brought a wider lens. The buildings where incredibly to tall for me to photograph with a 15mm. Too bad I…

Devaluing Photography With Cheap Prices  -  8 hours ago
There's been a bit of uproar lately around a company that claims it can produce advertising photos that would normally cost thousands of dollars for as low as $19. This great video rails against the temptation for up and coming photographers to take those gigs.

Stevie Iseral Uses Natural Light to Capture His Subjects’ Natural Beauty  -  9 hours ago
Louisiana-based Stevie Iseral talks about his goal to capture his subjects' natural beauty through dreamy, delicate, and colorful portraiture.

Canon and Nikon Getting 32.5 Percent of the Mirrorless Market in Japan  -  9 hours ago
According to BCN, Sony´s Mirrorless supremacy has been somehow attacked by Canon and Nikon in Japan. The sales figures show us that the EOS R system has 22.1 percent of the market, two months after its worldwide release. Nikon got 10.4 percent with the Z series.

50 Photographers Across 50 States Capture Portraits for Merrell's One Trail Campaign  -  10 hours ago
Merrell, an outdoor footwear brand, wanted a photography concept that would celebrate diversity on trails, but in a way that felt genuine and reflected reality. While outdoor brands usually look towards more of a traditional commercial photography approach, Tim Kemple had something else in mind to…

Quick Tip: How to hold a camera super steady  -  11 hours ago
Quick tip on how to hold your camera.

Lighting Isn't Everything: Three Things to Consider When Making Your Next Image  -  11 hours ago
Most people do not understand lighting, frequency separation, or color grading. Here are some things to consider to make your next image even more engaging.

Why I Love Shooting with an Electric Viewfinder (EVF)  -  12 hours ago
The great thing about electric viewfinders: you see augmented reality!

Thrivival 101 #philosophy  -  12 hours ago
Dear friend, Basic idea: Let us seek to thrive in life, not merely survive.

How to Protect Your Cameras From Winter Weather on the Cheap  -  12 hours ago
Winter is almost upon us, and that also means the opportunity for beautiful photos of falling snow is about to happen.

Sony Announces Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence Contest Winners  -  12 hours ago
The five participants of Sony's Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence Program have already been chosen from over 6,000 hopefuls.

500px Launches Photobook-Inspired Redesign, Users Aren’t Happy  -  13 hours ago
500px has unveiled a redesigned Home Feed that's designed to show more photos and provide more exposure. The "cleaner and more contemporary design" was

Fstoppers Reviews the WANDRD HEXAD 45L Duffel Bag  -  13 hours ago
In every photographer’s ongoing search for the perfect bag, until recently it seemed there was a gaping hole: a 45-liter bag suitable as hand luggage on short-haul flights, offering the possibility to combine camera gear with a few days’ worth of clothes. The HEXAD Access Duffel from WANDRD fills…

How to capture a sunburst and enhance it with Luminar’s Sunrays filter  -  13 hours ago
Capturing a sunburst in a photo adds a beautiful element to a landscape scene. It can get a little complicated to capture the same sunburst while shooting a portrait. Here's how to photograph a sunburst and enhance it by adding Luminar’s Sunrays filter.

Making a Platinum Palladium Print That Will Last 1,000 Years  -  14 hours ago
Photographer Tyler Shields recently paid a visit to Hidden Light LLC, a fine art printing business in Arizona. While there, he watched as printer Matt

It's Time to Capture New Landscape Images  -  14 hours ago
If you're an aspiring professional landscape and outdoor photographer, it might be time to stop capturing those iconic landscape scenes.

Final Cut Pro X Debuts with a Shutterstock Multi-Asset Extension  -  14 hours ago
Final Cut Pro X offers a Shutterstock extension that delivers over 225 million royalty-free assets to expedite the video editing process.

How Boredom Helped Me Develop a Vision and Photo Project  -  14 hours ago
This is the story behind my Han River project. Boredom helped me to become creative, develop a vision and a style. It also made me start my first photo

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