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Why I Like to Take Selfies  -  9 hours ago
I think selfies are the best pictures you can take. Why?

The ReEdit: Toning Down on the HDR Look in a Photo  -  10 hours ago
In this episode of the The ReEdit, Chris looks back at a project he did and figures out how he can make the HDR look of the original edit toned down.

How to Create a Great Product Photography Shot Using Speedlights  -  11 hours ago
There might be no better way to learn and practice building up light in an image than through product photography, and as this great walkthrough tutorial shows, you don't necessarily need expensive gear to create a great result.

'Overlooked Black Dogs': A Photo Project That Brings Awareness to the Least Adopted Dogs  -  12 hours ago
Black dogs are the most likely of all coat colors to be euthanized in shelters. And of course, they're no less worthy of adoption than their lighter counterparts, which is why Commercial Photographer Shaina Fishman decided to bring awareness to the issue with this great series.

Don’t Seek the Best; Seek the Least Friction  -  18 hours ago
Dear friend, in my quest to live happier, with less stress, and with more meaning— I think I’ve come across an idea which can help you.

This Single Long Take Short Film Was Shot on a Static Camera  -  19 hours ago
You don't have a dolly, a steadicam stabilization system, or a gimbal, but maybe you have a tripod and a camera. It's more than enough, really, but you need a story. That's what this short film, "Incident by a Bank," is all about. The story has been carefully orchestrated and recorded as a single…

Broken iPhone 8 Brought to Life by Digital Artist  -  20 hours ago
A few weeks ago, Adrian Sommeling showed how he Photoshopped his son and himself driving an Aston Martin in Iceland. He’s back with yet another video, and this time it’s a shattered iPhone 8 composite. This one is particularly interesting as it includes glass and thus reflections which are both…

Why Every Cinematographer Should Spend More Time Practicing Photography  -  21 hours ago
While photography and videography are different, they share many common aspects. Starting with one, and then also learning the other is an excellent idea to improve your craft and potentially open doors for more jobs by becoming more versatile. In a recent video Matti Haapoja released on…

What You Need to Know to Time-Lapse the Solar Eclipse  -  a day ago
The eclipse is coming. You know the one — it’s been the topic on most photographers’ lips for weeks. Have you thought about how you’re going to shoot it yet? On August 21, 2017 (this coming Monday), North America and some parts of South America, Africa, and Europe will get to experience one of the…

This is How Shooting the Sun Can Melt Your Camera  -  a day ago
Planning to photograph the upcoming solar eclipse? You'd better make sure you have the right solar filter to protect your camera. Here's a 2-minute video t

4 Lighting Hacks for Fashion Shoots  -  a day ago
Here are 4 great tips for fashion photographers and videographers looking to light effective portraits. In this 3-minute video by Aputure, cameraman Kazu O

I Biked Across the Canadian Rockies to Build a Photo Portfolio  -  a day ago
I decided a while ago that for my high school graduation and summer trip, I was going to photograph the Canadian Rockies. I started pursuing landscape phot

Quick Tips to Improve Your Cosplay Convention Photos  -  a day ago
Lately, I have been attending more events to cover as a photographer, especially anime and comic conventions. My approach to most of my convention coverage is walking around the event and trying to take as many photos as possible of the cosplayers there, kind of a run and gun approach. Sometimes…

How to Improve Your Food Photos at Home Without Buying New Gear  -  a day ago
Here's an 18-minute video by Sean Tucker on how to improve your food photography skills at home without buying any expensive gear. The first thing that the

Marugen, Ginza (銀座) Follow me on Instagram — @eyexplor...  -  a day ago
Marugen, Ginza (銀座) Follow me on Instagram — @eyexplor

Work: Photos of Jobs Around the World from a Top-Down View  -  a day ago
Photographer Sanwal Deen has been working on a new personal project, titled "Work." It's an exploration of different careers found around the world, and ho

Here’s a 5-Minute Intro to Photoshop’s Healing Brush  -  a day ago
In this 9-minute video by tutvid, take a look at Photoshop's Healing Brush and learn how exactly you can use it to improve your editing workflow. The brush

Packing Light for a Long Photography Trip  -  a day ago
Packing for a shoot in your town can be a pain, but packing for an extended shoot in another country brings a whole new set of complications into consideration. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of extended trips for my personal project “Tattoos of Asia.” Over the few trips that I’ve done, I’ve…

How Not to Photograph the Solar Eclipse and Melt Your Camera's Sensor  -  a day ago
With the solar eclipse almost upon us, it is important to remember that there is a real reason why it can be dangerous to photograph. If somehow you missed all the articles and news stories talking about how to watch and photograph the eclipse safely and you are planning to go out and shoot it last…

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