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'Two Devices Connected': A Great Example of Cinematography, Storytelling, and Editing In a Short Film  -  an hour ago
Telling a story is not easy. On the other hand, making short films is easy. There are lots of shorts on the Internet, but few of them manage to capture one's attention with visuals, audio, and plot. "Two Devices Connected" is a great example of combining those three together into a short film with…

Shutterstock Unveils New Composition Aware Search Feature  -  2 hours ago
Shutterstock has been working on machine learning-based technology for different features, such as reverse image search and visually similar image search, and last week they unveiled a new feature that will allow users to search images based on their compositions and layouts.

Sony Deals: Save Up to $500 and Get Free Add-Ons With This Sale  -  3 hours ago
There are some sweet deals and savings going on for Sony cameras right now. If you've been thinking of getting a new body, this is your time to save some money as well as get some free "extras" thrown into your shopping cart. Check out the details of each sale below to save up to $500 in instant…

Creative Cloud: Is It Time to Ditch Adobe?  -  4 hours ago
Adobe just killed one of its last major one-time fee softwares, Lightroom, in favor of the subscription model introduced in 2013. While the most refractory users may continue to run on the previous versions, they will be forced to roll to the Creative Cloud at some point since Adobe will stop…

Ten Things You Need Before You Go Freelance  -  5 hours ago
The freelance lifestyle can be both creatively and financially rewarding but it does also come with a few hidden pitfalls that need to be avoided at all costs. If you want to minimize your chances of failure it is well worth having these 10 things in place long before you take the leap.

Ep. 222: What Changed Adobe’s Mind? – and more  -  6 hours ago
Episode 222 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 -  Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS! Featured: Photographer, author and educa

Natural Light Studio in Your Backyard  -  6 hours ago
It’s pretty easy to make your own natural light “studio” for just a little money and a little time for set up. “Portraits Unplugged” is what I call shooting with ambient light and it’s important to…

Elizabeth Heyert: The Outsider  -  9 hours ago
"I call the project The Outsider because as a Westerner in the East, and a stranger in a foreign culture searching for authenticity, I allowed myself to be a spectator to the photographer/subject relationship." -- Elizabeth Heyert There are a few aspects of life in Los Angeles that really bring out…

The Lifetime Adventures of a Bored Man  -  10 hours ago
When I first left college, I did what any sensible graduate would do. I went and found my first job. All through school and college, I knew I wanted to wor

Editing the Same Photo in Capture One Pro 10 vs Adobe Lightroom Classic CC  -  15 hours ago
When it comes to editing photos, many editors are bound to use Lightroom Classic CC. But take a look at that vs Capture One Pro 10.

How to Finish Your Wild Animal Photos With Tone Mapping  -  a day ago
Funny thing about animals is they move around, a lot. So a technique like HDR, which requires several images that are nearly identical in everything but exposure values, is usually not an option fo…

The Image Economy  -  a day ago
We are living inside the image economy.

You Get Four Shots: Patience and Payoff When Hiking With a Large Format Camera  -  a day ago
Large format photography is its own beast, with all sorts of considerations and technical know-how needed to pull it off successfully, not the least of which being that the equipment is often simply unwieldy. Nonetheless, that extra work is not without a payoff, as the resultant images can be full…

Adapting to a New Location: What Should You Photograph?  -  a day ago
Maybe you are like me and you just settled into a new place and are looking for places nearby that you can shoot. After moving to a new location about an hour away from where I was living at home, I have been trying to keep up with all my shooting. In a way, I feel like it has gotten a lot more…

Adobe: No, We’re Not Killing Lightroom Classic  -  a day ago
Adobe is pushing further into the world of cloud-based software, and this week it rebranded Lightroom as Lightroom Classic CC so that the company's new clo

Getting Started With Building a Wedding Photography Website  -  a day ago
With a multitude of template-based services offered, website building has never been easier. But wedding photography websites demand specific functionality that need to be considered in the design process. Here is a guide on setting up your first, or rebranded, website for a modern wedding…

The Pixentu Photo Jacket Turns You Into a Walking Camera Bag  -  a day ago
Pixentu is a new wearable photography jacket that's designed to allow photographers to leave their camera bags at home -- it's essentially a wearable camer

Adobe Scene Stitch is Like Content-Aware Fill with an Imagination  -  a day ago
In addition to its Cloak and Scribbler projects, Adobe also used its MAX 2017 conference to offer a sneak peek of a technology called Scene Stitch. It's li

DSLR Video Weekly: Composing Shots  -  a day ago
This is article #22 in the DSLR Video Weekly series.  If you’d like the whole thing in one shot, check out the book Creating DSLR Video: From Snapshots to Great Shots. Once you get the hang o…

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