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FCC Shielding Evidence Of Suspected Russian Role In Ending Net Neutrality: Lawsuit

huffingtonpost.com  -  3 hours ago
The American public is a victim of an "orchestrated campaign by the Russian to corrupt" democratic rule-making, The New York Times argues.

Baby Trump Blimp Highlights Puerto Rico Rally Near Mar-a-Lago

huffingtonpost.com  -  7 hours ago
"Big, angry baby with a fragile ego and tiny hands" hits Florida on one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria.

Trump lawyer Giuliani says Iran’s government will be overthrown

politicususa.com  -  9 hours ago
President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Saturday said that U.S. sanctions on Iran are leading to economic pain that could lead to a "successful revolution," contrasting with administration comments that government change in Tehran is not U.S. policy.

Six siblings of Arizona congressman urge voters to boot him from office

politico.com  -  9 hours ago
“None of this is pleasant for any of us,” said one brother.

Report: Lawyer says Christine Blasey Ford’s classmate has no recollection of ever being at a party with Kavanaugh or Ford; Updated

twitchy.com  -  10 hours ago
So the three people who could corroborate Christine Blasey Ford's accusations don't recall any such party happening.

Woman denies attending party where alleged Kavanaugh assault occurred

politico.com  -  10 hours ago
Leland Keyser said she does not know Kavanaugh or remember being at a party with him.

Trump administration moves to restrict immigrants who use public benefits

politicususa.com  -  10 hours ago
The Trump administration on Saturday said it would propose making it harder for foreigners living in the United States to qualify for permanent U.S. residency if they have received public benefits such as food aid, public housing or Medicaid.

Editorial Cartoon: The Big Lie

politicususa.com  -  10 hours ago
Editorial Cartoon: The Big Lie

Hmm… Lawyer representing Andrew McCabe joins Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team

twitchy.com  -  11 hours ago
Christine Blasey Ford is really lawyering up, considering she's the accuser.

Yale Students To Prof Who Denies Coaching Kavanaugh Clerks: You're Lying

huffingtonpost.com  -  12 hours ago
Amy Chua has pushed back hard against claims she groomed students for Kavanaugh.

Back to the wall, Cruz decries challenger O’Rourke as out-of-touch leftist

politicususa.com  -  13 hours ago
Ted Cruz is in the political fight of his life — and he knows it. The conservative U.S. senator from Texas is being outpaced and overshadowed by his progressive challenger, Beto O’Rourke, who is pushing to be the first Democrat in Texas to be elected to the Senate in 30 years.

Immigrants may be denied green cards if they’ve received welfare

politico.com  -  13 hours ago
The regulation could force millions of low-income families to choose between government assistance and permanent settlement in the U.S.

Republicans Have Become So Toxic 6 Siblings of AZ Rep Paul Gosar Back His Democratic Opponent

politicususa.com  -  14 hours ago
Republicans have become so toxic in the age of Trump that six of Republican Rep. Paul Gosar's siblings are endorsing his Democratic opponent, Dr. David Brill, in ads.

Pompeo rips Russia: 'They have not proven helpful'

politico.com  -  14 hours ago
Trump's top diplomat also called Russia’s lack of cooperation with the U.S. “unfortunate."

Sen. Orrin Hatch notes that Ford’s attorney’s latest offer ‘is exactly where we were on Monday morning’

twitchy.com  -  14 hours ago
With Saturday's agreement predicated on even more negotiations, Sen. Orrin Hatch notes they're in the same place they were six days ago.

Hillary Clinton Tells Colbert ‘I Never Had To Steal A Treaty’ Off Obama’s Desk

huffingtonpost.com  -  15 hours ago
The former secretary of state discussed some serious topics on Stephen Colbert's show Friday.

Christine Blasey Ford agrees to testify in Senate hearing

politicususa.com  -  16 hours ago
A woman who has accused U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault has agreed to testify before a Senate panel, her lawyers said on Saturday.

Ex-White House aide K.T. McFarland revises Flynn sanctions conversation account in Russia probe

politicususa.com  -  16 hours ago
K.T. McFarland's statement revised an earlier assertion to FBI agents that sanctions on Russia did not come up when she spoke to Flynn in December 2016 about his calls with Sergey Kislyak when he was the Russian ambassador to the United States, the newspaper said, quoting unidentified people…

Trumpworld divided on Rosenstein — not whether to fire him, but when

politico.com  -  16 hours ago
The disagreement between his advisers in the West Wing and those on Fox News aren't about whether he should, but about timing and stated justification.

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