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Trump's new lawyers have experience with organized crime cases

dailymail.co.uk  -  3 hours ago
President Donald Trump has hired a new team of lawyers experienced in white collar criminal defense and complex organized crime prosecutions.

Solar Hyperbole?

factcheck.org  -  3 hours ago
Three weeks after the Trump administration imposed a 30 percent tariff on imported solar energy cells and panels, the president claimed that "a lot of places are opening up" to "make solar panels again." Two weeks later, he said that "we’re opening up at least five plants," and by mid-April, the…

Players Guide 2018

factcheck.org  -  4 hours ago
Outside groups spent more than $1.6 billion in the 2016 election on TV ads and other forms of communication that urged the election or defeat of federal candidates, according to the Federal Election Commission. Today, we reintroduce our biennial feature on the groups that will now spend hundreds of…

Congress Still Hasn't Dealt With Its Sexual Harassment Problem

huffingtonpost.com  -  4 hours ago
A bill to overhaul how complaints are handled on Capitol Hill has stalled because some senators don't want to pay out of pocket for misconduct.

Trump talked about jailing journalists to stop leaks Comey memo says

dailymail.co.uk  -  5 hours ago
Detail of the conversation is contained in one of a series of memos recalling James Comey's interactions with Trump that the former FBI director found so unnerving he chose to document them.

Will Trump lawyer plead the Fifth in Stormy Daniels case? LA judge wants to know

ocregister.com  -  5 hours ago
President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, who is the subject of an FBI probe, was told today to file a declaration in Los Angeles federal court by next week stating if he pla…

Republican squabbling, Trump chaos infecting Senate primary races

dailykos.com  -  6 hours ago
Mitch McConnell's hopes of enlarging his very narrow majority in the Senate—or even keeping it—are looking dimmer all the time, thanks to the ongoing Republican civil war and the agent of chaos in the Oval Office. The ascension of Donald Trump has...

Democrats, activists slam changes to State Dept. rights report

politico.com  -  6 hours ago
The changes include dropping use of ‘occupied’ to refer to Palestinian-claimed land and trimming sections on women’s access to abortion.

Trump shuts Democrats and media out of first state dinner

politico.com  -  6 hours ago
President Donald Trump has shut Democrats and media out of his first state dinner, which will honor French President Emmanuel Macron.

‘They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President’

newser.com  -  7 hours ago
New book by Amy Chozick chronicles Hillary Clinton's campaign

Has the DNC found real political purpose in making a legal case against Trump?

dailykos.com  -  7 hours ago
The Democratic National Committee, an undeniably political enterprise, may have just found a legal avenue through which to press its case in 2018 with the filing of a new lawsuit against Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks. The complaint, alleging...

Pesticide Executives Are Running Ag Policy for Donald Trump

motherjones.com  -  7 hours ago
The USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service is the "eyes, ears, and voice for U.S. agriculture around the world."

Judge will rule Monday on GOP lawsuit seeking to remove dozens of Dallas County Democrats from ballot

dallasnews.com  -  7 hours ago
State District Judge Eric Moyé will decide on Monday whether a lawsuit that would kick more than 80 Democrats off the November general election...

Trump lawyer told to file statement to slow porn star's suit

politico.com  -  8 hours ago
Cohen's attorneys have accused Daniels of violating the confidentiality clauses more than 20 times.

Democrats to introduce a bill to 'decriminalize marijuana from one end of the country to the other'

dailykos.com  -  8 hours ago
Campaign Action Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has 4/20 plans to introduce a bill that would legalize marijuana nationwide! From NPR: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., plans to introduce legislation on Friday to decriminalize marijuana on...

GOP megadonor Friess announces run for Wyoming governor

politico.com  -  9 hours ago
Friess said in 2017 that he was interested in running for Senate, possibly even in a primary against Republican Sen. John Barrasso.

These Are The Students Walking Out Of School To Protest Gun Violence

huffingtonpost.com  -  9 hours ago
Photos from around the country show students marching on the anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting.

Democratic Party Files Lawsuit Against Russia, the Trump Campaign and Wikileaks

time.com  -  10 hours ago
Echoing a similar lawsuit filed during the Watergate scandal

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