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Trump signs VA reform bill, following through on campaign promise

foxnews.com  -  2 hours ago
President Trump on Friday signed Veterans Affairs reform legislation meant to protect whistleblowers while making it easier to fire problematic employees at the department.

Trump hits out at Obama over handling of Russian hacks

dailymail.co.uk  -  3 hours ago
President Donald Trump is faulting Barack Obama's handling of Russia's meddling in the 2016 election, saying the former president 'should have done something about it'.

White House condemns Johnny Depp over Trump assassination

dailymail.co.uk  -  4 hours ago
Johnny Depp has apologized for comments he made on Thursday at a British music festival which seemed to call for the assassination of President Trump.

Johnny Depp: 'When Was the Last Time an Actor Assassinated a President?'

rollingstone.com  -  5 hours ago
Johnny Depp earned criticism after asking onstage at the Glastonbury festival, "When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?"

Trump Has Psychotic Episode And Blames Obama For Russia Attack He Claims Never Happened

politicususa.com  -  6 hours ago
In a social media statement that can only be labeled psychotic, Trump blamed former President Obama for not stopping the Russia attack on the 2016 election that he claims never happened. Trump tweeted: Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election…

Trump Just Made The Worst Mistake Of His Life As His Tweets Are Turned Into Criminal Evidence

politicususa.com  -  7 hours ago
Trump and the White House made a giant mistake by responding to request from the House Oversight Committee for a formal letter denying the existence of tapes with a pasting to Trump's tweets into a letter. This means that Trump's tweets are now official presidential statements and can be used in…

California bans state travel to Texas, 3 other states over anti-LGBT laws

foxnews.com  -  7 hours ago
California's attorney general blocked state-funded travel to Texas and three other states on Thursday in response to what he considers anti-LGBT rights laws enacted this year.

Fact check: Donald Trump makes misleading claims at Iowa rally

usatoday.com  -  7 hours ago
The 2020 presidential campaign is more than 1,200 days away, but President Trump held yet another Make America Great Again rally — this time in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Hillary Clinton Drops Some Stone Cold Truth And Annihilates Republicans On Trumpcare

politicususa.com  -  8 hours ago
Hillary Clinton is free of political life and speaking her mind. Clinton spoke the blunt truth and said Republicans would be known as the death party if Trumpcare becomes law.

Watch Melania Struggle To Not Burst Out Laughing As Incoherent Trump Babbles On

politicususa.com  -  8 hours ago
Donald Trump went off on one of his unhinged rants and his wife struggled to keep a straight face as the self-important president babbled away.

Trumpcare Die Ins Flood Senate Republicans Nationwide As Patriotic Americans Fight Back

politicususa.com  -  9 hours ago
Patriotic Americans are fighting back. All across the country, people are protesting Trumpcare and holding "die-ins" to demonstrate the result of the horrific Republican bill that will not only "repeal" Obamacare, but go back to times darker than before Obamacare in terms of healthcare.

Health insurers says Senate bill’s Medicaid cuts to hurt states

politicususa.com  -  10 hours ago
Health insurers are concerned about the U.S. Senate's plans to cut the Medicaid program for the poor and the impact such a move would have on state governments, the industry's largest lobbyist said on Friday.

All Hell Breaks Loose On Healthcare As Mike Pence PAC Launches Massive Ad Attack On Dean Heller

politicususa.com  -  11 hours ago
The super PAC that Vice President Mike Pence has been raising money for is getting ready to launch a seven-figure attack ad buy on Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada.

Pro-Trump group to target GOP Sen. Heller over health care bill

politico.com  -  11 hours ago
Heller is up for re-election in 2018 and is seen as one of the most vulnerable Senate Republicans in that cycle.

Trump Hits A New Low As He Tries To Blackmail Democrats By Withholding Payments For Healthcare

politicususa.com  -  11 hours ago
Donald Trump is threatening to kill health insurance coverage for tens of millions of Americans next month if Democrats don't support his health care bill. Michael Bender of the Wall Street Journal reported: Trump won't commit to Obamacare insurance payments next month, Spicer says briefin

Gowdy won't use Oversight gavel to probe Russia

thehill.com  -  11 hours ago
Rep. Trey Gowdy’s (R-S.C.) position is a sharp departure from that of his predecessor.

Trump’s Private Lawyer Won’t Cost Taxpayers

factcheck.org  -  11 hours ago
Q: Is President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Marc Kasowitz, “costing taxpayers $10,000 per hour” for his services during the Russia investigation? A: No. That claim comes from a baseless story on …

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