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Swapping a cage for a barn: Can lab animals be studied in the wild?  -  4 hours ago
Garet Lahvis wants to study “lab” animals in their natural environments

Don’t call it junk—this ‘jumping’ gene may be why you made it past an embryo  -  4 hours ago
Study suggests that “parasitic” DNA is essential for early development

How to Fight a T. rex (and Win)  -  5 hours ago
Tyrannosaurus rex is held up as the most fearsome and ferocious terrestrial predator to ever live. It’s true -- if you somehow found yourself in the presence of one, you would no longer be at the top of the food chain. But that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t encounter one of these mighty beasts and…

Happy Litha! When is the summer solstice 2018? Pagan rituals on the longest day of the year  -  11 hours ago
Today is the longest day of the year, but what is the Summer Solstice? Here's your guide

How the snowshoe hare is losing its white winter coat  -  14 hours ago
Warmer winters, less snow make pale fur a liability

Rising bedrock below West Antarctica could delay catastrophic ice sheet collapse  -  14 hours ago
Its burden lightening, crust beneath glaciers is rising at a startling pace

Natural gas could warm the planet as much as coal in the short term  -  14 hours ago
Gas production leaks enough methane to match climate impact of coal-burning plants for 2 decades

Vanished ape found in ancient Chinese tomb, giving clues to its disappearance  -  14 hours ago
Humans and climate change drove once-revered gibbon extinct in recent centuries

Feeding the gods: Hundreds of skulls reveal massive scale of human sacrifice in Aztec capital  -  14 hours ago
Archaeologists uncover the remains of a giant rack of skulls beneath downtown Mexico City

New video shows Hawaii’s lava river flowing faster than you can run  -  19 hours ago
The US Geological Survey has released a new video of the highly active Fissure 8, which has been releasing lava from the Kilauea for over a month. The lava flows out of fissure 8 and into a main ch…

Scientists discover that wind on Venus actually makes it spin faster  -  21 hours ago
Ever walk down the street on a particularly windy day and feel yourself being pushed along? The planet Venus knows all about that. Researchers studying the nearby planet have discovered this truly …

Your efforts to save water are actually making a difference  -  a day ago
A new study from the United States Geological Survey shows water use across the country dropped between 2010 and 2015.

Latif Blessing’s late goal propels LAFC into U.S. Open Cup quarterfinals  -  a day ago
Forward keeps his promise and Diego Rossi and Benny Feilhaber also score in a three-goal second half as the MLS expansion club earns a 3-2 victory over the USL’s Sacramento Republic FC on Wed…

Boring barnacles prefer the shallow life on coral reefs  -  a day ago
Scientists have quantified how barnacles infest stony coral over a variety of conditions and reduce calcium carbonate on reefs. Coral reefs harbor diverse marine life and help prevent coastal erosion.

When cozying up with would-be predators, cleaner shrimp follow a dependable script  -  a day ago
It's a mystery how cleaner shrimp partner with would-be fish predators -- sometimes even climbing in their mouths -- without getting eaten. A new study reveals how the shrimp convinces fish not to eat them, and the fish conveys that it's a friend and not a foe.

Echo owner creeped out after Alexa blurts: ‘All I see is people dying’  -  a day ago
In the latest case, a 30-year-old man from San Francisco claims his Amazon Echo blurted out a chilling message, totally unprovoked: ‘Every time I close my eyes all I see is people dying.’

Amazon opens 'try before you buy' service to all Prime members  -  a day ago
Amazon's 'try before you buy' service, announced last summer, is out of beta. Customers have seven days to decide what they like and pay for what they keep.

Our brains can't quit our gadgets—that didn't happen by accident  -  a day ago
Your obsession with your smartphone isn’t an accident. The devices—and apps inside them—are entrancing by design, earning them comparisons to gambling, sugar, and tobacco.

New 'e-dermis' brings sense of touch, pain to prosthetic hands  -  a day ago
Engineers have created an electronic 'skin' in an effort to restore a real sense of touch for amputees using prosthetics.

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