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Stunning shots capture how we interact with our natural world  -  5 hours ago
These evocative pictures by photographer Lucas Foglia catalogue his quest to capture our turbulent relationship with nature

A meteorite impact in Canada created the hottest temperature ever measured on Earth’s surface  -  7 hours ago
If you’re searching for hot temperatures, Canada probably isn’t the first place you’d think to look. Some 38 million years ago, however, what is today Canada was home to the hotte…

Andrew Bogut to sign 1-year deal with Lakers, agent says  -  8 hours ago
Free agent center – a 7-foot rim-protector with play-making abilities – missed most of last season after suffering a broken leg less than one minute into his Cleveland Cavaliers debut i…

A Rare Occultation Is About to Happen as The Moon Will Block Out Three Planets  -  9 hours ago
On September 18, the Moon will pass in front of three planets and one of the brightest stars in our night sky, all in less than 24 hours, marking a special lunar occultation.

Astronomers Just Found a Surprise Hidden on The Mysterious Night Side of Venus  -  9 hours ago
With its scorching heat and corrosive atmosphere, the toxic hellhole that is Venus isn't the most inviting place in the Solar System, but if you do ever get the opportunity to visit, make sure to return before nightfall.

New mirror-coating technology promises dramatic improvements in telescopes  -  9 hours ago
An electrical engineer has teamed up with astronomers to improve telescope mirrors using thin-film technology from the electronics industry. They are developing new protective coatings using an atomic layer deposition system large enough to accommodate telescope mirrors.

DNA triggers shape-shifting in hydrogels, opening a new way to make 'soft robots'  -  9 hours ago
Biochemical engineers have used sequences of DNA molecules to induce shape-changing in water-based gels, demonstrating a new tactic to produce "soft" robots and "smart" medical devices that do not rely on cumbersome wires, batteries or tethers.

Pediatricians may view tattoos, piercings as red flags. They should discuss it instead, report says  -  12 hours ago
The American Academy of Pediatrics issues new guidance on tattoos and piercings in kids and young adults

Free movement of dogs puts UK pets at risk of European blinding disease  -  12 hours ago
Dog owners have been warned that taking their pets to Europe risks exposing them to an infectious parasite which turns animals blind.

The Moon is about to do something it only does once every 28 years  -  13 hours ago
The total solar eclipse that occurred this summer drew incredible excitement from even casual sky gazers, but our moon is about to perform a feat that is much more rare, and you probably haven̵…

Days After Irma's Destruction, Caribbean Residents Now Face Hurricane Maria  -  13 hours ago
The hurricane has intensified into a Category 4 storm, and threatens a number of islands including Puerto Rico and the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

Uber under fire for sexist 'Wife Appreciation Day' promo  -  14 hours ago
After being accused of sexism yet again, Uber has apologized for a social media blunder. The company urged husbands to 'Order on uberEats and let your wife take a day off from the kitchen.'

Cassini is gone. What comes next?  -  15 hours ago
Europa, the outer solar system, and a lot of questions.

2-D Electronics' metal or semiconductor? Both  -  15 hours ago
Researchers produced the first 2-D field-effect transistor (FET) made of a single material.

Secrets of butterfly wing patterns revealed by gene hacking  -  16 hours ago
Butterflies' wings have extraordinary patterns and colours, and it turns out they are controlled by a single "master gene" that performs many roles

62 percent off iPhone 8 cases and other good deals happening today  -  16 hours ago
A quick guide to getting the goods for cheaper.

Solar-to-fuel system recycles CO2 to make ethanol and ethylene  -  16 hours ago
Scientists have harnessed the power of photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into fuels and alcohols at efficiencies far greater than plants. The achievement marks a significant advance in the effort to move toward sustainable sources of fuel.

The 'slowdown' in global warming is over warns Met Office  -  17 hours ago
A change in the natural pattern of warm and cool phases in Pacific sea surface temperatures has brought the slowdown to an end, according to the Met Office (stock image).

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