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Survey of U.S. government scientists finds range of attitudes toward Trump policies  -  2 hours ago
Union of Concerned Scientists faced major challenges in polling 16 agencies

Security flaw in Amazon Echo devices could let hackers spy on you  -  9 hours ago
Researchers spotted a security flaw in Echo smart speakers that turns them into secret spy bugs. Hackers must connect a doctored speaker to the same network as another Echo device.

The farmers using sewage to make saris  -  10 hours ago
As groundwater supplies dwindle in rural India, farmers turn to wastewater to grow crops like mulberry, which is used to make silk.

This park has a flock of trained birds that clean up after lazy humans  -  10 hours ago
For the most part, humans are lazy slobs. We leave our trash just about everywhere — including the farthest reaches of the ocean and even space — but attendees of a theme park in France are going t…

From windows to Mars: Scientists debut super-insulating gel  -  11 hours ago
A new gel could increase energy efficiency in skyscrapers and help scientists to build habitats on Mars.

First study on physical properties of giant cancer cells may inform new treatments  -  11 hours ago
Giant cancer cells are much larger and stiffer than other cancer cells and move further, study shows.

Dr. Eugene Parker watches as NASA’s solar probe that carries his name begins its historic mission  -  11 hours ago
When NASA launched the Parker Solar Probe on Sunday it was the beginning of a mission that will break new ground in Sun research. The probe will get closer to the Sun than any spacecraft ever has, …

Mathematicians solve age-old spaghetti mystery  -  13 hours ago
It's nearly impossible to break a dry spaghetti noodle into only two pieces. A new MIT study shows how and why it can be done.

Scarlet macaw DNA points to ancient breeding operation in Southwest  -  13 hours ago
Somewhere in the American Southwest or northern Mexico, there are probably the ruins of a scarlet macaw breeding operation dating to between 900 and 1200 C.E., according to a team of archaeologists who sequenced the mitochondrial DNA of bird remains found in the Chaco Canyon and Mimbres areas of…

When it comes to regrowing tails, neural stem cells are the key  -  13 hours ago
It's a longstanding mystery why salamanders can perfectly regenerate their tails whereas lizard tails grow back all wrong. By transplanting neural stem cells between species, researchers have discovered that the lizard's native stem cells are the primary factor hampering tail regeneration.

NASA’s Opportunity rover still hasn’t woken up from a Mars dust storm, and engineers are getting nervous  -  13 hours ago
NASA’s Opportunity rover has had an incredible career already, spending years upon years studying the Martian surface and proving to be an incredibly reliable and hardy piece of hardware. Unf…

U.K. Heat Wave Triggers Rare Flamingos to Lay Eggs for the First Time in 15 Years  -  14 hours ago
None of the eggs were fertile, but conservation officials have hatched a plan to encourage the flamingos to breed again

Researchers Comb Through Millions of Genetic Variants to Find Disease Risk  -  14 hours ago
A study published today shows that it is possible to predict whether a person is at a high risk of developing a disease based on millions of changes across his or her genome.

Laziness May Have Contributed to the Decline of Homo Erectus  -  15 hours ago
Researchers suggest early humans pursued “least-effort strategies” when crafting tools, collecting resources

Google really is recording your every move!  -  15 hours ago
Experts created a visual map of the movements of Princeton researcher Gunes Acar, who carried an Android phone with Location history off, and shared a record of his Google account.

Adult-child conversations strengthen language regions of developing brain  -  15 hours ago
Young children who are regularly engaged in conversation by adults may have stronger connections between two developing brain regions critical for language, according to a study of healthy young children that confirms a hypothesis registered with the Open Science Framework. This finding was…

Potential biomarker for autism in infancy  -  15 hours ago
A study of young children with autism spectrum disorder reveals altered brain waves compared to typically developing children during a motor control task. The non-invasive neuroimaging technique used in this study could be employed to detect autism symptoms as early as infancy.

How the brain biases beliefs  -  15 hours ago
People's motivation to cling to desirable notions about future outlooks results from interactions between prefrontal cortex regions, according to a human neuroimaging study.

Thermal switch discovered in engineered squid-based biomaterials  -  15 hours ago
Tuning materials for optimal optical and electrical properties is becoming commonplace. Now, researchers and manufacturers may be able to tune materials for thermal conductivity by using a squid-inspired protein made of multiple DNA repeats.

Why zebrafish (almost) always have stripes  -  15 hours ago
A mathematical model helps explain the key role that one pigment cells plays in making sure that each stripe on a zebrafish ends up exactly where it belongs.

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