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14 Incredible Facts to Remind You How Awesome Humans Can Be  -  12 hours ago
Lately, it feels like every day we're flooded with stories about the worst of humanity - wars, school shootings, climate change.

Tumbling Cat or Olympic Snowboarder? Turns Out, the Physics Is the Same  -  15 hours ago
If you want to understand how snowboarders, skiers, and other Winter Olympians perform complex tricks while shooting through open air, you need to understand cats.

Copy of Declaration of Independence Was Hidden Behind Wallpaper  -  15 hours ago
In order to keep it out of Union hands during the Civil War

'Happy suit' could stop Nasa astronauts getting depressed  -  15 hours ago
Researchers from Florida Polytechnic University are developing a 'happy suit' with several sensors to detect signs of depression and mental strain in astronauts.

Apple's AirPower unit could be available as soon as March  -  16 hours ago
A report from a Japanese website has suggested the AirPower might be available next month. The price of the charging unit is reportedly $199.

Renaissance Mapmaker Was a Mastermind and a Copycat  -  16 hours ago
After poring over a stunning, 60-page Renaissance-era map, a scholar has concluded that the cartographer who draw the map in 1587 was both a mastermind and a copycat.

From Music to Mathematics: Exploring the Connections (Review)  -  17 hours ago
A review of Gareth Roberts's book From Music to Mathematics: Exploring the Connections

Flu Shot Facts & Side Effects (Updated for 2017-2018)  -  19 hours ago
The seasonal flu shot is a yearly vaccine administered to protect against the flu, or influenza. In the United States, flu shots are recommended for everyone ages 6 months and older.

Transmediale digital arts: The internet’s impossible paradox  -  19 hours ago
The internet poses an impossible paradox for digital artists: – the tech that delivers so much also filters out the context that allows art to really do its job

Scientists Think They've Finally Discovered The Bones of The Richest Pirate in History  -  20 hours ago
The world's richest pirate may have eluded capture in life, but efforts to bring him in are still underway – for science, if not justice.

This Woman Had Surgical Sponges Left in Her Abdomen For at Least 6 Years  -  a day ago
Usually, when you're having trouble with bloating and stomach discomfort, you'd think it's probably something you ate.

World's fishing fleets mapped from orbit  -  a day ago
Satellite tracking shows fishing's footprint on Earth is now over four times that of agriculture.

Family to hold free community event Sunday in memory of Blaze Bernstein  -  a day ago
COSTA MESA – The family of college student Blaze Bernstein, whose body was found in a Lake Forest park last month, will hold a community event in his honor Sunday evening at the Segerstrom Center f…

In the future, robots may wear 'snakeskin' — and not just for style  -  a day ago
Inspired by slithering snakes, scientists have constructed flexible scaly skins that allow immobile soft robots to crawl, maneuvering through even rough surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.

A normal person's guide to buying an old film camera  -  a day ago
You don't have be an expert (or a hipster) to enjoy analog photography

Tracking Fishing Vessels Reveals Industry's Toll on the Ocean  -  a day ago
Satellites and artificial intelligence fill in gaps in global fisheries knowledge

Neanderthals Could Be the World’s Oldest Artists  -  a day ago
The recent discovery of cave art predating human settlement is challenging the age-old narrative that symbolism makes us human.

Doctors successfully remove largest brain tumor ever, which was practically a second head  -  a day ago
Doctors in India have successfully removed what is being called the largest brain tumor ever to be operated on, freeing a mass of dangerous tissue that was nearly the size of the patient’s en…

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