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When will the world end? Weird and wonderful theories including Planet X, asteroid collision and a polar flip  -  5 hours ago
Many of these theories are based on fairly sound science, including Earth getting swallowed by the sun and a catastrophic asteroid collision

The more humans spread, the smaller other mammals get. Elephants, rhinos and hippos had better watch out  -  7 hours ago
What led to this dramatic decline in enormous mammals? According to a new study in the journal Science, the answer is: Us.

Evolution turned a tribe of Indonesians into 'human seals'  -  13 hours ago
A tribe of 'superhuman' Indonesians have evolved larger spleens that allow them to dive more than 200ft. A genetic adaptation makes their spleens 50 per cent larger than normal.

These octopuses just wanted a safe place to lay their eggs, but now they’re doomed  -  15 hours ago
Want to see something incredible? Head to a spot in the ocean 155 miles west of Costa Rica. Get in a sub and descend 9,482 feet beneath the surface to a stretch of exposed, dark rock on the seafloor. There’s a sea star, there’s a sponge, there are some shrimp... Oh wow! There are 100 octopuses…

Museum researchers rediscover animal not seen in 30 years  -  15 hours ago
Researchers have rediscovered the San Quintin kangaroo rat (Dipodomys gravipes) in Baja California. The Museum is partnering with Terra and local authorities on a conservation plan for the species, which was last seen in 1986, and was listed as endangered by the Mexican government in 1994. It was…

Clear as mud: Desiccation cracks help reveal the shape of water on Mars  -  15 hours ago
As Curiosity rover marches across Mars, the red planet's watery past comes into clearer focus.

Male contraceptive compound stops sperm without affecting hormones: Study in monkeys  -  15 hours ago
A new study details how a compound called EP055 binds to sperm proteins to significantly slow the overall mobility of the sperm without affecting hormones, making EP055 a potential 'male pill' without side effects.

A new study on concussions and Parkinson's provides one more reason to protect your noggin  -  16 hours ago
A new study is making waves for suggesting a single traumatic brain injury, even a mild one, can significantly increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s. But that doesn't mean a bump on the head dooms you to the disease.

This is the photo that conspiracy theorists say proves the Moon landing was a fraud  -  16 hours ago
In 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon. It was an incredible technological and scientific achievement for the human race, and the 11 other men who followed in his du…

NASA finally has a new boss after a year-long wait  -  17 hours ago
After months of debate, Trump's pick to head NASA has now been confirmed. This ends the space agency's longest-ever period without permanent leadership

Remarkable evolution of the 'Indonesian fish people'  -  17 hours ago
The genetic change discovered in the Bajau tribe who live in Jaya Bakti is the first known example of a human adaptation to deep diving, researchers from Cambridge University found.

Hildebrand plays big role in Esperanza’s victory over Villa Park  -  17 hours ago
ANAHEIM – The Esperanza softball team had one of its best days this season at the plate Thursday and it produced a 6-3 victory over Villa Park in a North Hills League game at Esperanza High.T…

There’s still time for us to save the Great Barrier Reef  -  17 hours ago
"It's been pretty well established that if you take the present day coral and you put it into the future conditions, it will most likely die,” Mikhail Matz explains. The rather stark phrasing functions as something of an understatement these days.

Human Cell Atlas Releases First Major Data Set  -  18 hours ago
The information includes data from over half a million immune cells from human cord blood and bone marrow

E. Coli outbreak linked to lettuce expands to five more states, here’s what you should do  -  18 hours ago
A slow-growing E. coli outbreak linked to chopped romaine lettuce is continuing to grow, with a new update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealing that an additional 18 indivi…

Poking tiny dents into solar panels makes them work better  -  18 hours ago
Most solar cells are limited by how much energy their electrons can absorb. Denting their materials could help them harvest more electricity and breeze past that limit

Hubble serves up two views of Lagoon Nebula  -  18 hours ago
The Hubble Space Telescope celebrated its 28th anniversary with a double portrait of the Lagoon Nebula, a giant, oft-photographed interstellar cloud.

Unprecedented wave of large-mammal extinctions linked to prehistoric humans  -  19 hours ago
Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and other recent human relatives may have begun hunting large mammal species down to size -- by way of extinction -- at least 90,000 years earlier than previously thought, according to a new study. The magnitude and scale of the extinction wave surpassed any other…

Atoms may hum a tune from grand cosmic symphony  -  19 hours ago
Researchers playing with a cloud of ultracold atoms uncovered behavior that bears a striking resemblance to the universe in microcosm. Their work forges new connections between atomic physics and the sudden expansion of the early universe.

3-D human 'mini-brains' shed new light on genetic underpinnings of major mental illness  -  19 hours ago
Researchers are leveraging gene-editing tools and mini-organs grown in the lab to study the effects of DISC1 mutations in cerebral organoids -- 'mini brains' -- cultured from human stem cells.

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