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Bud Norris earns job as Angels’ closer, but isn’t given the title  -  39 minutes ago
ANAHEIM — Right-handed reliever Bud Norris made five appearances going into Saturday since returning from the disabled list July 1, including four in a row in the ninth inning. He recorded hi…

‘Build the Wall’ rally in support of Trump immigration plan met with dissent at Huntington Beach pier  -  3 hours ago
The Americans for Trump group gathered at the Huntington Beach Pier early Saturday afternoon, July 22, to rally around the president. Chants of “build that wall” and “illegal immi…

Fossils We Want To Find

There’s a list of fossils I’d really like you to go out and find. Good luck.

Learn How to Read Faster And Comprehend More With This Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle  -  8 hours ago
We all wish we could read faster and comprehend more of what we read – not only would it help smash through those papers, but understanding topics more effectively on the first read through is also a huge help for those late night cramming sessions.

Is This Bizarre Tubeworm The Longest-Living Animal in The World?  -  8 hours ago
Make some room tortoises and whales, because it looks like tubeworms have the real secret to longevity. A new study has found that these deep-sea animals from the Gulf of Mexico can live to be between 100 and 300 years old.

Chasing Consciousness, and the Information Revolution  -  11 hours ago
A new institute gains steam, together with a new set of ideas on matter, life and information

NASA's newly released video archives contain a skyfull of goodies  -  13 hours ago
Feast your eyes on the friendly skies.

What’s actually in that Viagra coffee you keep hearing about (and why it’s dangerous)  -  14 hours ago
Male enhancement supplements may work, but that doesn’t mean they’re harmless.

The Supracranial Sinus of the Horned Dinosaur Skull  -  14 hours ago
There’s a giant, weird space in the skulls of big horned dinosaurs—haven’t you heard?

Shark Week: How to Watch It Like a Scientist  -  15 hours ago
As the Discovery Channel and National Geographic Wild unleash a week of dueling shark programs, a biologist advises viewers to take what they see with a large grain of sea salt.

Why Does Hunger Vanish When You Ignore It Long Enough?  -  15 hours ago
Why do you stop feeling hungry after you ignore it for a while?

Find free music and movies online  -  15 hours ago
How to stay entertained without having to pay.

Ground Control to Major Google: Space Station Street View Is Here  -  16 hours ago
Take a self-guided tour and imagine what it is like to be an astronaut

Missy Elliott and Bjork give FYF Fest 2017 a cinematic opening  -  16 hours ago
In a festival culture all too often criticized for not having enough female artists topping lineups, FYF Fest flipped the script at Exposition Park in Los Angeles Friday with a pair of blockbuster sets from Missy Elliott and Bjork.The rapper fr

How music can shine a light on past worlds without words  -  17 hours ago
Comparing Notes by Adam Ockelford demystifies an art form, and offers unexpected insights into our pre-verbal past, says Steve Mithen

Hong Kong Has Virtually No Land Left to Stash Its Massive Garbage Output  -  18 hours ago
Hong Kong is approaching a severe breaking point, with the brimming urban centre having almost run out of space for storing the 15,000 tonnes of garbage it produces every day.

Cattle could hold the key to defeating HIV virus  -  a day ago
Cattle have a "mind blowing" ability to combat the HIV virus, American researchers have found.

The National Trust ‘outs’ Norfolk squire as gay 48 years after his death  -  a day ago
The National Trust has ‘outed’ a Norfolk squire as gay 48 years after his death claiming there is no need to conceal his sexuality any longer.

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