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The Adult Brain Can Regenerate Neurons in an Unexpected Area, Says New Study  -  2 days ago
Scientists have discovered for the first time that adult mouse brains produce new cells in the amygdala , a finding that could eventually lead to better treatments for conditions like anxiety and depression, as well as a better understanding of the...

This Inspiring Study Shows How Well Our World Once United to Save The Environment  -  2 days ago
The historic 1987 treaty to fight the hole in the ozone layer wasn't just an international success story – it was a stunning environmental victory that's still saving the planet in unexpected ways some 30 years later.

New surface is so slippery, shellfish can’t get a grip  -  2 days ago
Mussels end up confused when they try to stick to a polymer/lubricant mix.

WATCH: What Happens if You Throw an Elephant, a Dog And a Mouse From a Skyscraper?  -  2 days ago
Hypothetically – if you threw a mouse, a dog, and an elephant off a skyscraper, what would happen?

Seeing One Solar Eclipse May Not Be Enough  -  2 days ago
David Baron, author of the new book American Eclipse, talks about how seeing his first total solar eclipse turned him into an eclipse chaser.

Paleo Profile: The Hiding Hunter

Overlooked bones reveal a new dinosaur species.

Rally for peace underway in Laguna Beach  -  2 days ago
The “From Charlottesville to Laguna Beach: We Stand Together” rally is being hosted by Indivisible OC 48, Indivisible OC-CA 46, the Laguna Beach Democratic Club and Together We Will Orange County.…

On the road to the path of totality for the solar eclipse  -  2 days ago
Eclipse chasers are already congregating, talking of 'some pretty apocalyptic sounding things' and miracles.

Valley of the Mastodons

A unique conference takes a new look at a neglected Ice Age beast.

Seniors, Get Your Lifetime National Park Pass Now

Get your lifetime pass before the price takes a quantum leap!

How to view solar eclipse 2017 safely - with mirrors, pinhole projectors and even a COLANDER  -  2 days ago
Here are 5 ways to view the solar eclipse visible across America without damaging your eyes

How Can You Prepare for the August Solar Eclipse?  -  2 days ago
In less than a week, the Moon will pass in front of the Sun in the middle of the day blocking between 20 to 100% of the Sun’s light across the continental United States as it does. How can you prepare for the solar eclipse?

There's a Rare Chemical Compound Lurking in The Icy Depths of Neptune  -  2 days ago
Scientists have used complex computer simulations to figure out what lies beneath Neptune's icy surface, finding a rare compound that gives us a greater understanding of how gas giants are evolving.

How to speed up your Wi-Fi  -  2 days ago
Optimize your internet connection.

Here's How to Watch the Great American Solar Eclipse Live  -  2 days ago
Here's how to watch the Great American Solar Eclipse live on Monday.

Meet the turtles surviving an invasion of enormous tractors  -  2 days ago
The eastern painted turtles must now live among enormous, noisy machinery – and studying them is offering clues to how animals survive alongside heavy industry

America’s total eclipse: The best guides to how to prepare  -  2 days ago
We have always hunted meaning in total eclipses. As the US prepares for a total eclipse, four new books tell us all about them and remind us to enjoy them too

Become a Better Whisky Snob by Adding a Few Drops of Water to Your Drink  -  2 days ago
Make mine a Laphroaig Islay single malt, at least 18 years in the barrel. Oh, and a side of water. Science says you can wipe that condescending smirk from your face, while you're at it.

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