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Certain female termites decide they don’t need no stinkin’ males to reproduce  -  4 hours ago
There are obviously lots and lots of species in the animal kingdom that require both a male and female for reproduction, but not all of them. Asexual reproduction is a well-documented natural pheno…

Mars may have supported underground life, but it was a long time ago  -  5 hours ago
When mankind first noticed Mars in the sky there were surely plenty of people who wondered if life was roaming around on its surface. In more recent years we got a good look at the surface and real…

A British mathematician thinks he’s cracked a secret worth a million bucks  -  6 hours ago
Many mathematicians are wary of Atiyah’s proof for the infamous Riemann hypothesis—for multiple reasons.

The best new camera and photography gear from Photokina 2018  -  7 hours ago
Cameras, lenses, lighting, and everything else from the world's largest photography trade show.

His $1M Math Solution Isn't Going Over Well  -  7 hours ago
Michael Atiyah must convince colleagues that he cracked a 159-year-old problem

WHO Fears Ebola In DRC Will Spin Out Of Control Due To Political Violence  -  8 hours ago
Health care workers are sidelined as growing misinformation and community resistance hampers response efforts against the deadly hemorrhagic fever in the...

These lizards are the holy grail of herpetology—they're also targets in the illegal wildlife trade  -  8 hours ago
The partially submerged creature had the elongated, snakelike body of a Chinese dragon, the facial features of a cartoon dinosaur, and the pronounced scales of a mini-alligator.

This 127-Million-Year-Old Fossil Links Dinosaur and Bird Evolution  -  9 hours ago
The dino-bird hybrid boasts a stubby tail, clawed wings and sharp teeth

Las Bahias Bioluminiscentes son una Luz para la Resiliencia de Puerto Rico  -  9 hours ago
Los científicos encuentran luz en lugares oscuros cuando investigan la respuesta de las bahías bioluminiscentes al huracán María.

During a hurricane, where does all the pig poop go? Into your water.  -  9 hours ago
Hurricane Florence inundated at least 54 lagoons full of pig excrement when it unloaded at least 8 trillion gallons of rainfall over North Carolina in less than a week.

Liquid metal discovery to make toxic water safe and drinkable  -  10 hours ago
Researchers have discovered a revolutionary and cheap way to make filters that can turn water contaminated with heavy metals into safe drinking water in a matter of minutes.

Sensitive babies become altruistic toddlers  -  10 hours ago
Our responsiveness to seeing others in distress accounts for variability in helping behavior from early in development, according to a new study.

Retracing Antarctica's glacial past  -  10 hours ago
More than 26,000 years ago, sea level was much lower than it is today partly because the ice sheets that jut out from the continent of Antarctica were enormous and covered by grounded ice -- ice that was fully attached to the seafloor. As the planet warmed, the ice sheets melted and contracted, and…

Genetic testing: Not a one-and-done deal  -  10 hours ago
A study that reviewed genetic testing results from 1.45 million individuals found that nearly 25 percent of 'variants of uncertain significance' were subsequently reclassified -- sometimes as less likely to be associated with cancer, sometimes as more likely.

The grim, final days of a mother octopus  -  10 hours ago
A new study uses modern genetic sequencing tools to describe several distinct molecular signals produced by the optic gland after a female octopus reproduces. The research also details four separate phases of maternal behavior and links them to these signals, suggesting how the optic gland controls…

New small, neon fish species discovered  -  10 hours ago
Scientists discovered a new fish species among the reefs of St. Paul's Rocks, an archipelago off the coast of Brazil.

MacOS Mojave just gave your Mac new features—here’s how to use them  -  10 hours ago
Highlights from the free software update to your Mac.

The Mathematical Madness of Möbius Strips and Other One-Sided Objects  -  11 hours ago
The discovery of the Möbius strip in the mid-19th century launched a brand new field of mathematics: topology

How Implanted Electrodes Helped Paralyzed People Stand and Walk Again  -  11 hours ago
Two new studies demonstrate that epidural stimulation and intensive therapy can help people overcome paralysis from spinal cord injuries

The Earth is wobbling more than it should, and humans are likely the cause  -  12 hours ago
When looking at the Earth from afar it appears to be a perfect sphere, but that actually isn’t the case. Because Earth isn’t uniform on all sides due to land masses that shift and chang…

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