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Angels Notes: Tyler Skaggs’ setback is ‘disturbing,’ says Mike Scioscia  -  3 hours ago
BOSTON — When Mike Scioscia was asked about the setback Tyler Skaggs suffered in his rehab from a strained oblique, the Angels manager’s answers were short, and ominous. “It’s disturbing,” Scioscia…

When Horned Dinosaurs Traveled East

An unexpected tooth changes the story of one of the most famous dinosaur groups

Overturned oil tanker explodes in Pakistan, killing 153  -  7 hours ago
BAHAWALPUR, Pakistan –An overturned oil tanker burst into flames in Pakistan on Sunday, killing 153 people who had rushed to the scene of the highway accident to gather leaking fuel, a hospi…

Do Giraffes Get Struck by Lightning More Than Other Animals?  -  7 hours ago
hey can reach 19 feet tall, meaning giraffes tower over the savannah they live in. So do they get struck by lightning more than other, shorter animals?

The Lives of Weird 500-Million-Year-Old Creatures Revealed  -  8 hours ago
With no identifiable body parts, it's hard to know how these fossilized creatures lived. A new approach models how the ocean's water would interact with their unique shapes – hinting at their lifestyle.

The Making of an Allosaurus Graveyard

A new analysis sets the scene for how over 46  Allosaurus  came to be buried in the same place

The best Apple Music tricks and add-ons  -  9 hours ago
Get to grips with Apple's streaming app.

Could Asteroids Bombard the Earth to Cause a Mass Extinction in 10 Million Years?  -  10 hours ago
Given the evidence that an asteroid triggered the dinosaur extinction, it makes sense to ask whether showers of asteroids could be to blame for regular extinction events

What Is Anhedonia?  -  10 hours ago
Pleasure, according to the ancient Greek philosopher and party animal, Epicurus, is the beginning and the end of living happily.

Scientists Have Finally Solved The Mystery of 'Bright Nights'  -  10 hours ago
The 'bright nights' phenomenon – where the nighttime sky is inexplicably bright enough to read a book by, even without moonlight – has been puzzling scientists for centuries, but we might just have a solution to the mystery.

See photos of Primus, Clutch and Fantomas opening for Tool at Glen Helen Amphitheater  -  13 hours ago
Primus, Clutch and Fantomas perform before Tool at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA., Saturday, June 24, 2017. (Staff photos by Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/The Sun/SCNG)  Follow @jcmaherphoto

Keep your stuff under lock and RFID  -  14 hours ago
No one has to know about your embarrassing celebrity crush: stash the evidence in a box where the key can be anything from an orange to an umbrella

Leaping Whale Nearly Capsizes New Jersey Fishing Boat  -  15 hours ago
"Moby Dick" encounter was "definitely one of the craziest experiences in my life," says Paul Ziolkowski.

Here's what happens when lightning doesn't hit the ground  -  20 hours ago
Upside down lightning is a seemingly rare weather event.

Noisy cities disrupt heartbeat and could trigger disease, study suggests  -  a day ago
The cacophony of noise town centres could trigger heart problems, a new study suggests, after scientists found that fluctuating sounds on busy high streets disturb normal cardiac rhythms.

These photos show you what it’s like to be at Arroyo Seco Weekend

Arroyo Secco Weekend music festival at Brookside Golf Course in Pasadena on Saturday, June 24 and 25, 2017.

Live coverage from the Arroyo Seco Weekend festival at the Rose Bowl  -  a day ago
Follow reporters, photographers and editors reporting live from Pasadena’s Rose Bowl and the first ever Arroyo Seco Weekend. We’ll be covering the music, food and spectacle from the moment they open the gates to Mumford & Sons

These Robot Exoskeletons Can Adjust to The Way You Walk  -  a day ago
Scientists have developed special algorithms that enable body scaffolds called exoskeletons to adjust to the walk of the person wearing them, making these robotic aids more efficient and personalised.

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