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The Idolm@ster Haruka Amami×Taylor Swift "Red"

nicovideo.jp  -  8 hours ago
The Idolm@ster Haruka Amami×Taylor Swift "Red" [アイドルマスター] あなたとアイドル。私とニコマス。・・・10年、続いちゃいましたねぇ(苦笑)。※歌詞は全て意訳です。...

Taylor Swift deletes everything from social media

catchnews.com  -  8 hours ago
Swift has also un-followed everyone she was initially following and has also blocked out her official website.

Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Is A Family Man

fansoftaylor.com  -  13 hours ago
Taylor Swift's relationship has been out of the spotlight for the past several weeks as her groping trial continued. However, now that the trial has wrappe...

Taylor Swift To Reinvent Herself With New Album

fansoftaylor.com  -  14 hours ago
Taylor Swift will reportedly be treating fans to an all new sound when she drops her new music. Although a release date for Swift's upcoming album has yet ...

Taylor Swift Getting Ready To Drop Some ‘Epic’ New Music — She’s Ready For A ‘Reinvention’

hollywoodlife.com  -  15 hours ago
Hold onto your hats, everyone — Taylor Swift is getting ready to drop new music! HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that she’s totally going to ‘reinvent’ the pop sce…

The Greatest Theories Behind Taylor Swift’s Internet Black Out

fansoftaylor.com  -  18 hours ago
Taylor Swift literally broke the internet on Friday (August 18) due to a social media blackout by deleting all of her content. Of course, most of her accou...

Taylor Swift is missing …

nashfm947.com  -  21 hours ago
Taylor Swift is missing ...

Is Taylor Swift About To Put An End To Justin Bieber’s Reign?

fansoftaylor.com  -  21 hours ago
Is Taylor Swift about to end Justin Bieber's reign for good? That's what Swifties have predicted, as they think the songstress is about to drop some new mu...

Why Taylor Swift is coming after the Biebs with her album

zmonline.com  -  a day ago
Swizza deleting all her social media content and clearing her accounts has the world talking, and they're all thinking one thing - a new album. It would m

Swifties React To Taylor Swift Clearing Social Media

iheart.com  -  a day ago
Every Taylor Swift fan is losing their mind on Twitter | iHeartRadio

5 Times Taylor Swift Has Surprised Her Fans Before

iheart.com  -  a day ago
You can't say she doesn't love doing the unexpected. | iHeartRadio

Has Taylor Swift disappeared from social media?

news.sky.com  -  a day ago
The world famous singer appears to have deleted many of her social media posts - but is it for good or is it all just a stunt?

Taylor Swift goes blank on social media, sending fans into frenzy - The Express Tribune

tribune.com.pk  -  a day ago
The 'Blank Space' singer also deleted years of Twitter posts, and her official website showed just a black screen.

Taylor Swift baffles fans by scrubbing social media accounts

thenewdaily.com.au  -  a day ago
Taylor Swift's social media has gone curiously blank, sparking theories the singer has been hacked or is about to embark on a PR blitz for a new album

Taylor Swift donates to sexual assault charity

rappler.com  -  a day ago
The pop star was awarded a nominal $1 in damages in a sexual assault lawsuit against DJ David Mueller

Taylor Swift Thanked Company Behind Supportive Post-its During Trial

moviepilot.com  -  a day ago
Now that the trial's over, Taylor Swift continues to display grace and appreciation to those who stood by here.

Taylor Swift and a chubby Avril Lavigne perform on a Late Night Tv Show

dailyfailcenter.com  -  a day ago
Taylor Swift and a chubby Avril Lavigne perform on a Late Night Tv Show

Taylor Swift goes blank on social media, sending fans into frenzy

gmanetwork.com  -  a day ago
Taylor Swift, one of the most popular celebrities on social media, wiped all her accounts on Friday, sending fans into a frenzy over whether the pop singer had been hacked, was preparing to launch a new album, or was about to reinvent herself. Latest Philippine TV entertainment headlines on Kapuso…

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