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Did 'Fortnite' Peak?  -  2 hours ago
Twitch views dwindled recently.

This new vulnerability affecting Intel processors sounds pretty scary  -  2 hours ago
Secure enclaves are supposed to be just what the name implies, the most secure parts of a chip — the region  that a computer’s operating system isn’t supposed to be able to intera…

First look: Inside SureFly's two-person octocopter  -  3 hours ago
It's like a toy drone come to life.

Cryptocurrency-rich make magic internet money rain in Vegas  -  3 hours ago
The Monero cryptocurrency party at DEF CON was quite the sight.

Tinder Co-Founders, Execs Sue App's Owners for $2B  -  5 hours ago
They say parent company undervalued app

OnePlus 6T mockups show a tiny notch that puts the iPhone X to shame  -  5 hours ago
One of the worst-kept secrets in the smartphone industry is that every OnePlus phone is basically a carbon copy of the Oppo phone that launched before it. Both the Oppo and OnePlus brands are owned…

The Galaxy Note 9’s display is better than any other smartphone – even the iPhone X  -  5 hours ago
The Galaxy Note 9 may look a lot like last year’s Note, but it’s a lot better in every way. It’s got the high-end specs you expect from an Android flagship smartphone this year, as well as a few ex…

StarVR One is the most powerful VR headset yet, and you can't have one  -  7 hours ago
This ultimate VR headset is for commercial use only

SS Great Britain: the tech bringing a 19th century wonder to life  -  7 hours ago
How new tech is helping to bring the past to life

LG and Sprint are going to launch a 5G phone next year, and they promise it won’t be ugly  -  7 hours ago
Sprint and LG announced today that they’re going to work together to launch a 5G phone on Sprint’s new 5G network in the first half of 2019. Crucially, the two companies promise that it…

This cheap Squarespace alternative will help you build a slick website  -  7 hours ago
It's 2018 — what do you mean you still don't have a website?

Tinder's founders and former boss sue dating app owners  -  7 hours ago
Tinder's owners are accused of undervaluing it, cheating executives out of shares worth billions.

These Treblab earbuds could give the Apple AirPods some competition — and they're 55% off  -  7 hours ago
AirPods aren't the be-all and end-all of wireless tech.

Rethinking How We Build City Streets  -  7 hours ago
Architect Carlo Ratti envisions modular streets that can morph to meet the everyday needs of a neighborhood

Amazon Fire TV security patch stops crypto-miners from hacking your set-top box  -  7 hours ago
Software update is crucial for all Fire TVs made before 2017

Two 11-year-olds altered election results in hacker convention's replica of U.S. voting system  -  7 hours ago
The hacking demonstration came as concerns swirl about election system vulnerabilities before mid-term state and federal elections.

Instagram hack sees accounts replaced with film stills  -  8 hours ago
Affected account holders are seeing random film stills replacing their profile photos.

Samsung promises its huge Galaxy Note 9 battery won’t explode  -  9 hours ago
The Galaxy Note 9 that Samsung just launched features a battery larger than anything available on any other Samsung flagship. At 4,000 mAh capacity, the battery should deliver impressive battery li…

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