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Chicago festival to mark Pokemon Go anniversary goes awry  -  2 hours ago
While no official attendance figures were available, organizers had planned for as many as 20,000 Pokemon players and "trainers" at the festival billed by Niantic as the first official anniversary event in the world. Late in the day, Niantic's Chief Marketing Officer Mike Quigley tried to placate…

Robot finds likely melted fuel heap inside Fukushima reactor  -  2 hours ago
TOKYO (AP) — Images captured by an underwater robot showed massive deposits believed to be melted nuclear fuel covering the floor of a damaged reactor at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. During this week's probe, cameras mounted on the robot showed extensive damage caused by the core…

T-Mobile is desperate to get rid of the iPhone 7  -  2 hours ago
There’s only a couple months left until the iPhone 8 should be announced, which means it’s fire sale time on the iPhone 7. Most of the major carriers have stock left, and with the iPhon…

‘Build the Wall’ rally in support of Trump immigration plan met with dissent at Huntington Beach pier  -  3 hours ago
The Americans for Trump group gathered at the Huntington Beach Pier early Saturday afternoon, July 22, to rally around the president. Chants of “build that wall” and “illegal immi…

Tesla Superchargers vs … Ugh  -  3 hours ago
First of all, let me say that if anyone else creates a superfast charging network anything close to Tesla's, I'll be one of the first people to cheer it on and I may cheer it more loudly and broadly than anyone else. My goal is to stimulate the transition to zero-emissions transport as quickly as

New ‘Justice League’ trailer released at Comic-Con and fans are loving it  -  5 hours ago
New “Justice League” trailer dropped during Warner Bros. Pictures Comic-Con panel draws instant fan reaction.

Australia's first vinyl factory in 30 years will open next year  -  5 hours ago
A new Australian pressing plant shows the resurgence of vinyl is truly global.

'Minecraft' novel by 'World War Z' author is now available  -  5 hours ago
The first official 'Minecraft' novel is now available from Microsoft's Books store.

House Strips State Dept. of Cross-Border Pipeline Approval (Think: Keystone XL)  -  5 hours ago
Originally published on RedGREENandBlue. Even though Hillary Clinton is no longer in charge of the State Department, some in the GOP continue to hold a grudge. Which is why they voted to removed the State Department from the approvals chain for pipelines that cross an international border. Hey,…

Pokémon Go Fest, Niantic’s big legendary Pokémon event, is a bust  -  6 hours ago
A slew of technical problems rain on Pokemon Trainers’ parades

Sedan Swoon May Signal End Of Chevy Volt & Chevy Impala, But …  -  6 hours ago
Originally published on Gas2. The sedan is falling rapidly out of favor in many world markets, but especially so in America, where demand for SUVs is rising to a fever pitch. GM is reporting that sedan sales are down over 30% so far this year. Amid predictions that sedans will be even less popular…

You Had One Job, Pokemon Go Fest  -  7 hours ago
You had one job, Pokemon Go Fest.

Elon Musk scraps the idea of a Model 3 with a solar panel roof  -  8 hours ago
For as long as Elon Musk has been involved in the tech world, he has demonstrated an almost unrivaled obsession with dreaming big and boldly pursuing initiatives that objectively seem downright cra…

Video Shows That the LEGO Zoetrope of Our Dreams is Only a Build Away  -  8 hours ago
We're always game to celebrate the splendor of zoetropes here at Nerdist. Through cleverly positioned drawings or items and utilizing the way our eyes process light, these machines are quite literally one of the first forms form of animation people ever created. And while some zoetropes we've…

Fireworks, jazz clubs and Arsenal: The debts of ex unicorn Ve Interactive  -  8 hours ago
The former tech unicorn Ve Interactive collapsed with £12.

Apple ARKit developer beats IKEA to the punch with AR furniture app  -  8 hours ago
Witness the future of home decorating, brought to you by Apple's ARKit.

Cliff Blezinski talks Lawbreakers and being the underdog to Overwatch  -  9 hours ago
The veteran developer talks about his first post-Epic game

Snapchat under renewed pressure as share lock-up ends  -  9 hours ago
Snapchat is set to come under further pressure next week when investors are allowed to sell shares for the first time since it went public in March.

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