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New Way To Capture Methane At The Well Head Proposed  -  an hour ago
Methane is the primary component of natural gas, yet one fifth of the methane produced in the United States each year goes straight into the atmosphere. Why? Because it is too expensive to capture it and turn it into fuel. Instead, fossil fuel companies burn it as it comes out of the ground in a

Gregory Bradbard: A 20-year lesson in nonprofits shifts to affordable housing crisis  -  3 hours ago
Over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege to work with underprivileged children, struggling families, and vulnerable foster youth.  But I’ve noticed one consistent burden faced by every grou…

Someone just transformed the iPad into a touchscreen MacBook Pro  -  4 hours ago
When I first discovered a Medium post that explains how developers were able to add a button to an iOS device, I thought that’d be a neat solution for the iPhone X, which is going to be the first i…

Five-minute allergy test passes the FDA's scrutiny  -  5 hours ago
The EPFL-developed "world's most rapid" allergy test will be out in the US next year.

Harlan Ellison Is Sci-Fi's Most Controversial Figure  -  5 hours ago
But Nat Segaloff's biography captures the author's big personality and enormous talent.

Own a Mac? You should be traveling with this gadget  -  7 hours ago
Phone charging should be the least of your worries.

Huawei says its working on a foldable smartphone, for next year  -  7 hours ago
The foldable smartphone may be the next trend in the smartphone market. As numerous tech giants are working on the foldable devices including Samsung, LG, and ZTE. The latter in particular has already stirred the tech market with its Axon M foldable smartphone. Enter Huawei Now another tech giant,…

Music composed by IBM’s Watson Beat sparks debate on music copyright  -  8 hours ago
If you’re not impressed enough by IBM Watson’s ability to create movie trailers, diagnosing leukemia, and even understanding your emotion, there’s more. Now it’s moving on to music with Watson Beat, an AI-powered music composing app. It’s a great tool for the artist who wants to compose unique…

Huawei is working on a foldable phone for 2018  -  8 hours ago
Along with everyone else

Would you buy Nokia 3310 3G in 2017 for $60?  -  8 hours ago
Nokia 3310, the lost ark in the darkness of smartphones. It took 2000 years to create the phone! Where only 17 years to rebuild the 3G module. Strong has become smart, coming as Nokia 3310 3G. Drop it like its Nokia, literally. Updated 2017 Nokia 3310 was redesigned and fabricated by HMD Global. As…

Q & A | Teens search for way to improve magnetic resonance images  -  8 hours ago
MRI scans provide information about the body without actually touching it. Now two Toronto teens are trying to adapt that approach to search for what is in someone's blood noninvasively.

Germany's new facial recognition technology reminiscent of Cold War surveillance for some  -  8 hours ago
Germany is testing out facial-recognition technology at a Berlin train station. The goal is to improve security, but for those who remember the Cold War, it has shades of life under East Germany's notorious secret police, known as the Stasi.

Walmart ramps up self-checkout by letting customers ring in items while shopping  -  8 hours ago
New scan-and-go technology being rolled out at Walmart stores allows shoppers to scan and bag their items while they shop, and it may lead to customers bypassing checkout altogether.

Amazon brings waterproof Kindles  -  12 hours ago
Finally, Amazon brings waterproof Kindles. The Kindle has been with us for 10 years now. But, we never got any waterproof kindle device. However, now the popular e-reader has an IPX8 waterproof rating. Amazon announced a new version that builds on last year’s Kindle design. Waterproof Kindle Oasis…

Google's annual report shows more web traffic is encrypted  -  14 hours ago
The number of websites and devices defaulting to HTTPS is climbing.

Head of Facebook’s secretive lab is leaving  -  14 hours ago
The head of Facebook’s secretive cutting-edge hardware lab, Building 8, is exiting after only a year and a half. In her announcement, Regina Dugan said of her departure, “There is a tidal shift goi…

Colorado students show off their video games at DreamHack e-sports tournament  -  15 hours ago
College students showcased their work alongside indie and popular games at this weekend’s DreamHack. Some games were whipped together in 72 hours. Others took years.

GreenWay’s EV Charging Leadership & Vision In Poland (CleanTechnica Exclusive)  -  19 hours ago
Getting ready for our big EV charging conference November 6–8 (in Warsaw, Poland) — part of our Cleantech Revolution Tour conference series — I've been interviewing some of our presenters and panelists. Below is an interview with Rafał Czyżewski, CEO of GreenWay Infrastructure Poland, which is a…

Ridecell Acquires Auro, Launches Ridecell Autonomous Operations Platform  -  21 hours ago
The car-sharing, ride-hailing, and ride-sharing software platform provider Ridecell has acquired the California-based self-driving vehicle tech developer Auro, according to a new press release from the firm. As a part of the deal, the Auro development team will now be known as the Ridecell…

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