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Head Of Uber's Self-Driving Car Effort Steps Down  -  an hour ago
Anthony Levandowski moves to a different job at the company as a lawsuit filed by rival Waymo heads for trial.

Ask Emily: How to ease financial pain of high-deductible health plans  -  2 hours ago
You might save money on premiums with a high-deductible health plan only to find you’re spending more on the back end. These tips will help you minimize your expenses for medical treatment and pres…

‘No fault’ now means no fun  -  2 hours ago
While the blame game in Washington continues our “No Fault” divorce law in California takes the fun out of splitting with couples asking, “If I can’t blame you, what’s the point?” This became reaI …

First-ever photos of Apple’s self-driving car surface online  -  2 hours ago
After many months shrouded in secrecy, concrete information regarding Apple’s plans in the automotive space are finally starting to leak out. While Apple’s initial plans may have center…

How to write a letter to the editor for the Orange County Register  -  2 hours ago
We want to hear from you. If you have thoughts or opinions on what is happening in your local community, California, the nation or the world, let us know. E-mail your letter to letters@ocregister.c…

Sunset Beach community mourns musician who drowned while surfing  -  2 hours ago
The Sunset Beach community is mourning the death of Eric Reno, an area musician well known for his talent both on stage and in the surf. “Our whole town, it was a big hit because of the impac…

Ducks Notes: Team hoping to avoid repeat of Game 1 penalty parade in Friday’s Game 2 vs. Oilers  -  3 hours ago
ANAHEIM — The Ducks’ march to the penalty box knocked them off course only slightly during their first-round sweep of the Calgary Flames, but it cost them a victory in Game 1 of their s…

OCSA sophomore takes her shot on ‘The Voice’  -  3 hours ago
When Hanna Eyre stepped onto the stage of “The Voice” for her blind audition, the 15-year-old from Laguna Niguel had a serious case of nerves and not a little bit of self-doubt. After a…

Chapman mumps cases slowing but too soon to call outbreak over  -  3 hours ago
A mumps outbreak at Chapman University has reached 13 cases, the county Health Care Agency said Thursday. Although the pace of illness has slowed – there were 12 cases two weeks ago, – …

Apple may launch a person-to-person payment service this year  -  3 hours ago
A Venmo-like way to pay could come to iPhones

New bill could make streaming violent crimes online illegal  -  3 hours ago
ALBANY — A surge in violent crimes posted and streamed online has prompted a Long Island state senator to introduce legislation that would make such acts illegal. “The internet and social med…

People are getting bored of the same old iPhone, new report suggests  -  3 hours ago
As massive of a hit as the iPhone 7 was at launch, new data from CIRP shows that sales of Apple’s latest flagship phone hasn’t been able to match the performance of the iPhone 6s in sam…

Google makes it easier for Assistant to come to any device  -  5 hours ago
Thanks to the newly released Google Assistant SDK

Samsung just confirmed the Galaxy Note 8 is coming this year  -  5 hours ago
In case you were wondering whether Samsung will launch a new Galaxy Note model this year, you can rest assured that it’s happening. At least, Samsung just confirmed that a high-end smartphone is pl…

New Sci-Fi Novel Is Set In A World Where Hillary Clinton Actually Won  -  5 hours ago
William Gibson -- author of "Neuromancer" -- will explore a sunny, alternate reality.

'Blue Whale'  -  5 hours ago
With questions over whether the Blue Whale challenge exists, and no confirmed link to reported deaths, how concerned should you be?

Facebook Says It Will Ramp Up Fight Against Propaganda  -  5 hours ago
Facebook acknowledged that it has become a battleground for governments seeking to manipulate public opinion in other countries.

Google becomes first foreign internet company to go live in Cuba  -  5 hours ago
Google switches on its servers in Cuba, making it the first foreign internet service on the island.

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