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Watch out for this genuine-looking Apple Support scam  -  6 months ago
The phishers are getting smarter

Teen who stayed up late watching Netflix saved his family from a fire  -  6 months ago
A 13-year old in Delaware who decided to stay up late and watch Netflix — and not go to bed per his mom’s orders — ended up saving his family from a serious house fire. So while w…

Madden 19: Our NFL Wild Card Saturday simulation results  -  6 months ago
With the 2018-19 NFL playoffs finally upon us, we used Madden 19 to predict the winners of Wild Card weekend, starting with Saturday's games. The NFL's Wil...

Startup’s new passenger drone could be steppingstone to new form of urban transportation  -  6 months ago
If Matt Chasen gets his way, there will be a time — in the not-so-distant future — when commuters are able to order an air taxi that whisks them across town in minutes, bypassing traffi…

Nissan LEAF #Rapidgate Mostly Solved By Software Update?  -  6 months ago
In what may be great news for 40 kWh Nissan LEAF owners - a software update evident in newer LEAFs has alleviated much of the #rapidgate DC charge throttling issue, allowing reasonably fast DC charge rates even if the battery is already hot.

'Snitch-tagging' destroys any subtlety that was left on Twitter  -  6 months ago
A snitch-tagger is a Twitter tattletale: He or she sees a tweet criticizing another user and and chimes in with that person’s Twitter handle — flagging the insult for the target to see. This takes advantage of Twitter's absence of barriers separating public figures from their fans and haters.

How to Lose Your Life Savings on Amazon  -  6 months ago
Matt Behdjou and Mike Gazzola insist their methods are sound

Offices grow 'brains' as companies seek to attract smarter workers  -  6 months ago
Property developers in Berlin are tapping artificial intelligence to create more sustainable workplaces to help staff work more efficiently and comfortably. The efforts reflect the fierce competition for talent.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite tipped to pack a premium processor chip  -  6 months ago
This phone is no slouch, apparently

Horses buried with Icelandic Viking nobles were male, ancient DNA shows  -  6 months ago
Archaeologists in Iceland say they have analyzed DNA evidence to show that male horses were killed and then buried alongside Viking settlers who were likely noblemen and their family.

Best Wear OS watch faces 2019: great looks for your smartwatch  -  6 months ago
Stand out with one of these watch faces

Can anybody compete with Vodafone's cheap fibre broadband deals?  -  6 months ago
£20 a month for fibre broadband, is there any better?

Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence cod could be extinct by mid-century: report  -  6 months ago
Scientists blame grey seals for a death rate of cod in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence that 'is not sustainable.'

This $50 charging case lets you take professional-quality photos with an iPhone  -  6 months ago
The Shuttercase is specifically designed for smartphone photographers.

Learn what it takes to become a web developer with this 9-course bundle, on sale for just $41  -  6 months ago
Kickstart a programming career without breaking the bank.

Why China is the country to watch in space  -  6 months ago
Though China may have come into the space arena late, its stride has gone from small steps to leaps and bounds.

Accused “Tesla Killers” Cleared Of All Charges  -  7 months ago
The myth of the “Tesla Killer” is a tempting one for mainstream journalists, who have learned that any article with the word “Tesla” in the headline, especially a negative one, is a sure-fire click generator

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