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Your Energy, Your Hormones, and Ayurvedic Wisdom (Part 1)  -  6 hours ago
In preparation for the upcoming Healthier Hormones course, Cate chats with Dr. Claudia Welch about women’s energy and hormones ...

Be the Change You Wish to See. Breath and Meditation for Turbulent Times Week 1:  -  8 hours ago
Note from Tracy: Recent news articles and social media threads inspired me to create and teach a yoga series at Whole Life Yoga called Yoga for Turbulent Times. For those of you not near Seattle, I’ve decided to share the breath practices and meditations from this class as I teach them. I hope...

Habit Evolution For A Better Intimacy, Sensuality and Love Energy  -  10 hours ago
On today’s podcast, Neve Grace Fletcher and Jessica Robinson share a juicy conversation about intimacy, sacred sexuality, and loving ...

Ep. 95 – AM30 General Maintenance  -  12 hours ago
30-minute morning practice to keep yourself together

Why Are So Many of Us Living With Unmanageable Stress?  -  3 days ago
It was recently reported in The Guardian that three in four Britons have felt overwhelmed by stress in the past year. Over in the USA, there’s a similar picture. The American Psychological Association’s 2015 ‘Stress in America’ snapshot found that 75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to…

Why Meditating on Your Breath Works

by Nina Wheat Fields at Auvers Under Clouded Sky by Vincent van Gogh "The research shows for the first time that breathing—a key elemen...

Simple Joys of the Week, May 18th Edition  -  3 days ago
I'm Mary Catherine, a Cape Cod-based yoga teacher, painter, designer, writer, mom, and list-maker extraordinaire. My goal is to inspire you to start living a more creative, simple, joyful, +...

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